Fallout 3 - Enchanced Blood Texture mod v1.2

This will increase the blood decal resolution for more

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  • Program by dDefinder

Fallout 3 - Enchanced Blood Texture mod v1.2

This will increase the blood decal resolution for more detailed blood pools and splatters. This mod also changes the appearance and color of the screen based on amount of blood on it.



Added ESPs that will alter the size and fade time of the screen blood. You don't have to use the esps if you like the default settings.


darken and retextered world and screen. Blood screen color changes depending on where you look.






First you need bInvalidateOlderFiles to be 1.

Open FALLOUT Config file found in:

...\My Documents\My games\Fallout3

After its open find bInvalidateOlderFiles

and change the 0 to 1





Next, find the following lines:



and change the numbers to:




extract data folder into your fallout 3 dictionary.

for alternate screen blood, go to:


Open zip file named Alt Screen Blood

Then, extract the file into the gore folder and replace.


Go to:

\Data\Enhanced Blood ESPs

Pick on of the following esp to move to the data folder:

dD-Larger Blood.esp:

Increases the blood screen size and keeps the default fade time.

dD-Less Blood Time.esp:

Decreases fade time.

dD-Less Blood Time, Larger Blood:

Decreases fade time and increases blood size

after a file is moved run the launcher

click on data files

and check the box on the dD file.

You may delete the Enhanced Blood ESPs folder




Delete the decal, effects, gore Enhanced Blood ESPs folders and the esp files.


Delete the files individually that came from this mod.



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