Dragon Age: Origins - Character Builder Tool

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Dragon Age: Origins - Character Builder Tool

The Character Builder is a GUI tool for designing character builds. It allows you to select a class, race, and origin and beginning levelling up. You can spend attribute points, skill points, and talent/spell points to see what your character's attributes, skills, and talents/spells will look like at higher levels.

11/5/09 UPDATE: Version 0.2 of the Character Builder tool has been uploaded. Talents and skills now display detailed descriptions in their tooltips when moused over. Added descriptive tooltips to races, classes, and origins as well.

This project is in the rough stages--I spent most of pre-release weekend coding it in order to pass the time, and I wanted to release the rough, early version so that everyone else who is in the same boat as me (that is, waiting for DAO), can play with it until the game arrives.

I've done my best to incorporate information from the Dragon Age wiki (both official and unofficial) and the toolset wiki to provide accurate numbers. That said, it's quite possible I've made a few mistakes. If you see any, or have any bugs to report, please leave a post in the Bug Report discussion topic in the project forum.


Suggestions are welcome, and I have many more features planned. These include:

* Adding specializations once more information is available

* The ability to print/get a text-friendly version of the build, showing which talents/attributes/skills were taken at what level

* The ability to save and load builds

* Miscellaneous UI improvements

* Greater extensibility to allow for custom classes/skills/talents

The tool is a standalone executable--just download and start it up. Since this project was also my see-if-WPF-is-any-good experiment, I'm afraid it's a Windows-only app. .Net Framework 3.5 is required to run the application; if you don't already have it installed, you can get it via Windows Update.

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