Desert Combat Public Beta v.7 Full Client

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Desert Combat Public Beta v.7 Full Client

Desert Combat is a modern day military modification to the popular war game BattleField1942 from EA. It is focused on conflicts in the middle-east within the last decade between the various nations, From Desert Storm to Somalia. Currently, only the Desert Storm campaign - featuring Coalition and Iraqi forces - is available. This war game is a total conversion for Battlefield1942 and is based on the same principles of a FPS and arcade style vehicle sim. It will be focused around multiplayer online gameplay and is expected to be free to the public.


Desert Combat Part 2

to be up to date.

Desert Combat changes from .7M to .7N:

- Created Menu Icons for VSS and PSS weapons

- convergence tweaked for M2A3 TOW

- health and ammo refill removed from spandrel

- m2a3 and bmp2 had their projectiles weakened vs air due to the enhanced capabilities of their new cannons

- new C4 and missing HEDP (fixes projectile issue with bmp2) damage files added

Desert Combat changes from .7L to .7M:

- Fixed A10 Cluster Bomb Sounds

- Reverted ROF and Stability of Sniper Rifles

- Fixed Stryker Camera position and rotation

Desert Combat changes from .7I to .7L:

- Fix the BRDM-2 not reloading bug

- Fix the little bird / Gazelle / MD-500 not reloading on airfield bug.

- Fix F-16 exit position to avoid bailing out deaths

- VSS reload sound corrected

- SA-7 fire sound corrected

- Sniper rifles fire faster, less stable.

- new sounds for sniper rifles

- improved soundscripts for artillery and tank cannon projectile whiz

- new soundscript for mortar in flight

- M163 Air Radar fixed

- ZPU-4: set min angle and raised camera

- Shilka - "No Head" feature as well as Air Radar fix

- C4 Changes missed on 7H build

- Mortar velocity increase for improved distance

- Mirage collision mesh fixes

- Urban Siege: removed capture abilities of Nimitz by enemy

- Fixed Menu 1.6 Patch error

- Added 2 Load Screens

- Reverted BF 1.6 Patch Wrench Repair

- Supply and Health refill added to BRDM2, BMP2, and M2A3 interior

- Tweaked main cannons for BMP2 and M2A3 ( bmp2= higher elevation, faster velocity m2a3= faster ROF, larger splash)

Desert Combat changes from .7H to .7I:

- Optimized Effects

- PKM given worse minimum accuracy, 100 round clip, larger max crosshair width

- A-10 given heavy muzzle smoke

- C4 vs heavy armor toned down. 2 C4s required to kill a MBT

Desert Combat changes from .7G to .7H:

-reduced soldier infantry fall damage slightly

-fixed vehicle to vehicle collisions (ie light vehicles can no longer ram heavy vehicles

and not lose damage. Heavy vehicles will also take less damage from collisions )

-improved pitch rate for SA-342

-updated stinger texture for FULL build

-fixed engines disappearing prematurely on A-10

-fixed SCUD-B driving sounds

-fixed missing canopy on Mirage

-removed horn feature from UralTanker to fix CTD

-reduced splash radius and damage from destroyed zpu-4

-fixed opaque windows for UralTanker exterior mesh

-fixed static wrecked meshes that were lacking custom collision meshes

-fixed missing glass on BRDM2 Spandrel

-added crosshair to Tabuk sniper rifle for unzoomed view

-fixed sound issues for MG42

-updated M16A2 animations

Changes since .6F Public Patch


(cols= collision meshes | vis= visible meshes | lods= level of detail models

smooth= smoothing on vis meshes )


A10: cols,lods Mig-29: cols

AC130: cols Mirage: cols,lods,smooth

AV8: col02,lods MLRS: cols

BMP2: cols,lods,smooth Nimitz: cols

BRDM2: cols,lods,smooth OSA: cols,lods,smooth

CIWS: cols Pantzir: cols

DPV: cols Pickup: cols,lods,smooth

EE-9: cols RHIB: cols

F14-B: cols,lods,smooth SA-3: cols

F15-C: cols,lods SCUD: lods

F16: cols,lods Sea Sparrow: cols

Forklift: cols Shilka: cols

H-53: cols,lods,smooth Stryker: cols

Humvee: cols SU-25: cols,lods

Lada: cols,lods T72: cols,vis,lods,smooth

M163: cols,smooth TOW(base): cols,vis,lods,smooth

M1974: cols Ural: cols

MI-8: cols,lods ZPU-4: vis,lods

MI-24 cols

Map changes since .6F Public Patch

Basrah's Edge

* bots added

* optimisations:

- texswaps reduced by almost half in critical locations (was 900, now 500)

- marketside m2 meshes redone with single texture optimisations

- object cull and lod improved

* file size reduced

* wallhack exploits fixed

* ticket count slightly tweaked for US to 105. ticket loss reduced to 7

* some missing faces fixed

* general graphics improvements. detail texture enhanced

Sea Rigs

* optimisations:

- texswaps reduced slightly

- model geometry given another pass to reduce drawn tris, col01 & col02 by almost 40%

- model groups broken up further to improve performance

* nimitz exploit fixed

* wallhack exploits fixed

* flag radii tweaked

* various graphical fixes

* new level art

- custom skybox

- dirty clouds

- new water

- new lightmaps for all exterior parts of the map

* file size reduced

* final map thumbnail

Urban Siege

* file size reduced

* optimisations:

- texswaps reduced significantly

- model geometry given another pass to reduce drawn tris, col01 and col02 by almost 30%

- object cull and lod improved

- reduced texture load

* nimitz exploit fixed

Desert Shield

* file size reduced

* general optimisations done

* final map thumbnail

Lost Village

* file size reduced

* general optimisations done

* final map thumbnail

Battle of 73 Easting

* file size reduced

* all new level art, look and feel

* terrain optimised, base layouts tweaked and changed

* final map thumbnail

Operation Bragg

* file size reduced

* lighting enhanced

* lightmaps and colors tweaked

* general optimisations done

* final map thumbnail

No Fly Zone

* file size reduced

* general optimisations done

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