Suguri Demo

Experience the rush of battle with Suguri, a unique...

  • Category Shoot 'em Up
  • Size 16.2 MB
  • Program by Rockin' Android

Suguri Demo

Experience the rush of battle with Suguri, a unique side-scrolling shooter title by doujin game developer Orange_Juice and made available by publisher Rockin' Android. Suguri is equipped with an automatic lock-on targeting system and equipped with a unique arsenal of hyper weapons, power shields, and more. Sure, she may look cute, but when it's time to fight, it's all business.

- Intense 2D/3D shooter action as you blast through mechanical creatures and powerful bosses.

- Choose from multiple weapons, each with their own abilities and ratings.

- Use your thruster, lock-on skills and power-ups to take everything out in sight.

- Amazing, bullet patterns, huge enemies -- incredible bosses and countless enemies to keep the challenge high.

- Multiple difficulty levels, from Easy to hard to test your reflexes to the max.

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