Operation Flashpoint Content Upgrade Pack

Get more out of your military title from this Content...

Operation Flashpoint Content Upgrade Pack

Get more out of your military title from this Content Upgrade Pack which includes a new weapon, new vehicles, 2 single player and 4 new multiplayer missions, plus all the great fixes, additions, and new features from the Interim Update.


8th August 2001

This package will install all currently-available official upgrades and code updates for Operation Flashpoint. Each of these files is also available separately.



Run the attached exe and it will automatically install the following files:

* Operation Flashpoint v1.10 code update

* Unit add-ons:

- SU-25 "Frogfoot"

- M163 "Vulcan"

- Trabant

* Weapon add-on:

- "Kozlice"

* Single missions:

- A01Revenge

- A02Vulcan

* Multi-player missions:

- 1-4_C_ShadowKiller

- 1-8_D_FlagFight2Small

- 2-8_T_CaptureTheFlag2

- 2-8_T_CityConflict


* Customised faces can now be inserted for use in multi-player games, in JPG format.

* "Walking" mode can be toggled with the 'F' key.

* It is now possible to turn while reloading.

* Weapon shadows now reflect the actual weapon held.

* You can now move when using optics while crouched.

* You will experience reduced weapon recoil when crouching.

* It is now possible to sprint when using an ironsight view.

* Even small hand injuries now cause some weapon trembling.

* Heavy breathing will cause increased weapon trembling.

* AI characters now use the "walking with rifle" animation when appropriate.

* The "NEXT WAYPOINT" command has been implemented for any selected unit - not just the player-commanded vehicle.

* A server can kick players from the "Players" dialog.

* A warning message box will be shown in the server briefing if all players are not ready.

* Blood now appears before an injury is critical.

* Titles were shown at unlimited distance - distance is now limited to 100m.

* The ability to create user-defined actions has been introduced.

* The crash info file context.bin contains more information: CPU registers and version info are saved.

* Squad pictures and titles are now shown on client machines.

* New support and checks for add-ons, referenced to version number.


* AI visual and audible enemy detection is improved, especially for prone targets.

* AI night vision is less effective.

* AI now put on/take off NV goggles where appropriate.

* Interior collisions are improved.

* Soldiers report sooner for medical assistance.

* Air friction physics modelling on missiles improved.

* The LAW and RPG are now faster and burn most of their fuel while in the tube.

* Missile fire tail is no longer drawn when fuel is burnt out.

* Airplane target engaging is improved.

* Airplanes lose less speed while turning.

* Even if 'turned in', the gunner is now drawn in the external camera view.

* When connecting through GameSpy arcade, you can now interrupt a "waiting for server" message.

* Only assigned players, not all connected players, are now shown in a multiplayer game.

* The design of the server briefing dialog and chat systems has been improved.

* More transfered properties in multiplayer have been added for airplanes.

* A more robust handling of the "maximum texture size" and "out of memory" conditions has been introduced.

* "Invalid vehicle types" are handled better.

* M113 gunner view improved.

* Seagull handling improved.

* Connect/disconnect messages are now localized.

* Guard band clipping enabled - this solves some issues with clipping sun on nVidia cards, and also increases performance on TnT family cards.

* All reward/penalty cutscenes now marked as played when appropriate.


* Single Mission - 05 Heavy Metal - Mission would rarely not finish.

* Single Mission - 09 Sniper Team - CPU saboteurs not moving.

* Single Mission - 10 Commander - Occasionally didn't end.

* Campaign - 03b Alert - Radio calls M113 'unknown'.

* Campaign - 12 Spearhead - Spelling errors in briefing.

* Campaign - 38 StatusQuo - Crash at Laruns.

* Campaign - 38 StatusQuo - Spanish briefing.


* Fixed - Problems with prone soldiers invulnerable to being run over.

* Fixed - Hardware T&L daytime light glitches.

* Fixed - Watch and compass animations under hardware T&L.

* Fixed - Problems with compass and watch on re-trying a mission.

* Fixed - Graphical corruption with Voodoo 3s under Glide.

* Fixed - In-game resolution switches causing some graphical corruption with certain cards.

* Fixed - Spinning sight view with an unloaded rocket launcher on your back.

* Fixed - Preferences resolution not matching in-game selection.

* Fixed - Keyboard input disabled during mission loading.

* Fixed - "3rd person view" difficulty option not functioning correctly.

* Fixed - Autodetect settings for file & texture heap wrong if <128MB reported by Windows.

* Fixed - Double music volume in Audio options.

* Fixed - Problems with map marker centring after installation or creating a new user.

* Fixed - Crash without ammo in ship simulation.

* Fixed - Save-game corruption if save called when training target was being destroyed.

* Fixed - User cannot be deleted sometimes.

* Fixed - Mission objectives not always correctly updated after load.

* Fixed - Soldier very rarely stays frozen in mid-air when getting out of a vehicle, until moved.

* Fixed - "End" button in "Player Killed" screen was handled incorrectly.

* Fixed - Sports car speedometer moving in the wrong direction.

* Fixed - Friendly units info on map in veteran mode.

* Visibility during stand up/lay down transitions now correct.

* Sometimes a tank was aiming at a target in 'prepare' mode only, because the target was already inactive. The tank commander now cancels target in such a situation.

* When a tank commander was changing weapons often, the weapon change command was sometimes lost. This has been fixed.

* Minor night-time visibility bugs resolved.

* AI soldiers watched non-combat enemies, which made weapon selection unstable. Binoculars were also selected for no apparent reason. Only combat enemies are watched now.

* Tank commander weapon selection is now more stable, especially when engaging cars.

* When there were no dangerous enemies visible, the importance of weak targets was overestimated. As a result, much stronger weapons were selected than necessary. This problem has been resolved.

* Camera position is now clipped, so that the camera does not look through objects.

* Night vision equipment now visible on dead soldiers where appropriate.

* Reloading with weapon on back is now disabled.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Problems when two players get into a vehicle simultaneously.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - "Hide body" sometimes not working.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Vehicle shaking problem.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Respawn and "high speed soldier" bugs if killed while getting into a vehicle.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Disabling radio subtitles removes chat ability.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Procedure "moveInGunner" is now multi-player safe.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Procedure "moveInDriver" is now multi-player safe.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Procedure "moveInCommander" is now multi-player safe.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Procedure "moveInCargo" is now multi-player safe.

* Multiplayer - Fixed - Score register.

* Multiplayer setup - Fixed - Player assignment bugs.

Official AddOn Weapon




The Czech-manufactured "Kozlice" over/under rifle-shotgun is a dual-barreled hunting weapon with a polished walnut stock. The weapon has two fire modes: "Ball", which will fire a single rifle shot, and "Shell" which will fire a shotgun round. Shotgun rounds consist of seven individual pellets, each of which is noted in your ammo display. After firing in either mode, the gun needs to be manually reloaded.

Technical data:

Overall length

1130 mm

Barrel length

700 mm


length 70 mm


50 mm


3350 g

Official AddOn Vehicle

M163 Anti Aircraft Unit



The M-163 Vulcan is an M-113 with a 20-mm cannon attached to the chassis, and has been in use as a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun since the 1960's. Because of the high rate of fire, the Vulcan can only carry enough ammunition for about 1 minute of sustained firing.

Technical Data:




12 tonnes


41 mph


4.86 meters


2.85 meters


2.74 meters

Ground Clearance

0.406 meters


Diesel 6V-53

6-cylinder water-cooled

215 bhp at 2,800 rpm




Aluminium 38mm (max)


Six barrelled 20-mm Cannon

Official AddOn Vehicle




The Sukhoi Su-25 'Frogfoot' is the Russian equivalent of the American A-10. It's more sturdy than the Su-17 - enough to survive light fire from anti-aircraft weaponry - yet is still capable of carrying a heavy bomb load. Nicknamed 'Grach' or 'The Rook' by the Russians, the plane is known to have weak navigation, sensor systems and night attack capabilities. However, it is more manoeuvrable than the A-10, and its two turbojets give it more speed with a shorter take-off distance. The Su-25 'Frogfoot A' only has room for one pilot.

Technical data:


17600 (loaded)


14.6 meters


15.6 meters



Maximum Range


Internal Fuel

3500 kg

Max speed

.8 Mach

Estimated take off distance

472 meters


Cannon: 1 GSh-6-N-30 30mm rotary

CH 29-T

57mm Rockets

Official AddOn Vehicle




With a less-than-sporty 28 horsepower to its name, the two-cylinder, two-stroke engine which powered the Trabant has attracted some derision over the years - but there's no denying the significance of this vehicle as an icon of Eastern European industry. Its distinctive body shape is constructed from duraplast panels (plastic, reinforced with cotton fabric) attached to a galvanized steel shell. And although the last Trabant was produced in 1991, following the reunification of East and West Germany, a network of fan clubs across Europe affectionately preserves its memory.

Technical data:



Engine type

0.6-liter 2-stroke 2-cylinder

Compression ratio



4-speed manual


26 @ 4,200 rpm


40.5 lbs.-ft. @ 3,000 rpm

Front suspension

Single leaf spring

Rear suspension

Independent trailing arms



Steering wheel

Yes (standard on driver's side)


4-wheel hydraulic drum

Fuel tank capacity

6.3 gallons



Overall length


Overhang (front/rear)


Tread (front/rear)


Overall width


Overall height


Ground clearance


Cargo volume

14.6 cu. ft.

Seating capacity


Fuel economy (city/highway)

37 mpg / 55 mpg

Maximum speed

77 mph

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