CS 1.3 Option Package

The "Counter-Strike 1.3 Option package" is Counter-Strike...

CS 1.3 Option Package

The "Counter-Strike 1.3 Option package" is Counter-Strike 1.3 that installs to a different CS directory so you can also play 1.3 or the current.

The "Counter-Strike 1.3 Option package" is Counter-Strike 1.3 but when you install it it doesn't go over your existing Counter-Strike directory which is "cstrike". Instead it creates a new directory named "cstrike1.3". So it really is a seperate mod. This is what makes it unique because players now have the choice to play CS 1.5 or CS 1.3. People who miss CS 1.3 can go ahead and play it without it effecting CS 1.5 at all which we think is pretty damn cool, GET IT

Top 3 CS 1.3 Option Package Alternatives

Counter-Strike Special Edition

This is an upgrade for counter strike 1.0!! By downloading...

QeF Clan Pack

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Counter Strike 2: Killer Edition Update v1.5

Here is the Counter Strike 2: Mod Unofficial add-on update...

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