Heroes IV 3.0 Patch

This is the latest version of Heroes of Might and Magic IV...

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Heroes IV 3.0 Patch

This is the latest version of Heroes of Might and Magic IV for the PC, which corrects several known issues, including the multiplayer incompatibility with Heroes IV: Winds of War users.

The 3DO Company

Heroes of Might and Magic® IV

March 2003

Version 3.0

Thank you for updating the Heroes® of Might and Magic® IV game. We have

made a number of changes and enhancements to improve the quality of the

Heroes of Might and Magic IV game.

This update is intended for use with English (United States) versions of

Windows. Use of the update on other language versions of Windows may result

in errors that can render the game unplayable on your system.

Note: The information within this document is accurate as of the date of

the release of this product.

------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS --------------------------------

1. About This File

2. Update Version 3.0 Information

3. Update Version 2.2 Information

4. Update Version 1.3 Information

5. Known Issues

6. Purchasing 3DO Software


1. About This File

This file (Update.TXT) contains information regarding the Heroes of Might

and Magic IV game version 3.0.

To return to this file in the future, you will need to use Windows

Explorer. This file is automatically placed in the same directory as the

Heroes of Might and Magic IV executable (Heroes4.exe). The default location

is C:\Program Files\3DO\Heroes of Might and Magic IV.

Please refer to the README.TXT file (also located in the directory

above) for Customer Service contact information or any general information

regarding the Heroes of Might and Magic IV game.


2. Update Version 3.0 Information

- - - - - - - - -

- General -

Casting the spell Town Gate inside of a town no longer crashes game.

In windowed mode, if you close the window while at the hero-selected army

screen, the game no longer crashes.

Fixed an occasional game freeze when moving into a weak neutral army's

activation radius.

Adjusting the Game Setting's volume slider without a selected army on the

adventure map, no longer crashes the game.

Fixed combat crash caused by placing multiple lines of quicksand between a

fast walking unit and its target

Fixed crash if day 1 timed event lost game.

Fixed very, very rare crash if two neutral armies touch.

Corrected issue with certain types of area damage (hydras, cerberus, black

dragons) affecting creatures in Sanctuary.

Heroes with the Flaming Arrow no longer do splash damage to fire resistant


When Death Call'ed phoenixes die, they are now removed from the battlefield

and do not rebirth.

Corrected aberrant results of heroes who have the Potion of Immortality or

Guardian Angel on them, and are devoured by sea monsters.

The Throwing Spear now increases the range and melee attack of a hero by


The common artifact 'Axe' now increases the hero's attack by eight.

Heroes or creatures that shoot twice per turn, but only have one shot

left, now will only shoot once.

Disembarking heroes or creatures from a Ship now functions correctly with

regards to their movement.

Dead heroes cannot cast adventure spells anymore.

The Quicksand spell is easier to place on the battlefield.

If a vampire stack is defeated by a thunderbird stack, but regenerates

vampires back, the graphic is updated correctly

If you have an event with a DISPLAY MESSAGE action, with a sub action of

GIVE CREATURES, and the GIVE CREATURES results in an over-full army,

the "full army" dialog now appears after the displayed message.


event, they can now select a skill from an associated skill set.

Cyclops and heroes with the Flaming Arrow now have the appropriate

animation played when their ranged attack reaches its target.

Corrected the Resurrection spell-effect graphic when running at the slowest

combat speed.

Unavailable expansion creatures, with a blank portrait, no longer appear

in the scores on the high score list.

The INCREASE DEFENSE script action now correctly increases defense

instead of attack.

Corrected occasional issue when accessing a teleporter that has multiple


Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the completion

of a campaign.

Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the loss of a

single scenario.

Corrected aberrant scroll bar behavior.

Resources update immediately after purchasing items at Marketplace from

the Town Screen.

Adventure sounds update after the volume is adjusted in the game settings.

If a scenario is won by winning a battle and you return to the main menu,

the correct main menu theme now plays.

Hero portrait movement bar now functions correctly when the "Move Army"

icon is used when the town icon is highlighted.

The Single Scenario screen sort order is now reverse-able.

- - - - - - - - -

- Multiplayer -

Note: In order to play against a The Gathering Storm(TM) or Winds of War(TM)

player in a multiplayer session, all players must be running the v3.0 version

of the game.

In a multiplayer game, when you double click on a name the game will no

longer crash.

In a multiplayer game, you can no longer view the remote player's quest

log during their turn.

In a human vs. human player siege combat (multiplayer session), a stealth

hero who attacks the gate in auto-combat no longer hangs the game.

- - - - - - - - - -

- Campaign Editor -

Added a Windows® help file to the campaign editor. The help file can

be accessed by selecting Help->Contents on the editor's menu.

The editor now restores the position of your various sub-windows (mini

map, palette, tool) when you start it up.

Fixed an issue where maps which had the Emerald Longbow enabled in the

Map Properties and a random major artifact dot would sometimes get a


is bad" error when loaded into the game.


3. Update Version 2.2 Information

- - - - - - - - -

- General -

Players can no longer create duplicate unit stacks using the [Shift] command

with the [Space Bar] hotkeys in the garrison screens.

Players can no longer move unit stacks to other towns in the Kingdom

Overview screen.

- - - - - - - - -

- Multiplayer -

Corrected rare siege combat crashes in Multiplayer during AutoCombat.

Corrected the "Waiting for Remote Player" Multiplayer gameplay freeze when

a hero gains a level using the Stealth Skill.

Corrected the Multiplayer gameplay freeze during combat in when a smaller

army attacks a larger army and is given the options to surrender during


Corrected the Multiplayer gameplay freeze when a player 'Retires'.


4. Update Version 1.3 Information

- - - - - - - - -

- General -

Corrected the performance degradation after extended gameplay.

Double-clicking on a Hero portrait when that hero is in a caravan no longer

crashes the game.

Learn Spells option has been removed from the Might Town screen.

Winning the game after a garrisoned mine battle no longer crash.

In the event that there is a blank "Display message script", the error is

now handled properly.

Saving and then reloading during an abandoned mine combat no longer

crashes the game.

Added a Grid and Unit Movement Shadow to the Combat Screen. These can

be accessed in the Combat Settings screen.

Corrected the music overlay issues.

Corrected the game slow down when standing idle for a long period of time.

Artifacts can no longer be "buried" in graveyards.

Dead Heroes no longer regain hit points from the fountain of vigor.

Caravans are no longer able to go through an enemy tower garrison.

A.I. creatures now give their items to the hero when they join the army.

Corrected A.I. evaluation of the Idol of Fortune.

The Phantom Image & Create Illusion now stack on top of each other.

Names can now be entered into the Campaign High Score Screen.

A new highscore no longer writes over the previous highscore.

Corrected the creature generator giving out the exact number of

guarding troops after declining to fight them.

Escape command now works as a cancel command on the combat screen.

Hotkey Alt+M now brings down the correct menu scroll.

The F4 command now switches in or out of full screen mode during combat.

Added [Esc], [Enter] and Arrow key Hotkey functionality to the Load Game


Added [Esc] and [Enter] Hotkey functionality to the View World Screen.

Improved the combat performance of the Swamp terrain.

Harpies no longer change their character skin into a mage when attacking

the town gate.

Heroes Biographies are no longer wasted by the A.I.

Corrected the fountain in the Vampire Mansion graphic.

A Creature Portal change now updates to the correct creature name.

Corrected the pausing/unpausing issue on the Campaign Map story setup


A message is now given as to why a unit can't go through a teleporter

that is blocked on the other side.

The correct message is now displayed when attempting to retreat too

close to a valid town.

Disabled the Guarding Monsters button in all but the first map of each


Stopped the ability to run multiple instances of the game at the same


Corrected the last digit being cut off of a number over 100,000 in the

Creature Buy screen.

Corrected the Portal dialog icon spacing alignment.

On the High Score screen, clicking in thumb area of scrollbar now will

page up/down.

If the game ends in combat, the music no longer carries over to the map


Morale of 10+ is now being printed out correctly.

Corrected the Destroy Altar message.

The correct message now appears when trying to retreat in a siege while the

player doesn't own any other towns.

Added right-click information for the "Combat Speed" option.

Load/Cancel buttons now have mouse over popup text and the right-click info


Corrected text being clipped in the purchase building dialog.

Corrected text alignment issue in the Level Up dialog.

Corrected text alignment issue when a Backpack is picked up.

Corrected text alignment issue in the Spell cost screen.

Corrected text alignment issue in the Spell book screen.

Corrected text alignment issue in the Blacksmith screen.

Corrected the Lighthouse right-click text error.

Corrected alignment issues on the Recruit Creature screen in the Town.

Fixed the First ability icon's right-click alignment.

Corrected text issues in the Right-Click information popup for the Weekly

Creature Growth in 1024x768 or higher game resolutions.

Added the word "Quicksand" that was missing from description of Quicksand


Removed the "week of" reference in the Potion of Precognition.

Removed the odd character in the Summon Griffins spell description.

Removed the odd character in the Blind spell.

Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Shiva.

Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Raona.

Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Mayweda.

Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Rasto.

Corrected the "Buy All" mouse over text in the Marketplace Screen.

Corrected the gold amount formatting after buying an item in the

Blacksmith screen.

Corrected text issue in the "Faerie Ring" pop up text.

Corrected grammar issue in the Magic Well message.

Corrected the town governor right-click text in the town screen.

Added caravan ship use to right-click information on the Shipyard.

Corrected the "Hut of the Magi" mouse over text.

Corrected the "Shield of

" text to accurately reflect its

ability regarding unit protection.

- - - - - - - - -

- Map Specific -


The Price of Peace - "At the Crossroads"

You can no longer swipe all the treasures "guarded" by the elves at

[58, 129] without having to fight them.

The Price of Peace - "An Enemy's Trust"

Corrected pop up message text order at [121,81].

The Price of Peace - "The Servant"

You can no longer swipe most of the treasures behind the nomads at

[82,107], and the ore behind the gold golems at [58, 22] without a fight.

The Price of Peace - "An Unusual Betrayal"

Corrected the hero Reed's prison release message.

Corrected a typo in Day 2's event text.

You can no longer swipe most of the treasures behind the gold golems at

[103, 170] without a fight.

The Price of Peace - "To Slay an Immortal"

Added the hero Kodge to the carry over description in the campaign screen.

Elwin and Shaera - "Mark of the Tiger"

The Wood pile at [74,73] can now be accessed.

The Town at [107,108] no longer allows a shipyard to be built.

The True Blade - "The Drawing of the Blade"

The Oracle now puts the treasure in an accessible location.

"Glory of Days Past - A New Way"

Changed the Orange Border gate at [31,41] to a Teal Border gate.

Changed the Orange Tent at [32,21] to a Teal Tent.

Single Scenarios:

"Just Another Mine War"

Fixed potential crash on the computer's turn.

"Beebee & the Three Pigs"

The Victory Condition now functions correctly.

"Wrath of the Dragon"

The Oracle now puts the treasure in an accessible location.

"Zanfas Challenge"

The area at [126,247] is now accessible.

Any boats created at [195,215] are now accessible.

"Sea Politics"

The floating bottle at [120,115] now functions correctly.

"Beyond the Lake"

Corrected gold amount formatting on the message at [40,60].

"Petty Claustrophobia"

Increased the level of the computer player's starting heroes.


Increased the computer player's starting resources and starting units.

"Run! Cronx is Coming!"

Reduced the computer player's starting units.

Changed the Armor of Life artifact at [36, 23] to the Golden Platemail

artifact to make it useful to all classes.

"Return of the Devil"

Increased the map difficulty by increasing Mephisto's level (The hero you

have to beat).

"Search for the Old Heroes"

Reduced the Computer player's starting units.

"Borings Mountain"

Added some extra resources near the player's main starting town.


5. Known Issues

- Sound issues -

Most sound issues can be remedied by turning the audio hardware acceleration

down a notch or two. From the [Start] menu select the "Run..." command.

Type DXDIAG and press [Enter]. When DirectX® Diagnostic Tool appears,

select the "Sound" tab. The "Hardware Sound Acceleration Level" slider bar

will allow you to adjust the acceleration of your hardware.


6. Purchasing 3DO Software

Purchasing 3DO Software

You can order other 3DO software directly from 3DO through the order web page


, or you can call the 3DO Direct line at

800-336-3506 (if calling from Canada, please dial 650-385-3187).


Copyright 2003 The 3DO Company. All Rights Reserved. 3DO, Heroes, Heroes of

Might and Magic, The Gathering Storm, Winds of War, New World Computing, and

their respective logos, are trademarks or registered trademarks of

The 3DO Company in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks

belong to their respective owners. New World Computing is a division of

The 3DO Company.

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