Crysis - Living Hell: Noname Island 2 Patch v1.01

The first patch for Living Hell No: Name Island 2 fixes a...

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Crysis - Living Hell: Noname Island 2 Patch v1.01

The first patch for Living Hell No: Name Island 2 fixes a variety of problems from version v1.0.0.

Changelog V 1.1.0:

* Fixed Fog not appearing correctly with Low/Middle Settings in Level 1

* Removed DOF

* Better performance in the Bog (Average 5-8 FPS more)

* Sticking glitches with Objects/Stones fixed

* AI Forbidden Areas placed

* Fixed Intro

* Intro made shorter

* New Start area with better performance

* Replacement of enemies

* Sniper Mission objectives added to radar

* Fadings over-worked

* New savepoints

* Fixed music loops

* Fixed illogical level design (oversized rocks, streets ending in rocks, etc.)

* Fixed climbing up the dam

* Added slowmotion areas

* Fixed vehicle glitches

* Fixed Triggers

* Fixed Bridges

* Readme Updated

* More small things...


* 3 Levels

* Pure Action and breathtaking Moments

* Beautiful Landscapes (From Bogs over Sunny Large

mountain area's, valleys and jungels to dark snowy areas)

* Very detailt Leveldesign and Enviroment

* A Mix of Linear and Open gameplay

* Missions with KI friends

* New Hud ("Alpha" Hud)

* Many Cutscenes and Great Flowgraphs

* New Music, emphasizing the atmospheric intensity

* Gameplay variation: Rush, Stealth, Drive And Shoot, Sniper...

* Playtime: 1-2 Hours


* Dustin K. (Dusel) (Leader, Lead Level Design, Story, Commercial)

* Andreas T. (AndyIII) (Leveldesign, Flowgraph, Cutscenes, Music Regime)

* Marwin M. (Hamers) (Flowgraph, Coding, Installer)

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