C&C: Generals Zero Hour - Contra Mod v007

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C&C: Generals Zero Hour - Contra Mod v007

Contra is freeware mod for Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour real-time strategy game. This mod adds over 100 new units as well as new upgrades, new general's powers, buildings and 3 new generals. New music, maps, quality graphics and sounds for normal Zero Hour units are added too.

Contra adds 3 new generals - 1 on each side, and also changes all existing generals in C&C Generals: Zero Hour. It's a skirmish/multiplayer mod and does not have missions or challenge mode at the moment (Gen challenge and new missions under construction).

Contra is a 'standalone' mod - it won't work in conjunction with any other mods and AI patches you may have installed, so remove them before you install it.



Modification for Generals: Zero Hour

current version: 0.07




1. Description

2. History of changes

3. Credits

4. Contact information

1) ----- ===== Description ===== -----

Contra is freeware modification (or simply - mod) for Generals: Zero Hour real

time strategy game. This mod adds over 100 new units as well as new upgrades, new

general's powers, buildings and 3 new generals. New music, quality graphics

and sounds for normal Zero Hour units are added too.

Contra is a 'standalone' mod - it won't work in conjunction with any other mods

and AI patches you may have installed, so remove them before you install it.

Contra requires Generals Zero Hour version 1.04.

Full mod documentation as well as installation instructions can be found at

Contra web site:

2) ----- ===== History of changes ===== -----

Version 0.01.

Very first version. More than 100 new features.

Version 0.02.

Global Changes:

-Generals Challenge campaigns are available for new generals

-New options added to menus

-Lots of bugs fixed

-Improvements in graphics, sound, interface and etc.

Air Force general:

-New unit: Laser Plane

Laser general:

-New unit: Omega cannon (artillery)

-New unit: Armored repair vehicle

-New unit: APC (instead of humvee)

-New upgrade: Solar Panels

-New upgrade: Carbon Lasers

Cyber general:

-New unit: Repair drone

-New skill: Cluster Tomahawk

-Removed Distorter special power

-Drone Carrier remade

Super Weapon general:

-New building: Tomahawk Fire Base (instead of normal fire base)

Nuke general:

-Added Reactive Shells Upgrade

-New Overlord addon: Radar

-New upgrade: Nuclear Bullets

Flame general:

-New upgrade: Thermobarical Mixtures

-New Overlord addon: Tank cannon

-New Helix addon: Bomb module

Infantry general:

-New upgrade: Helix Cluster Bomb

-New unit: Miner

-New unit: Wheeled Gattling tank

-Bunker being built garrisoned

-Removed Propaganda Trooper

-Removed Cannon Troop Crawler

-Removed Ghost Tank

-Removed Reactive Shells Upgrade

-Wheeled tanks move faster

Tank General:

-Weak cash hack super power added

-New upgrade: Automatic Rifles

All GLA:

-New unit: S-60 AA gun (for all GLA except chemical general)

-Command Truck have command field that inscease power of nearbly units

-Command Truck and Stash Truck can build workers

-Radar Vans have ECM Pulse ability

-Removed all Dozers

Stealth general:

-New Skill: Pitfall

-New Jarmen Kell ability: Snipe power link (disable building)

-Scud Storm is replaced with mobile Scud Launchers (Scud Launchers are

small mobile Scud Storms now)

Assault general:

-New unit: MiG-19

-New unit: Battle dozer

-Addons for Marauder: Gunner and Stinger.

-Removed I-16

-Removed Terror Plane

Demolition general:

-New unit: Transport Missile

-New upgrade: Dirty Bomb

-Removed Demo Suits Upgrade

-Removed Terror Plane

Chemical general:

-New building: Defiler

-New skill: Chemic Training

-Removed all airforce and airfield

-Removed Pollution skill

-Bikers are available

Version 0.03.

Bugs fixed:

-Drop pod could not drop anything for Super weapon general

-Drone paradrop didn't work

-GLA Supply trucks get invisible

-Game crushed when using demo general battle bus suicide ability

-Satellite hack one could be turned on before it is researched

-More than one Scud Storm could be build playing with super weapon limit

-Sometimes destroyed vehicle hulks were hanging in air

-New vehicles had invalid muzzle flashes

-Incorrect lighting for vehicles (new ones were too bright on night maps)

-Some vehicles and airplanes had invalid shadows

-Gattling cannon, Gauss cannon and Gattling tank had no muzzle flashes

-The famous Scudbug (Scud Storm can be launched before it is ready to strike)

-Other minor bugs

Global changes:

-Buildings can not be sold now

-Some units and buildings now require rank 3 or rank 5

-Units don't gain experience destroying unarmed base buildings

-Ballance corrected

-Added Blood

-Trees can be burned and exploded

-Other small improvements

All USA:

-New drone: Stinger Drone for all USA except Laser General

-New upgrade: Building Patrol for all USA except Cyber General

-Vehicles and aircrafts can not eject pilots any more

Air Force general:

-New unit: B2 buildable carpet bomber

-New unit: XJ-33 fighter

-New Building: Airfield for 8 planes

-New Building: Special airfield for 2 big planes

-New Building: Target Designator (defense structure)

-Defense structures can build drones

-Can train pilots in barracks

-Removed Laser Plane

-Removed Hellfire Drone

-Removed Medic

-Removed Pathfinder with AP sniper rifle upgrade

Cyber general:

-New drone: Suicide drone

-New unit: XJ-33 fighter (instead of Raptor)

-New skill: Advanced sensors

-Removed Pathfinder

-Removed Shockwave bomb and MOAB upgrade

-Cluster Tomahawk skill now have 3 levels

-Added Sentry drone gun upgrade

Laser general:

-New upgrade: Laser sniper rifle (snipers gain ability to shot down missiles)

-Supply Trucks replaced with Chinooks

-Laser Strike skill gain bonus from Argon Lasers upgrade

Super Weapon general:

-New Building: SDI Cannon (shots down nuclear missiles)

-New Skill: Defenses training

-Defense structures are trainable

-Defense structures can build drones

-Removed Hellfire Drone

-Tomahawk fire base can be garrisoned now

-Emergency Repair can recover structures

-Pathfinder can disable buildings when upgraded

-Carpet bombing can be upgraded with EMP bombs and radiation emitter

Nuke general:

-Gattling cannon replaced with Retaliator gun (more effective vs tanks)

-Removed Iron dragon

-Neutron Shells upgrade now affect MiG-31 instead of MiG-35

-Nuke cannon can distanty deploy neutron mines (need upgrade first)

Flame general:

-New unit: Firefly (tank)

-New upgrade: Thermobarical Mines (instead of neutron mines)

-New upgrade: Super powerful disturbances (for ECM tank)

-Immolator improved. Now it is good vs tanks

-ECM addon can be built on Immolator and Helix

-Smerch can distanty deploy mines (need upgrade first)

Infantry general:

-New unit: Heavy anti tank infantry

-New unit: Universal Tank

-Removed wheeled Battle Master

-Removed wheeled Dragon Tank

-Removed wheeled Gattling Tank

-Removed wheeled ECM Tank

-Removed Cluster Tank (Nuke Cannon deploy mines now)

-Soldiers can fire from Helix now

-Bunker are built empty

-Hackers can be used in battles. They can disable vehicles.

Tank General:

-New unit: Shaitan (super heavy tank)

-New upgrade: Super powerful disturbances (for ECM tank)

All GLA:

-Stinger site soldiers gain experience

-Rocket buggy is more effective vs tanks and less effective vs infantry now

-Flak gun weakened and its cost reduced.

Assault general:

-New unit: Destroyer (super heavy tank)

-New skill: GLA Training (all forces become veterans)

-Jarmen Kell have command ability like Command Truck

-Added Anthrax Beta upgrade

-Removed Sneak attack

Stealth general:

-New building: Sniper Site

-New upgrade: Advanced sniper rifle (Snipers gain 5% chance to kill vehicle drivers)

-New upgrade: Anti radar missiles

-New skill: GLA Training (all forces become veterans)

-Can build Scud Storm

-Removed Anthrax Beta upgrade

Demolition general:

-New unit: Mobile mortar (instead of buggy)

-New unit: Sky Scourge (anti aircraft suicide unit)

-New Skill: Impairment

-Added Toxin Shells upgrade

-Added Flashbang upgrade (for mortar)

-Removed Flak gun

-Winged Missile is much more accurate now

Chemical general:

-New unit: Mobile mortar (instead of buggy)

-New unit: Sturm-S (anti tank vehicle)

-New addon for defense site: Missile Launcher

-New upgrade: Dust warheads (bonus vs aircrafts)

-Added Camouflage upgrade (for tanks)

-Quad cannon remade. It is missile launcher now.

-Removed Rocket Truck

-Defiler is super weapon with unlimited range now.

-Can build Stinger troopers and stinger bikers.

-Toxin Rebel is stealth and resistant to infantry weapons.

Version 0.04.

Bugs fixed:

-Tomahawk storm had GLA flags and incorrect textures for missiles

-Damaged Repair Drone had wrong model

-Damaged Laser general APC had wrong model

-Scud Storm could be built before you gain Rank 5 (by upgrading Fake Scud Storm)

-Infantry general power plant could be garrisoned with enemy units

-Upgraded Laser strike skill (with green laser) had wrong graphics

-Laser general Paladin tank could not build stinger drones

-More than one GLA Destroyer could be built when playing with super weapon limit

-More than one Bertha cannon could be built when playing with super weapon limit

-Chemical general Defense Site rocket launcher did not gain bonus from silicon warheads upgrade

-Laser general laser turret could fire carbon laser when it was under construction

-SDI Cannon did not work

-Bug with Comanche minigun firing graphics

-Retaliator when firing at parachuted units always damaged ground units under them

-Toxin rebel stealth bug

-Troopers loaded into Technical disapear after Technical enters and then exits a tunnel

-Infantry general Signal Mine did not work

-Strategy center did not change modes once Bombardment plan was selected

-Laser general sniper can not shot down artillery shells any more

-Units sometimes fire at destroyed vehicle hulks and poisoned infantry

-Game crushed when player tried to apply Drugs skill on Marauders

-Other minor bugs

Global changes:

-All money supply buildings and units (Hackers, Black markets, Supply drop zones) available from the start

-All defense structures are slightly less powerfull and cost more

-All planes and helicopters damage ground units on crush

-All nuclear explosions have shockwave and new graphical effect

-Guard function enhanced - your units can now follow and guard others by targetting them with the guard cursor

-More units and structures can detect stealth

-AI improved

All USA:

-F-117 effective vs base defenses like in normal ZH

-Bunker Busters upgrade available from the start in Airfield

-Leech can detect stealth units

-Building patrol upgrade replaced with security systems upgrade (installs gun turrets on buildings)

-Avengers do not shot down missiles any more

Air force general:

-Special airfield and Hercules available from the start

-New unit: B-52 (flying Tomahawk launcher)

-New unit: MCV tank

-New unit: SLID defense system

Laser general:

-New defense building: Annihilator (instead of Fire Base)

-Omega cannon and Annihilator explode with high collaterial damage when destroyed

-Burton have laser weapon

-New bomb for Aurora

-New skill: Satellite Microwave beam

-New unit: Laser Raptor

Super Weapon general:

-New stealth Patriot Battery

-SDI cannon work properly now and can defend your base from:

All Carpet Bombers,

All Single Bombs (Anthrax, MOAB, EMP bombs and etc)

Cyber general Tomahawk Storm,

Cyber general Cluster Tomahawks

China Nuclear Missiles,

China Artillery Barrage,


Super Weapon general nuke missile

Cybernetic general:

-Drone Carrier remade:

it can detect stealth units

it can build additional drones

it can be built with no limits at rank 3

it is very effective vs tanks now and not effective vs infantry

-New upgrade: Missile AI (+20 firepower to missiles)

-Paradrop replaced with drop pods

-New Fire Base

-New unit: Fafnir assault mech

-New unit: Pegasus unmanned bomber

-New unit: Robo Raptor unmanned fighter

All China:

-Propaganda Center speaker tower now work

-Gattling tanks can fire at big missiles

Infantry general:

-Armor Jackets upgrade available at rank 3

-Returned wheeled ECM tank (also Universal tank can not build ECM addon)

-New defense building: Artillery battery

-New unit: Battle Fortress

Nuke general:

-Nuclear tank hunter cost and build time increased

-Retaliator cost increased and damage vs ground units reduced 20%

-Nuke Detonator cost more and its explosion is 25% less powerfull

-Carpet bombing slightly weakened (drops 8 bombs instead of 10)

-Iron Dragon returned

-Bertha can deploy neutron mines

-Black Lotus can place timed nuclear charges

-New unit: Intercontinental nuke cannon

Tank General:

-Sniper addon for Troop Crawler available from the start

-Emperor and Helix can build Radar addons

-New defense building: Artillery battery

-Black Lotus can produce magnetical field that disable vehicles and deviate missiles

-Supply truck is now armed with machinegun

-New defense building: Artillery battery

Flame general:

-Smerch availabe at rank 3; its armor, range and cost reduced.

-Black Lotus can produce magnetical field that disable vehicles and deviate missiles

-New unit: Heavy Thermobarical Mortar (Fuel Air Bomb launcher, really powerful)

-New unit: Target designator infantry

All GLA:

-Jarmen Kell kill driver ability reload 1.5 times faster

-Mortar Buggies are more accurate, deploy 2 times faster and available from the start

-Bikers can capture buildings (for all GLA) and place booby traps (all GLA except chemical general)

-Pitfall skill (stealth and demo generals) have shorter reload time and spawns more demo traps

-S60 cannons are now stealth when not moving

Assault General:

-Attack dozer cost 400

-MLRS available at rank 3

-Marauder stinger soldier can detect stealth.

-Tunnel network now have small cannon instead of machine gun

-Jarmen Kell can create Rebel ambush and spawn salvage parts for upgrading your units

-Destroyer remade: it have slightly different weapons and can pick up salvage to upgrade its armor

-Added stinger soldier and stinger biker

-Removed Terrorist, and biker terrorist

-Removed Angry mob and "Arm the mob" upgrade

-Removed Bomb truck and toxin bomb upgrade

-New defense building: Missile Silo

-New unit: Artillery

-New unit: L-29 gunship (instead of MiG-19)

Demolition general:

-Luna available at rank 3

-Saboteur can detect stealth

-Jarmen Kell can build demo traps

Stealth general:

-Hijacker available at rank 3

-Saboteur can detect stealth

-Advanced sniper rifle upgrade grants 10% chance to kill drivers (was 5%)

-Firepower of Scorpion and Angry Mob increased 2 times

-Tunnel network now have missiles instead of machine gun

-Jarmen Kell can create Rebel ambush and use GPS Scrambler

-New defense building: Missile Silo

-New super unit: Sand Wraith (powerfull stealth tank)

-Can build mortar buggy

Chemical general:

-Toxin tractor available from the start

-Luna available at rank 3

-AA launcher slightly weakened and require Palace and rank 3

-Toxic defense upgrade available at rank 3 in Palace

-Stinger soldier can detect stealth.

-Soldiers can garrison Black Market

-Jarmen Kell can place timed acid charges and spawn salvage parts to upgrade your vehicles

Version 0.05.

Bugs fixed:

-Was no build restriction for Fafnir (now depend on super weapon limit)

-Drone Controller had to be available at Rank 3, but required Tomahawk Storm

-Infantry general ECM tank could not be built

-Commanche Rocket Barrage did not work

-Fafnir had incorrect armour

-Annihilators now don't explode when construction is canceled

-Pegasus don't gain experience now

-Bertha command set bug

-Omega, Annihilator and Particle cannon now destroy trees

-Supply drop zone can not be sold now

-Upgraded air force general planes trail bug

-Stimulators general's ability sometimes crashed the game

-Flame general Helixes damaged themselves with their own bombs

-Fafnir could not be ordered to attack aircrafts

-A number of bugs with Internet Center flying antennae for Satellite Hack 3

-Marauder Gunner and Stinger Soldier could not fire

-Hatf-3 missile now upgradable with anthrax beta

-Silicon cluds did not bring damage to flying drones

-Acids did not bring damage USA fire bases

-Emergency Repair could not be clicked in GeneralsPoints-Window (Air Force general).

-Some small bugs

Global changes:

-Increased all All Barracks cost to $800

-Destroyed tech buildings now respawn in some time

-TNT charges clear garrisoned buildings now

-Quantity of heroes now depend on superweapon limit

-Patriot missile launchers are now bigger, stinger sites are smaller

-You're able to build enemy buildings when you capture enemy dozer

-Snipers can destroy flying drones

-All vehicles can be set on fire and burn for some time, health is drained while burning

-Now you gain ranks 15% faster

-Now Black Markets, Supply Drop Zones and Hackers gain money 20% slower

-Added new music

-Added new death effects for infantry

-Now planes does not crash when you have all airfields destroyed

-New quality infantry models

-Now destroyed vehicles leave oil pools and flaming infantry; blood removed

-"Superweapon limit" switshed to "Tournament Mode". In Tournament Mode command centers, tech centers, superweapons, heroes and super units are limited.

-Added new graphic effect to helicopter destruction - pilot falls from cabine and crashes

-Greatly improoved AI

All USA:

-Spectre Gunship now fly from the closest to target edge of the map

-Flash Bang grenades and missiles now kill garrisoned troops one by one instead of killing whole garrison at once

-All Avengers available at Rank 1. Their costs and firepower slightly lowered

Air Force general:

-MCV tank available at rank 1

-Tomahawk Storm instead of Particle Cannon

-SLID defense vehicle is now more precise now. It always shots down missiles.

-F-18 fighter instead of X-Jet

-F-16XL fighter-bomber instead of F-117

-New unit: AC-150 Gunship

-New unit: Dark Star (ECM plane)

-Returned Ambulance

Super Weapon general:

-Strategy Center available at rank 3

-Added Missile AI upgrade (increases Tomahawk Fire Base power)

-Added EMP mines (can be placed around buildings)

-New unit: Energy shield generator

-New unit: AMOS selfpropelled mortar

-Removed Beacon Bomb

Cybernetic general:

-Microwave Tank now 2 times stronger vs infantry

-Particle Cannon instead of Tomahawk Storm

-Repair Drone can clear and deploy mines

-Ranger and Missie defender turned into cyborgs

-New upgrade: Exosceletons (increases infantry speed)

-New unit: Stormtrooper

-New unit: AMOS selfpropelled mortar

-Beacon bomb replaced with cluster bomb that destroys enemies and is harmless for your forces

-Avenger Drone is fully remade (new model, new weapon)

Laser general:

-Microwave Tank now 2 times stronger vs infantry

-Armored Repair Vehicle can clear and deploy mines

-Omega and Ahhihilator now have second weapon - plasma beam

-New unit: Libra (artillery)

-New unit: MTHEL defense laser

-APC replaced with usual Humvee

All China:

-Satellite Hack 3 calls in more powerfull strikes (MOAB, Cluster Tomahawks and etc, no more EMP and Leaflets)

-Biohazard Techs can clear mines

-New 3D model for MiG-31

-Red Guard now armed with modern Type-56 assault rifle

Flame general:

-Napalm Master replaced with ZTZ-88 tank (usual Battle Master)

-New unit: King Of Fire missile launcher (mobile superweapon)

-New unit: Hell Spawn helicopter

Nuke general:

-Nuclear Battle Master replaced with ZTZ-98 tank (it was Tank general's War Master)

-Intercontinental Nuke Cannon build time increased; effectiveness vs buildings increased

-Retaliator defense is now weaker vs tanks in the begining (but can be upgraded to gain anti tank capabilities)

-Added deploy button to Nuke Cannon

-New upgrade: Advanced nuclear missile

-New unit: Irradiator tank (instead of Nuclear Waste Tank)

-New Overlord addon: Irradiator cannon.

-New Helix Addon: Nuke Bomb Module

-Nuclear Detonator removed.

Infantry general:

-Command Center can be garrisoned

-Miner now deploys minefields for money

-Added TNT charges to Minigunner and Tank Hunter (TNT charges clear garrisoned buildings)

-New unit: J-10 fighter (instead of MiG)

-Removed universal tank

-Returned wheeled dragon tank

Tank general:

-War Master replaced with ZTZ-104 tank

-New upgrade for Troop Crawler - enginering vehicle (clears mines, toxins, radiation and repairs buildings)

-Helix slightly weakened and cost increased

-Added deploy button to Sniper Troop Crawler

-New unit: J-10 fighter (instead of MiG)

-Modular Troop Crawler gets demorlaizer weapon if upgraded with propaganda tower

All GLA:

-Added Spies upgrade. It reveals location of enemy supply sources

-Worker bikers for all GLA require Arms Dealer

-Holes which remain from GLA buildings are more armored now

-Added deploy button to Flak Gun

-All Bomb Trucks now transport mini demo traps (demoa traps can be deployed and loaded again into bomb truck when needed)

-Fortified structure upgrade moved to GLA Factory from Palace

-Added "hold fire" button to tunnel network

-GLA Factories can clean toxins and radiation around themselves

-New models for Defense Site

Assault general:

-Battle Dozer can clear mines

-Black Market is connected to tunnel network

-Command truck armed with small cannon

-Terror Cell replaced with Artillery Strike

-New upgrade: Mine Sweepers

-New model for self-propelled artillery cannon

Chemical general:

-SCUD Storm now launches both poison and acid missiles (randomly)

-Returned Crop Duster (is built by Arms Dealer)

-Command truck armed with toxin sprayer now

-Technical can fire at planes now

-Two upgrades - Poison Rockets and Acid Warheads consolidated into one - Chemical Warheads.

-Demo traps leave acid pools when upgraded

-New unit: Cobra Cannon (super unit)

-New upgrade: Mine Sweepers

Demo general:

-Impairment ability now work vs GLA (one should target enemy factory)

-Black Market is connected to tunnel network

-Command truck can deploy demo traps

-New skill: Demoralize

-Scud Storm weakened by 10%

-New upgrade for defense site: Nuclear detonator

-Machine gun removed from nuclear bomb truck

Stealth general:

-Black Market is connected to tunnel network

-Command truck armed with Scorpion missiles

-Rebel has mine detonator and can detonate nearbly mines

-Increased Elbrus Launcher build time

Version 0.06.

Bugs fixed:

- GLA missile silo could go offline when low power

- Demo Nuke Bomb Truck detonate button did not work

- GLA AI did not build workers for collecting resources

- Units were recognizing Laser general Aurora bomb as an enemy and fired at it

- Dark Star could not Guard Area

- Demoralize special power did not work

- Cobra had no limit in Tournament mode

- Comanche fired minigun each time when it had been ordered to use rocket pods

- Game crushed when Jarmen Kell activated his Rebel Ambuch ability near unpassible terrain

- Game crushed when Laser general Repair Vehicle got killed

- Units could drive through china dropable buildings

- Some small errors

Global changes:

- Added hotkeys.

- Added music.

- Clocks are added to control bar.

- All super units are immune to neutron weapons now, but vulnerable to ECM and EMP weapons

- Added Challenge mode (thanks to Cerbera and General Gamer)

- Artillery units can't fire on the move

- All heroes now have 5 times more health and a bit higher cost. Number of all heroes is limited to 3.

- AI slightly improoved.

- Removed start money selection option. You always start with $10000.

- Added new voices.

- All General's powers have 10-20% more recharge time.

- Adjusted all build times for buildings and units (the more expensive unit - the more time it needs to be built).

- Building armor increased 2 times. Armor of GLA command truck, supply truch and radar van increased 2 times as well.

New maps:

- New multiplayer map: Mountain Conflict (by Capt.Drake)

- New multiplayer map: Tropical Tournament

- New multiplayer map: Hold The Hill (by Hippy)

- New multiplayer map: Turtledom

- Added USA campaign (3 missions)

- Boss general army fully remade. The most for her units are new and unique.

Graphic improvements:

- New appearance for menus.

- Added new mouse cursors for generals powers.

- Added smudge effect for all missile and jet trails (like in CnC-3).

- Shells and bullets are redrawn.

- Added 3D tracks and wheels for all tracked vehicles.

- Vehicle wheels and barrels are really round now.

- Added headlights to some vehicles (for night maps).

- Added reflections to glass surfaces.

- Redrawn a number of buttons and unit icons.

- Added building capture animations for all infantry which has capture building ability.

All USA generals:

- All USA missile armed planes are 1.5 times more effective vs anti air units

- Destruction of flying drones does not give experience

- Flying drones can not be selected now

- New 3D model for B-1

- New 3D model for B-2

- New 3D model for B-52

- New 3D models for Chinook and Assault Chinook

- New 3D model for cargo plane

- Comanche have 20% more armor and firepower.

- Auroras move slightly faster now.

- New upgrade - Construction Dozer Engine.

Air Force general:

- Dark Star is now stealth

- Sentry Drone available at Rank 1

- F-35 can't attack air targets any more

- Pilot training ability gives veterancy level to Comanche too

- All aviation is improoved slightly: some planes have less cost, some - more armor, some - less reload time. In general - all planes have become 20% stronger.

- Straightflow engines upgrade is available at rank 4

- New special power - Mine Clearing

- C-130 Hercules replaced with C-27 Spartan

- Tomahawk Storm replaced with Strategic Command Uplink

- Carpet bombing remade. Bomber drops fragmentation bombs instead of high explosive ones.

- New upgrade - Cluster bombs (upgrades Carpet bombing power)

- Comanches and Assault Chinook have 20% more armor.

- AC-150 does not reserve the place on airfield when it takes off

Cybernetic general:

- Leech costs higher and moves slower

- Dozer replaced with Builder Mech

- New special power - Cyborg comando call

- New unit - Beetle mine

- Drone Controller fully remade

- Hecate replaced with Orca

- Sentry drone and guardian Drone build times increased up to 8 seconds (was 6 seconds)

- Colonel Burton armed with BFG now

- Improoved Spy Satellite can be moved like Eye in BFME

- Scout Drone is unarmed now, but firepower of Battle Drone is increased slightly.

Laser general:

- Annihilator and Omega cannon can't fire at air targets any more

- Aurora available at rank 5 now

- Hellfire drone replaced with laser drone

- Paladin replaced with Laser Paladin

- New building: Tokamak super power plant

- New 3D model for Armored Repair Vehicle

- Solar Panels upgrade moved to Tokamak

- A-10 Strike replaced with plasma artillery strike

- Laser Paladin firepower increased

- Carbon Lasers upgrade does not affect Laser Turret

- Ranger changes its weapon to blue laser after Carbon Lasers upgrade is researched

Super Weapon general:

This general was too weak before Rank 3 and too powerfull after Rank 3

These changes make her stronger in the begining:

- New defense structure: Cyclone Battery. It does not replace Patriot. Patriot remains as well.

- Added howizer firebase. It is available at 1st rank. Missile fire base remains as well.

- Added Tomahawk Storm super weapon. It is available at rank 1.

- New special power - Dozer Paradrop (available at rank 1)

- New special power - Mine Clearing (purchased from the very begining)

- New special power - Decontamination (purchased from the very begining)

- Capture building upgrade moved to Command Center

- Pop-up Patriot replaced with normal Patriot

These changes make her weaker in later game:

- Increased Missile Fire Base build time.

- Energy shield generator can't detonate mines

- Energy shield generator has higer cost and build time.

- Energy shield lifetime decreased to 30 seconds (was 45 seconds)

- Increased Carpet Bombing recharge time up to 7 minutes (was 6 minutes)

- EMP Warheads upgrade research time increased

- EMP Warheads upgrade available at rank 5

- ICBM flight time increased. Now it takes more time for ICBM missile to reach its target.

- ICBM and Particle Cannon switched places. ICBM requires rank 5, Particle Cannon requires rank 3.

- Particle Cannon weakened slightly

- Removed Missile AI upgrade

- Removed EMP sniper rifle upgrade

- Defenses can't gain experience any more

Also other changes had been made:

- New super weapon - Blackout missile system

- Removed Ambulance

- Removed Leech Drone

- Removed MLRS

- Removed Comanche

- MOAB upgrade moved to Nuclear Missile building

- EMP Missiles upgrade moved to Blackout Missile System building

- Solar Panels upgrade moved to Strategy Center

- Burton have got new ability - power disabler device

- EMP mines don't disable buildings any more

- New special power - Zone Capture

All China generals:

- Gattling cannons and Gattling tanks don't shot down missiles any more

- Decreased speed of all planes

- All nuclear missiles (super weapons) weakened by 12%

- All small nuclear explosions bring 25% less damage to buildings

- Reactive shells upgrade now gives 15% attack range bonus (was 25%)

- New 3D model for Construction Dozer

- New 3D model for strategic bomber

- New 3D model for cargo plane

- New 3D model for Helix

- New special power - Signal Mines

- Internet Center has no build restriction in Tournament Mode

- New upgrade - Construction Dozer Armor

Tank general:

- Anti tank sniper cannon doesn't disable vehicles any more

- Gattling Cannon for Troop Crawler removed

- Sniper Cannon costs more

- War Factory deployment special power available at rank 3

- New special power: Emperor Drop

- Removed Neutron Cluster mines upgrade

- Earth Shaker can disable enemy weapons for a short time (4 seconds)

Nuke general:

- Retaliator removed

- Bertha movement speed and aiming speeds are lowered

- Bertha build time raised up to 1 minute (was 45 seconds)

- Nuclear detonator removed from Bertha

- Intercontinental nuke cannon reload time raised up to 2:30 (was 2:00)

- Improoved Nuclear Missile upgrade is object-type now. It means that you have to upgrade each missile silo instead of bying this upgrade once.

- New super weapon - Nuclear Storm

- Iron Dragon fully remade (new 3D model and new weapon)

- Isotope stability upgrade moved to Power Plant

- Nuclear tank hunters have 10% more armor and more firepower vs vehicles (their missiles aim moving targets).

- New unit: Red Arrow (antiair trooper, available at rank 1)

Infantry general:

- New 3D model for artillery caller vehicle

- Minigunner firepower vs ground units increased by 10%, firepower vs air units decreased by 20%

- Troop Crawler cost and build time lowered by 10%

- New special power - Cloning

- New 3d models for Troop Crawler and wheeled tanks

- Removed Saper

- Removed Nuclear Case upgrade for Saper

- Black Lotus has got the ability of hacking Internet (like usual China Hacker)

- New unit: Grenader (powerful antiinfantry and antivehicle trooper, available at rank 3)

- New unit: Red Arrow (stealthed antiair trooper, available at rank 3)

- Sniper slightly improoved and moved to rank 5

- ATGM slightly improoved and moved to rank 4

Flame general:

- Nuclear Missile replaced with Atmospherical Lenz super weapon

- Artillery Barrage weakened by 25%

- New 3D model for Immolator tank

- New defense stucture - Flame Tower

- New upgrade: Thermite shells

- Flame mines are remade

- Satellite Hack 3 removed

- Removed Hell Spawn helicopter

- Target Designator Trooper replaced with ECM trooper

- Fire Wall for Inferno Cannon replaced with ECM shells

- Smerch has 2 attack modes - short volley and long volley

- New texture for King Of Fire

All GLA generals:

- Command Truck can detect stealth units now

- Command Truck can build rebels

- GLA Factory Cleamup Mortar replaced with Cleanup ability which can be activated by the button

- Added fake GLA Factory

- Weakened armor of holes which remain from GLA defense structures

- Command Trucks start unarmed

- Added upgrade which gives weapon to Command Trucks

- GLA starting conditions changed - they start without Command Trucks

- Biker saboteurs can detect stealth units

- Mobile mortars have less scatter radius

- Destruction of fake buildings does not give experience

- Jarmen Kell uses kill pilot ability automaticly

- Tunnel Network for all GLA generals has Camo Neting upgrade

- Bomb trucks are built without mini demo traps. You can load normal demo traps to increase damage.

- Radar Van has Camo Neting upgrade

- Bikes are more vulnerable to AP weapons now

- Biker hijackers and biker terrorists have 20% less health

- Increased Anti tank cannon build time

Assault general:

- New defense structure - Cave (gives firepower bonus to units)

- New special power - Kill Garrison

- New special power - Stinger Site Deployment

- New special power - Angry Mob Ambush

- New unit - Mobile amphibious rig (digs tunnels)

- New 3D model for Demolisher

- New ability for Jarmen Kell - Gunner position deployment

- Aviation removed

Chemical general:

- Destructive power of Silicon Clouds weakened by 30%

- Decreased movement speed of Sturm-S launcher

- Increased firepower of Crop Duster

- New unit - Mobile amphibious rig (digs tunnels)

- New special power - Pollution

- New ability for buildings - contaminate surrounding terrain with toxins

- Cobra artillery cannon replaced with Karakourt heavy tank

- Scolopendra has new 3d model and higher speed

- Workers can build normal demo traps

Demolition general:

- New special power - Kill Garrison

- Impairment special power is fully remade

- Nuclear bomb truck explosion power weakened by 12%

- Transport Missile removed

- New unit - Amphibious transport

- Demo traps have no minefields around any more. Workers build minefields separately from demo traps.

- Scourge replaced with F-104 Zipper

- Winged missile replaced with L-29 Dolphin

- Luna Launcher now can deploy demo traps distantly

- Battle bus can deploy big cluster mine

- Quad cannon can deploy anti-aircraft mine

- Suicide planes don't reserve the place on airfield when they takes off

Stealth general:

- Sand Wraith replaced with Hazael

- Workers are not stealthed now

- Tunnel Network firepower lowered

- Defense structures are not stealth from the start. Camouflage upgrade must be researched to gain stealthness.

- New unit - Amphibious transport

- New special power - Sniper Ambush

- New special power - Fake base deployment

- New special power - Fake army deployment

- Added new graphics for camouflaged buildings

- New building: Jammer Station

- Gap Generator and Anti Radar Mssiles upgrades moved to Jammer Station

- Arms dealer can't build fake units any more. Fake units are built by normal units now.

- New ability for Jarmen Kell - Parasite

- Added Gas Warheads upgrade

Version 0.07.

Bugs fixed:

Gameplay bugs:

- Cyber general's Repair Drone, Laser general's ARV and Tank general's Engineering Troop Crawler could not always use their mine disarming ability. It has been replaced with mine detonation field.

- Cyber general's Medic drone could enter vehicles like pilot. Fixed.

- Cyber general's Beetle Mines and Spider Mines gave experience to those who detonated them. Fixed. They don't give experience to enemies now.

- Cyber general's Builder Mech became vilnerable to Jarmen Kell after transmition codes upgrade. Fixed.

- Wyvern missed its target almost always. It has been fully reworked.

- Building Defense upgrade caused a number of bugs with super weapons. Fixed.

- Assault Troop Crawler could be loaded into Helix. All troops loaded into Crawler fired from Helix in this case. Fixed. Assault Troop Crawlers can not be loaded into Helix any more.

- GLA Supply Truck can not transport workers now. It was the problem when you ordered a worker to unload resources but it got inside the truck instead.

- GLA was gathering money very slow because of Supply Truck animation. Supplies gathering speed has been adjusted properly. Optimal number of workers for GLA is 8 now.

- Helicopters and planes exploded several times when fell on ground. Crash explosion has been removed. All planes and helicopters don't bring damage on crash now.

- Drones and some other units could not be repaired. Fixed.

- Pegasus and Robo Raptor could not be targeted. Fixed.

- Cyborg Comando could not be targeted in air. Fixed.

- Attempt to put a technical into Cybotg Comando caused its destruction. Fixed.

- Some super units (Battle Fortress, Fafnir and Iron Fist) were vulnerable to Jarmen Kell "Kill pilot" attack. Fixed.

- Some robots (Cyborg Comando and Stormtrooper) were vulnerable to Jarmen Kell "Kill pilot" attack. Fixed.

- Smerch missiles did not explode on bridges. Fixed.

- Super Weapon General's Aurora bombs did not explode if target was designated with Ctrl+Click. Fixed.

- Helix bombs did not explode when they fell on building roofs. Fixed.

- Players could start as Boss general when choosing random faction. Fixed.

- It was not possible to build something on areas full of hulks and debris. Fixed.

- Stealth general's Scorpion Tank and Toxin Truck could not be stealthed with GPS Scrambler. Fixed.

- Tank general's Sniper Troop Crawler could fire through buildings. Fixed.

- Tank general's Shaitan could be crushed with big tanks such as Overlord. Fixed.

- Tank general's Engineering Troop Crawler was not immune to toxins and radiation which made it useless. Fixed.

- Infantry general's Minigunners could not be crushed by vehicles. Fixed.

- Infantry general's Battle Fortresses had no build limit in Tournament Mode. Fixed.

- Infantry general's Neutron cannon was immune to Jarmen Kell kill pilot attack. Fixed.

- Infantry general's Artillery Designator had incorrect armor and because of this was invulnerable to Jarmen Kell attack. Fixed.

- Air Force general's Designator fire base did not leave rangers on death. Fixed.

- Air Force general's Stealth Comanches stayed invisible when firing their machinegun. They had to become visible when firing. Fixed.

- Air Force general's Comanches killed each other when used Rocket Pods in groups. Fixed.

- Stream of poison and stream of fire were blocked by trees and bushes and did not reach their target. Fixed.

- Microwave tanks could destroy Annihilator base defenses. Annihilators had to be fully invulnerable to microwave weapons. Fixed.

- Demolition general's suicide planes exploded in air when were used in groups. Fixed.

- Demolition general's AA Mine could kill nearbly friendly units. Fixed.

- Demolition general's High Explosive bomb upgrade did not effect Angry Mob. Fixed.

- Demolition general's minefield could be ready instantly if destroyed by a terrorist in unfinished state. Fixed.

- Flame general's Inferno cannons did not create firestorm. Fixed.

- Flame general's Thermobaric mines did not bring damage. Fixed.

- Flame general's Iron Fist could not gain experience. Fixed.

- Toxin general's Scud Storm did not leave toxin pools after destruction. Fixed.

- Toxin general's Poison and acid clouds were indestructable. They can be cleared now.

- Toxin general's Terrorists killed each other when used in groups. (All group died if at least one exploded.) Fixed.

- Toxin general could build mines around his defense sites. It must not be. Fixed.

- Toxin general's Crop Duster did not move to Rally Point. Fixed.

- Toxin general's yellow clouds could shot down missiles. Fixed.

- Raptors missed its target very often. Fixed.

- Some fake units and fake buildings had wrong set of upgrade cameos. Upgrade cameos were not identical to true units, which allowed enemy to detect fakes easily. Fixed.

- Nuclear general's Bertha cannon did not require Tech Center. Fixed.

- Some fake GLA buildings had too small build time. It allowed to get real building faster. It was faster to build fake building and upgrade it than to build real building. Fixed.

- Enemy units could enter Assault general's Cave. Fixed.

- Super weapon general's Burton disabler device did not effect airplanes and buildings. Fixed.

- Super Weapon general's Missile Defender fired double missile after EMP Warheads upgrade. Fixed.

- China MiGs missed their tatget sometimes. Fixed.

- China Red Arrow and GLA Stinger Trooper missiles were blocked by structures. Thus, it was impossible to fire at aircrafts when standing near a building. Fixed.

- Players did not recieve experience for enemy Oil Derricks and other captured neutral buildings destruction. Fixed.

- Soldiers exited Listening Outpost when it was ordered to attack. Fixed.

- Garrison exited Infantry General's Command Center when it was damaged. Fixed.

- Low cost bonus from neutral Oil Refinery did not effect Tank general's mass production factories. Fixed.

- China Signal Mises could be disabled by EMP. Fixed.

- All units (even ground attack ones) fired at parachuting enemy units even when they were high in air. Fixed.

- Black Lotus could not capture buildings with one click after ECM upgrade. You had to click "Capture building" button each time. Fixed.

- Some artillery units required time to deploy and undeploy, but at the same time it could fire on the move. Fixed.

- Units with machineguns and other rapid fire weapons did not fire on the move. Fixed. Now you can fire at enemy aircrafts with gattling tanks and quad cannons without making stops.

- Air Force general's AC-150 Vulture did not fire sometimes. Fixed.

- Infantry general's Battle Fortress had problems with crushing enemy units. Fixed.

- Many units did not heal after they got veterancy. Fixed.

- Stinger and Red Arrow missiles mised their target. Fixed.

- Troop Crawlers from captured china War Factories came out empty. Fixed.

- GLA Command Trucks fired at toxin and radiation automatically with cannons and missiles. Fixed.

- Assault General's Cave was not necessary to finish. Vehicles got firepower bonus when Cave building was just started. Fixed.

- Units with 2 and 3 levels of veterancy did not heal. Fixed.

- Cave gave firepower bonus to all tunnel network garrison when its building was not completed. Fixed.

- If you captured China War Factory, all Troop Crawlers came empty. Fixed.

- All snipers could destroy Fire Bases. Fixed.

- Emergency Repair general's power did not effect Overlords and other units if they were under Propaganda Tower influence. Fixed.

- China generals could not perform money hack when playing vs Toxin, Stealth and Demolition generals. Fixed.

Bugs with upgrades:

- Poison Longivity and Inflammable Acids upgrades did not effect poison and acid clouds. Fixed.

- Stealth general's biker snipers did not recieve bonus from Advanced Sniper Rifle upgrade. Fixed.

- Nuke general Antiradiation Defense upgrade did not give defense to Red Arrow troopers and Black Lotus. Fixed.

- Some Angry Mob members did not recieve bonus from Arm the Mob upgrade. Fixed.

- Spider Mech did not recieve bonus from Advanced Data Transmition Codes upgrade. Fixed.

- Stealth general's Mortar Buggy did not recieve new weapon after Gas Grenades upgrade research. Fixed.

- Demolition general's Defenses Site Quad Cannon did not recieve bonus from AP Bullets upgrade. Fixed.

- Demolition general's Tunnel Network gun did not recieve bonus from AP Bullets upgrade. Fixed.

- Helix did not recieve bonus from Chainguns upgrade. Fixed.

- Assault general's Demolisher did not recieve bonus from Junk Repair upgrade. Fixed.

- Many units recieved bonuses from different upgrades, but did not have proper set of upgrade cameos. Fixed.

Bugs with salvage upgrades:

- Assault general's Dana artillery picked up salvage crates, got salvage upgrades, but theĆ£ did not improove its weapon. Fixed.

- GLA Technics changed weapons when picking up salvage crates, but new weapons were not more powerful than previous ones. Fixed.

- Scolopendra upgraded itself with salvage crates, but its weapon damage was not increased after picking up second salvage crate. It was decreased instead. Fixed.

Bugs with special powers:

- Field Fortification power for Assault general could not be used sometimes. Fixed.

- GLA Salvage Drop general's power could not be used sometimes. Fixed.

- Satellite Hack 2 ability could not be used sometimes. Fixed.

- GLA "Kill Garrison" general's power did not kill all enemy soldiers in garrisoned building. Fixed.

- GLA "Impairment" general's power did not kill heroes. Fixed.

- GLA Cash Bounty power allowed to recieve double money bonus when playing against infantry general. Fixed.

- EVA said "GPS Scrambler activated" when playing vs air force or super weapon generals. Fixed.

Bugs with graphics:

- Rangers played building capture animation when injured. Fixed.

- Some vehicles disappeared and did not leave hulks when killed by poisons or acids. Fixed.

- Some vehicles had wrong hulks. Fixed.

- Squid drone icon was not displayed when building it. Hellfire Drone icon appeared instead. Fixed.

- Stealth general's Elbrus launcher had wrong missile raising animation. Fixed.

- Damaged Overlord Propaganda Tower had wrong 3D model. Fixed.

- Laser General's Humvee upgraded with Carbon Lasers did not turn its turret properly. Fixed.

- GLA Missile Silo had incorrect door opening animation. Fixed.

- Flame general's Smerch launcher could pick up salvage crates. It was more a graphics bug because this vehicle did not actually recieve any bonus from them. Fixed.

- Thermibaric Mines were drawn incorrectly. Fixed.

- Many units and buildings had incorrect set of upgrade cameos. Fixed.

- Battle Bus disappeared and did not leave hulk when destroyed by terrorists and did not change its appearance when destroyed another way. Fixed.

- Flame general's MiG disapeared on shot down. Fixed.

- When GLA or China captured US Supply Drop Zone, american C-130 came to drop cargo. Fixed. Type of cargo plane depend on faction Drop Zone belongs to now.

- Drones casted long shadows when were droped from plane. Fixed.

- Tank general's Red Guards firing animation was incorrect after machineguns upgrade. Fixed.

- USA Rangers had too dark shadow and wrong flash bang firing animation. Fixed.

- Cyber and Flame generals did not have logos on their command centers. Fixed.

- GLA stinger biker and RPG biker had 100% identical appearance. Fixed. Stinger has another 3D model now.

- China Biohazard Tech had wrong attack animation. Fixed.

- Demo general's Jarmen Kell did not have animation when placing explosive charge. Fixed.

- Laser general had incorrect animation for Tokamac building. Fixed.

- When GLA Rebel died, one triangle got stretched from his body. Fixed.

- Angry Mob got got AK-47 before upgrade was researched. It was visual bug because Angry Mob recieved damage bonus after upgrade only. Fixed.

- Defiler did not leave debris when its construction was canceled. Fixed.

- Neutral artillery platform had wrong muzzle flash. Fixed.

- Damaged cargo planes propellers did not rotate in damaged state. Fixed.

- Bikes created bodies of wrong infantry on death. Fixed.

- Spider Mines had 2 explosions on death. Fixed.

- Stealth General's Hazael Tank fired shells in all directions without turning its turret. Fixed.

- Avengers turned like tracked vehicle. Fixed.

- Nuclear storm had wrong animation on snow maps. Fixed.

Bugs with sound:

- Game said "Unit lost" when building pary of tanks in Tank general's mass production war factories. Fixed.

- Leech money stealing sound could be heard by all players at unlimited range. Fixed.

- GLA Sniper Biker had USA Pathfinder's replics. Fixed.

Bugs with text, hotkeys, buttons and interface:

- Windows Vista did not display text. Fixed.

- There were a number of missing text strings. Fixed.

- Some descriptions for units, upgrades, buildings and general's powers were incorrect. Fixed.

- "E" and "X" keys were used as a hotkey for some buttons. They were relpaced with other hotkeys because E and X are interface commands. "E" selects all units of the same type. "X" orders selected units to scatter.

- There were many hotkey conflicts. All of them has been found and fixed.

- Some symbols such as apostrophes, quotes and some others were not displayed. Fixed.

- Upgrade buttons had no hotkeys. Fixed.

- Some unit descriptions were incorrect. Fixed.

- A number of useless buttons (such as "Guard" and "Guard Air") were removed from different units.

- F-18 and F-35 could not be sent to attack with "Attack Move" command. Fixed.

- Terrorists and kamikaze planes could not be sent to attack with "Attack Move" command. Fixed.

- A number of units had buttons in wrong positions. So, if you selected multiple units of different type, common buttons (Guard, Attack move, Stop) disappeared. Fixed.

- USA missile troopers had wrong geometry: you had to click on their feet to select them. Fixed.

- All spelling errors were found and corrected.

Bugs with AI:

- Nuke general AI had very weak AA deense. Fixed.

- Some generals did not build super weapons. Fixed.

- Tank general did not build airfield. Fixed.

- AI spent all its money to build dozers sometimes. Fixed.

- AI crushed the game very often. Fixed.

- AI always build many dozers when it was poor and spent all its money for dozers. Fixed.

- AI did not build Science Lab whan played with flame general. Fixed.

- AI built big army on its base and never attacked. Fixed.

- Air Force, Super Weapon and Laser generals did not use battle plans. Fixed.

- Super weapon general built stealth fighters and did not build anything else. Fixed.

- China generals did not put infantry into bunkers. Bunkers stayed empty very often. Fixed.

- Flame general did ot build Scientific Lab and did not use Atmospheric Lenz. Fixed.

Other bugs:

- Launcher did not work with TFD. Fixed.

- A heap of small miscelanious bugs has been also fixed.

Global changes:

- Returned 20K and 50K starting money choices.

- Neutral Oil Derricks give you money faster now. The speed with which they supply you with money is equal to 2 Black Markets or 2 Supply Drop zones or 8 Hackers.

- Neutral Reinforcement Pad drops 2-3 times more reinforcements now and has more armor. Reinforcements combined battle power is aproximately equal for all genrals now.

- Neutral Artillery Platform firepower has been increased 4 times and armor - 1.5 times.

- Mines can not be detonated by machineguns as well as rifles, and armor piercing weapons now.

- Mines can not be detected by all stealth detectors now. All stealth detectors has been sorted by their role - stealth aircraft detectors, stealth unit detectors, stealth infantry detectors and mine detectors.

- Emergency Repair has became 1.5 times more effective.

- Dozers and workers don't clear mines any more. All generals have specialized mine clearing vehicles or genral's powers.

- All planes in game have sidebar shortcuts for their selection.

- You can build no more than one hero now.

- Tanks can move backwards now.

- Many special abilities and super weapons don't reveal terrain any more. These apecial abilities are:

1) USA Toxin Clearing missile

2) USA Mine Detonation missile

3) GLA Kill Garrison special power

4) GLA Defiler's abilities

- AA defenses ignore USA Supply Drop Zone cargo planes now.

- Resource centers and power plants have selfdestruct button now.

- Air-to-air missiles (Raptor, MIG-31) cna not be deviated bu ECMs now.

- All airplanes are resistable to small arms fire. One Ranger can not destroy all planes on airfield now.

- Some Neutral buildings (such as Drop Zone, Repair Bay and etc) have more armor.

- All antitank planes bring 2 times less damage to infantry and buildings now.

- Gattling, Quad Cannon, Gauss and other bullets fly faster: they can hit terrorist bikers now.

- TNT charges do not disapear if their owner is killed.

- All vehicles which has long reload time has reload indicator now.

- Campaign and Challenge mode removed.

- Many rapid fire units (gattlings, dragon tanks, quad cannons, microwave tanks and many others) can fire with full firepower on the move.

- Missile infantry (except Nuclear Tank Hunter) brings less damage to buildings.

New graphic effects:

- Mines are redrawn.

- Laser beams are redrawn.

- Aurora has graphic effect for its hypersonic flight.

- GLA Defense Site cannons are slightly more detalised.

- GLA Luna launcher has new 3D model.

- Some bombs have new 3D models.

- Toxins and radiation kill trees.

- Manticore has new 3D model.

- Luna has new 3D model.

- Toxin and acid poos as well as radiation fields are redrawn. They look better and precessed by video card faster.

- Bunker Buster effect is remade. It contains 2 times less particles now and does not load video card as much as before.

- New icons for GLA bikers as well as some other units.

- All generals have new portraits.

- Thermire Shells effect has been adjusted. It does not blind player any more.

- Leech has got new FX for its attack.

- F-35 has new 3D model.

- Sniper Cannon has new 3D model.

All USA generals:

- Sentry Drones have got "Hold Fire" button.

- Comanche armor has been reduced by 25%, but firepower increased by 50%.

- Clear Mines and Clear Toxins general's powers have 2 times less reload time (was 4 minutes).

- Point Defense Drone has been weakened. It takes 2 shots to destroy a missile now. Single such drone bacame useless, but they are still useful in groups.

- Stinger Drone missiles has been weakened by 20%.

- Planes take a bit less damage from toxins. It took 12 seconds for anthrax bomb to kill a plane. It takes 15 seconds now. You have a bit more time to order your planes to take off.

- Auroras have been given the same resistanse to toxins. It took 5 seconds for anthrax bomb to kill Aurora earlier. Now it takes 15 seconds.

- Coloner Burton knife attack has been remade - it is not an ability now. You can switch to knife and switch to normal weapon.

- Auroras cost reduced.

- Battle Drone splitted into 2 drones - Battlefield Repair Drone (repairs vehicles) and Joint Fire Support Drone (kills infantry).

- Long range defense buildings such as Target Designator (Air Force General) and Missile Fire Base (SW general) have got button which shows their minimum and maximum attack radiuses.

- Supply Drop Zones require 1 point of power now.

- TOW Missile is fully antitank weapon now. It can not be launched at aircrafts and works bad vs infantry.

- Hummers are less effective vs buildings now.

- Rangers bring more damage now. Flash Bangs can be also launched at longer distance.

- Each time, when enemy destroyed USA building, he got XP for both building itself and rangers. It is fixed now. XP from building destruction has been reduced by the value of XP you get from rangers killing.

- All Patriots aim faster.

- Burton's Explosive Charge brings more damage to buildings.

Air Force General:

- F-18 Hornet can not attack air units any more.

- Wyvern has been changed. It drops all its bombs at once now. Also it uses Aurora attack style now (invulnerable until it drops bombs).

- Spartan has got "Paradrop" button and number of soldiers droped reduced from 6 to 5.

- MCV is not limited now, but costs 12% more and has 30% less firepower.

- Chimera is not limited in Tournament Mode now, but costs more ($3500 now, was $3000).

- F-16XL is armed with long range missiles now. But they bring less damage than bombs. F-16 can launch its missiles at their full range in combination with SLID only. If it launches missiles while flies over SLID, missiles fly farther.

- Dark Star deviates 33% of incoming missiles now (was 75%) and also its cost has been increased from 800 to 900.

- Engines upgrade has been moved from rank 4 to rank 5.

- Air force general can sell his planes for 75% of their cost now.

- Burton can call is A10 strikes now.

- SLID is equiped with long range target designator and moved to rank 1. In addition, it increases F-16 attack range.

- Building Defense upgrade has been remade. Defense towers are separate objects which can be destroyed.

- F-18 has less reload time and faster missile launch rate.

- F-18 and F-35 bring less damage to buildings now, but F-16 became more effective vs buildings.

- F-35 has new weapon now: cluster cumulation bombs. They are effective vs large groups of vehicles.

- Leaflet Drop replaced with another general's ability - Illusion.

- Dark Star has got Desintegrator missile which kills stealth general's fake units.

- Spartan becomes stealth after Stealth Covering upgrade is researched.

- Assault Chinook is armed with automatic Flash Bang grenade launcher now and very effective vs infantry.

- Pilot removed.

- New general's power - pilot training. Allows you to increase veterancy levels of selected aircrafts.

- All airfields were fully reworked. Air Force general has 3 airfields now:

1) Levitation pad with 5 places. Builds small planes. All planes take off simultaniusly.

2) Special levitation pad with 3 places. Builds big planes. All planes take off simultaniusly too.

3) Airfield with 5 places. Equal to normal Levitation pad, but planes take off sequentialy.

This change allows to avoid visual bug with landing big planes on an airfield for small planes. You can land big planes everywhere now - they will not stick their wings into each other.

- Dark Star detects stealth units at less range and deviates missiles less effectively.

- Dark Star have got Desintegrator missile which detonates stealth general's fake units and reloads in air. So, Dark Star does not need to return to airfield.

- Target Designator has longer reload time and their crosshair is visible to enemies now.

- Emergency Repair general's power moved to rank 1.

- Mine Detonation general's power in purchased from the begining. So, you don't need to spend general's point for it.

- AC-150 Vulture has less cost and more armor.

- Stealth Covering upgrade effects F-18 and Spartan now.

- Target Designator reloads for more time.

- Raptor brought too much damage. It could bring 700 points of damage with one strike, but planes health was not higher than 250. Its damage is decreased from 700 to 400, but it reloads instantly on airfield.

- Sentry Drone Gun upgrade moved to War Factory.

- Reinforcement general's power gives more Comanches, but reloads slower.

Super Weapon General:

- Dozer Drop general's power available at rank 2.

- Energy shield cost increased from 2800 to 3000 and its maximum number was limited to 10.

- Energy shield has got "Activate now" button.

- Patriot Battery damage has been increased.

- Cyclone has been remade significantly: it is 2 times more effective vs tanks now; 2 times less effective vs infantry; can be upgraded with Emitter to become effective vs infantry too; available at rank 3.

- All defense structures had 2 times less build time earlier. Their build time has been set to previous values.

- EMP Mines are available at Rank 3.

- Howizer Fire base has 13% more armor.

- Super weapon general can sell her defense structures for 50% of their cost now.

- Dozer has 25% more armor.

- Tomahawk fire base has much bigger minimum attack range now.

- Fire Base requires Supply Center now.

- Patriots can be built in line of 3 units.

- Cyclone has more armor.

- Power Plant produces 10 power units now (was 14).

Cybernetic General:

- Leech is not stealth in the begining now, but can get stealthness in later game after upgrade. Also it does not kill infantry, and does not build drones. Since Leech has been weakened a lot, its cost was reduced from 750 to 600.

- Repair Drone can repair buildings now.

- Burton does not require power any more and became less powerful vs tanks and buildings.

- Cyborg Comando has got "Hold Fire" button.

- Fafnir is changed significantly:

1) Its weapons are adjusted. It was more effective vs infantry and less effective vs tanks. It has got the same effectiveness versus all targets now.

2) It has got energy shield which defends from the front only.

3) It can build more than one drone now.

- Beetle Mines explosion power has been increased by 30%.

- Cyborgs have been weakened by 20%

- Stormtroopers can not be built in Barracks now - they are droped with "Drop Pods" general's power instead.

- Stormtroopers are weakened: they have less armor and firepower now.

- Spider Mech is remade:

1) It became much more powerful: 2 times more armor, +15% more attack range;

2) Is costs $1500.

3) Geometry is fixed: they can stand closer to each other.

4) It has got teleport ability.

- Howizer Fire base has 15% more armor.

- Data upload general's power has been remade. It does not drop techs any more - it adds veterancy levels to your units instantly.

- Drone Controller fully remade.

- Suicide Drone Removed.

- Microwave tank is resistant to infantry missiles now and don't need power.

- Airfield can build Medusa Drone now. This Drone can not be controlled manualy. It just hangs above designated point and guards the area until destroyed.

- Sentry, Guardian, Avenger and Repair Drones are more vulnerable to shells and missiles and less vulneravle to machineguns now.

- Sentry Drone is more effective vs infantry now and less effective vs vehicles.

- Guardian Drone has less firepower.

- Avenger Drone has less armor.

- Drone weapons upgrade gives +20% firepower bonus now (was +25%).

- Spider Mines build by Repair Drone require rank 3 now.

- Cluster Bomb general's power brings 50% more damage.

- Chinook can not transport anything now.

- Dozers have new 3D model and can overcome rivers and cliffs.

- Beetle mines can not be selected now. They can only move to rally point and burrow there.

- Hecate is more powerful vs aircrafts.

- Medic Drone increases its movement speed after "Exoskeletons" upgrade.

- Robo Raptor fires plasma charges, which can not be deviated or shot down.

Laser General:

- MTHEL can be equiped with a drone now. Also it is effected by Argon Lasers upgrade and grants more effective anti missile defense.

- ARV repairs buildings now.

- Burton does not attack air units any more.

- Omega cannon has been improoved. It has 2 times more armor, 1.5 times higher speed and 2 individual upgrades - Control Rods (+20% damage) and Stealth Field.

- Laser Mines are available at rank 3 now.

- Microwave mines were added. (Built by ARV whrn you reach rank 3)

- Carbon Lasers upgrade moved from 5th to 3rd rank and available in Strategy Center.

- Satellite Microwave Beam general's ability weakened by 25%.

- New general's power: Electricity Net Connection. Gives additional power for a short time.

- Plasma Bolt mode for Annihilator and Omega cannon becomes available after upgrade now (Isotope Stability upgrade, researched in Particle Cannon).

- Composite armor upgrade weakened - it adds 20% armor now (was 25%).

- Libra armor and firepower has been weakened by 15% and its cost has been lowered from 950 to 900.

- Laser Defender, Laser Comanche and Laser Crusader have longer reload time now. Their overal firepower has been lowered by 10-15%, but cost is lowered too.

- Plasma Paladin cost increased by $100.

- Laser Defender does not have such long attack range any more. It is reduced to standard missile infantry attack range.

- Microwave tank is resistant to infantry missiles now.

- Flash Bangs returned.

- Laser Defense Systems for buildings attack infantry now, but in very small range.

- Burton upgraded with Carbon Lasers became less powerful vs tanks and buildings.

All China generals:

- Internet Center is limited to 1 in Tournament mode.

- Assault Troop Crawler has 2 times more armor now, but kills all loaded troops on death. It allows to avoid "GLA Double Cash Bounty" bug and "Rush Enemy" bug (troops from destroyed TC went towards enemy and did not shoot).

- Listening Outpost kills all troops inside on death. Its armor is also reduced by 40%.

- Mobile Propagana Towers (the ones installed on Overlords Helixes and Troop Crawlers) recieve less bonus from Subliminal Messaging upgrade. This upgrade doubled their heal rate earlier. It increases their heal rate by 50% now. Stationary peopaganda towers stayed without changes.

- Black Lotus hacks automatickly now. Click once on a building and forget about her. She will repeat cach hack until stopped.

- Black Lotus ECM Charge remade. Effect radius reduced by 1/3. And also Black Lotus has 25% less health now.

- Firewall creation range has been increased 2 times.

- Firewall brings 2.5 times less damage to buildings now.

- Neutron cannon shells have 15% less neutron effect radius now.

- Red Arrows weakened vs ground targets by 30% (less gamage and less attack range).

- Helixes upgraded with gattling cannons don't fire at aircrafts any more.

- Buildings recover detonated mines 2 times slower. (It took 1 minute for full recovery earlier)

- Hackers get promotions 2 times slower.

- Satellite Hack 2 has shared timer. It means that you always have one hack 2 no matter how many internet centers you own.

- Satellite Hack 3 upgrade cost has been increased from 2000 to 3750, research time increased from 45 sec. to 2 minutes.

- Internet centers have 2 times less armor now, have 2 times less cost and only 4 places for hackers.

- Hackers get promotions 1.5 times slower now.

- Biohazard tech has been fully remage:

1) He has been renamed to Field Engineer

2) He is stealth now.

3) Het detonates mines automatically within the sector of 90 degrees in front of himself now.

4) He detects mines when loaded in transport.

5) Toxin clearing ability stayed without changes.

- Frenzy bonuses has been increased. And also Frenzy activation sound is heared by all players.

- All Troop Crawlers have got tank armor.

- ECM tanks don't disable their missile jamming field when attacking.

- Red Guards fire at less range, but bring more damage.

- Cash Hack general's power is more powerful now.

- Speaker Tower moved to Rank 1

Flame general:

- Atmospheric Lenz firepower increased by 30%.

- Iron Fist characteristics are adjusted: 12% more armor, 40% more rate of fire, but 12% less attack range.

- Iron Fist has got "Hold Fire" button.

- Gattling Tank replaced with Vortex Tank.

- Gattling Cannon base defense replaced with Vortex Cannon.

- Immolator Gattling Cannon addon replaced with Vortex Cannon addon.

- Gattling Guns upgrade has been removed (it is useless now, flame general has no gattlings any more).

- Fireproof Armor upgrade has been removed.

- Thermobaric Mines upgrade has been removed.

- Carpet bombing has been weakened. It drops 6 bombs now (was 10) and can not destroy Command Center with one strike.

- Immolators move 50% faster.

- Battle masters have 8% more armor.

- Thermite shells upgrade moved to rank 1 (available in War Factory).

- New special ability for Immolator - spill fuel. Creates fuel pool, which can be set on fire later.

- New general's ability - spill fuel. Drops fuel bombs from plane. Bomb create fuel pools which can be set on fire later.

- New special ability for Inferno Cannon - Thermite Shells.

- New defense building - fuel tube. Spills fuel around. Fuel can be set on fire.

- Smerch launcher replaced with A-100 MLRS. Its firepower is adjusted as well.

- ECM Turret Addon and Cannon Turret Addon addon removed form Immolator.

- Stationary Flame Tower is stealth now and got "Hold Fire" button.

- Thermobaric mines are available from rank 3 now.

- Troop Crawler replaced with Assault Troop Crawler. Infantry can shoot from it.

- Iron Fist can build add-ons.

Nuke general:

- Red Guards are a bit more expensive.

- Red Guard with Nuclear Bullets upgrade has 20% less attack range.

- Nuclear Tank Hunter takes 2 places in transport and has less attack range.

- Bertha Cannon does not deploy neutron mines any more.

- Nuclear battle Master fires nuclear shell with probability of 10% now. Its cost has been also rizen to 800.

- Iron Dragon moved from rank 5 to rank 3.

- Nuclear Storm has 50% more armor now and can not be captured.

- Nuclear Storm reload time is set to 12 minutes and it is available at rank 3.

- Irradiator is resistant to infantry missiles now.

- Death Hand attacks automaticly now. Just show an area and forget about it. It will fire automatically each 30 seconds. Its scatter range became very large as well.

- New unit: Jammer Trooper. Disables control for enemy units. Targeted enemy unit can not be controlled.

Infantry general:

- Health of all soldiers reduced by 5%. Also costs of some soldiers increased a bit.

- Battle Fortress has got propaganda speaker and 30% more armor, but stealth detection range reduced 3 times.

- Black Lotus Disable Vehicle Hack was too powerful. It needed 1 second to disable a vehicle. Preparation time has been set to 4 seconds (like in original Zero Hour).

- Neutron Cannon does not deploy mines any more. It is available at rank 5 and has $2500 cost.

- Artillery callers moved to rank 3, they have longer reload time, call less number of artillery shells and their crosshair is visible for enemy.

- Helix deploys mines for money, but its mine deployment ability is available from the very begining now. It is not needed to research Helix Bomb upgrade.

- Helix Bomb upgrade has been removed. It became useless.

- Sniper is not stealth any more and its cost has been dropped to $500.

- Minigunners bring 25% more damage to aircrafts now and got new ability: Long range strike.

- ATGM Operator available at rank 3.

- New unit: Troop Crawler with mounted Gattling Cannon. Available at rank 1.

- You can build infantry in squads of 4.

- Dragon Tank has got new armor which defends from infantry fire and significant firepower bonus vs garrisoned neutral buildings.

- Infantry exits TCs faster and arranges in two ranks.

- MiGs bring more damage now.

- Dragon Tanks are protected vs infantry fire and bring more damage to garrisoned troops.

- New unit: Jammer Trooper. Disables control for enemy units. Targeted enemy unit can not be controlled.

- AGL troopers bring less damage to armored vehicles and buildings.

- Tank Hunters fire AP shells when upgraded. Shells can not be deviated by ECM systems.

Tank general:

- Troop Crawler with sniper cannon does not have deploy logic any more.

- Emperor and Shaitan has 8% less armor now..

- All Overlord-based tanks (Emperor, Manticore, Banshee, Earth Shaker) cost $2300 now.

- Sniper cannon has 1 second delay before shot now.

- Manticore brings slightly more damage to ground targets now.

- ZTZ-104 can switch to close combat and long range combat mode now.

- Earth Shaker has been remade:

1) It has a bit longer reload time and longer attack range

2) It can clear garrisoned buildings

3) It fires burrowing shell now. The sell hits ground, burrows and explodes then.

- Artillery Barrage generl's power launcher Earth Shaker's burrowing shells.

- New addon for Emperor: Anti explosion armor. Defends from artillery shells.

- Troop Crawler building has been made with another scheme. It allows to avoid different bugs with upgrading TCs.

- Propaganda Troop Crawler does not have demoralizer weapon now.

All GLA Generals:

- Radar Van does not crush infantry any more.

- Palace is unlimited in Tournament mode.

- GLA Command Trucks has been weakened significantly:

1) command field replaced with repair field

2) weapons are 2-3 times weaker and they move slower.

3) Command truck weapon upgrade cost more and researched for more time.

4) Command truck weapon upgrade moved to Arms Dealer

- BTR-50 detects and detonates mines now.

- All Bomb Trucks are remade:

1) They can't transport mines any more.

2) They don't harm each other on death.

3) They cost less. Their cost for toxin general is $1100, for stealth - $1000, for demolition - $900.

- Demo Traps can be built in groups of 4. You can build one Demo Trap (as it was) as well as group of demo traps.

- All bikers but terrorists have 20% more armor.

- Demo traps and mines are invulnerable to bullets now.

- Stinger soldiers (buildable ones) have less attack range when firing at ground units and also they bring less damae to ground units, but remain as powerful vs air units.

- All BTR-50 require arms dealer.

- Bikers are invulnerable to ECM weapons now.

- Fake buildings detonation power has been set depending on cost of fake. In general, explosion power is lowered very much.

- Scorpion missiles are antitank now. They bring more damage to tanks and less damage to infantry.

- Terrorists and Terrorist bikers logic has been fixed. They move properly with "Attack Move" command now.

- Quad Cannons are more resistable to Comanche fire.

- TNT charge ability reload time increased 2 times.

- Defense Site Artillery Cannon is available at rank 2.

- Toxin Tracktors are remade:

1) They have more armor, more speed and less cost.

2) They are less effectice vs armor.

3) Their Contamination ability work different way. Just click the button and toxin pool is spawned instantly.

4) They demoralize infantry now. When they kill a soldier, all surrounding enemy soldiers fire with less rate.

- Saboteurs don't see stealth units now.

- Technical has 10% more firepower.

- Fake buildings are a bit more expensive.

- Mortar Buggy does not need to deploy any more and can fire on the move. It also costs less and has damage bonus vs buildings.

- Bomb Truck has damage bonus vs buildings.

Demolition general:

- Rebel ambush power has been changed slightly. Number of rebels spawned are: 3 at first level, 6 at second level, 12 at third level. (Was 4; 6; 10)

- Jarmen Kell has got Rebel's Booby Trap.

- Nuke Bomb Truck has got "Attack Move" button.

- Cockroach tank suicide ability brings 2 times more damage to tanks, but brings 2 times less damage to infantry now.

- BTR-50 builds AT mines with packs of 4.

- Surprize mine removed.

- Camouflage upgrade moved from Palace to Barracks and available at rank 1 now.

- Demolisher has tank armor type now. Machineguns are not effective agains it any more. But missile troopers can kill it with 6 shots.

- Battle Bus Cluster Mine does not harm friendly units and does not detonate friendly mines. Also its explosion power has been doubled and cost rizen to 700 and build time reduced 2 times.

- Battle Bus has 25% more armor.

- Impairment general's ability can not reset super weapon timers any more.

- Defense sites are not camouflaged in the begining, but can be upgraded with camouflage later.

- Salvage drop general's power removed

- New general's power - AT mines eployment

- New general's power - Cluster mines eployment

- TNT ability moved from RPG trooper to Rebel. Stealth Rebels can clear garrisoned buildings with TNT now.

- Terrorists and biker terrorists can be built in groups of 4.

- Kamikaze planes has more armor and more cost now.

- New Upgrade: Turbodiesel engine. Increases Bomb Truck and Cockroach speed.

- Mad Mob moves faster.

- "Suicide" upgrade improved: many vehicles are exploded with more power.

- Radar Van has got Disintegrator Device: It detonates stealth general's fake units.

- "High Explosive Bomb" upgrade effects mines too.

- Planes don't land on airfield automatically now.

- Cost of mines and demo traps lowered 2 times.

- Toxin shells upgrade moved to Arms Dealer.

Stealth general:

- Gun Buggy guard mode has been changed. It will not pursue enemies when guarding.

- Gun Buggy detects stealth aircrafts.

- Saboteur Ambush general's power spawns both saboteurs and hijackers now.

- "GLA training" and "Technical training" general's powers give veterancy to fake vehicles too now (enemy can see veterancy levels).

- Fake units build time has been increased from 1 to 5 sec. And also they have 1.5 less armor now.

- Scorpion missiles attack range reduced by 30% and Scorpion cost decreased from 750 to 700.

- Rebel has no mine detonator any more (mine clearing role was moved to BTR-50).

- Camouflaged Palace reveals itself when garrisoned troops shoot from it.

- Gap Generator upgrade has been removed.

- Anti radar missiles have 15% more attack range now.

- Saboteurs available at rank 3.

- Camouflage upgrade is not granted from the begining. You must research it at barracks.

- New General's power: Kill Radars.

- "Spies" upgrade has been moved from Palace to GLA Factory and available at rank 1.

- Snipers and Sniper Sites cost more.

Chemical general:

- Rebels don't clear garrisoned buildings instantly any more. It takes some time for them to clear buildings now. And also they are not stealth any more and cost less.

- Rebels are not stealthed from the begining. They need Camouflage Upgrade, which is available at Black Market.

- Yellow clouds has been weakened versus helicopters by 10%.

- Acid clouds damage has been increased by 10%.

- Karakourt has been weakened slightly: it moves 25% slower and brings slightly less damage.

- Crop Duster acid sprayer weakened by 25%, but toxin sprayer remaned as powerful as before.

- Defiler clouds don't damage friendly units when traveling to their target any more.

- Toxin Defense upgrade has been replaced with Neutralizers upgrade. It works different way: it gives total invulnerability to your uwn toxins and acids, but your forces remain vulnerable to enemy toxins and acids.

- Technical weapon has been remade.

- Defense Sites are not built stealth now. They need Camo Neting upgrade.

- Luna does not create poison and acid clouds from the beginning. Clouds are unlocked by "Chemical Warheads" upgrade.

- Toxin Shells upgrade purchased from the beginning.

- Mine Sweeper upgrade moved from Arms Dealer to Black Market.

- Scorpion Rocket upgrade moved from Palace to Arms Dealer.

- Chemical warheads upgrade moved from Palace to Black Market.

- Terrorists are resistant to toxins and don't kill each other when used in groups.

Assault General:

- "Cruiser Tank" ranamed to "Desert Cruiser". Its armor and firepower are increased.

- Mine Sweeper upgrade effects Cruiser Tank now.

- New upgrade: Recycling. Gives ability to recover destroyed vehicles. Available at rank 5.

- Katusha has been changed significantly:

1) It has more turret turning speed

2) faster missiles

3) higher missile launch rate

4) longer attack range

5) better armor

6) much bigger scatter area

7) higher cost.

- Toxin shells upgrade moved to rank 1 (available in Arms Dealer)

- Camouflage upgrade moved to rank 1 (available in barracks)

- Triple barrelled Marauder upgrade moved to rank 3 (available in Palace)

- Marauder gunner upgrade has been removed.

- Jarmen Kell Field Fortification ability ramoved.

- Angry Mob and Arm The Mob upgrades returned.

- "Spies" upgrade has been moved from Palace to GLA Factory and available at rank 1.

- Demolisher requires Arms Dealer, has tank armor and does not have sitplaces inside.

- Quad Tank has tank armor.

- Battle Bus does not have "second life" mode any more, but has more armor.

3) ----- ===== Credits ===== -----


-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

Code by:

-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

-Zmey Gorynych


Art by:

-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

-Ilya [Woody] Palavoshev

-Nikita [Overlord] Makeyev

-Alexander [Taran] Dedov

-Kirill [Gluck]


AI programming by:

-Andrey [Creator] Pestryakov

Maps by:


-General Gamer




Thanks to:


-Chrizz a.k.a. Sever


-Just West

-The Hunter






-Dennis vd Wal







-Anus Panda












-Zmey Gorynych


4) ----- ===== Contact information ===== -----

English forum:

Russian forum:

Web page:


[email protected]

NOTE: If you have any questions then ask them on forums first.

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