HM_Phasers Edge

A small compact Holomatch map for 2 to 6 players for Raven...

HM_Phasers Edge

A small compact Holomatch map for 2 to 6 players for Raven Software's Star Trek Voyager:Elite Force


Title : hm_pedge

Files : hm_pedge.pk3


Release Date : 24/10/00

Author : Adrian 'JuDDa' Smith

Email Address : [email protected]

Web site : Http://

Description : Holomatch map for Star Trek Voyager : ELite Force

A small compact map for 2 to 6 players....enjoy

Additional Credits to : id Software for the superb Q3A Engine

Raven for such a brilliant game

Mark 'Oz' Austin , Ghengiz and Everyone at the

Raven message boards for the help and advice.

Installation : Extract the Pk3 file into your baseEF folder.

The map can then be selected from the multiplayer or single

player/create game menus or by typing at the console

: /map hm_pedge


* Play Information *

Level Name : Phasers Edge

Single Player : file included

Deathmatch : 1on1 or ffa for 3 to 6 players

Team Deathmatch : yes

CTF : No

Difficulty Settings : No

New Sounds : No

New Graphics : No

Comments : This is the first map i've ever made for a game

and im quite chuffed at how its turned out :)

hope u like it

* Construction *

Base : New level from Scratch

Time Taken : 4 days on & off

Development System : AMD Athlon 900,Geforce 2 GTS 32mb,windows 98SE,128 MB RAM

Editors used : EFRadiant,Photoshop 5.5

Known problems/Bugs : No problems that i know of

Copyright / Permissions


This level is copyrighted by Adrian Smith 2000.

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