Total Annihilation - map editor

  • Category Real-Time
  • Size 2.5 MB
  • Program by TAMEC , kinnboat , TADD 1998

Total Annihilation - map editor

one of the most stable and easy to use map editors for Total Annihilation.

Written by Kinboat

This program is freeware and must be distributed

without charge.

Thanks to:

AuroriX (hotlizard logo)

Blackthorn (testing, logo)

CAP (html help documents)

Claudio Tagliola (contour map code)

DavidD (various info)

Joe D (HPI functions, GAF info)

Magar (web hosting and support)

RawDeal (artist, section archives)

Richie (programming)

smitt (testing)

Starfury (testing)

Toasty (testing, support)

Cavedog Entertainment for Total Annihilation

(i am not the author , i just thought it belonged here)

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