WolfDem v0.1

This file provides the ability to record demos from the...

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WolfDem v0.1

This file provides the ability to record demos from the command line of Wolfenstein-3D by ID.

Title : WolfDem (0.1 - Beta version)

Filename : wolfdem.exe

readme.txt (this file)

pacman.dem - an example of a wolf 3d demo :)

To play this demo run : wolfdem play pacman.dem

Authors : Wolf3d by iD Software

Updated do enable demo support by Ricardo Barreira

Email Addresses : rbarreira@gmx.net

Description : Some days ago, I was browsing on the QdQ site and saw a reference

to the fact that there is no demo support on Wolf3d. Well, I knew that

it must have had some kind of demo support because you can see demos

if you wait long at the intro screen (where BJ is hiding in the corner)

But, for the user, demo support was only available for recording demos

(by using the parameter "goobers" and then holding the TAB key). I've

had the idea of adding demo support on the command line (see the

detailed instructions section for more...), and I've finished it today.

I had to change the demo file format so that the initial ammo, etc

would be read when playing a demo...

Installation : Just extract wolfdem.exe to your wolfenstein directory.


More detailed instructions

Preliminary comments:

Wolfdem.exe can be used for playing wolf3d as you did with iD's

exe, the differences are that demo support has been enabled

in the command line...

The command line syntax for recording demos:

wolfdem record filename level difficulty lives health weapons ammo points

filename = output demo file

level = level and episode, for example 0 means - episode 1, level 1. Another example:

29 = episode 3, level 10 - the PacMan level ;)

difficulty = 0 for "Can I play, Daddy?"

1 for "Don't hurt me."

2 for "Bring 'em on!"

3 for "I am Death incarnate!"

lives = number of lives to start with

health = health to start with

weapons = Weapons to start with:

0 for only knife

1 for knife and pistol

2 for knife, pistol and machine gun

3 for knife, pistol, machine gun and chain gun

ammo = ammo to start with

points = points to start with

The command line syntax for playing demos:

wolfdem play filename

filename = name of demo file to play


Version history:

22/12/00 : 0.1 - Beta version

Initial release (send all your comments and bug reports to rbarreira@gmx.net PLEASE)



Thanks to:

EVERYONE at QdQ, SDA, etc (because they introduced me to the world of speed-running)

iD Software for making the best computer games ever

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