No Mercy Beta 1

No Mercy will pit corporation against corporation for the

  • Category First Person
  • Size 28.7 MB
  • Program by No Mercy Team

No Mercy Beta 1

No Mercy will pit corporation against corporation for the valued resources of the earth. The mod tries to boost team gameplay by adding perks to players close to eachother and playing together.


No mercy will try to focus on more team-oriented gameplay than any other mod.

Players will have Powersuits with a battery level that will increase when your close enough to another teammember , when this battery level increase's the power of your weapon will increase , when your close to 2 members it will increase more this goes on to 4 team members and by than your battery level is at his max. This means when your alone its most likely you die soon , and when you die you have to wait for the next round

(Basically this would result in people trying to play as a team in order to get a higher power level)

When you die you won't respawn , you start the next round

The points you score in the game can be used to get new weapons :

There will be Power combo weapons , these weapons are very strong in compare with the normal weapons but can only be used when 2 team members got that same Power combo gun and are both in a radius of 5 to 10 feet , when the 2 player are not in this radius anymore this weapon will not work any more (there will also be a limmid to the battery of this weapon.)

At the beginning of every the round you can buy the Combo weapons and also upgrade your powersuit with armor and even speed, you can also buy different kinds off ammo for the same gun. But normal weapons can be teleported on to the battlefield true a satelite , this mean if you have enough points you can get a better weapon in that same round , at the time your getting that new weapon you can not fire , you can use a defend shield if you have one :

You can get the defend shield that can be activated when there is more than 1 player in a radius of 5/10 feet , this will last for a couple of seconds.

(Again this would result in people trying to stick togheter in order to use these weapons , they also will have to comunicate inorder to know what Power combo weapon to buy so both will have the same one.

Game type would include :

1)Team DM , 2 teams starting on there own ground trying to exterminate the other team.

2) Capture , 2 teams both starting on there own ground trying to expand there ground, the team that holds the most ground at the end of the round wins

3) Mission ,Objective based maps , a team wins by completing its objective

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