DOOM 3 - Flamethrower Mod 0.3

This mod will add a flamethrower to your arsenal in DOOM 3 complete with awesome flame effect and sounds.

Doom 3 - Flamethrower Addition 0.3

by John 'Cryect' Rittenhouse

[email protected]


Alright this is less a new usable weapon than it was a test for me to see about putting a new weapon in and playing with the particle editor.

Now that I have that aside, this weapon has a fairly nice flame effect but not the greatest imo but for a first particle effect I'm happy with it. While you can quickly lay toast to most creatures with this weapon unfortunately it doesn't set them a flame :( This is due to that it doesn't look like with the scripting language alone that this can be achieved.

The flamethrower uses the plasma gun model and sound effects from Weapons Factory (oh and if you Reno brothers have an issue with this email me but doubt you will though still email me if you read this considering I've not heard from you guys since when we worked back on WF).

To install this mod (For access from the Mod Menu)

1. Create a directory called flamethrower that is located in the Doom 3 directory

2. Place the flamethrower.pk4 file into the flamethrower directory

3. To run start up Doom 3 and choose flamethrower from the mod menu

To install this mod (So its always running)

1. Copy the flamethrower.pk4 file to the base directory (located in the Doom 3 directory)

2. If necessary extract it to that directory or rename it to pak005.pk4

To get the flamethrower you will have to goto the console and type "give weapon_flamethrower". To get to the console use ctrl-alt-~. Then to use it you will need to toggle to it with [ or ].

Changes with 0.3 (8/12/2004)

-Projectiles slightly faster

-Shoots 6 projectiles at a time

-Projectiles now have a 6 degree spread (so now will have a cone shape)

-Each projectile deals less damage (but total damage if all projectiles hit is larger)

-Fixed sound looping issue

Changes With 0.2 (8/5/2004)

-Projectiles Are faster and last slightly longer

-Projectiles Deal Less damage

-Flame emits light on hitting (don't want to enable lights for each particle as they fly due to the issue of performance)

-Clip size has been increased and rate has been slowed slightly

Version 0.3 has not been actually tested by me but should work

Planned Future Changes (Once I get back to my home I will work on these)

-Change Plasmagun skin

-Change the plasma vent so its a fiery orange

-Figure out a way to have lighting without huge frame hit (might require SDK)

-Set creatures a blaze (need the SDK)

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