Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise

The Duke Nukem 3D Penthouse Paradise level chronicles the...

Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise

The Duke Nukem 3D Penthouse Paradise level chronicles the little talked about R&R period for Duke Nukem between the original Duke Nukem 3D Game and the Duke Nukem 3D


Title: Duke Nukem's Penthouse Paradise

Filename: Penthous.MAP

Author: Intersphere Communications, Ltd. and Tyler Matthews

Email Address: [email protected], [email protected]

Copyright: GT Interactive Software Corp., Penthouse Magazine, and

Intersphere Communications, Ltd.

Please Note: This map is a GT Interactive Software Corp. and Penthouse

Magazine exclusive!

It may not be posted on any other web site without the

expressed written consent of GT Interactive Software Corp.

or Penthouse Magazine. However, this level may be

distributed among individuals for entertainment purposes

only either by e-mail or floppy disk.

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Description: The Duke Nukem 3D Penthouse Paradise level chronicles the

little talked about R&R period for Duke Nukem between the

original Duke Nukem 3D Game and the Duke Nukem 3D:

Plutonium Pak, the expansion addition.

Inquiring minds and the tabloids have been dying (and not

by Duke's hands) to find out what happened to our

intergalactic hero when he went for "...a little R&R."

Finally, this shocking level reveals all!

While Duke was trying to establish a little "beach-head,"

the Aliens have dropped in to break up his fun in the sun

and spoil a couple of Penthouse photo shoots to boot. It's

up to our man, Duke Nukem, to save the day - again.

With no time to play with his favorite "Pets" or work on

his tan, Duke Nukem says, "Somebody's gonna friggin' pay

for screwin' up my vacation!"

Will Duke save the day, the shoots, and finally get that

babe, a stogie and a bottle of Jack?

It's up to you to find out!

Tips we can tell you:

-Tons of Penthouse Pets

-"On location" Penthouse photo shoots

-Duke's own hotel room

-Duke's "other" hotel room

-Duke's fondness for industrial dance tunes

Additional credits to: 3D Realms Inc., Duke's mother, and all of the babes down

at the Beach Blanket Bongo Bar & Grill.

Special thanks to: Tyler Matthews ([email protected]) who worked night and day

to get this baby completed and he didn't get fired from his

job while dealing with Mark & Jeff's constant knit-picking

which probably drove him insane! Way to go, Ty! At least

you didn't go "postal."

Additional thanks to Paul Jury ([email protected])

for assisting with artistic resources.


* Play Information *

Episode: Penthouse Paradise

Duke Nukem 3D compatible: Yes

Atomic/PPak compatible: Yes

Single Player: Yes

DukeMatch Level: Yes

Co-op Level: Yes

Difficulty Settings: Yes

OTHER Notes: There is new art with all of the Penthouse Pets ( IF


Getting Started:

Run the PENTHOUS.BAT file from your Duke3D Directory.

The PENTHOUS.BAT file runs a little program called CHECKVER.EXE,

which returns an errorlevel of 1 if the Duke version is

Atomic/PPak. Based on this, it'll launch either the Atomic/PPak or

1.3 versions of the .CONs, etc. After the initial check is done,

it then prompts you to select Single Player or Multiplayer

(Co-op/DukeMatch.) If you choose Single player, it kicks off the

special game.con, and no files are changed.

Single Player:

After you have selected the 1-player game, you must go through

the usual Duke Nukem options menu. Select "new" and then choose the

difficulty level.

If you are running the original Duke Nukem 3D game, you must select

"L.A. Meltdown" and the "Penthouse Paradise" level will load. If

you are running the Atomic/PPak version, "Penthouse Paradise" will

load automatically within the "Episode" menu.

Multi Player:

If you select Multiplayer, it will ask you if they'd like for the

batch file to rename the original .CON files as backup. If you

select "yes", it renames GAME.CON, USER.CON, and DEFS.CON to

*.PEN. It then copies over the Penthouse variety, and runs

SETUP.EXE for them. Once you are finished with the game, the batch

file then returns the originals. If you choose not to have the

batch file rename these files, it simply tells you that the special

sounds and code for Multiplayer support will not be available until

you rename your original .CON files.

In the Setup Menu, select Network Game. In the Network Menu, select

the number of players, and choose "" from the user map

menu. Once you have made your selections, click on

"Launch Duke Nukem 3d", then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Final Note: Have some fun in the sun, and thank you for choosing Penthouse

Paradise Resorts, the number one place for "...a little R & R."

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