F.E.A.R. - Map Contest: Anyway

This is a "old school" map, where you will begin with a...

F.E.A.R. - Map Contest: Anyway

This is a "old school" map, where you will begin with a Pistol and not with a weapon of your choice. Also, there are no Medkits placed in this map (dead players still drop one).

I wanted to create my first map without any custom textures, to show what's easily possible with the files, included in the editor. I had to made/change some materials and added some sound effects, but thats it.

All you can see inside the map, was made with WoldEdit only. No other program was used.

I don't know how long I worked at this map, as I had to learn the editor, aswell as I had to play the game (not to mention my pretty busy real-life), but I think it took my about 2 weeks if I substract all the things I tried out and such.

Also, it was a very hard and annoying work to get the FPS as good as possible (I sadly had to remove some details). I wasn't able to rise them anymore (without losing even more details), but I have about the same FPS like with the original maps, so it will hopefully work fine for everyone else, too.

I hope to see you guys playing the map!

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