HyperSnap - DX 5.60.02

HyperSnap is the screen capture (screenshot, print screen)...

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  • Program by Hyperionics

HyperSnap - DX 5.60.02

HyperSnap is the screen capture (screenshot, print screen) work-horse of everyone. See below for more information.

HyperSnap-DX 5 is a screen capture and image editing tool for Windows. Captures screens from standard desktop programs and hard-to-grab DirectX/Direct3D, Voodoo and Glide mode games. The program can auto-scroll and concurrently capture long web pages and other documents, enabling it to grab more than is visible on the screen. Can also resize and capture entire windows much bigger than the screen on Windows XP. The program integrates with the Windows clipboard, and has new painting and editing features, too. Version 4.x contains many new or improved features requested by our users. These include improved handling of 3dfx 32 bit color mode screens, a completely new set of color and image manipulation tools, improved printing, tight integration with the Windows system tray, new painting tools added to the button palette, the ability to set the Windows wallpaper, "send by e-mail" feature within the program that lets you send captures across the Internet, and a comprehensive help system that provides context-sensitive "pop-up" help for virtually every aspect of the program.

HyperSnap-DX 5.02.00

* When exiting HyperSnap-DX 5 and having some files modified, you now have an extra button with "Save None" choice for one-click exit without saving any work.

* File/Open dialog box has now a spin control (up/down arrows) next to "Page Number to Open" field.

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