Battlecruiser Millennium Gold 1.01.00 Patch

This patch for Battlecruiser Millennium Gold addresses a...

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Battlecruiser Millennium Gold 1.01.00 Patch

This patch for Battlecruiser Millennium Gold addresses a number of gameplay issues and fixes a few critical issues. Full details on changes can be found in the

BCM Version Control File

and in additional information.


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v1.00.01 (05-30-03)


Welcome to Battlecruiser Millennium Gold, the fourth commercial release of this long running series.

BCM Gold contains the full version of the original Battlecruiser Millennium title released in November 2001, including all updates, features, updated and additional scenarios etc.

In addition, BCM Gold contains the following unique features and enhancements, a few of which are not listed on the back of the box.

One new small sized galaxy containing 12 space regions, 12 planetary regions, 272 planetary mission zones and 1,086 planetary areas of interest (scenes).

Because there is no nav chart for this galaxy, most of the fun will be in

exploring it. Bring a big gun. All the new scenarios included in BCM Gold, take

place in this new galaxy.

This brings the total number to 152 space regions containing 238 planets,

4,033 planetary mission zones and 21,548 planetary areas of interest.

44 planetary starbases, 1,011 military bases and 13 star stations.

This brings the total number to 96 starbases, 14,408 military bases and 71

star stations.

20 new Instant Action scenarios with a variety of missions ranging from easy to extremely hard.

This brings the total number to 45 Instant Action scenarios

1 new ACM scenario with multi-branch scenarios which can either end up being 11 or 15 missions depending on resolution of certain missions.

If you have the GameStop exclusive version of the game, there is yet

another ACM scenario.

This brings the number to 5 ACM scenarios - depending on your version.

Mouse supported flight controls (section 7.0 of the manual)

Multiplayer based on a client server model (section E of the manual)

As you can see, this release of the game goes beyond what is commonly accepted as a Gold release of a game.


When we started developing the original Battlecruiser Millennium back in late 1999, we always had the intention to do multiplayer. But due to unforeseen circumstances, it ended up being one of the features that got dropped with the intention that we'd revisit it again.

When we did revisit it, we discovered that due to the original design architecture of the game kernel, we simply couldn't do what we wanted. So it had to be re-designed and re-started with a new plan. The Smart Speak section of the manual gives a bit more information about how this all came about.

As it stands, BCM Gold sports a client server multiplayer architecture and the new kernel design is the reason you see two executables in the game folder. One is the standard single player component and the other is the client/server component. Do NOT attempt to execute these files directly! You should use the shortcut already created by the installer.

Developing a multiplayer component for such a massive game has been no easy feat and it still has some ways to go before it can be called perfect. With gamer feedback we will strive to make it the best that it can possibly be, going forward. Please be sure to report any problems or quirks which you may discover.


The manual revision file contains new information related to hosting and joining multiplayer games as well as new information about updates to the printed manual.


The troubleshooting FAQ contains a wealth of troubleshooting info.

The version control file contains information about new program updates, including tweaks and other new additions.


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