Sim Theme Park v2.0 Patch Upgrade

This patch fixes several bugs and improves many features...

Sim Theme Park v2.0 Patch Upgrade

This patch fixes several bugs and improves many features pertaining to online play, first-person perspective, rollercoasters, saving and loading, and more. See More Info for details.

"New Feature Notes:

If you reinstall the game, save games with new downloaded rides may not work until you reinstall the new rides.

Fixed in V2.0:


- Halloween ride Tentacle Terror now breaks down correctly.

- Improved 1st person cross-hair.

- Fixed the ""All Visitors List"" problem.

- Corrected the display of 'selected Address' in the ""E-mail address"" window.

- CTRL + left-click mouse to copy an item correctly.

- Tuned 1st person camcorder mode to stop players getting stuck near fences.

- Fixed bug when undoing already placed queue blocks.

- Updated error message reporting in online lobby.

- Wheels on the coasters now go round!

- Coaster sounds should all stop/start correctly now.


- Players can no longer vote for their own park.

- Only one vote per day allowed.

- Downloads can now be aborted by pressing escape.

- Players can't now blackmark or 'Goto' themselves.

- First-person online now moves your avatar around correctly.

- Error message if you reply while visiting a park without having been asked anything yet.

- Avatars are now more distinguishable in chat (twice as big).

- When using the 'Goto' function there is now an added confirmation. 'Goto' will now take you to another player's position if in the same park.


- Save/Load bug fixed.

- Exits from rides can be placed 'under' track rides and the bridges are built correctly.

- Dual Voodoo3 cards now supported.

- Faster 1st person mode.

- There is a resolution.sam file that enables higher resolutions to be utilised.

- The camera zoom can be unlocked with CTRL-SHIFT-ALT Space.

- Bug in Challenges has been fixed."

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