The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Alternative Starting Quest Arrive By Ship Mod

Feel that being a criminal ruins your Roleplaying...

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Alternative Starting Quest Arrive By Ship Mod

Feel that being a criminal ruins your Roleplaying experience? Fed up with the boring tutorial quest? This could be the mod for you!

What does the mod do?

This mod makes it so that instead of starting in the Imperial Prison like a common criminal, and having to do the tutorial, you start in your cabin aboard a ship. Having completed your immigration forms (Character Generation), you arrive at the the port of your choice.

A variety of options are presented to the player, affecting how much gold you start with, and what items. Whether you want to be a Down-on-his-luck Noble, or a wealthy merchant is up to you. Do you want an easy life with plenty of money, or more of a challenge?

As of version 1.1, the number of varieties is such that you will be hard pressed to create two characters the same.

Start the game in your cabin aboard a ship. You will be given character creation options including:

- The three basic character generation menus

- Social Status

- Manual Labourer

- Skilled Craftsman/woman (Gender Sensitive)

- Merchant

- Warrior

- Priest/ Priestess (Gender Sensitive)

- Academic

- Noble

- Secondary options for each of the above choices

- Financial Situation

- Poor

- Comfortably off

- Wealthy

The exact amount gained depends on social status - a poor noble is still richer than a wealthy academic

- Point of entry to Cyrodiil

- Imperial City

- Anvil

- Leyawiin (this requires OBSE v0014 and "Better Cities"

- Your possessions are determined by the options you pick.

- The main quest is started by following up on a dream you have of the Emperor's death. Ignore it if you want.

Fairly important note

You might find that there aren't too many options for evil characters. This is because I wanted the menus to read like immigration forms might. Would you write on immigration forms 'I am a thief and will rob all of your houses', or 'I belong to the dark brotherhood'? But if you read between the lines you will find that evil chracters are covered. What is the difference between not commiting a crime, and not being arrested - you weren't caught! Special Operations should suit stealthy warriors, and if a priest isn't affiliated with the nine, they might be a daedra worshipper.

Remember, however evil you are, outwardly you are the perfect citizen - otherwise you'll be arrested!

I just hope I've given you enough freedom.

The aim of this mod was to provide choice. You might find some of the options overpowered. Don't use them then. It was

designed with role players in mind. Hopefully I've provided enough options to fit almost any backstory you might choose.

Even if you are not a role player, it still provides a quick start with numerous options.


What this mod won't work with:

- Any Mod which also alters the tutorial quest (eg. other quick start mods)

- Any Mod which alters the initial quest (Labelled in the Construction Set as MQ02)

- Any Mod which alters the Imperial Sewer immediately before the exit may conflict with this. All I've added is a single rat holding the Amulet of Kings

Other than that, there shouldn't be anything to conflict. Pretty much the only type of mod that would conflict would be another one doing a similar thing (eg. DungeonBGone)

AF's Levelling mod works perfectly with this. I reccomend you equip the Ring of Choice after leaving the ship though. Infact, I would go as far as to reccomend his mod - the two complement each other quite nicely.

MQConsideration works with this mod, as long as you load this mod last. I'm not entirely sure why this is the case, but it is. Not too big a problem at all.

Many, many thanks to Holiberri for his extensive testing of this mod, which turned up the load order requiement as well as many other small glitches, and a few ideas which I'll be implementing shortly.

Vim and Vigor now works fine with this mod, mostly due to the efforts of Holliberri!

Known Issues

Loading this Mod while still doing the Tutorial quest could cause problems. DON'T DO IT! It would probably stop many of the events happening, and you would end up getting stuck.


This mod requires the latest Oblivion patch (v1.2) to run properly. Thats simply because I made it using the newest construction set version.

Thanks to Reve23 for being very, very persistent in getting the mod to work and discovering this.

If you wish to arrive in Leyawiin you will require OBSE V0014 as well as the "Better Cities LEYAWIIN" mod. If you do not have either of the the mod will run as normal.

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