Portal 'SkinnyCaps Last' Map

"This is the last map i create...

Portal 'SkinnyCaps Last' Map

"This is the last map i create.

Perhaps i'll create more, but not soon enough.

Remember, no cheating!"


5 rooms, Level design similar to the original Portal style, Level difficulty is balanced, like the original, A secret room.

For installation instructions hit more information.

To install, follow these steps:

1. Open the Skinnycap_Last compressed file with WinRar.

2. Copy both folders, from Maps and Materials folder, into the Maps and Materials folder at the main Portal directory.

3. Load up Portal, go into the Bonus Maps, and find the maps under Skinnycap's Maps.

4. Play through it. Once you have completed the maps, the game will return to the main menu.

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