Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dovahkiin Hideout Mod v0.3

This is Dovakiin Hideout, it gives every house in Skyrim a...

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  • Program by Shawk and Krimsonlust

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dovahkiin Hideout Mod v0.3

This is Dovakiin Hideout, it gives every house in Skyrim a Hideout, the Dovakiin's Hideout. Every house will now include a basement door, look around your house, you will find it. This Hideout is shared between all houses, as long as you have the key for the house.



- A large Basement with 5 entrances for each house.

- Ench Table/Alch Table

- Woodcutter, Smithy, Craft Bench, Smelter, Skinning Rack.

- 20 Weapon Racks

- 12 Weapon Plaques of Various types

- 4 Display Cases

- 1 Display Case allowing weapon placed in it (test.)

- 9 Normal Mannequins

- 2 Mini-Mannequins

- 10 Chests

- 4 Satchels

- Tons of area to decorate

- .ESM and .ESP allowing for Updates without removal of items.





- 6 Mannequins

- 4 Display Cases

- 1 Large Weapon Display Case (!!!TEST!!!)

- 2 Satchels

- 2 Carpets

- 1 Large Table

- 2 Thin Tables


- All Food, Cupboards in food room.

- Some lighting


- TWO of the barrels in food room, They're now in the storage room.


- Weapon Plaques Activation issues (NOTE: If your weapon is STUCK on the Plaque go into Console type TCL, go BEHIND the Plaque and pick up your weapon. RELOAD zone for 0.2 changes to work.)

- One of the Racks wasn't working, is now.

- Bunch of other Random stuff.



- You do not need to remove all your items from house, if you don't trust this then remove them, Leave the Zone, Save, Replace old Basement.ESM and .ESP, Load the last save out of the Hideout.



- Extract BOTH the .ESM and .ESP to your Data folder and make sure they are BOTH checked in the DATA section of your Skyrim Launcher.



- MAKE SURE that everything is removed from the house, this entire zone will be GONE when you delete it, so make sure to remove everything first or it will be GONE.



- This modifies one of the barrels under the Breezehome Steps, empty it before installation.

- Those who used Breezehome Basement, remove everything from that basement before installing this (may not have to but just do it.)

- This DOES NOT work with Hillside installed.

- This DOES NOT work with Breezehome Basement installed.

- This SHOULD work with Riftrun installed.

- This SHOULD work with First Wing installed.

- Your Companion will NOT enter the Hideout with you (soon fixed.)

- My spelling IS indeed terrible.

Want to donate to this project? Check out Http:// for options. and thank you.

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