Transmute Yall

Tired of not being able to covert pots or spells with the...

  • Category Action RPG
  • Size 3.1 KB
  • Program by God's Blood

Transmute Yall

Tired of not being able to covert pots or spells with the "Transmute All" spell? With this mod you can. You use the spell by selecting it and right clicking on yourself.

You get the transmute all spells at the places you would normally find them.



Please do not bring this into my games, if I crash I will have to ban you - who wants that?

This mod can and will conflict with every other mod ever written or that will be written.

Always back up your chars before playing.

You must ask my permission to incorporate this mod in whole or part into any other mod. I have hidden several items so that I can recognize this mod, it would be stupid to take credit for it.

Not associated with GPG, Macdaddy, Windows, Intel/AMD, the Catholic Sea, Black Copters or the International Krug Conspiracy. If you install this mod and your hair falls out, your lover leaves you or poltergeist infest your computer, IT'S NOT MY FAULT!

Installation: program files/microsoft games/dungeon siege/resources. Only use with dungeon siege, legends of aranna.

God's Blood

Who likes Dwarfs?

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