Outlaws v2.0 Handful of Missions

This will update your v1.1 Outlaws title to version 2.0 and...

Outlaws v2.0 Handful of Missions

This will update your v1.1 Outlaws title to version 2.0 and add new single player missions to your game. To play multiplayer you and others must have the same version.


This update provides 4 new single-player levels and 5 new multiplayer levels.

The new single-player levels include:

Civil War: Your orders are to track down Sam Kenny, a renegade masquerading as a lieutenant for the Confederacy.

Wharf Town: Go after William "Billy Bear" Dorsey and his gang of raiders who are terrorizing a Missouri wharf town.

Spanish Villa: Bring in, dead or alive, "Spooky" Patrick Crow and his gang holed up in an abandoned Spanish villa.

Ice Caves: Pursue ex-confederate soldier Charlie Ford and his gang through dangerous ice caves in the Rocky Mountains.

When you kill the Outlaw, you will get a message saying "Mission Completed". At this point you can continue to explore the level or hit ESC to return to the Main Menu. To access these missions, please follow the instructions provided in the manual under the "Historical Missions" area.

The new multiplayer levels include:

Bunkers - A multiplayer arena inspired by Civil War trench battles.

Buckshotville - A battlefield in a war-torn Civil War-era town.

Hargrove's Pattern Repair - An all-out head-to-head melee which places players in an abandoned warehouse.

Orleans - A multi-tiered level that places players in buildings, on docks and under water.

Thud's Tower - A gothic maze and tower arena within a wild-west setting.

Once you install the update, not all of the new levels will appear in the box where you choose your level. To see them, just click on the carets at the top or bottom of the box, then scroll through the list to choose the level.

This update fixes:

a keyboard configuration problem with the numeric keypad, where certain keys could not be configured correctly.

a graphical problem in 3Dfx/Glide mode that produced large sections of missing textures after saving and loading in certain areas.

Additional features of this update:

Gamma control has been added to the Glide Driver. You can use ALT + and ALT - to control this.

Outlaws v.2.0 is fully compatible with DirectX 5.0.

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