Seismics Engine Movie Teaser

The "Seismics" technology is a set of tools along with a top...

Seismics Engine Movie Teaser

The "Seismics" technology is a set of tools along with a top graphic engine ready to be used for any kind of game development.

Built from scratch to get the most out of the current technology, the "Seimics" engine is perfectly suitable to any kind of game production or interactive multimedia presentation.

Developed specifically for the DirectX routines, the engine manages to use the full potential of today's hardware, offering unprecedented level of detail at smooth speed on an ordinary computer.

Without being specialized for interior or outdoor landscape rendering as other similar top graphic engines are the "Seismics" technology can be used to create games of any kind, from Classic Arcade to Strategy Games, from Adventures to Simulators, Shooters and so on.

Along with the additional tools already created, the "Seismics" render engine is the ideal developing platform, offering true creative power over today's quality standards.


- Extremely versatile structure - ready to be used on any kind of game

- Dynamic Lightning - give life to your universe.

- Full DX shaders - total freedom to graphic design - Just be creative.

- Very Advanced Particle Systems - unprecedented possibilities - bringing the Hollywood FX to the gaming industry.

- Regular and Morph animations - optimized animation controllers.

- Complex Scene Exported from 3DSMax - no intermediary editor required - full freedom in design.

- Powerful Tools - direct access to DX functions to customize your materials in a easy to use Shader Editor. Trajectories, Light editor, Particle editor, Tasks Compiler, Shader Manager, Scene Explorer all with real time feedback to cut down your development time.

The demo scene contains over 500000 polygons, and 218 Mb of texture in more then 500 textures. It runs at 40 FPS on a Geforce4.

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