Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-Synapse

WAR-Synapse is a necris themed warefare map featuring a...

Unreal Tournament 3 - WAR-Synapse

WAR-Synapse is a necris themed warefare map featuring a countdown node that fires on the core powered by a large mothership floating in the sky.

Make Something Unreal Submission:


Phase 1: Best Warfare Level

Forum thread is here:

From the readme.txt


Changes since beta3 (thx MapMonkey & stevlois for the feedback)

- Added more lights to the mothership

- changed water texture to necris texture on fountains

- fixed stairs in turret locations

- more lights at core and primes

- moved udamage & berzerk around

- terrain adjustments around the bridges

- some bot paths fixed

- sniper area weakened

- added gratuitous [BGE] clan logo

Changes since beta2 (thx MapMonkey for all the feedback )-

- Adjusted all playerstarts to better flow with the game

- Made prime nodes harder to hit

- Added avril at synapse node

- Added shield in front of cores to make cores harder to hit

- Added more hills and rocks to terrain

- Added more distance blur to post processing

- moved some of the rocks around the edges of the map to fix collision box issues

- Added more light to the mothership in the sky. It should look much less like a black blob now.

Changes since beta1 -

- Removed all 'snarf' content so I can submit this thing to some contests It's all 100% stock content now.

- changed jumpads around synapse node

- adjust light levels

- add more lights

- fix some performance issues due to lighting

- added alternate node link

- reduced beam size for synapse firing

The thread for the beta can be found here:

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