X-Forge Technology Preview 01

Technology preview of X-Forge, Fathammer's 3D game engine...

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X-Forge Technology Preview 01

Technology preview of X-Forge, Fathammer's 3D game engine for current and future mobile devices. X-Forge allows game developers to quickly create amazing 3D games for Smartphones, PDAs and handheld game consoles.

Welcome to Fathammer's X-Forge Technology Preview 01. We appreciate your

review of our technology development and welcome feedback at

[email protected]

X-Forge Technology Preview 01 is created with Fathammer's primary product,

the X-Forge(tm) 3D game engine for mobile devices. X-Forge is an easy to

use cross platform development API and suite of tools that allows content

developers to quickly create games for multiple mobile devices. More

details can be found at Please direct

availability and licensing questions to [email protected]

Fathammer is releasing this preview in order to set consumer and game

developer expectations for handheld gaming quality. You should demand, and

Fathammer will deliver, console quality real-time 3D graphics on your

mobile devices. WAP, SMS, and Java gaming are simple steps in the right

direction for Mobiletainment(tm) content. But the features and benefits of

X-Forge games bring consumers the new generation of 3D gaming that they've

come to expect with their current PC and console gaming.

Look for games created with X-Forge to be delivered to current and future

mobile devices. Smartphones, PDAs, dedicated handheld game devices are

perfect formats for X-Forge games. These games can be created as both

single player and multiplayer experiences, using local communication

methods such as Bluetooth and wireless LAN, as well as worldwide

telecommunication protocols such as GPRS, 3G or other emerging standards.

Distribution of these games may come through a variety of methods

including purchase of a CD in a store for syncing with your mobile device,

downloaded from a web portal or delivered over a telecommunication network

directly to your mobile device. The distribution and pricing models for

mobile games is ultimately decided by the game developer and X-Forge

provides extensive options and flexibility in these areas.

Demand the best 3D mobile game experience - X-Forge.

X-Forge Technology Preview 01 is brought to you by the Fathammer X-Forge




A shortcut called X-Forge TechPreview01 to launch the application

will be installed on your pocketpc's start menu.


Except for the 4-way controller, no other buttons should be pressed

while the application is running. The application does not override the

shortcut keys, and pressing them while the application runs may cause

unpredictable behavior.

Main menu:

Select a demonstration to interact with by touching the names Volcano,

Sanctuary or Canyon. The background plasma ball effect responds to


outer areas of the crystal ball. The application exits and shuts down by

touching the Quit name.


You can use the touchscreen to rotate around the volcano. Pressing the

'down' key on the four-way controller will pause the volcano effect. You

can still rotate around the volcano while the effect is paused. To return

to the main menu, tap the 'back' on the bottom of the screen.

Volcano showcases X-Forge's particle system engine. Game developers use


feature to create more vivid explosions, sparks flying off colliding cars,

environmental conditions and many other essential 3D effects.


Camera moves along pre-defined path. You can move back and forth on this

path by moving sideways on the touchscreen. To return to the main menu,

tap the 'back' on the bottom of the screen.

X-Forge supports common vertex lighting types, ie. point-, directional and

spot lights. Lighting can be flat or gouraud shaded, or it can be turned


completely, replaying textures as they are.


You can toggle views (front/back) by tapping anywhere on the touchscreen.

The four-way controller moves the bird. To return to the main menu, tap

the 'back' on the bottom of the screen.

Canyon provides a sample of X-Forge's animation system. Models and

textures in X-Forge are created using industry standard game development

tools which are then processed using our tools for texture, model, music

and data compression.


Q:The application doesn't start

A:Check that you have enough free program memory on your device. Go to

start->settings->system->memory. Make sure the free program memory

shows at least 8 megabytes.

Q:I pressed some shortcut button on my pocketpc; the music is still

playing, and the user interface is very slow.

A:Return to the demo by pressing on the shortcut again on the start menu,

and quit by pressing 'quit' on the main menu.


You can uninstall the application by selecting 'add/remove programs' from

activesync 'tools' menu.

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