UT2004 - SAS: Into the Lion's Den v3.1

SAS 3.1 is a counter-terrorism themed mod that pits British...

UT2004 - SAS: Into the Lion's Den v3.1

SAS 3.1 is a counter-terrorism themed mod that pits British SAS soldiers against Opposition Forces in three scenarios, Team Deathmatch, Objective and Sabotage. Team Deathmatch is the standard head to head competition, Objective has players attempting to capture certain areas on a map while Sabotage tasks one team with destroying several targets across a map while the other defends. Players can select pistols, sub-machineguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and light machine guns as well as frag, flash and smoke grenades.

Driveable vehicles added - S3 Landrover, 101 Landrover, 5 Ton Truck Rules Updates for both Sabotage/Objective Gametypes New Disorientation Effect for Frag and Flashbang Grenades New Maps - Operation Full Moon-TDM, Operation Nimrod-TDM (UT99 Re-make), Concrete Jungle-TDM, Home Invasion-OBJ, Codename: Hunt-TDM among others New Player Stats System Karma Effects Added to Weapon Pickups BSP Penetration for all Weapons New Explosion Sounds for Frag Grenades New Firing Sound for the AK-47 Non Critical Mission Objectives Setup for Mappers Mover Reset Actor for Mappers

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