Model of the comic star, Spawn...


Model of the comic star, Spawn.

Just double-click on the umod to install. In the install to field enter you base UT directory. Ex. C:\UnrealTournament

The full readme for this model is installed in the help/models sub-directory of your UT directory.

If when you dbl-click on the umod is does nothing then setup.exe is not setup right in your UT directory. You can assign umods to the setup file in folder properties, or go to run and type this:

[Unreal Tournament Dir]\System\Setup.exe install "umodname.umod"

ex. c:\UnrealTournament\System\Setup.exe install "MOTD-01-01-00.umod"

Top 3 Spawn Alternatives

Hunter Model

Hunter Model for UT...

Guardian Player Model

Guardian, an Unreal Tournament Player Model by Vision...


Guardian is a player model for Unreal Tournament...

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