Train Sim Modeler v1.1 Update

This is the version 1.1 update for Train Sim Modeler...

  • Category Other
  • Size 12 MB
  • Program by Abacus Publishing

Train Sim Modeler v1.1 Update

This is the version 1.1 update for Train Sim Modeler. This is for

Registered Users Only

because it requires your registartion key received when Train Sim Modeler was ordered. See additional information for installation instructions.


When you order Train Sim Modeler, you will receive a personalized registration key from us by email or phone. Please retain the registration key should you need to reinstall or update at a later time.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Train Sim Modeler to Version 1.1, please make a backup of all of your TSM Project files.

Run the file AbacusTSM.exe which starts the InstallShield installation. You must type your personalized registration key into the Serial: field during installation.

Carefully review the ReadMe file for any last minute notes.

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