Star Trek: Bridge Commander Demo

Command on the bridge of a Starfleet vessel from the...

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Star Trek: Bridge Commander Demo

Command on the bridge of a Starfleet vessel from the Captain's Chair in this tactical simulation set in the Next Generation universe. Manage your ship during battle, maintain order and resources of your craft, all while interacting with Captain Picard and Commander Data gaining valuable training and experience. Fantastic 3D graphics and visual effects await as you lead your crew as a Bridge Commander.

Make sure that have enough free hard-drive space (equal to at least two times the size of the download) on a valid hard-drive where the Demo will be extracted.

Total free disk space required for extraction and installation of the Demo:


Free disk space required after installation of the Demo:

175 MB (plus 100 MB for Windows swap file)


Download the demo (a self-extracting executable) from our server to your hard drive and double-click on StarTrekBridgeCommanderDemo.exe to begin the extraction and installation process.

The demo requires 350 MB of uncompressed temporary space to install (but requires only 275 MB of permanent hard drive space to run).


You are about to download a product that is rated "E" for everyone. This product has content that may be suitable for persons ages six and older. This product will appeal to people of many ages and tastes. This title may contain minimal violence, some comic mischief, or some crude language.


The Star Trek: Bridge Commander contains the first three single player missions and Quick Battle. Download the demo and, if necessary, the DirectX(r) 8.0a installer from the Microsoft(r) DirectX web site and enjoy!

Demo System Requirements:

· 3-D Hardware Accelerator (with 16MB VRAM)*

* Microsoft(r) Windows(r) 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP

* Pentium(r) II 300Mhz processor

(Pentium II 450Mhz processor recommended)

or Athlon(r) processor

· 64MB RAM

· 175 MB of uncompressed hard disk space for game files (plus an additional 100 MB for Windows swap file)

· 100% Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP compatible computer system (including compatible 32-bit drivers for video card, sound card and input devices.)

· DirectX(r) 8.0a or higher

· 100% DirectX 8.0a compatible 16MB video card and drivers

· 100% DirectX 8.0a or higher compatible sound card and drivers

· 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse, keyboard

* A 100% DirectX compliant 3-D video card is required. Star Trek: Bridge Commander uses DirectX 8.0a to support 3-D hardware acceleration.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander has been tested on many but not all of the major cards incorporating the chipsets listed below:

* nVidia(tm) Riva TNT and TNT2

* All nVidia(tm) GeForce chipsets

· 3dfx(tm) Voodoo3, 4 or 5

* ATI(r) Rage 128/128 Pro

* All ATI(r) Radeon chipsets

· Matrox G400 & G550

* Kyro(r) 1 and 2

* Intel(r) i810e

* Trident Blade XP(tm)


This product uses Microsoft DirectX technology, which requires your system to have the latest Windows 95 OSR2/98/ME/2000/XP drivers

(for video card, sound card and input devices.)

Some, but not all, of the cards with the chipsets listed above have been tested on Windows XP. For Windows XP 3D support, please refer

to your hardware manufacturer for 100% Windows XP compliant drivers.

In addition to the Minimum System Requirements for Star Trek: Bridge Commander, it is required that your system meet Microsoft's requirements

for your chosen operating system.

This program is not supported by Activision and is offered for download as a courtesy only.

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