Civilization III Patch v1.29f

Here is a patch that will bring you up to version 1.29f of...

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Civilization III Patch v1.29f

Here is a patch that will bring you up to version 1.29f of the latest installment to the Civilization series.

Additions v1.29f:

Editor: Added a new flag to terrain types to be able to set whether or not cities can be built on a particular terrain type.

Editor: Implemented city placement. You can now add, delete and edit cities. When a city is placed, a unique name is automatically generated for it. City art will match the era of the player it is assigned to.

Editor: Implemented mouse cursor feedback. If the tile under the mouse is invalid for the current brush type, the invalid mouse cursor is displayed.

Saved last scenario loaded in .INI file.

Editor: Updated Tile property sheet to work with starting locations.

Editor: Added 'Reassign' tile option to context menu.

Added Fortify All and Wake All right-click menu commands.

Updated units to allow them to have the names which are set in the editor.

Editor: Added unit-placement option.

Editor: Added ability to delete placed units.

Editor: Added unit properties.

Added additional Hotkeys to Civilopedia entries.

Added 'Always Renegotiate Deals' prefs which forces a renegotiation of every non-peace treaty deal every 20 turns.

Editor: Added ability to toggle colony-placement by terrain type.

Editor: Added a colony overlay so that colonies can be added to (and deleted from) the map.

Editor: Added colonies to tile properties.

Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Civilizations. Note that there is a maximum of 32 Civilizations.

Editor: Added Accelerated Production to Game Settings list on Scenario Properties. It defaults to OFF.

Editor: Added various map text options to View menu. City Names, Number of Units, and Tile Owners can be toggled on or off as desired. Note that City Names and Number of Units both default to ON while Tile Owners defaults to OFF.

Editor: Added a minimap.

Editor: Added some randomness to map editing by setting the seed to something other than 0 (does not change existing maps).

Added Cancel to Go To City popup.

Added a preference for disabling the pop. limit warning.

Added Accelerated Production rule to player setup screen. It defaults to OFF.

Added an error message for missing unit files (to help debug mods that have added/renamed units).

Editor: Added zoom in/out functionality.

Editor: Added zoom level to status bar.

Editor: Added zoom quality controls.

Editor: Added zoom in/out to context menu.

Added an error message for missing entries in pediaicons.txt though this is currently only used for loading tech icons.

Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Citizens.

Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Civilization Advances.

Editor: Enabled Add/Delete buttons for Improvements and Wonders. Note that there is a limit of 256 Improvements and Wonders. Also, changing Improvements and Wonders will have NO effect on the city view screen. The city view screen will behave as though the improvements have not been modified

Editor: Updated unit and resource icon loading to handle sprite pages of any width (any height was already handled).

Editor: Added display of city territory boundaries with a View option to toggle this display.

Editor: Added additional speed optimizations to release build.

Editor: Added team color to units, starting locations, text, and territory boundaries. Note that, because of the number of possible combinations of players/civs placed on the map and the number of team colors available, the same team colors can and will be used for different players.

Editor: Added hotkey to toggle minimap (M).

Editor: Added ability to click and drag on minimap.

Editor: Added support for scroll keys and mouse wheel to minimap.

Editor: Added hotkey to switch focus between minimap and main window (Tab).

Editor: Added code to disable zoom on systems that don't support it.

Editor: Added options to redistribute starting locations, natural resources, goody huts, and bonus grassland tiles to the Map menu.

Editor: Added some restrictions to randomly-generated starting locations (can't be placed on goody huts, barbarian camps, cities, units, or colonies).

Editor: Added territory display to minimap.

Added some restrictions to randomly-generated starting location (can't appear on goody huts, barbarian camps, units, cities, or colonies -- this only affects scenarios).

Added error messages for the following items when entries are missing from pediaicons.txt: era splash, wonder splash, victory portraits, building icons. Note that error messages will only be displayed when attempting to load the missing file and this doesn't necessarily occur at game startup.

Updated scenario loading with support for auto-generated city names. City names will always be generated in the same order unless the scenario is modified (so, if a city is assigned 'Rome,' it will always be assigned 'Rome,' when playing that scenario).

Editor: Added option to context menu to center on the clicked tile.

Editor: Added 'auto' check box to city properties that will cause the city's name to be automatically generated when the scenario is loaded into the game. It defaults to ON if the active player cannot access city names (i.e., they are a player with no civ assigned) and OFF if the active player can access city names.

Added the ability to rename units if they produce a great leader during combat. The player is given a popup to name this unit.

Added error handling for scenarios with an incorrect number of difficulty levels, eras, espionage missions, experience levels, worker jobs, terrain types, and world sizes. The player will be given a message and the game will exit.

Editor: Added various interface enhancements.

Editor: Added ability to import BIC data from other BIC files.

Added an '*' next to experience level name for units that have produced a leader.

Changes v1.29f:

Editor: Changed the rename unit confirmation message to only be displayed if there is no corresponding folder and .INI file for the new name.

Disabled tutorial mode when using custom rules (due to a number of problems/bugs).

Sped-up world builder for generated maps.

Circular leader heads used in civ3 are no longer hardcoded.

Fixed crash that occurs on the city screen when a city is connected to more than 8 resources.

Editor: Changed context menu to support cascading popup submenus for the many delete options.

Editor: Renamed 'Restart Players' game setting to 'Respawn AI Players'.

Editor: Renamed references to 'Terraforming Improvements' to 'Worker Jobs'.

Editor: Changed maximum allowable value for Appearance Ratio for resources to 900.

Editor: Renamed 'Infinite Range' unit ability to 'Infinite Bombard Range'.

Removed hard-coding of small luxury icons for city screen. This should remove all art restrictions for adding Resources in the editor.

Renamed 'Restarting Players' game rule to 'Respawn AI Players' on the player setup screen.

Removed scenario popup if there is no title AND no description AND the rules have not been modified in the scenario.

Removed compression from auto saves.

Moved preferences popup so that it no longer extends off the bottom of the screen.

Changed error message for incompatible scenario versions to make sense for both older and newer versions.

Updated code for loading citizen icons to synchronize it with the number of citizen types in the BIC file. As such, citizen icons are no longer hard-coded.

Moved tech icons into pediaicons.txt.

Synchronized improvement icon loading.

Editor: Removed icon from Civilization Advances page as they are now stored in pediaicons.txt.

Editor: Updated BIC file version to 3.14.

Editor: Optimized rules property sheet for speed.

Editor: Updated improvements page to allow only 1 center of empire.

Editor: Optimized citizen and government pages slightly.

Editor: Set ocean as the default terrain type.

Editor: Renamed all references to 'Goods' to 'Resources'.

Editor: Changed city placement so that roads/railroads are not automatically added to the tile but neither are they removed and they can be manually placed underneath cities.

Editor: Restricted road placement to tiles where the terrain type has a road bonus.

Made a slight change to placement of goody huts and bonus grassland tiles. This will have no effect on existing maps and saved games but it will cause new seed-generated maps to be generated differently than they were prior to this version (i.e., using the same seed before this version and after this version will produce maps with a different distribution of goody huts and bonus grassland tiles).

Removed the water restriction from terraforming so that all terraform types are now based on the terrain type (except for forts).

Changed city code so that a road/railroad is not placed under a city if a road/railroad is not allowed on the terrain type the city is built upon.

Editor: Changed territory calculations. This will cause existing scenarios to have slightly different territory display in the editor only. The territory display in the game for existing scenarios will be unaffected.

Changed Military Advisor to evaluate armies based on relative strengths of units as opposed to number of units.

Changed air units to ignore movement costs of terrain types (this will only have an effect on air units without the Immobile ability).

Fixes v1.29f:

Fixed typo in Tactical Nuclear Missile entry.

Editor: Fixed bug with sprite transparency in Windows NT, 2000, and XP.

Editor: Fixed bug with canceling out of the Player Properties.

Editor: Fixed some bugs with players.

Editor: Fixed some bugs with the active player.

Editor: Fixed occasional crash caused by Restore Default Rules and Clear Rules options.

Editor: Fixed bug with undo and cancel on Tile and Scenario property sheets.

Fixed crash with city names and blank city name problem.

Fixed bug in Foreign Advisor with the display of some leader heads.

Fixed bug which forced the main interface to always appear when exiting the citywin.

Fixed diplowin loophole involving renegotiating peace which allowed 0 turn wars.

Fixed bug involving the trade network and destroyed cities.

Corrected Nuclear Plant output on Plants Game Concept Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a Marketplace is required to build a Bank in its Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a Factory is required to build a Manufacturing Plant in its Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a Factory is required to build a Coal Plant in its Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a Factory is required to build a Solar Plant in its Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a Factory is required to build a Hydro Plant in its Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a Factory is required to build a Nuclear Plant in its Civilopedia entry.

Noted that a University is required to build a Research Lab in its Civilopedia entry.

Added Mech. Infantry to the list of units that can be drafted in the game concept Civilopedia entry.

Corrected the Communism draft rate listed in the Draft Civilopedia entry to 2.

Corrected Disease Civilopedia chapter to reflect workers are immune to disease.

Corrected Resistance Civilopedia chapter to reflect resisting citizens do not consume food.

Editor: Fixed bug with help on scenario properties.

Editor: Fixed bugs with tab orders on several property pages.

Editor: Fixed occasional crash.

Editor: Fixed bugs with cancel button on scenario and tile property sheets.

Editor: Fixed bug that caused all language resources to be included in English-language builds.

Editor: Fixed bug that caused number of players to not load correctly.

Editor: Fixed a bug with tile owners displayed on the status bar.

Fixed bug with loading resource icons.

Fixed bug with improvement icons.

Fixed bug that caused bubble text on the science advisor screen to be displayed in the wrong location if the screen resolution is larger than 1024x768.

Fixed bug with .INI option 'Quickstart=1'.

Fixed a bug that caused old saves to appear to have modified rules.

Fixed some text bugs in labels, civilopedia, and script.

Lined up hot key text in Civilopedia.

Fixed a gender problem with the declaration of war popup.

Sped up game by removing some unit draws for non-visible units.

Fixed bug that prevented air units from being displayed over water tiles.

Editor: Fixed minor bug with status bar.

Fixed minor territory bug.

Editor: Fixed small bug with message-passing system.

Fixed several bugs with interface that occurred when toggling button positions and hiding the interface.

Fixed crash that occurred when there are not enough starting locations to play a game. Now, an error message is displayed and the game exits.

Fixed bug with scenario loading.

Restricted roads/railroads from being built on terrain that has no road bonus.

Fixed minimap to display correctly when the world's aspect ratio is something other than 1:1.

Editor: Fixed some bugs with the redistribution options.

Editor: Fixed bug that caused the minimap to not be updated after loading.

Editor: Fixed bug that caused Future Era and Any Difficulty to not be loaded into the editor correctly.

Fixed a typo in the science advice text.

Fixed bug that allowed team color discs to use civ colors for hidden nationality units.

Fixed bug with citizens not being initially assigned to work in scenarios.

Fixed bug which prevented SAM Battery from working.

Fixed bug that caused no starting locations to be generated on some maps.

Fixed bug that caused worker automation (and goto city) to not work properly if there were no water tiles on the map.

Editor: Fixed a bug where Scenario Properties were not always cleared when loading a new scenario.

Fixed crash that occurred if there were more players than playable civs.

Fixed bug that caused civs to be assigned incorrect colors.

Fixed bug which caused one's own units to attack one's workers.

Fixed unit stack corruption bug caused by the nuke draw functions.

Fixed crash caused by too many units requiring the same tech prerequisite.

Fixed bad icons displayed on science advisor screen.

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