Divine Divinity v1.34 [English]

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Divine Divinity v1.34 [English]

This update will bring your English only version of Divine Divinity to v1.34. This fix solves the black map/resetted world issue.

Please read the following carefully: If you apply the updated patch and load savegames made prior to v1.33 you will encounter no more problems.

If you had loaded savegames made with v1.33 after starting a new game with v1.33 you will also not encounter any problems.

If you have made a savegame in versions before v1.33, then loaded that savegame in v1.33 and saved in v1.33, that savegame is potentially corrupt. The best thing is to revert to one of the savegames made earlier with v1.32 or before.

Bugfixes addressed in V1.34

-Solves the black map/resetted world problem

Bugfixes addressed in V1.33

-Loading of items is now more robust. This was the major reason for corrupted savegames.

-Instantiation of charm plates fixed – clicking twice on a charmable item will now close it rather than pop up another window. This also prevents item corruption from happening.

-Fixed bug with passive skills like ranger sight & magic barrier that were acquired through a bonus on a weapon and which would cause constant increments of the stats when loading

Story fixes: A lot of the following fixes are only valid if you start a new game. However, if you don’t start a new game, installing the patch has no adverse effect.

- Fix for being able to enter Stormfist Castle through cellar.

- Fixing for Joram speaking of Mardaneus being sick even after curing him.

- Fix for Maria becoming invisible shortly and having her attitude change to 0

- Fix for trolls being already dead when arriving at bridge and the guards being mad for not helping them while the player never saw them before

- Fix for the possibility of drinking the bottle of ale you need to get for rob

- Fix for the problem where the balin class in the sewers of Verdistis caused other npc's to become hostile when killing them

- Fixed:Balin scene in prison triggers at the wrong times causing lockups

- Merchants Guild Tingalf quest problem solved.

- Fixed:Becoming a member of the Merchants Guild by paying gold doesn't work

- Fixed:Slasher scene can go wrong

- Fixed:George killed monologue always plays when entering georges house

- Fixed:Succubus scene problems

- Fixed:Sir Markham problem with dialog starting to soon

- Ficed:Dwarven town crier scene problems when it triggers several times, and he moved around

- Fixed:Rob dialog, dialog option "I need more time" doesn't disappear

- Fixed:broken wheel quest cannot be solved when doing sewer depot scene to early

- Fixed:Corinna takes the wine she needs too early

- Fixed:Story problem at graveyard

- Fixed:Problem with key in Dr. Elrath's house: If finding it before the scene with Dr. Elrath in his house, the key disappears and you cannot get in his house anymore without lock-picking

- Fixed:Quest log problem broken wheel quest

- Fixed:Zaknadrix dialog option disappears to go to the Pocket Universe

- Fixed:Can kill both Yoram and Otho -> no hint for Goemoe, story hangs

- Fixed:Vampire in cave problem with immortal status during scene

- Fixed:Cannot tell Mardaneus you found Georges murderer in the COS

- Fixed:Stormy weather doesn't stop anymore after defeating the talking tree

- Fixed:Cannot tell Otho about curing both patients before having talked to Goemoe

- Fixed:Victor and Antoinette, one of them does not get removed

- Fixed:Timmy region triggering scene is on hill

- Fixed:Malachias, cannot give him gold anymore after meeting him for the first time

- Fixed:Trevor dialog, can expose Tingalf before receiving quest

- Fixed:Scenes hanging around Aleroth

- Fixed:Council of Seven Scrying scene problems

- Fixed:Key opening several doors problem

- Fixed:Elmer Vignus didn't give the brooch

- Fixed:Receive quest to find George's murderer when finding his body, not when Mardaneus asks you

- Fixed:Scene hangs in Ionas dungeon when Arhu shows equipment

- Fixed:Entering final dungeon and scene hangs

- Fixed:After godscene game hangs in wastelands

- Fixed:Killing demon of lies with death scorpions prevents the end-scene from playing

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