Fly3D SDK 2.0 Beta 4 Demo

This is the great Fly3D OpenGL game engine that adds stencil...

Fly3D SDK 2.0 Beta 4 Demo

This is the great Fly3D OpenGL game engine that adds stencil shadows, dynamic lighting and more! Fly3D is full plugin directed. All you need to do to create a new game is build new plugins. A plugin wizard is available for VisualC++ that makes all the code required for a Fly3D plugin in a few mouse clicks.

New features includes:

- software backface culling (better as for a single dot product we cull faces early on draw pipeline)

- boundbox frustum 3d clipping for all abjects (static or dynamic, making sure only the visible obejcts are processed)

- unlimited number for all engine resources with new template class flyArray for dynamic arrays of any type

- new sound system alowing unlimited simultaneous concurrent plays of any sound suporting stereo or 3d sound play with pvs culling for sounds happennig in other rooms

- new object unique id allows multiplayer message to specify objects that will match at each machine

- scene lights illuminate dynamic objects using hardware vertex lights

- stencil shadows for the closest light to the player

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