DOS Game - Icemare

Trapped in arctic ice flows, a nuclear submarine is torn...

  • Category DOS Games
  • Size 437.3 KB
  • Program by Acord Games

DOS Game - Icemare

Trapped in arctic ice flows, a nuclear submarine is torn apart, its sections strewn about the arctic ocean floor and numerous gargantuan iceburgs. Sgt. Super has been recruited by Earth's Super Powers to find and recover the missing sections of the submarine from the icy regions. After Sgt. Super gets the eight submarine sections, he will be able to board the ship and reach the final scenes of the game. Soundblaster music. 3rd person. Platform. 4-way scrolling screens. 20 levels. Shareware. $10 registration gets games 2 and 3. Acord Games. Gary Acord. 1992.

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