Team Fortress 2 - CTF_Well2

Ctf_well2, a rebuild of the classic ctf_well for TFC!...

Team Fortress 2 - CTF_Well2

Ctf_well2, a rebuild of the classic ctf_well for TFC!

Map by Devlin. Contact: jobson88 at hotmail dot com.


First, credits go to Walker, Cook and Caughley, the original TF designers.

Thanks to: Valve for TF2 & updating the Tools, (review), PureGreen (review, testserver. Thanks mate!) & Clan Fracture (review).

About the map:

Well, my favorite map in TFC. I couldn't help myself :) I needed to rebuild it in CTF mode. Urge...too..strong.

I did change some principles from the original, since there is no more conc jumping

(dont'worry if you don't know what conc is, only oldskoolers get this). The young herd had even trouble opening the front door! So, I did need to change something. Sorry, i tried to stick as close to the original in TF2 style as I could.


Darn, it's a CTF map, you all know what to do. Hope to meet you all on the servers!

ps: there are 2 sound eastereggs :) And what's next? Cashbah? Maybe badlandS?

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