BF1942 - FH: MS Battle of Foy

A Mission Series Map for Forgotten hope (bf1942). Changes...

BF1942 - FH: MS Battle of Foy

A Mission Series Map for Forgotten hope (bf1942). Changes include flags do not have spawns, multiple mobile spawns, deployable tent spawns, New kits, Medics, etc. To many gameplay changes to list. It's a heavily modified map gameplay wise for Forgotten hope.

I was thinking the other day about how great Bf1942/DC/FH was, but was disappointed with the capture system that was currently bf1942. I tired of the unlimited supply of everything, the constant behind the lines captures, the camping, The constant drone of the action.

I longed for something else. I remembered the days of Counterstrike, and the intense action that was Counterstrike. I guess it was the whole one life to live aspect that did it, but I didn’t think One life would be enough in Bf1942. Bf1942 scope is a lot larger then CS. BF1942 is about a battlefield, and not a small engagement.

So I started modifying a map in Forgotten hope. I modified units, weapon kits, created some new kits, adjusted vehicles to only spawn once, and to never disappear. I removed vehicle Map Icons, flag capture radius(now really big), added flags, limited spawn in kits, and gave trucks deployable kits. In all I got real familiar with .con files within the map.

I took out all of the spawn points within the map, and instead focused on Mobile spawns for spawning. I took some halftracks, and trucks, and made them a point of insertion. I also created a deployable Tent as a kit. Deploy the tent, and it becomes an easily destroyable spawn point for your squad. These spawns are highly vulnerable, and your only life line to take the map.

The first map I did was Forgotten Hopes “Battle of Foy”. The mission series map is MS_BATTLE_OF_FOY.rfa

The US Armies Mission is to take Foy and they have at their disposal 2 M3A1 Halftracks and 2 GMC trucks. Each of these is a mobile spawn, and can deploy 9 weapon kits each. To include 1 Medic Kit, 1 Anti-Tank Kit, 1 BAR kit, 1 Sniper Kit, 2 Grease gun kits, 1 deployable Mortar Kit, 1 deployable Browning MG kit and 1 Deployable Tent (Spawn Point) kit.

The selectable Spawn loadout for the US only consists of a standard soldiers loadout (1 Garand, 2 grenades, and a knife.)

The Germans Mission is to Hold Foy at all costs, the towns been shelled for several days, so equipment is running low. At their disposal for defense they have 1 sdkfz251 half track, and 2 opels trucks. Each is also a mobile spawn, and can deploy 9 weapon kits as well. To include 1 Medic Kit, 1 Sniper Kit, 1 Anti-Tank Kit, 2 carried MG42 kits, 2 Deployable MG42 kits, 1 deployable Mortar kit, and 1 Deployable Tent (Spawn Point) Kit.

The selectable Spawn loadout for the Germans consist of Close combat Mp40/2 grenade/Knife kits, and standard issue K98/2 grenade/Knife Kits.

Who will complete their Mission?

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