nnCron LITE

Small, freeware, full-featured scheduler (UNIX cron ported...

nnCron LITE

Small, freeware, full-featured scheduler (UNIX cron ported to Windows)

nnCron LITE is a small, but full-featured scheduler, that can start applications and open documents at specified time or with specified frequency. nnCron LITE is a perfect freeware Windows clone of a well-known UNIX scheduler Cron.

Here are the most important nnCron LITE features:

- it can be started as a system service or as a regular standalone application,

- it understands cron table format (Unix) and is managed with easy-to-edit text crontab files that are fully compatible with Unix crontabs,

- it can set and use environment variables,

- it can run applications authorized as currently logged user (WinNT/2000/XP),

- it can be extended with plugins written in Forth language,

- it can be easy tuned up to answer your current needs,

- it is not resource demanding and it can run even on very old PCs without any noticeable performance degradation. We have never seen nnCron LITE system service to allocate more than 150k of operative memory.

nnCron LITE is tiny, powerful and easy to use. And if you need not just a scheduler, but a full-blown automation manager - take a look at nnCron (

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