The opening battle of Antietam.

This scenerio for Empire Earth includes over 100 triggers...

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 3 MB
  • Program by Hank (Or Bascomaa)

The opening battle of Antietam.

This scenerio for Empire Earth includes over 100 triggers. Regimental Morale is modeled (Regiments will break and run after sustaining too many casualties). Reserve regiments and three areas to defend make this a very fun and replayable scenario! Realistic movement and reload times recreate feeling of a real Civil War battle.

The very popular Antietam! scenario, which has over 2500 downloads at This scenario was featured on the April 2002 UK PC Gamer bonus CD that is distributed with the magazine. While not an overly complicated scenario, it was the first of it's kind to make use of slower reload and movement rates to simulate a more realistic Civil War battle. I also introduced a Regimental Morale system for each Union and Confederate Regiment on the map. After sustaining enough casualties, you will lose control of a regiment and the remaining men will run away. Napoleon's and Smoothbore cannon's have crew assigned to them. Officer's on the field can rally routed troops and bring them back into the battle. Bodies don't disappear when they are killed, and at the end of the battle you will see hundreds of men littering the ground. The sequel to this scenario is soon to be released at! Antietam: Sunken Road and Burnside's Bridge will keep all the exciting elements of Antietam: The Corn Fields, but introduce a much larger map, more units and more places to attack and defend.

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