Fallout 3 - Mantis Zero Suit Samus Mod

This is a modification for Samus' Zero Suit, the author...

Fallout 3 - Mantis Zero Suit Samus Mod

This is a modification for Samus' Zero Suit, the author utilized SSB: Brawl as a reference and tried to stay as true to it as possible. This mod requires DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body replacer installed or else the body textures won't display properly. You can download that



Mantis' Zero Suit for Type 3

Version 2.4

Requires Dimon99's Type3 Female Body Replacer;

Get it at http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4280

This mode might work with other body types, but I can't promise anything.

*NOTE* Its been reported that this mod works with BABE.

About This Mod:


It's been requested I give Samus' Zero Suit a shot, so heres my take on it. I used the

SSB:Brawl version as my reference, and tried to stay as true to it as possible. I could not

get any good reference shots of the design on her left glove, so I winged it.

How to acquire:


-The suit is near Vault 101. Just head down the hill from Vault 101 and take a right at the road, there should

be a crate near the puddle of water.

-In order for my "Cannon Suit" to work right, you must equip BOTH "Mantis Zero Suit Cannon" armor and "Mantis Zero Cannon" weapon.

-Use Raider Body Armor to repair.

-Cannons use LaserPistols



2.4 -Added a 'Scouter' helmet option to the mod.

2.3 -Did a rehaul on the cannon's weapon systems. Introduced two new varieties as well.

2.2 -Added two versions of the "Cannon Suit" one with my old, 2.0 Cannon, and one with my new one.

2.1 -Remodeled the Arm Cannon.

2.0 -Added an alternate armor suit that comes with a samus-style blaster!

1.2 -Another neck clipping adjustment, think I got most of it this time!

1.1 -Neck clipping issues should be fixed.

Known Issues:


-Some cannons, especially Omega and Spread, don't work well within VATS.

-Cannon animates a bit funky, nothing I personally can do about this, as I don't know how.

How to Install:


-Extract the Meshes and Textures folders from the RAR to your Fallout3/Data folder.

-Extract the .ESP to your Fallout3/Data folder

-Begin Fallout 3, and check the box next to "MantisZeroSuit"

Thanks To:


Dimon99 for Dimon's Type3 Body.

redhorizon09 for the idea.

Legal Stuff:


Go ahead and modify my work as you please, as long as you give credit to myself, and all of the above for

their contribution.

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