Battlefield 2 - Forgotten Hope 2 v2.4 Mod Part 1

Forgotten Hope 2 is a mod for Battlefield 2...

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  • Program by Forgotten Hope 2 Team

Battlefield 2 - Forgotten Hope 2 v2.4 Mod Part 1

Forgotten Hope 2 is a mod for Battlefield 2. It aims to portrait World War II in a way no other multi-player first person shooter have done before, with a focus on historical accuracy and tactical gameplay. The gameplay in Forgotten Hope 2 is a team-play oriented meat grinder, where the chaos of World War II is captured in it's most glorious and gritty forms. Tank battles, artillery bombardments, dog-fights, rifleman firefights, close quarter shootouts and objective missions can be experienced in both Multi-player and Single-player/Coop game modes.

Forgotten Hope 2


This is version 1.6.690 built 2010-01-01 15:08:27.604845



Changes from Version 1.6.643 to Version 1.6.690




* Missing EOR NZ Flags (toddel)



* Siege of Tobruk: balance tweaks (lobo)

* Alam Halfa: balance tweaks (lobo)



* Fix barricade bed mesh flicker. (remdul)



* Adjust cool down period of .50cal. (gunnie)

* Adjust .50 Cal overheat/cool down period.. (Forgot a zero.) (gunnie)

* Fix sound path for engine sound. (gunnie)

* Tweaks to Flyovers (removed mini-map icons). Additional Tweak to overheat schedule on Mustang

and P-47 (gunnie)

* Update Armor components. Time to stay as wreck. (gunnie)

* Update Howitzer added lods. (gunnie)

* Updates to Propellors (Seperated Spinner from fuselage and add to prop.) Added Bomber version

of P-51. Added Ai Tweaks.To P47. (gunnie)

* Fix seat position of errant passenger. (gunnie)

* Fix seat position of errant passenger. (gunnie)

* Update Ammo positions to standardize it with Tanks. (gunnie)

* Standardize Ammo Positions (gunnie)

* Wip of 76MM M5 AT gun.. Should be finished soon. (gunnie)

* Ammo count adjustment. Slowed down MG Gunner "Traverse" some. Added camera code to remove

flyby view for MG Gunner. (gunnie)

* Ammo count adjustment. Slowed down traverse of MG Gunner. (gunnie)

* Changed MG Gunner Animations so Gunner would "duck". (gunnie)

* Fix select icon and add AI template. (gunnie)

* Add better wreck model. Clean up file folder. Restested in Game. (gunnie)

* Fix Ai Template. (gunnie)

* Fix Ai Template (gunnie)

* Remove Extra Networkinfo off of GenericFireArms (gunnie)

* Remove un-needed network code from GenericFireArms (gunnie)

* Remove unneeded networkable from GenericFireArms (gunnie)

* Add 76mm M5 Static and Moveable AT Guns.. Ready for Testing. Some additional tweaking needed,

but Guns are good to use. (gunnie)

* Tiger I, Reduce Black patches on Surfaces (toddel)



* Singleplayer: vehicles use (lobo)

Changes from Version 1.6.589 to Version 1.6.643




* Fix M4A1_76mm HE (ctz)

* Singleplayer: Intensity code by Legion (lobo)



* Add cobra suffix to operation cobra (toddel)

* Fix Bardia Server chrash on mapchange (toddel)

* Pointe du Hoc and Bardia: crash fix (lobo)



* GMC static wreck and GMC static by spit (kev4000)

* (toddel)



* LB Texture placed upon P47D with Rockets. (gunnie)

* P51 fixes (ctz)

* Add back ObjectTemplate.zoom.cameraInput PIFlareFire to weapon template. (gunnie)

* Add OpelBlitz Flak 38 Truck (gunnie)

* Updated GMC (gunnie)

* Updated Engine Sounds. (gunnie)

* Tractor Updates. (gunnie)

* Removed Canvas off of Ammo Version of Bedford Qlt. (gunnie)

* GMC engine networkable (ctz)

* Update Springs and add Dak Version. (gunnie)

* Flak38 Panzergrau (toddel)

* Add Wip C47. Needs Lods and 1p Cockpit. (gunnie)

* Fix missing HE Timed Shells on Flak18. (gunnie)

* Updates to Howitzer.. Was TESTED in game. (gunnie)

* Singleplayer update: nebelwerfer (lobo)

* Updated Gun Barrels. (gunnie)

* Remove unlimited Ammo amount. (gunnie)

* Update Wirbel Barrel(s) Try different method of firing. (gunnie)



* Fixed Typo BEST NEW ZEALAND SQUAD (toddel)

* Add Silenced sten to the Localization (toddel)

* Add Map names to the localization (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.6.563 to Version 1.6.589




* Fix MG42 soundStop bug (fhbeta_natty)

* 20mm sounds for CrusaderAA (fhbeta_natty)



* Pointe du Hoc: Flybys delay at start (lobo)



* Sound tweaks (fhbeta_natty)

* Fix crusader mk1 early side armour values (ctz)

* Change value for tank armor. Should be just 25mm tank armor. (gunnie)

* Add Flak38 France (gunnie)

* Add GMC and GMC Ammo (kev4000)


= Forgotten Hope 2.25 RC1 =


Changes from Version 1.6.440 to Version 1.6.563




* Ramelle_signs (toddel)

* More Ramelle_signs (toddel)

* New Zealand flag (lobo)

* Bedford_QLT_wreck (toddel)



* Crusader 3 AA animation systems (kev4000)

* Churchill MKIV 75mm use 75mm_fire sound (kev4000)

* Additional Adjustments to aircraft. (gunnie)

* Propellor Tweaks (gunnie)

* Additional Tweaking (gunnie)

* Wip.. Rolled from the factory into the hangar today! Needs some more wrenching, but just about

good enough to be deployed. (gunnie)

* Update Texture path to use placeholder vehicle icon instead of vanilla BF2 J10 icon. (gunnie)

* Update Texture path of vehicle icon (gunnie)

* Airplane Tweaks and additions. (gunnie)

* Airplane Tweaks and additions. Fixed CTD on mouse scroll for FW190 ALT and BF109E ALT. (gunnie)

* Remove duplicated muzzle flashes (gunnie)

* Rocket Convergence and sequence tweaks. (gunnie)

* Additional Tweaks to P-47's and added Rocket Version.. (gunnie)

* GMC Truck (toddel)

* Last Flakvierling changes to make it ready for Olympus (toddel)

* Fix Exit points on M3A1 and MG Gunner Camera on "Spawn Version". Re-index PCO seats on M8 and

Fix MG Gunner Camera. Bug 1407 (gunnie)

* Fix missing line of code for smoke shell on Sherman. (gunnie)

* Add missing line of Code for Smoke Shell. (gunnie)

* Fix Ammo Icons and Missing line of code in Smoke Shell code. (gunnie)

* Fix missing code line in smoke shell. (gunnie)

* Fix missing supply object. (gunnie)

* Add code for team locking to Spawn ACP (gunnie)

* Add code for team locking all seats to Spawn APC (gunnie)

* Fix time to load and add HE shells as option. (gunnie)



* Fixed typo in Cobra localization (lobo)

* Add New Zealand to localisation (toddel)

* Localization: Classic Gamemode (lobo)



* 500lb Bomb for P47 (gunnie)

* Fix missing collision mesh error on P51FFAR. Add P47FFAR. (gunnie)

* Revert crosshairs (kev4000)



* Villers tweaks (fhbeta_natty)

* Crete: MTO german plane skins (lobo)

* Villers RC2 (fhbeta_natty)

* Villers update (fhbeta_natty)

* Some cobra tweaks (toddel)

* Tunis: tickets tweak (lobo)

* Lebisey: Tickets tweak (lobo)



* New effect for 20mm HE projectiles (bob_sacamano)

Changes from Version 1.6.358 to Version 1.6.440




* Villers-bocage loadmusic (fhbeta_natty)



* Tweaks to the .py for the 105mm Howitzer for better improved accuracy on the barrel offset.




* Lüttich updates (fhbeta_natty)

* Mount Olympus RC version (fhbeta_natty)

* Falaise tweaks (fhbeta_natty)

* Singleplayer: Pointe du Hoc and Sidi Rezegh (lobo)

* Gazala: Balance tweaks (lobo)

* Villers-Bocage RC (fhbeta_natty)

* Totalize updated (fhbeta_natty)

* Aberdeen: Balance tweaks (lobo)



* Remove Ignore.txt (gunnie)

* German Shovel, all 1p anims (killi)



* Add mustang (lobo)

* Kettenkrad physics improvement (kev4000)

* Flip axis on mg mount. MG goes up when mouse moves forward and down when mouse is moved

backwards. (gunnie)

* Flight tweaks. Ready for testing! (gunnie)

* Fix bug with IK bundle and driver of Tank. (gunnie)

* Wip AA Crusader III. Needs some small tweaks + lods, but is in game. (gunnie)

* Fix bugged track animation. (gunnie)

* Some more tweaks to weapons. (gunnie)

* Reduce "Time to stay as wreck" to 300 seconds for AT guns and 500 seconds for Artillery.


* Reduce "Time to stay as wreck" to 300 seconds for AA/AT guns and 500 seconds for Artillery.


* Reduce "Time to stay as wreck" to 300 seconds for AA/AT guns and 500 seconds for Artillery.


* Wip, but functional 20mm AA trailer as seen in SPR! (gunnie)

* Flak 38 on trailer ready for testing. Complete with lods. (gunnie)

* Fix misplaced out of position repair object. (gunnie)

* Change projectile to AP Remote and HE Remote projectiles. (gunnie)

* Fix bad pak springs.. Pak was dragging the ground. (gunnie)

Changes from Version 1.6.293 to Version 1.6.358




* Update Py to include 105mm Arty (gunnie)



* Renamed Fishingboat to fh_fishingboat to avoid problems with bf2 Static with same name.....


* Port bessin suffix Textures (toddel)

* Fix port-en-bessin-harbour Textures out of range error (toddel)



* Anctoville update (fhbeta_natty)

* Fall of Tobruk: new push layout, 64 and 32 (lobo)

* Port Besssin change fishingboat to fh_fishingboat in staticobjects.con (toddel)

* Pointe du Hoc 64 and 32: Tickets tweak and C47/P51 flybys (lobo)

* Tickets tweak: Tunis, Mersa Matruh, Giarabub (lobo)



* Delete unused (toddel)

* Port Bessin Localization (toddel)



* Update Bedford QLT and add Ammo Version. Still need to finish lods, but will have those done

here soon. (gunnie)

* Update Camera movement on Coupola MG (gunnie)

* Additional Camera Tweaks for MG Coupola (gunnie)

* M2A1_Howitzer_105mm Textures by Darren01 (toddel)

* Open AA MG hatch for Sherman M4A1_76(W) (toddel)

* M36 Jackson Ready for testing.. Just needs new Ammo hud select icons and 3p animation work on

.50 cal gunner for turret. (gunnie)

* Change HVAP and HE locations to standardize with German Equipment. (gunnie)

* Standardize HVAP and HE to match other Armor Equipment. (gunnie)

* Raise and spin around .50cal mount (gunnie)

* ChOO chOO! (fhbeta_natty)

* Updates to Turret Gunner (gunnie)

* Updates to Turret Gunner Child and Add Turret Gunner to M4A1_76mm Tank. (gunnie)

* Add Ai Templates (gunnie)

* Add MG to Turret Coupola To match other Panthers. (gunnie)

* Update AI Template (gunnie)

* Add Proper AI Templates to Turret Gunners. (gunnie)

* Add Turret MG and Update AI Templates (gunnie)

* Update Panther G Winter with turret MG Coupola. Camera Tweaks to Other Panther G's. (gunnie)

* JagDPanther WIP for Toddel to review. NEEDS WORK!!! (gunnie)

* H39 series (sethsoldier)

* C 47 Textures and Model ready to Export (toddel)

* M36 Jackson 360 degree .50 cal swivel (kev4000)

* Flip rotation around for Kev of turret gunner on the .50 cal (gunnie)

* Camera and weapon control tweaks to mounted .50cal position. (gunnie)

* Updated Gunner Mesh for Turret .50cal gunner. (gunnie)

* Initial Export and Basic Code.. Still needs some work. (gunnie)

* Rename to (toddel)

* Update player seating in rear of Halftrack (gunnie)

* Update Camera on mounted .50 Cal position. (gunnie)

* More 76mm gun sounds by engineer (bob_sacamano)

Changes from Version 1.6.290 to Version 1.6.293




* PHL update (fhbeta_natty)



* Port bessin sky (fhbeta_natty)

Changes from Version 1.6.152 to Version 1.6.290




* Add Death material to barbedfence (toddel)

* Fountainangel (toddel)

* Townhouse_028_cls_alt (toddel)

* Set correct LOD settings on townhouse006_open (toddel)

* Remove mg_casemate2 ignore (lobo)

* Port bessin bunker (toddel)

* FH_france_Fountain (toddel)

* Port_bessin_bridge (toddel)

* Port_en_bessin_harbour collisionmesh and samples (toddel)

* Port_Bessin_harbourchurch (toddel)

* Finished all Port_Bessin_harbour parts (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine004 (toddel)

* Default trench cover texture update (toddel)

* Add Fishingboat (toddel)

Damage System


* Fixed he projectile effects (still WIP though) (knoffhoff)



* Sinleplayer: Fall of Tobruk and Aberdeen (lobo)

* Added Sidi Rezegh singleplayer (knoffhoff)

* Anctoville update (fhbeta_natty)



* Fixed default materials on Kuebelwagen to allow HE penetration (knoffhoff)

* Bedford Qlt initial in game run. Still needs lods, but test ready. (gunnie)

* Fixed turret Gunner gun glitch. Where .50 remained zero'd on axis, instead of turning with

turret. (gunnie)

* Add MG and Gunner to cupola position. Add skin modifyer to lod1 track. (gunnie)

* Fixed default materials on the rest of the soft skinned vehicles (knoffhoff)

* Add Flyover Horsa Glider (gunnie)

* Add C-47 Flyover (gunnie)

* Remove Mounted 50 from Firefly. (gunnie)

* Reduce Speed of Flyover. (gunnie)

* Add damaged version and reduce speed of flyover. (gunnie)

* Add Gunner Seat To use on Shermans (gunnie)

* Add .50 Cal to Sherman. (gunnie)

* Alt Gunner idea. (gunnie)

* Alt. Gunner Added... Need to work on an animation for this position. (gunnie)

* Updated Camera on Coupola for mg gunner (gunnie)

* Update Camera for Gunner. (gunnie)

* Add Turret Gunner (gunnie)

* P51Flyover (gunnie)

* P47D Textures by Bender (toddel)

* Add new M10 and Achilles sounds by engineer (kev4000)



* Matruh localization (lobo)

* Sky inventory (fhbeta_natty)



* More weapon tweaks (kev4000)

* More sound tweaks (fhbeta_natty)

* Springfield 3D scope (kev4000)

* No4 update (kev4000)

* A lot of weapon tweaks (kev4000)

* Add German shovel (kev4000)

* MG42 1p prone crawl anim (killi)

* Add P14 3D ironsight (kev4000)

* Distant sounds updated (fhbeta_natty)



* Add shovel to German MG kits (kev4000)

* GS_PickUpMedicP08 (toddel)



* Distant sound tweaks (fhbeta_natty)

* Tweak distant sound 20mm/50cal etc (fhbeta_natty)

* Explosion distances (fhbeta_natty)



* Add falaise pocket road. (fhbeta_fuchswiesel)

* Updated cobra roads (lobo)



* Fix lighting on heavy NA Brit LOD (remdul)

Changes from Version 1.6.016 to Version 1.6.152




* Fix FH_4WheelsMarketCart1 player collision (smig)

* Add eu_church3_ruin (smig)

* Ramelle_church (toddel)

* Console Lamp (toddel)

* Closed_shop (toddel)

* Foxhole by Knoffhoff (toddel)

* Ramelle Church (toddel)

* BarbedFence7 (toddel)

* Curved sloped trenches (lobo)

* Fix france_stairs_1m_wood 1 + 2 colision bug which makes you stuck at the end of the stairs


* Wooden_Trash (toddel)

Damage System


* Tweaks to tank damagesystem (knoffhoff)



* Add wreck texture to OpelBlitz_fr_slats (toddel)

* Set muzzle velocity to proper value. (gunnie)

* Retweak engine to give more climb ability. Needs Tested. (gunnie)

* Fix Typo on Hetzer, Change muzzle velocity and remove un-needed line of code on main gun.

(extra geb effect) (gunnie)

* Update muzzle velocity. (gunnie)

* Update muzzle velocity (gunnie)

* Muzzle Velocity changes. (gunnie)

* Update Muzzle Velocity. (gunnie)

* Update muzzle velocity (gunnie)

* Update Muzzle Velocity (gunnie)

* 28cm and 32cm rocket version. Still need to add Napalm effect to 32cm rocket, but good for

testing. (gunnie)

* Revert velocity changes. (gunnie)

* Revert Changes to Muzzle Velocity on Main guns to Original Value from 2.2 Mod build. (gunnie)

* Cleanup File Folder and Re-Organize structure. (gunnie)

* Add Ai Template to Typhoon (gunnie)

* Updated Textures for P51 (gunnie)

* More P51 Cleanup and rework. DO NOT USE until notified! (At least, do not put this in a

build!!!) (gunnie)

* Ignore! WIP!!! (gunnie)

* More updates. Almost there! (gunnie)

* Fix Clunky Willys Transmission. (gunnie)

* Fix Steering wheel protruding into Dashboard on spawn version. (gunnie)

* Fix faulty gunsight camera on .50 cal. (gunnie)

* LandingCraftAssault ai template added. (winterhilf)

* New projectile speeds for all tank and at guns. All values are proportionate to real life

values now. (knoffhoff)

* Gun tweaks (knoffhoff)



* Villers-Bocage new version (lobo)



* Gravity Knife (sethsoldier)

* MG34 going prone anim slowed (killi)

* Add Rockets to projectile folder. Removed them from Actual Airplane Folder. And Renamed.


* Ignore! Wip for now.. Should be good in a few days, but I am working on this aircraft atm!


* Enfield experimental hipshooting accuracy tweaks (kev4000)

* MG42 new prone and prone reverse added with camera work (killi)

* More experimental handweapons tweaks (kev4000)

* Bar1918a2 (600rpm) experimental tweaks (kev4000)

* Even more experimental handweapon tweaks (kev4000)

* Even more weapon tweaks (kev4000)

* G43 zf and StG44 zf new scope (kev4000)

* K98 sniper new scope (kev4000)

* All HE ammo for tanks and artillery does it's appropriate damage now (knoffhoff)



* Fixed kit limits and broken push on luttich and falaise (knoffhoff)

* Pointe du Hoc: Tickets tweak, Balance changes for 32 version, singleplayer updates (lobo)

* Pointe du Hoc 64: spawnpoints tweak (lobo)

* Mount Olympus update (knoffhoff)

* Anctoville update (fhbeta_natty)



* Tramrails roadtexture (toddel)



* Add Rotating Target Soldier for Kev. (gunnie)

Changes from Version 1.5.841 to Version 1.6.016




* Add weapon AI template changes by winterhilf (kev4000)

* Experimental M1 Garand zoom_fire animation (kev4000)

* Experimental Bar1918a2 zoom_fire animation (kev4000)

* (toddel)

* AN M8 Pistol and Molotov Cocktail (sethsoldier)

* Add M1919A6 (kev4000)

* Fix K98 ironsight (kev4000)

* M1918 Trench Knife (sethsoldier)

* Knife Fest Part1 (sethsoldier)

* Speed up bolt actions load (kev4000)

* Updated and added ai templates for WinterHilf (gunnie)

* MG34 going prone anim popping glitch fixed (killi)

* MG42 going prone anim popping glitch fixed (killi)

* M1919A6 gets custom prone reverse anim and pop fix (killi)

* MG34 custom reverse-from-prone anim (killi)

* MG34 going-to-prone camera test (killi)

* Add rockets for Wurfgerat41 Arty. (gunnie)



* Added Port en Bessin, by Schism (lobo)



* Add bulge_house_02_cls by Sorken (toddel)

* Add bulge_house_01_cls by Sorken (toddel)

* Add bulge_house_03_cls by Sorken (toddel)

* Add Town/Townhouse_ruine004 by Sorken (toddel)

* Add Townhouse_ruine005 by Sorken (toddel)

* Add bulge_farm_01 by Sorken (toddel)

* Add ruinset1 (smig)

* Crete house 5 by sorken for olympus (fenring)

* Add closed Belgian house 4 (lightning)

* Townhouse_ruine011 (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine012 (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine011 (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine013 (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine014 (toddel)

* Timberframehouse_001 (toddel)

* Timberframehouse_003 (toddel)

* Timberframehouse_002 (toddel)

* Townhouse_028_timber (toddel)

* Townhouse_028_cls (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine009 (toddel)

* Townhouse001_cls (toddel)

* Add closed churches (smig)

* Add 2 new plaster textures for city buildings (toddel)

* Added sandbags with snow. (remdul)

* Add ruinset2 (smig)

* Ramelle01 by Lightning (toddel)

* France_red_bricks texture (toddel)

* Advertising_pillar (toddel)

* Kiosk (toddel)



* Mount olympus new version for gameplay test by Sorken (fenring)

* Villers bocage new version for gameplay test by Guderian (fenring)

* Add Operation Cobra, by Benseras (lobo)



* Updated Early Firefly by opening commander hatches and adding seat for commander. (gunnie)

* Updated Firefly to add .50 cal to turret for commander to operate. (gunnie)

* Update Tank sight camera position. On M8 update pco positions for seating. (gunnie)

* Fix Camera position on main gun hud. (gunnie)

* Camera position modifications. Move camera back slightly from gunsight. (gunnie)

* Move camera back slightly from gunsight. (gunnie)

* Gunsight tweaks to move camera back slightly from hud. (gunnie)

* Fix kill message on hull mg to match tank driver/gunner (gunnie)

* Add missing ai templates to Bren. (gunnie)

* Add missing Ai Templates. (gunnie)

* Panzer 2 panzergrau (toddel)

* OpelBlitz_panzergrau textures (toddel)

* Ju87b2/Textures/ (toddel)

* Added (toddel)

* and base_c (toddel)

* (toddel)

* (toddel)

* Greece tracks (toddel)

* (toddel)

* Panzer IV D greece (toddel)

* (toddel)

* Bicylce Sound (bratwurst)

* Train sounds (bratwurst)

* Update velocity of tank rds. (gunnie)

* Update tweak to try and fix random crash with mouse scroll of weapon select icon. (gunnie)

* Add Greece and Libya Versions (gunnie)

* Adjust muzzle velocity and postion of muzzle flash for AP, HE and Smk. rds. (gunnie)

* Add Greek pziic (gunnie)

* Add Pak 35 Europe and Greece versions (gunnie)

* Add Pak 35 Static versions (gunnie)

* Add PIIIJ Early Greece Version.. This one has no Rommel Box on the turret! (gunnie)

* Add Greece Version and update African Version. Greece version has no Rommel Box. (gunnie)

* Wurfrahmen 40 (toddel)

* Speed tractor up slightly and try to fix CTD when exiting tractor while under movement.


* Crusader3_AA (toddel)

* Flak38_france_c.DDS (toddel)

* Flak38_b.DDS overhaul (toddel)

* wheels for SD.ah.51 (toddel)

* Sd.ah_51 + Flak38 (toddel)

* Updated AI Templates for WinterHilf. (gunnie)

* Add ai template to hurricane for WinterHilf. (gunnie)

* Add Wurfgerat41 Stationary Rocket Arty piece. (gunnie)

Changes from Version 1.5.819 to Version 1.5.841




* Remove grappling hooks from all kits (ctz)



* Fixed bugs on alam halfa and sidi rezegh (knoffhoff)



* Fix planes crashing in BF2 v1.5 (ctz)

* Fix cameras for widescreen (ctz)

* Fix reference to missing lods on Bofors40mm (ctz)



* Operation Luttich ambients final (bratwurst)

* Fix canadian win/lose music and other sounds (ctz)

* Added AN M14 TH Incen Grenade to localization (knoffhoff)


= Forgotten Hope 2.2 RC2 =


Changes from Version 1.5.813 to Version 1.5.819




* Fix bad texture path/corrupt mesh. (gunnie)


= Forgotten Hope 2.2 RC1 =


Changes from Version 1.5.712 to Version 1.5.813




* Add EOR flags from fatjoe (ctz)



* Add bakery stand (smig)

* Add townhouse_ruine010 (toddel)



* Aberdeen tweaks (lobo)



* Fix Flak18 fire in direction of camera bug (kev4000)

* Remove 3p cams from wirbel (gunnie)

* Remove additional camera views from co-pilot camera. (gunnie)

* Revert changes to other camera views. (gunnie)

* Fix inability to right click to goto gun-sight. Bug #1350 (gunnie)

* Fix Gunner Camera issue.. Where vehicle shook instead of weapon recoiling. Adjusted Camera on

Willy. Bug #1301 (gunnie)

* Fix bug #1322.. Various issues with Sahariana.. Engine Tweaks, Speed Tweaks to weapon

movements. See bug for more details. (gunnie)

* Rescale vehicle to BF2 Scale.. (gunnie)

* Remove pzIII MG texture from (toddel)

* Delete tracks_europe (ctz)

* Rescale Civi Coupes to BF2 Scale. (gunnie)

* Fix Disappearing Tractor Issue.. Added Cull to tweak. (gunnie)

* Fix wheels. (gunnie)



* Use release-image by FatJoe as login screen background (kev4000)

* Add push discription to german localization (toddel)

* Add push mode discription by Bullwey (toddel)



* Correct M3 binocs sight (ctz)

* Remove camera from weapon. (gunnie)

* Colt 1911 and Browning Hi-power ironsight fixes (kev4000)



* Fix pickupkit using No 4 rifle but No 1 dropkit (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.5.707 to Version 1.5.712




* M3geasegun 3p stand anim fixed (killi)



* Fix Marder_I crash (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.5.535 to Version 1.5.707




* Fix kits which lacked weapons on index 3 (ctz)



* Fix PHL dissappering kit bug. (toddel)



* Fix z-fighting factory_cls (toddel)

* Eu_church_ruin1 final ! (smig)

* Cobblestonebridge big 2 by Sorken (toddel)

* Fix Pupforum bugreport that does not allow player to jump out of 1st storey in nahouse 9 des


* Fix some minor col bugs on townsheds (toddel)

* Correct pz4f2_wreck lodding (ctz)



* Added ability to issue commander commands from Storch and Cubs. Added France Dorchester as

well. (gunnie)

* Updates to for release. (ctz)



* Flak 18 mouselook (kev4000)

* WillysMB speed standardization (kev4000)

* Kubelwagon fixes (kev4000)

* Chevy 30cwt fixes (kev4000)

* M10 Tank destroyer more HVAP rounds (kev4000)

* Official and Correct US Vehicle Names (lightning)

* Official and Correct UK Vehicle Names (lightning)

* Official and Correct German Vehicle Names (lightning)

* Add 75mm shells to pak 40´s (toddel)

* Update Water Damage Delay - Bug #1309 (gunnie)

* M4A1_76mm camo textures (toddel)

* Update PzIIIJlDak with lods. (gunnie)

* Some marder 1+3 shell ejections code tweaks by Spitfire (toddel)

* Fix shiny hanomag wheels (ctz)

* Fix LCA driver exit (ctz)

* Fix vehicle shield rotating with mouse wheel movement. (gunnie)

* Fix shield movement with mouse wheel. Shield only should move with arrow keys. (gunnie)

* Set speed to match PIVH. (gunnie)

* Fix Alpha seams around PZIV4F2 wheels (toddel)



* Code for Canadian win/lose jingles (ctz)

* German Totalize Localisation wip (toddel)

* Fix localization (lobo)

* Fix english localization (lobo)

* Pdh flagnames in English also for German localization for constancy (toddel)

* Sidi rezegh flagnames in English only for constancy (toddel)



* Stenmk2 lacks semiauto mode (ctz)

* M1garand heat sprint anim fix for speed and cam shake (killi)

* Updated bhipo sounds and m1a1 carbine deploy sound (bratwurst)

* M1 garandfrag/heat sounds wip (bratwurst)

* Fix crash on low texture settings (kev4000)

* Fix rambo role for browning hipo, colt1911, m8 smoke, compo-b, fg42 and mk2 grenade (ctz)

* Fix wrench rambo roll (ctz)

* 2 pounder mouselook (kev4000)

* Piat tweaks in attempt to fix zoom fire glitch. Din't work but they still look better. (killi)

* Winchester reload anims 1-3 sections. Very similar to vanilla. Timing should be the same.


* Winchester ironsights (kev4000)

* Winchester sprint anim remake and with head shake (killi)

* M1garand heat nade reload speed adjust to counter baf length change (speed was set to 1/4)


* M1 garand nade reload adjusted for weight and finger work (killi)

* Garandheat nade anim length adjusts (killi)

* Garandheat 1p animations remade to have rest position similar to no4 rifle nade. (killi)

* Garandheat deploy tweak and idles anims (killi)

* GarandHeat deploy and anim tweaks (killi)

* LCA's lewis fires in correct direction (ctz)

* GarandHEAT 1p deploy anim, final. (killi)

* All mortars have a minimum range of 60m (ctz)

* Volksgewehr K98 (sethsoldier)

* Famer's pitchfork gets custom animations (killi)

* Pitchfork will use it's own 1p anims (killi)

* Add missing faces in mg42 what allows to look through it from below (toddel)

* Add missing faces in mg42pipod what allows to look through it from below (toddel)



* Lebisey RC (mrcheese)

* Pointe du Hoc: vegetation fix (lobo)

* PHL RC FTW (fhbeta_natty)

Changes from Version 1.5.280 to Version 1.5.535




* New rifle grenade icons (kev4000)



* Fix Problem with wooden poles that let tanks explode while driveing over it (toddel)

* New eu_trench skirts texture (lobo)

* Eu_trenches dummies for lightmaps rendering (lobo)

* Fix rubble in Goodwood church which allows player to hide inside (toddel)

* Replaced topsoilcover with a better Texture. (toddel)

* Add 57mm_m1_atgun_wreck (toddel)

* Add camonet fixes by remdul to stop flickering on NA camonets (fenring)

* Make resupply ammoboxes more soldier colision friendly (toddel)



* 81mm mortar fix by spitfire (toddel)



* Achilles_IIC use ammo hud error. (toddel)

* Panzer IV H physics changes (kev4000)

* 6Pdr_MKIV -Static fix problems for low settings. (toddel)

* Fix m4a4_76mm sounds (ctz)

* Panzer III physic changes (kev4000)

* M4A1 physic changes (kev4000)

* Fix spotter missing hud index (gunnie)

* Add alternative version. Carries 500kg bomb instead of drop tank. (gunnie)

* Allow airplanes to reverse. Fixed missing gui hud on Piper cub. Added spotting ability to

Beaufighter observer. (gunnie)

* Add wreck Texture to all OpelBlitz_fr versions (toddel)

* SpitfireMKI and sptfiremkv use Tropical Filter on LODs (toddel)

* Fix panther G tracks animation and physic changes (kev4000)

* Recommit to fix missing alpha on hull mg sight.. Also readjusted main gun sight camera for

better accuracy. (gunnie)

* Sherman V (M4A4) physic changes (kev4000)

* US M4A1 physic changes (kev4000)

* GB M4A1 physic changes (kev4000)

* Fixed damage issue on terrain. Fixed materials issue with explosives. Fixed Camera issues with

main gun and hull mg. (gunnie)

* Increase volume of engine sounds slightly. Bug#1255 (gunnie)

* Redo collision mesh with new material assignments. Redo Wreck model. (gunnie)

* Bofor eject correct shell (toddel)

* Achilles and Cromwell physics tweaks (kev4000)

* M10 physic change (kev4000)

* Fix missing selection icon on alt versions of aircraft. Added 13mm projectile to nose cannons.


* M3 Grant physics changes (kev4000)

* Stug40 physic changes (kev4000)

* Panzer II physics changes (kev4000)

* Fix issues with soldiers and camera position. Fix issue with Vickers. (gunnie)

* Additional tweaks.. Add duck camera to gunner. Tweaks to try and prevent water from showing

inside boat. (gunnie)

* M5 Stuart physics changes (kev4000)

* M3 Stuart physics changes (kev4000)

* Fix wirbelwind engine networking (ctz)

* Correct lockedness of HMS Agassiz (ctz)

* Fix churchill hull mg networking (ctz)

* Allow bofor 3p view to match german AA guns. (toddel)

* Wip of Willys MB with mounted 50cal. Useable, but may still need tweaking. Has lods, etc.


* All 6pdr versions now use 6pdr firesounds (toddel)

* 57mm_M1_ATgun (toddel)

* 57mm_m1_ATgun_static version (toddel)

* Add lods to 6pdr....... (toddel)

* Churchill physic changes (kev4000)

* Add lods to wrecks of 6pdr, and 6pdr_mkIV and its _static versions (toddel)

* King tiger physics changes (kev4000)

* Italian tanks physics changes (kev4000)

* Cruiser and crusader physics changes (kev4000)

* Sdkfz engine update (bratwurst)



* Fix USA end of the Round bug. (toddel)

* Add Browning hi-power to Localization (toddel)

* Add no4 mills grenade to Localization (toddel)

* Pointe du Hoc localization (lobo)

* Push gamemode added to localization (lobo)



* LeuchtPistole m34 and KampfPistole mit Wurfgranatpatrone 326 (sethsoldier)

* Italian Ammo Pickupkit. (toddel)

* New 1p pineapple nade anims (killi)

* 1p Pineapple nade idles (killi)

* AN_M8_smokegrenade 1p anims (killi)

* CompoB throw/fire anim (killi)

* CompoB fire delay length and speed tweaked (killi)

* Piat reload anim adjustment (killi)

* Piat sprint anim speed fixed and cam shake added (killi)

* Remove crosshair on sprint on scoped rifles for constancy (toddel)

* Add DOF shader effect to k98hscope (toddel)

* Piat deploy speed adjust (killi)

* ! Piat deploy animation (killi)

* Bren more controlable in fullauto (kev4000)

* Added 13mm_Airplane_Projectile (knoffhoff)

* Add missing cullRadiusScale factor to dummy projectiles so they lod proper with main PCO.


* Add Lewis MG to use aboard the LCA to remove muzzle flash that is visible with NeverDrawAs1p is

triggered. (gunnie)

* Piat fire sound remix (bratwurst)

* M1Carbine reload animation tweaks, mostly just for weight and finger work. (killi)

* Colt1911 deploy and reload wip sound (bratwurst)

* Piat sound sync (bratwurst)

* M1a1carbine reload anim update (killi)

* M1a1carbine deploy animation workover (killi)

* M1a1carbine deploy speed tweak by inc file (killi)

* 1p StG44 reload animation enhanced. Apologies if sound will need retiming. (killi)

* Winchester now points to it's own 1p animation folder :/ Helpful, that. (killi)

* Some Winchester 1p anims (killi)

* Winchester 1p inc tweaked for run anim speed (killi)

* Winchester has no trigger disconnector (kev4000)



* Italian ammo kits: Giarabub and Bardia (lobo)

* Hyacinth tweaks (lobo)

* Pointe du Hoc tweaks (lobo)

* El Alamein: Volkswagen VW type 82 (lobo)

* RC versions of Totalize, Luttich and falaise (fenring)



* Add new shellejections projectiles (toddel)



* NCO´s now have more Bandages (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.5.219 to Version 1.5.280




* Juno beach wall update - with bullet holes (smig)

* Remove handle of Infantrycart colisionmesh (toddel)



* PHL tweaks (fhbeta_natty)



* Some more tweaks on damage system (knoffhoff)

* M4A1_76mm (toddel)

* Change gun convergence to 400m (gunnie)

* Change Gun convergence on British Aircraft to 400m Add Hurricane MKII Alt bomber.. To carry two

250lb bombs instead of 50lb bombs. (gunnie)

* Added 75mm KwK 40 L43 to code and applied it to PzIV F2 (knoffhoff)

* Update 1p mesh with new mesh. (gunnie)

* Sherman V and Cromwell AI templates (kev4000)

* Added M4A1 76W to mod build.. Ready for testing. Only Needs main lods. (gunnie)

* WirbelWind ready for testing. (gunnie)

* Fix roadwheels and increase entry point radius. (gunnie)

* Updated tank mesh. Redid Skin modifyer on tracks. Tweaks to seating positions. (gunnie)

* Fix chance to look thru PAK 35mm wheels (toddel)



* Add German_fh localization changes by Bullwey (toddel)

* Add english_fh localization changes by Bullwey (toddel)

* Fix Typo in Lebisey Localization (toddel)



* 1p Britsatchel anims. Although timed differently from GeballteLadung, deploy and fire times

combined equal GeballteLadung total usage time for balance. (killi)

* Britsatchel 1p idles and fixed stand anim (hand drifted) (killi)

* Britsatchel 1p inc file speed tweaks (killi)

* Britsatchel fire delay change (killi)



* Bots now use the two upper weapon slots on spawnscreen (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.5.188 to Version 1.5.219




* Colt 1911 1p reload anim. (killi)

* Colt 1911 1p reload anim fix (killi)

* Colt 1911 idle1 anim (killi)



* Chateaux_cls (toddel)



* Singleplayer: Crete and vehicle tweaks (lobo)



* Add k98h heatgrenade to Localization. (toddel)

* Anctoville Mapdescription and Gamemode Discription. (toddel)

* Pointe du Hoc: tweaks for 64, added 32 players (lobo)



* Add M5A1 Halftrack (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.5.181 to Version 1.5.188




* Colt1911 1p baf fixes for leveling gun (killi)



* Lebisey fixes (mrcheese)



* Fix ctd on canada maps by disabeling crashing weapon from kits (fenring)

Changes from Version 1.5.106 to Version 1.5.181




* K98 Grenade more powerful; AI tweaks by winterhilf; Colt 1911/Browning Hi-Power ironsights


* K98 ZF41 now has "glass" in scope (kev4000)

* Mills grenade launcher (sethsoldier)

* Some Colt1911 bafs. Working on reload. (killi)

* Colt1911 1p inc run baf rate adjusted (killi)

* Larger blast radius on German grenade (with sleeve) (kev4000)



* Canadian AT kit now uses Browning Hi-Power (kev4000)

* Add new rifle grenade launchers to kits (kev4000)



* Shells stay longer on ground (kev4000)



* WillysMB_france textures (toddel)

* PiperCup´s now spot for Allied Team (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.5.082 to Version 1.5.106




* Add missing faces in Beaufigher 1P (toddel)

* Enable engineswitch on bf109e-trop 1P (toddel)

* Fix moving vehicle Issue (gunnie)



* Add missing weapon icons to memeatlas_03.tac which shuld fix the Client CTD (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.4.936 to Version 1.5.082




* Add Sten MKII(S) kit (kev4000)

* Silenced sten kit with and without hook (kev4000)

* Fix missing dropkit from greasegun (fenring)

* Add tunis Dropkits to the build (toddel)

* Kit updates (kev4000)



* Fix Bug that allows player to sneak inside the FH_NA_house6_cls (toddel)

* Remove vehicle Colision from small concrete pillars (toddel)

* Brickwall_24m_des vehicle colisin tweaks (toddel)

* Fix townshed005 static has no bullet collision (toddel)

* Fix Soldier colision bug on civcoupe_wreck (toddel)

* Fix missing face in Player colision in townhouse_ruine001 (toddel)

* Fix fhbunker10 soldier colision bug what allows player to look through the concrete (toddel)

* Fix bug which allows player clip inside cobblestone_viaduct (toddel)

* Fix BF2 rock25m colisionmesh which allows the player sneak inside (toddel)

* Fix BF2 static col bug which cause trouble on BARDIA and not let Soldiers pass beetween 2 stones


Damage System


* Some adjustments on fast firing flakguns, plane 20mm guns, and 50cal (knoffhoff)

* Overworked handheld at Weapons (knoffhoff)



* Fixed Co-Axial Hull mounted MG to fire off piFire. Instead of PiAltFire (gunnie)

* Fix missing steering wheel in 1p. Fix seat position of driver, to keep foot from sticking out

left side of cab. (gunnie)

* Fixed misplaced steering wheel in 1p view on all versions of Coupe. Also adjusted position in

3p. (gunnie)

* Fixed Floating piece of metal. Bug #1004. (ie.. Crowbar on rear right deck plate). (gunnie)

* Unchecked "NeverDrawAs1p" from MG positions on vehicle. As this is making muzzle flash be drawn

in front of weapon. If need be. I will create another version of the .30 and remove the muzzle

flash. At the moment. I cannot remember why we triggered this tab in the first place for these

positions. I can't find the thread where toggling this code was discussed. (gunnie)

* Hetzer (toddel)

* Back out recent tank camera changes (ctz)



* StG44 new sway + more stable when aiming in zoom (zoomdamping) (kev4000)

* M3 Greasegun semi-auto switch bug fixed (kev4000)

* Fix No1 SMLE bolt being rotated improperly and new G43 zoom fire animation (kev4000)

* Add Panzerschreck/bazooka changes by winterhilf (kev4000)

* Revert Winchester to use remington animations and M1 Garand grenade changes (kev4000)

* Various weapon tweaks/fixes (kev4000)

* Some weapon tweaks (kev4000)

* Stuff + panzerschreck reload + panzerfaust deploy sound (bratwurst)

* Große Gewehrpanzergranate mod 40 (sethsoldier)

* Fix definition of US mortar dials (ctz)



* Singleplayer: giarabub, tunis, hyacinth, aberdeen (lobo)

* Fix tunis dropkits (fenring)

Changes from Version 1.4.708 to Version 1.4.936




* Fix broken NA kits on some maps (fix by Spitfire05) (fenring)

* GW_PickUpMedicP08 now Loads "GW-Kits" instead of "GA-Kits" (toddel)

* GS_NCO_GWood now loads "GS_Kits" instead of "GW-Kits" (toddel)

* Fix m1carbine dropkit z-fighting problems (toddel)

* American scout kit now has Garand (kev4000)



* Add Anctoville Townsign (toddel)

* Add france_wood_plank_2m_des (toddel)

* Add Carentan townsigns (toddel)

* Add village_house_004_phl. to reduce 3MB Texture load only for this static (toddel)

* Fix wrong Pivot at france_woodlog_250cm (toddel)

* Add Port bessing statics to the beta (toddel)

* Fix bug on Brickwall_24m_des what makes tanks fly over (toddel)

* Fixed mixed up Colisions on railroadcrossing_sign (toddel)

* Fix wrong lod settings on france_watertower_low (toddel)

* Update eu_church_ruin1_part2a (smig)

* Fix collisions for closed mills (smig)

* Add Townhouse_ruine003 by Sorken (toddel)

* Fix problematic soldier colision on village_house_007 (toddel)

* Improved townhouse004 soldier colision (toddel)

* Juno beach wall 2 - final (smig)



* New Panther G Camo (toddel)

* Try to fix tank wobblyness (ctz)

* Networking fixes for KT, M10, M3A1 and naval guns (ctz)

* Add Wirbelwind (toddel)

* Remove UV lines from sdkfz251_d drivers hatch :D (toddel)

* Update seating positions of riders on back of KT tank versions. (gunnie)



* Add OperationCobra controlpoint names (toddel)

* Add K98h ZF41 killmessage (toddel)



* Luftfaust (sethsoldier)

* Volksgewehr 45 (sethsoldier)

* Correct mg42 name (ctz)

* Deployable US Mortar need testing (toddel)

* Sten Mk II (S) (sethsoldier)

* Tweaked typhoon rockets and airplane bombs. They now do their maximum damage when they directly

hit the target and do less damage and are able penetrate less armor when they miss the target.


* Experimental M1 Garand sway animation (kev4000)

* Slightly decreased effect of explosives on armor (knoffhoff)

* Add changes by winterhilf for SP (kev4000)

* Some new sway animations (kev4000)

* New M1Carbine sway and bugfix (kev4000)

* New Bar1918 sway (kev4000)

* Static MG42s now shoot 1200rpm (kev4000)

* Some garand grenade fixes + new sway for some weapons (kev4000)



* Operation luttich initial SP support by winterhilf (fenring)

* Lebisey flag layout changes (mrcheese)

* Added stuart and a typhoon to firing range west (knoffhoff)

* Added little pond to both firing ranges and added beaufighter, stuka and hurricane to africa


* Updated Sidi Rezegh (knoffhoff)

* Final PHL (fhbeta_natty)

* Some goodwood work (knoffhoff)

* Operation Cobra update (lobo)

* Pointe du Hoc: bug fixes, singleplayer, added GPF_155mm (lobo)

Changes from Version 1.4.584 to Version 1.4.708




* Remove Cols from barn01 grounded doors (toddel)

* More Lowpoly statics (toddel)

* Add 25Pdr_Truckbundle (toddel)

* Goodwood_staircase model and colisions Optimizations (toddel)

* Trainshed_open by Spaetzle (toddel)

* Industry Gate (toddel)

* Brickwall simplyfied col 1 (toddel)

* Fieldgate (toddel)

* Brickwall_24m_des (toddel)

* Cobblestone_viaduct by Sorken (toddel)

* Add PaK40_wreck (toddel)

* Add well_lid by Sorken (toddel)

* Add well_03 by Sorken (toddel)

* Add well_02 by Sorken (toddel)

* Add well_01 by Sorken (toddel)

* France versions of woodplanks. (toddel)



* Pine_25m (toddel)



* Clean up cruiser mkiv armour (ctz)

* Clean up crusader mk3 armour (ctz)

* Clean up daimler mki armour (ctz)

* M3A1 Halftrack sound update (bratwurst)

* Sdkfz251 sound update (bratwurst)

* Fix broken Tracks on Panther..They should move now. (gunnie)



* Add FH2 specific USA Team names for End of the Round and Spawn menu (toddel)

* Add FH2 specific Canada Team names for End of the Round and Spawn menu (toddel)



* Luftwaffe M30 Drilling (sethsoldier)

* Piat now has 4 rounds total (kev4000)

* New sway for K98, G43, Enfields, K98, Carcanos (kev4000)

* Reloadammobox darker Texture to make it look less bright inside darkrooms (toddel)

* 20mm autocannons do less damage (knoffhoff)

* Thermite grenade (kev4000)

* Mg42 reload sound final (bratwurst)

* Correct greasegun firerate change sound (ctz)



* Splitted up firing_range into firing_range_west and firing_range_africa (knoffhoff)

* Some more bugs fixed on goodwood, some performance improvement, some slight texture

improvements,... (knoffhoff)

* Lebisey fixes (mrcheese)



* Waterpipes effects for Otolikos (smig)

* Update water pipes effects (smig)

* Add dummy to waterpipes2 effect (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.4.490 to Version 1.4.584




* Add dropkits to GS Soldiers (toddel)

* 81mm_mortar now on USA Pickupkit (toddel)

* Fixed medic helmet being displayed on regular spawn classes (knoffhoff)



* Townhouse004 collision now Deathmaterial free for vehicles (toddel)

* Remove Bullet colision from Signal_Tower windows (toddel)

* Add france_watertower_low (toddel)

* Add stairmaterial to drystonewall_straigh_10m_low (toddel)

* Drystonewalls Low versions with Player friendly Colision (toddel)

* Bucherie glass looks thick now (toddel)

* M4a1 and Sherman2 wrecks (toddel)

* Update Cow player Colisionmesh (toddel)

* Fixed canadian flag (lobo)

Damage System


* New handgrenade sounds wip (bratwurst)



* Fix m5a1 recon gun function (bug 1087) (ctz)

* Marder I export complete (kev4000)

* Planes 20% quicker (ctz)

* Correct SpitfireMKV prop (ctz)



* Fg42 and Mg42 tweaks. Added Fg42 deployed (kev4000)

* Correct delaytouse and reloadtime on Sauer 38h (kev4000)

* Experimental weapon sway for M1 Garand, G43, Enfields and K98s (kev4000)

* Removed a noise from the AN_M8_SmokeGrenade texture (toddel)

* Add AN_M14_IncenTH Grenade (toddel)

* Add 3p Texture to 81mm_Mortar (toddel)

* Britsatchel takes longer time to deploy and throw (kev4000)

* Piat, bazooka and panzerschreck accuracy decrease when unzoomed (kev4000)



* PHL-redux (fhbeta_natty)

* Tunis bugfixes (lobo)

* Pointe du Hoc tweaks (lobo)

* Lebisey kit fixes (mrcheese)

* Some slight balancing on alam halfa 64 (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.4.413 to Version 1.4.490




* US pickupkits with Hooks now show also the correct weapon (toddel)

* Thompson m1a1 kitmesh use correct Mag texture now (toddel)



* Cornerhouse by Spaetzle (toddel)

* Cityhouse_001 by Spaetzle (toddel)

* Townhouse027 windows uses thickness (toddel)

* Mills update (bratwurst)

* Fix glitch that allows player to enter FH_NA_house1_cls and shot out (toddel)

* Trenchladder (toddel)

* Sidewalks now use more playerfriendly Colisions from behind (toddel)

* Cobblestonebridge large by sorken for totalize (fenring)



* Fix M3A1 and SdKfz251d lockedness (caused goodwood crash) (ctz)

* GPF 155mm GUN (toddel)

* Marder III driver now controls cannon instead of MG (kev4000)

* AT guns now have freelook (kev4000)

* 6 pounders also now have freelook (kev4000)

* Marder 1 model and Textures (toddel)

* Changed plane physics for testing (ctz)

* Tank sights more consistently wibbly (ctz)

* Stug armour tweaks (ctz)

* Correct movement of right LCVP 30cal (ctz)

* Add WR360C14_Europe textures by Mr.Cheese (toddel)



* Reduce c47 sound radius (ctz)



* M3 greasegun larger rear sight (kev4000)

* Remove Geom0/LoD1 (2D ironsights) and 2D ironsight texture from weapons (kev4000)

* Fix z-fighting error on reloadammokit (toddel)

* New ma deuce Sound (bratwurst)

* Mg42 sound update (bratwurst)

* Bar1918, thompson m1a1 and m3 greasegun tweaks (kev4000)

* Fix z-fighting bug at M43Grenade, remove 3p NM, downpoly 3p and Lods by 50% (toddel)

* Adjust zoomed mouse sensitive on various handweapons (ctz)

* RP-3 damage tweaks (ctz)

* M2 zoom (ctz)



* Fixed some errors with range markings on the firing range and added some houses for close

quarter fightin (knoffhoff)

* Small Overlord changes (mrcheese)

* Lebisey updates (mrcheese)



* Added goodwood roads (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.4.294 to Version 1.4.413




* Removed binocs from AT spawn classes (knoffhoff)

* New Italian Kitmeshes for dropkits (toddel)

* Grappling hook pickupkit with hook dropkit (toddel)



* Fix Falaise_pocket crash (toddel)



* Fix the disappearing dungbox (toddel)

* Woodencrossing.collisionmesh update (toddel)

* France version of chair wood and squaretable_wood (toddel)

* Stack of log use new Firewood textures now (toddel)

* Add OilTank_big (toddel)

* Farmhouse_01_cls (toddel)

* Add unterstand_vierville (toddel)

* Corrected LOD order (toddel)



* Increase Reload time of ammo.. (Doubled it.) (gunnie)

* Add ChurchillmKIV textures and model waiting for export (toddel)

* Spitfire MK V (toddel)

* Improve plane physics (ctz)

* Add Tiger late 222 (kev4000)



* New patcher image (ctz)



* Add low poly C47 (lobo)



* New M1 Carbine reload animation (kev4000)

* Increased the blast radius of the M43 grenade. (knoffhoff)

* M1A1 carbine now uses M1 Carbine animations (kev4000)

* M1 Garand sway experiment (kev4000)

* Fix bug #989 (ctz)

* Panzerschreck, piat and bazooka accuracy changes and more (kev4000)

* Winchester accuracy and damage modifications (kev4000)

* M1 Garand grenade updates (kev4000)

* New FG42 ironsight animations, and 3p now uses sa80 anims which look much better (kev4000)

* Fix bug universal for rifle grenades + piat (kev4000)

* Add larger SMLE rear sight and make front sight thicker. (kev4000)

* New zoom_fire animations for greasegun, m1 carbine and m1a1 carbine. (kev4000)

* New bar1918 sprint animation (kev4000)



* Quite massive goddwood bugfixing and improvemets (knoffhoff)

* Tunis tweaks (lobo)

* Pointe du Hoc tweaks (lobo)



* Added goodwood_grassroad (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.4.035 to Version 1.4.294




* GW_Engineer satchel now uses geballte ladung 3kg (kev4000)

* All classes now drop the correct weapons they carrying (toddel)

* GW ammopickupkit (toddel)

* German mg42 support kit (toddel)

* Add medic kits for western (toddel)

* All Pickup kits now use the the Correct world model (toddel)

* Add 2 pickupkits for PHL (toddel)



* Darken mk2pineapple Hud texture (toddel)

* Added Panzerfaust mini icon (toddel)

* Add inverted crosshair (kev4000)

* Add Winchester and M3Binoculars for Hud (toddel)

* Add Panzerfaust hud textures (toddel)



* Herc - Added 81mm_M1_Ammobox Textures (herc)

* Herc - Added 81mm_M1_Mortar_Ammo (herc)

* Add Specularmap to Hay textures (toddel)

* Fix Problems player had trying to climb the dunghill (toddel)

* Fix Glasss sound on Woodendoor on townhouse003.collisionmesh (toddel)

* Add Stairsmaterial to France_Windmill. (toddel)

* Add france_windmill_closed (toddel)

* Optimized & fixed specular. Needs relight! (remdul)

* Fix Bad Lightmaperror on village_house_011 (toddel)

* Add InvPyramid (toddel)

* Make farmwall_9m_des3 ready for the use of invpyramid (toddel)

* Reexport Trainbridges with grey Color texture to make it less bright (toddel)

* Regelbau_677_Vierville (toddel)

* Change pivot (smig)

* Add closed water mills (smig)

* Add KwK_5cm_Doppelscharte (toddel)

* Add wheels with no collisions (smig)

* Remove unneeded firewood textures (toddel)

* Vehicle collisions with blimp now more damaging (ctz)

* Added grave (knoffhoff)

* Removed vehicle collision from woodenfence_plank (knoffhoff)

* Improved collision of wooden railroad crossing (knoffhoff)

* Added boundary_low which I was using since almost a year but forgot to upload and somehow never

noticed that it was missing in the beta:S (knoffhoff)

* Tunis tweaks (lobo)

* Creating nocol objects with code only (smig)

* More nocol objects (smig)

* More mill parts (smig)

* Water wheels for closed mills (smig)

* Villaghouse 007 -fixed buggy stair colisions, lower windows to allow players shot out, reduce

drawcalls for lods (toddel)

* ! needs Relighting !! (toddel)

* Tentropes on miliTent_green now less bright, (toddel)

* ! needs Relighting !! (toddel)

* Tentropes on fieldtent_green now less bright, (toddel)

* Improved some things on the chateaux (toddel)

* Add Bedford wreck france (toddel)

* Add Bedford_static_france family (toddel)

* Add PanzerIV H Wreck (toddel)

* Fix some crete castle stuff (toddel)

* Fix missing door colision in barn03 (toddel)

* Fix problem on factory001 what makes players stick on metalltube (toddel)



* TimeCP: python plugin which sets CP ownership after some period from start of round (ctz)



* Destroyed trees. (remdul)



* Try to make the Landing craft assault col2 smoother for Player (toddel)

* Updated Stuart Reece Gunners position to incorporate a revolving turret per Toddel's request.

Removed unneeded animations. (gunnie)

* Updated Stuart to fix Hull MG clipping mesh. (gunnie)

* Tweak camera position for .50 cal gunner. (gunnie)

* Tweak Camera Postion .50 cal gunner. (gunnie)

* Switched DAK crates from opelblitz_fr_ammo against France crates (toddel)

* Grappling hook PDH improvement (kev4000)

* Make angled grappling map specific (kev4000)

* Fix Open gap in CivCoupe_Black, green , red, rust (toddel)

* Updated Storch to create steerable tail skid. Has not been tested in game, but should work as

it appers to be working within the editor on my puny laptop. Will test on desktop and in game

when I get home tomorrow night. (gunnie)

* Fixed axel height to wheel center of Storches. Also tested steerable tail skid in game. Ops

checked good. (gunnie)

* Turn off typhoon xhairs (ctz)

* Fix PZIVH dead reckoning (ctz)

* Correct possible LCVP/LCA crashers (ctz)

* Fix LCVP/LCA draw order issues (ctz)

* Guns with muzzle breaks now emit smoke differently (bob_sacamano)

* Add 6pdr MKIV static (kev4000)

* Fix PZIVH gap between turret and hull (ctz)

* Final PZIVH (ctz)

* PZIVH_811 done (ctz)

* SdKfz251d team spawn version (ctz)

* M3A1 team spawn version (ctz)

* Small fighter physics changes for testing (ctz)



* Some more German mapdescriptions, thanks to Bulwey (knoffhoff)

* Point du Hoc, first beating...hard (lobo)



* Fg42 reload anim (killi)

* AN_M8_Smokegrenade delete faces causing z-fighting (toddel)

* Remove Z-fighting parts of the no.77 smokegrenade (toddel)

* Some fg42 1p anims (killi)

* Added second F42 idle anim (killi)

* Fix No69 Z-fighting (toddel)

* Fix no73atgrenade Z-fighting (toddel)

* Add Normalmap to colt1911 (toddel)

* Add 3p Texture to the Beretta34 (toddel)

* Add 3p Texture to the colt1917 (toddel)

* Fix wired looking barrel of mp40 in 3p (toddel)

* Stg44, m1 carbine use new shells (kev4000)

* Bar1918 major overhaul (kev4000)

* Breda30 anti dolphin dive fix (kev4000)

* Bar1918 300rpm major overhaul (kev4000)

* Add k98h index 2 (kev4000)

* Add MG42 (armament version) wreck (ctz)

* New M1 Garand and G43 zoom_fire animations (kev4000)



* More Tunis tweaks and Mareth (lobo)

* Add operation totalize alpha for gameplay testing (fenring)

* New loading music for Sfakia (mrcheese)

* Overlord update (mrcheese)

* Lebisey changes (mrcheese)



* Canadian flags (ctz)

* Remdul's new flagpole (ctz)



* Updated visual explosion effects of motars, grenades and nebelwerfer (bob_sacamano)

* Add .30 carbine and 7.92Kurz shells (kev4000)

* Updated flamethrower effect (bob_sacamano)

Changes from Version 1.3.839 to Version 1.4.035




* Add panzerfuast 30m kit pickup kit (kev4000)



* Add antitankwall_des (toddel)

* Add juno beach house (smig)

* Juno beach house update (smig)

* Add 12 meter railway crossing gate (herc)

* Add more chairs (smig)

* Fix FH_NA_villa1 colisionmesh (toddel)

* Add junowall (toddel)

* Add MG_Kasemate2 (toddel)

* Add Regelbau_677 (toddel)

* Add waves breaker for Juno (smig)

* Add Commando_bunker (toddel)

* Add Omaha sea walls (smig)

* Add mg_casemate1 (toddel)

* Add Command_bunker_ladder (toddel)

* Add Entrance_cover (toddel)

* Make Concrete_Drainagepipe enteralble for players (toddel)

* Add Concrete_Drainagepipe_3x (toddel)



* Test: fixes noisy texture on overgrowth. (remdul)



* Add Firefly Final Textures (toddel)

* Add M5A1_Stuart Textures by Alina (toddel)

* Add M5A1_Stuart model (toddel)

* Add Volkswagen Type 28 (lobo)

* Sherman_VC Late (toddel)

* Sherman_VC early (toddel)

* Sherman_V late alt (toddel)

* Sherman_V late (toddel)

* Sherman_V mid (toddel)

* LeFH18_france textures by K96 (toddel)

* Correct stug track animation (ctz)

* Correct cromwell track animation (ctz)

* Puma, schwimmwagen, sdkfz 251d_sf colisions mesh improvements for better server performance


* Fueltruck, kwk 5cm, opel blitzs_fr colisions mesh improvements for better server performance


* FlakVierling38 colisions improvements (toddel)

* Sdkfz222.collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* !M13-40 collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* L6_40 colisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Semoventel40.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* M3stuarthoney colisionmesh improved (toddel)

* Mathildaii colisionsmesh improvements (toddel)

* M8_greyhound colisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Update PZIVH_321 texture (toddel)

* PZIVH real version initial export (ctz)



* German mapdecription for Goodwood, feel free to correct and improve (knoffhoff)

* FalaisePocket German Localization (toddel)



* 1p panzerschreck sound improved (bratwurst)

* Some MG42 1p bafs (killi)

* G43 reload sound final (bratwurst)

* New colt1917 skins (lobo)

* Add StG44 reload animation (kev4000)

* Some panzerschrek 1p anims (killi)

* Panzerfaust 1p idles (killi)

* Bazooka 1p anim update (killi)

* Bazooka 1p anim speed tweaks (killi)

* Bar1918 overhaul (kev4000)

* BAR reload anim (killi)

* BAR reload hand swap (killi)

* Mg42 sound 1p reworked for test (bratwurst)

* Add 81mm_M1_Mortar_ (toddel)



* New PHL VERSION again (fhbeta_natty)

* Enfield No.1 in Alamein, Supercharge and Mareth (lobo)

* Tunis tweaks: spawns at mosque (lobo)

* Lebisey changes (mrcheese)

* Added firefly to firing range (knoffhoff)

* New version of goodwood, ready for serious bugsearching and testing (knoffhoff)

* Operation Cobra alpha version by benseras (fenring)

* Luttich update (fenring)



* Cobra road templates (lobo)

Changes from Version 1.3.807 to Version 1.3.839




* Add Panzerfaust 30m worldkit (toddel)



* Lebisey changes (mrcheese)

* More luttich tweaks (fenring)

* New PHL version (ctz please check envmap format) (fhbeta_natty)



* Raise bathtub lod distance. (toddel)

* Add industrial chimney (malsa)



* Fix missing faces on Kubelwagen_fr 1p (toddel)

* Sdkfz222 fix gap beetween barrel and gunbase (toddel)

* Add rivits to M4A4_tracks (toddel)

* Make kettenkrad tracks use a single texture (toddel)

* Shermanfirefly british skin (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.3.754 to Version 1.3.807




* Some mg42 1p bafs (killi)

* G43 reload sound wip (bratwurst)



* Clothline 12m (toddel)

* Add fh_crossing by Herc (toddel)

* Added railroad_track_sightblocker_48m.It is a object that can be plaed under railroad tracks to

avoid see through spots where terrain disappears on distance. (knoffhoff)



* Lebisey changes: (mrcheese)

* Luttich update (fenring)

* Tunis changes (lobo)

* More Lebisey tweaks: (mrcheese)



* Removed goodwood 16 from localization (knoffhoff)

* Added rustling foliage sound for goodwood (knoffhoff)



* Add (toddel)

* Bedford African texture (lobo)

* Make look more muddy (toddel)

* Add BedfordOYD_france textures (toddel)

* Major M10 updates (kev4000)

* Major M4A1_eu updates (kev4000)

* Add British M4A1 EU shermans (kev4000)

* Flakvierling38_france (ctz)

* AEC dorchester, normandy skin (ctz)

* Bedfordoyd france (ctz)

* Make Redtractor Stearing wheel look more round in 1p (toddel)

* Add Dirt to Tiger tracks (toddel)

* Add (toddel)

* German APC now gives ammo (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.3.711 to Version 1.3.754




* Fix MG42 handheld (kev4000)

* Faster No4 cocking speed (kev4000)

* Faster No4 scope cocking speed (kev4000)

* New MP40 zoom animations (kev4000)

* Slightly adjust 7,62x33mm damage upwards, and add distance falloff (ctz)



* Lebisey with push, Firefly and other new features (mrcheese)

* Lebisey changes (mrcheese)

* Added deployable mg34, mg42, vickers and breda 37 to shooting range (knoffhoff)

* Goodwood update (knoffhoff)



* Add Controltower (toddel)

* Add stonewall_thick_20m_sharp_col (toddel)

* Add farmwall_destroyed_piece (toddel)



* Add M4A1 mid eu (kev4000)

* Add Sandbags to M4a1 textures (toddel)

* Flakvierling38_france Textures (toddel)

* Add missing sight to 6pdr and 6pdr_static (toddel)

* Add 6pdr_mkIV (toddel)

* Fix 6Pdr_MKIV (kev4000)

* Correct Panzer III J Late armour (lightning)

* German Maus (toddel)



* Added loading texts for Goodwood and Falaise Pocket (lightning)

* Added gamemode description for Goodwood to localization (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.3.596 to Version 1.3.711




* Add MG42 and FG42 spawnscreen icons (kev4000)

* Add various weapon selection icons (kev4000)

* Add some more weapon icons (kev4000)



* Village_house_005 fix ugly shadow from dirtlayer. (toddel)

* Vill! village_house_007 fix ugly shadow from dirtlayer. (toddel)



* Correct awards not being persisted for people joining part way through round (ctz)

* Correct ribbons being awarded repeatedly once you reach criteria (ctz)

* Increase requirements for long term awards (ctz)



* Add MG42 to sdkfz251_d (kev4000)

* Added assault gun minimap icons by FatJoe (lightning)

* Correct truck speeds (ctz)



* Remove shinyness of G43 3p model. (toddel)

* Remove little z-fighting error from Breda model 30 (toddel)

* Fix_geballteladung_grenade zfighting (toddel)

* Make beretta38 3D sights ready (toddel)

* Make panzerschreck window a little bit more transparent (toddel)

* Make m91carcano 3D look better. (toddel)

* M1 Garand 3D ironsight tweaks (toddel)

* Add Composition B (kev4000)

* Adjust MG42 accuracy (ctz)

* Add handheld MG42 (kev4000)

* Add MG42 proper 3p model (kev4000)

* New M1 Carbine ironsight animations (kev4000)

* Add MG34 3D ironsights (kev4000)

* Remove sway when prone on No4 sniper (kev4000)

* Normandy skin sGWR34 (ctz)



* Changed k98 sniper to its british counterpart in the british base of alam halfe after this bug

got revealed from the gloomy deeps of the official forums (knoffhoff)

* Firing Range: crash on low settings fixed, missing handweapons added (knoffhoff)



* Tied ALL classes into localisation (lightning)

* Added German and US Paratrooper classes for PHL (lightning)

* Add MG42 kitmesh (kev4000)

* Add FG42 kitmesh (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.3.503 to Version 1.3.596




* Removed Vehicle Colision from Roadsigns. (toddel)

* Add Swamplogs (toddel)

* Add wavebreaker (toddel)

* Add Flag18 wreck (toddel)

* Wavebreaker_single_log (toddel)

* Fix panther_A_late_wreck samples. (toddel)

* Make Player colision work better on townhouse_ruine002 (toddel)

* Fix clipping in townhouse_ruine002 (toddel)

* Improve France_Gardenfence Colisions for smoother player movements (toddel)

* Increase France_Gardenfence LOD Distance slightly. (toddel)

* Open townhouse_30 big windows for players. (toddel)

* Allow vehicles to drive over smaller gravestones (toddel)

* Townshed005. Fix missing face in LOD1. (toddel)

* Townshed004. Fix Lightmaperrors on LOD1 (toddel)

* IronRung_4m (toddel)

* Try different colisionmesh for staircases. (toddel)

Damage System


* Make range-damage decay stronger (ctz)

* Revert to previous armour values (ctz)



* Correct NCO ribbon (ctz)



* Remove overdone shinyness from sdkfz2_tires_tracks (toddel)



* Added Firing Range to localization (knoffhoff)



* Add MG42 belt. (toddel)

* Update Panzerfaust 30m ironsights/range (kev4000)

* Update Piat ironsights/range (kev4000)

* Reduce Bazooka M1A1 Range (kev4000)

* Moake no4 ironsight a bit nicer... (toddel)

* Increase PIAT damage (kev4000)

* Increase bazooka damage (kev4000)



* Renamed tank firing range to firing range and added a small arms range (knoffhoff)

* Add Battle of Keren for testing (ctz)

* Lebisey almost final... (mrcheese)



* Add lebisey_mudroad texture (toddel)

* Add Lebisey_mudroad (mrcheese)

Changes from Version 1.3.437 to Version 1.3.503




* Add American ammo and mortar kits (kev4000)

* Add BW and BA ammokits (kev4000)



* Reduce 2 drawcalls on Brickwall_24m_no_adversing (toddel)

* Fix Brickwall_24m use a Cracklayer all over the model. (toddel)

* Chateaux glass is now penetrable. (toddel)

* Farmhouse_01 samples LODS and Cols. need Lighting. (toddel)

* Stucco_stairs01 Fix Colision mesh. you can not longer view inside (toddel)



* Add Plane_32m tree. (toddel)



* Slow trucks down (ctz)

* Panzer IV F1: Remove "Phantom" Sparewheels only seen in from inside (toddel)



* Fix m1914 enfield (scope) (kev4000)

* Add M1917 enfield (kev4000)

* Make NO.1 Ironsight look less Blocky fix some smoothing errors and uppoly it a bit. (toddel)

* Add Beretta 38 SMG 3d ironsights and new animations (kev4000)

* Panzerfaust30m 1P more round warhead. add better Specular, fix Normalmap (toddel)

* Improved thompsonm1a1 1p. (toddel)

* Make m3greasegun Ironsight usable (toddel)

* Overworked Brenmk1 ironsight. (toddel)

* Improve No.4 Ironsight (toddel)

* Remove Z-fighting from Stemmk2. add some more polys to backarea for better 3d Ironsight (toddel)

* Remove Panzerschreck z-fighting (toddel)

* Add Bar1918a2 ironsights (kev4000)

* New Greasegun ironsight animations (kev4000)



* Lebisey bugfixes (mrcheese)

Changes from Version 1.3.391 to Version 1.3.437




* Allow disabling of push arrow (ctz)



* New Colt1911 1p 3p fire sound (bratwurst)

* Add FG42 (kev4000)

* Add M1914 enfield (scope) (kev4000)

* FG42 updates (kev4000)



* Flak euro trench (lobo)

* New stairs for eu_church2 trying to make them smoother (smig)

* More ruin church wall parts (smig)

* New collisions for ruin wall parts. (smig)



* Tweak handling of chevy 30cwt and unicarrier (ctz)

* Fix mass/handling of bedford (ctz)

* Fix glowing on Panther_A_wheels (toddel)

* Fix willys passenger floating above seat (ctz)

* Fix willys view angle (ctz)

* Fix Panther G weakpoints (ctz)

* Fix four Panther A's weakpoints (ctz)

* Reconfigure PzIIIN to have more HE, less AP and no special AP. (ctz)

* Fix pziiin col1 issues (ctz)

* Fix tiger (late) wreck sinking into ground (ctz)

* Fix StugIIIG shiny wheels (ctz)

* Extend nebelwerfer range (ctz)

* Add Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.H (toddel)

* Correct armour on cromwells (ctz)



* Change British Africa sniper to enfield pattern 1914 rifle (kev4000)

* Add pattern 1914 enfield kitmesh (kev4000)

* Addded some limited spawnclasses and altered some pickup kits to my needs (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.3.310 to Version 1.3.391




* G43 pickup kit now uses G43 kitmesh instead of StG44 kitmesh (lightning)



* Bernieres_sur_mere Church initial export (toddel)

* Fix crete_castle col bug which makes you fall through the stairs. (toddel)

* Add missing col0 to crate_bundle2 (toddel)

* Add Playerfriendly Col to all other ConcreteCrossings. (toddel)

* Added concretecrossing_wide (toddel)

* Removed a overlapping edge what cause ugly seams on townhouse_ruine002 (toddel)

* Make less shiny and overall Texture a bit more darker (toddel)

* Broken wall for church (smig)

* Add juno_beach_wall_2 (curved + gun emplacement) + update juno_beach_wall (smig)

* Update Cagny church with temporary playable colissions (smig)

* Update eu_church2 collision (smig)

* Some euro trenches (lobo)

* More trenches (lobo)

* Make lebiseytownsigh a bit more dirty (toddel)

* Add ruin_church parts (smig)

Damage System


* Tweaked tank damage system (ctz)



* M4A1 eu sight adjustments (kev4000)



* Optimise and slightly strengthen blur shader (ctz)



* Fix Breda M37 not causing damage in network games (ctz)

* Greasegun reload sound final (bratwurst)

* 03a03 (sethsoldier)

* M1928 bolt cock sound update/ Webley tweak (bratwurst)

* Add some piat animations (kev4000)

* Increase panzerfaust 30m range (kev4000)

* G43 tweaks (kev4000)

* M1 Garand tweaks (kev4000)

* Knoffhoff's uk entrenchment tool melee weapon (ctz)



* Small Lebisey tweaks (mrcheese)

* Lebisey reinforcements (mrcheese)

* PHL new version. (fhbeta_natty)

* New version of villers-bocage from guderian (ctz)

* New version of falaise from fuchswiesel (ctz)



* New mud/grass-walk/sprint sounds by zero (bratwurst)

Changes from Version 1.3.243 to Version 1.3.310




* M91carcano 3D ironsight (kev4000)

* M91 carcano carbine (kev4000)

* No1 SMLE 3D ironsights (kev4000)

* No4 3D ironsight update (kev4000)

* M3 GreaseGun 3D ironsight (kev4000)

* K98 3D ironsight update (kev4000)

* M1 Carbine animations and 3D ironsight (kev4000)

* Fix m1 carbine ironsight (lobo)

* Thompson M1928 stick magazine 3D ironsights (kev4000)

* Thompson M1928 drum magazine 3D ironsights (kev4000)

* StG44 animations and 3D ironsight (kev4000)

* Sten mk2 reload sound BF2 remix (bratwurst)

* BrenMK1 3D ironsights (kev4000)

* New stenmk2 fire sound wip (bratwurst)

* Add M1 Garand grenade launcher (HEAT) (kev4000)

* Stenmk2 final! stenmk2 fire sound final (bratwurst)

* Add M1 Garand Pineapple Rifle Grenade (kev4000)



* Added "Operation Goodwood" (knoffhoff)



* Cagny_ancient_building update (smig)

* Fountains update to match the new textures (smig)

* Cagny_ancient_building FINAL (smig)

* Fix col0 bug on crete_castle_maintower (toddel)

* Add crete_castle_10m_gate (toddel)



* Try to fix vehicle sliding. (gunnie)

* Fix excess smoke from wheeled vehicles (ctz)



* Added Operation Goodwood to localization (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.3.199 to Version 1.3.243




* Add cagny ancient building + france_misc_03 texture (smig)

* Make waterbassin handpump use new textures. need relighting (toddel)



* M10 hitpoints fix (kev4000)

* Add sherman_tracks ready for new uv-system (toddel)



* Improve FOV shader to improve quality and strength on zoomed 3d weapons (ctz)



* No, we can not ... (bratwurst)

* Fix M1911A1 Colt name and capacity (lightning)

* MP40 3D ironsight (kev4000)

* No4 3D ironsights (kev4000)

* G43_ZF bugfix and add sway to sight (kev4000)

* K98 3d ironsight (kev4000)



* Lebisey updates: (mrcheese)

* Add StuG to 64p Lebisey (mrcheese)



* Testing adjustments to fireteam leader spawning (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.3.136 to Version 1.3.199




* New p38 fire sound (bratwurst)

* No1smle/no4 fire sound test (bratwurst)

* M1917 Enfield fire sound test (bratwurst)

* New M1 carbine fire sound (still wip) (bratwurst)

* M1 carbine fire sound tweak (bratwurst)



* Fix concrete_feeder lightmap errors. Need Relighting! (toddel)

* Add fh_cablepole_concrete_des (toddel)

* Fix sdkfz251_d_wreck lightmap errors (toddel)

* Add crosses (smig)

* Cromwell_wreck use new Texture system (toddel)

* Fix gerpuptent bulletcolision (toddel)

* Fix barn03 colision what makes you jump to enter it (toddel)

* Fix visuell bug where a face hides the way to the 1st storey (toddel)



* Added map "Tank Firing Range" to map ftp. (knoffhoff)



* Added Engineer pickup kit (lightning)

* Added Engineer with Satchels (lightning)

* Standardized Western Front NCO kits (lightning)



* New system for Cromwell tracks (toddel)

* Stug_PIII_tracks new system textures added. (toddel)

* Epic pzivh kitbash (ctz)

* Updated glider with new mesh version. (gunnie)

Changes from Version 1.3.081 to Version 1.3.136




* Some BAR 1p anims (killi)

* Hopeful MG34 dolphin diving fix (kev4000)

* Add missing single-player ai templates and files. (gunnie)

* Thompson reload sound (bratwurst)

* StenMK2 3D ironsight TEST (kev4000)



* Dunghill use stairmaterial now (toddel)

* Walls colission update. no need to relight (smig)

* Update tweak files - please try to relight the gates (smig)

* Add new pillars (smig)

* Carts colission update. no need to relight (smig)

* Reduce specular brightness from france_plaster (toddel)

* Allow player to exit village_house_005 through the windows (toddel)

* Fix cap under windows village_house_015 (toddel)

* Add eu_church_ruin1 (and Cagny church) (smig)

* Switch materials on sackbarrow (toddel)

* Add stairs2m_straight_france (toddel)

* Smigs beloved Textures.... (toddel)



* Updated Typhoon Cockpit with new cockpit from Agus. (gunnie)

* Updated and optimized P3N with lods and trimed mesh in 1p lods. (gunnie)

* Major M4A1 changes (kev4000)

* Add Antenna to Puma APC. (gunnie)

* M10 tweaks (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.2.996 to Version 1.3.081




* New menu/interface button sounds (bratwurst)



* Watertower ladder switched colisions (toddel)

* Kubel_france_wreck and Kubel_static_france use correct normalmap now. (toddel)

* Add ladder ramp (for Juno beach wall) (smig)

* Add Juno beach wall (smig)

* Crete_castle_maintower complete (toddel)

Damage System


* Fix .50cal penetration (ctz)



* M4A1 bug fix (kev4000)

* M4A1 mesh fixes (kev4000)

* Optimize wreck collision mesh. (gunnie)

* Final normandy late tiger export (ctz)



* Add fall of tobruk global ambient sound (bratwurst)



* Panzerfaust 1p inc speed tweaks (killi)

* Turn off "reloadWithoutPlayer" everywhere (ctz)

* More Panzerfaust 30m bafs. Still rough but hopefully this is how it's supposed to work...


* Panzerfaust Inc change to play longer "tozoom" baf (killi)

* Pfaust zoom with new sighting. Prob still wrong, hehe. (killi)

* Cut in half visual recoil (kev4000)

* Add sway G43, M1 Garand (kev4000)

* Some g43 1p bafs (killi)

* New empty and bolt click sound (stg44 first) (bratwurst)

* G43 1p reload WIP while I figure out which hand will snap the bolt back (killi)

* Garad reload sound (bratwurst)

* An other toy for fff (sethsoldier)

* M1A1/M1 carbine handling tweaks (ctz)

* M3 grease gun fire sound (bratwurst)

* Set correct firerate for the wathog (bratwurst)

* Sten fire sound from FH42 soundpack (bratwurst)

* Fix any suppression/explosion effect when leaving a deployed gun (ctz)

* Correct BAR1918A2 firerates (ctz)

* G43 1p reload anim update (killi)

* New tank shell damage-distance code (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.860 to Version 1.2.996




* Add MG42 lafette, panzerscheck and bazooka kits (kev4000)

* Add MG42 lafette, bazooka and panzerscheck kitmeshes (kev4000)

* Add piat kitmesh (kev4000)

* Add G43 kitmesh (kev4000)

* Add Pickup G43 kit (kev4000)



* Village_house_007 glass now penetrable ( bugreport #934) (toddel)

* Add Ringstand_kwk_5cm (toddel)

* Improve lifting_block.collisionmesh (toddel)

* Added earth wall. (remdul)

* Fix gravestone4 (ctz)

* Add windows into townhouse_028_des soldier col (toddel)

* Bunker_kwk_5cm for juno Beach (toddel)

* Kwk_5cm_socket (toddel)



* Ported Schwimmwagen (toddel)

* Final Tiger textures (toddel)

* M4A1_eu WIP (kev4000)

* Ready for in game testing. Lods completed. (gunnie)

* Added france version of Kwk_5cm. (gunnie)

* Raise opacity of Vehicle glass texture (toddel)

* Add Horsa Glider (toddel)

* M4A1 eu revisions (kev4000)

* Lots of LCVP fixes (ctz)



* Localisation: German map loading texts (thanks Bulwey!) and minor Lebisey fix (lightning)

* M1A1 flamethrower exported (ctz)



* Garand 1p reload wip (killi)

* Garand reload baf, again.. grrrr (killi)

* More garand 1p bafs and tweak to reload (killi)

* Add MG42 lafette (kev4000)

* Add MG42 deployable handweapon (kev4000)

* Major texture changes (kev4000)

* Remove rambo rolling from new weapons (ctz)

* Garand testing 1p longer fade-in time for "still" bundle (killi)

* Some 1p StenMK2 bafs (killi)

* StenMK2 1p inc change, longer still fade-in value (killi)

* StenMk2 1p reload WIP (killi)

* StenMK2 1p reload WIP2 (killi)

* StenMK2 1p sprint w/cam motion (killi)

* StenMK2 1p Idles (killi)

* Some panzerfaust 30m baf WIPS. I know these are wrong sequence(pin is still in etc) but maybe

less painful to look at for now (killi)



* Lebisey changes (almost final): (mrcheese)

Changes from Version 1.2.758 to Version 1.2.860




* Correct artillery system with changed nebelwerfer gravitymod (ctz)



* Some Thompson M1A1 1p anims (killi)

* Thompson M1A1 deploy speed tweak (killi)

* Thompson reload clipping tweak (killi)

* M1a1 mine initial export (ctz)

* Garand stand and fire 1p tests (killi)

* Garand fire baf speed adjustment (killi)



* 2nd try to fix the watertower ladder! (toddel)

* Fixing smoothing errors and removing LODs under 300 polys (smig)

* Fh version of the bf2 palett and palettstack mappers pls replace for france! (toddel)

* Open_garage now have a 2nd exit to leave the 1st floor! less death trap... (toddel)

* France_showcase (toddel)

* Woodefence´s use more used wood now. delete unuseful LODs and tweaked player colisions (toddel)

* Re add farmwalls! delete un useful LODs (toddel)

* Add Brickwall3_5m, eurowall2_high_segment2 (smig)

* Add Footbox_9x bundle save 8 x the colisons and sample size (toddel)

* New Purple Heart Lane cover Texture (toddel)

* Fh_rudderboat_color added (toddel)

* Fix Texture switching/flickering on furnitures on low end computers! (toddel)

* Townsigns. Fix Flickering on low-end computers reduced drawcalls by 50% (toddel)

* Roadsignpoles. Fix Flickering on low-end computers (toddel)

* Tunis mosque tower (toddel)

* Add tunis_dome (toddel)



* New luttich version (fenring)



* Updated France Opel with lods. (gunnie)

* Nebelwerfer sound vers.1 (bratwurst)

* Speed up main gun movement and attempt to correct barrel drift on stug. (gunnie)

* Increase gun response and speed on Semovente. (gunnie)

* Normandy Tiger. (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.2.662 to Version 1.2.758




* Add luttich loading music (fhbeta_darkpepe)

* Add purple heart lane loading screen music (fhbeta_natty)



* Fixed townhouse_028_des.collisionmesh (malsa)

* New Lods for townsheds (toddel)

* Fix bad dirt channel on townsheds (toddel)

* Fix bad colisions on townsheds (toddel)

* Church open for vehicles (smig)

* Add church_pulip_left1 (smig)

* Townsheed 004 have bullet colision (toddel)

* Higher ceiling above stairs for smoother movement in the pdh_observation_bunker (smig)

* Closed invstairs down side to use object in mutiple directions (toddel)

* Add invplane for better player colisions (toddel)

* Fixing colission materials, optimizing LODs materials and removing LODs under 300 polys (smig)

* Fixing colission materials, optimizing LODs materials and removing LODs under 300 polys (smig)

* Add more detail to the rainpipe on townhouse005 improved colisions (toddel)

* Improve soldiers colision (toddel)

* Colisions improvements on village_house_014_des and village_house_015 (toddel)

* Townhouse_ruine001 colisions mesh improved. windows are wider and high. removed bug what makes

you stick in pile of wood (toddel)

* Less LODs for wood_floor_france. adjusted color to fit better in overall look (toddel)

* Single_tire_france remove 2 of 4 lods for better performance (toddel)

* Add single_tire_france_4x. a bundle to save performance (toddel)

* Add fh_rudderboat (toddel)

* Add a drain_gate (toddel)

* Add crete_caste statics (toddel)

* Make chinaplate thick to avoid clipping and z-fighting. (toddel)



* M4A1_tracks as single texture exported (toddel)

* M4A1_eu model by omni and Textures by Montoya (toddel)

* M4A1_eu_brit Textures (toddel)

* Fix artifacts on cromwell gunsight (ctz)

* Correct cromwell gun and add HE (ctz)

* Add kwk_5cm (toddel)

* Increase nebelwerfer ammo (ctz)

* Updated Nebelwerfer wreck and collision mesh. (gunnie)



* SGWR_34_france textures (toddel)

* M1A1 thompson sounds final (bratwurst)

* Piat adjustments (kev4000)

* Correct PIAT round damage (ctz)

* Various greasegun bafs now with open bolt (killi)

* Greasegun 1p reload wip (killi)

* Greasegun 1p idles (killi)

* G43 dynamic ironsight (kev4000)

* M1 Garand dynamic ironsight (kev4000)

* Sounds, sounds, sounds .. (bratwurst)



* New Operation Luttich version (fhbeta_darkpepe)

* Lebisey updates: add 16p mode, increase undergrowth distance, MG34->MG42, statics

additions/changes. (mrcheese)

* Luttich tweaks (fenring)



* Adjusting water basin effect (smig)

* Correct garand clip ejection (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.609 to Version 1.2.662




* Panzerschreck spawn screen and select icon (ctz)

* Redid spawn screen icons for bren, k98, no4, mp40 and thompsonm1928 (ctz)

* New spawn icons for g43, m1a1 thompson, garand, greasegun, mg34, piat (ctz)



* Fix france_watertower ladder. (toddel)

* Fix chateaux_backstairs. use stair material now. (toddel)

* Add better colision to brickwall_12m_broken (toddel)

* Fix poh_gun_emplacement.collisionmesh for smoother movement (toddel)

* Fix problem with townhouse_029_des collisionmesh stairs which make you stuck while moving to the

next storey (toddel)

* Ruin_01 easier to use entrance steps (toddel)

* Village_house_006 window cols are a bit bigger now for better gameflow (toddel)

* Fix Typo on (toddel)

* Fix bouncing player col on barn_02 (ctz)

* Add stairs material into townhouse001, 001 no ad, 003, (toddel)

* Various improvements on the regelbau_694.collisionmesh (toddel)

* Fix colisions in townhouse006_open which makes you stick into the ground (toddel)

* Fix screwed colorchannel on tunis walls (toddel)

* Delete (toddel)



* Adjust puma handling and add networkable on engine to fix silence (ctz)

* Fix silent sahariana engine in online play (ctz)

* Fix civcoupe's silent engines (ctz)

* Correct panther front armours (ctz)



* Fix panzerschreck and bazooka crashes (ctz)

* Panzerschreck updates (ctz)

* Correct panzerschreck and bazooka ammo (ctz)

* G43 tweaks (kev4000)

* G43 ZF tweaks (kev4000)

* M1 Garand tweaks (kev4000)

* Thompson M1A1 tweaks (kev4000)

* StG44 tweaks (kev4000)

* StG44 ZF tweaks (kev4000)

* Improvements + M1A1 Thompson sounds (bratwurst)



* Add nebelwerfer to purple heart lane (ctz)



* Improve e_backblast_bazooka (ctz)



* Fix GW_LMG_Limited client crash (ctz)

* Fix a bunch more crashing kits (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.604 to Version 1.2.609




* Some Greasegun 1p bafs (killi)

Changes from Version 1.2.519 to Version 1.2.604




* Add weapon icons (kev4000)



* Single_tire_france (toddel)

* Add kubel_static_france (toddel)

* Add kubel_france_wreck (toddel)

* Fixed drystonewall_straigh_5m color (toddel)

* Add FW190_wreck (toddel)

* Shed_metalroof (toddel)

* Add Wood_floor_france (toddel)



* Fix deployable system server crash when attempting to move an existing gun occupied by another

player (ctz)

* Fix onlyTakeableByTeam for flags which start neutral (ctz)



* PHL Files added: (fhbeta_natty)



* Add panzerfaust 30m (kev4000)

* Add MG42 (kev4000)

* Add MG42 emplaced bipod (kev4000)

* Add M3 Knife (kev4000)

* Grease Gun deploy speed tweak (killi)

* Grease gun stand and deploy test bafs (killi)

* Greasegun bafs with sep bolt (killi)

* Mg42: sound for test ready + updated tweak file (bratwurst)



* US kits updated (kev4000)


= FH2.15 RC3 =


Changes from Version 1.2.500 to Version 1.2.519




* Instead of disallowing multiple deployed guns per spawn, try to destroy the old deployed gun




* Dear SVN (kev4000)

* Deployable weapons have restricted exits (ctz)

* Add Carlisle Dressing (kev4000)



* Final tobruk terrain lightmaps (ctz)



* PaK35 HE (ctz)

* Add Kubelwagon late France version (toddel)

* Add kubelwagon_fr code (kev4000)


= FH2.15 RC2 =


Changes from Version 1.2.469 to Version 1.2.500




* Various communications fixes (ctz)



* Fh_na_house11_dest Fix Bug which allows player to crawl into the house. (toddel)

* Fh_na_house4_des cant be used as a ramp anymore (toddel)

* Ironbridge.collisionmesh improved player can step on bridge now sidewards without jumping


* Military_barbwire_3m_pole fix popping of small poles (toddel)



* Fix M3 Grant smoke shell loadout (ctz)



* Aberdeen use English Flagnames now! (toddel)

* Fix 2 Typos in German Localization (toddel)

* Update vehicles omitted in light combat mode (ctz)

* Tobruk localization typo (lobo)

* Remap 'move' sound binding (ctz)

* Fix req_new_order text (ctz)



* Geballte ladung_grenade 1p bafs (killi)

* Slightly adjust breda30 sight (ctz)

* Make deploy_marker stick to vehicles to avoid deployments inside vehicles causing physics errors


* Fix bredam37 player pose (ctz)

* Remove idles from no73 (ctz)



* Sfakia tweaks and fixes (mrcheese)

* Fix Crete monastery lightmaps (fenring)

* Sidi Rezegh door trigger radius reduced (ctz)

* Fix Sidi Rezegh kit positions and german counterattack makeup (ctz)



* Fix australian slouch hat (ctz)


= FH2.15 RC1 =


Changes from Version 1.2.445 to Version 1.2.469




* Fix nafrica_hangar player exterior collisions (ctz)



* Updated Installer Devlist (lightning)



* Fix plane physics (ctz)

* Spotter plane crosshairs (ctz)



* Fall of Tobruk: Final tweaks (lobo)

* Sfakia checkpoint names now in English (toddel)



* Adjust deployable marker to be rounded and symmetric (ctz)

* Fix deployable ammo system (ctz)

* Remove ugly blur plane from breda30 (ctz)



* Sidi Rezegh: 2.15 content (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.434 to Version 1.2.445




* Church ruin by Matt B now has lods and cols (malsa)

* Fix invisible_blocker_20m (ctz)

* Barn_01 by Matt B now with lods and cols (malsa)



* Panzer 3N at Mareth (lobo)



* Shorter version of Fall of tobruk map discription (bulwey) (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.2.386 to Version 1.2.434




* Fix immersive mode so its not the default (ctz)

* Vehicle shouts now team-local rather than just local (ctz)

* Zero's Music Changes (lightning)



* More euro trenches (lobo)

* Revert no colision for too big NA basket (toddel)

* Revert player cols on fhammocrate variants (toddel)

* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAPPERS NEED TO RELIGHT this object!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (toddel)

* Reexport Crete Monastery . (toddel)

* Eu_church1 update (smig)

* Add townhouse_30 + fixed LOD settings (malsa)

* Add church clocks (smig)



* Fix bofors always being wrecked (ctz)

* Revert HP changes (ctz)

* Fix static some defenses being too weak against HE (ctz)

* Fix bofors projectile collision (ctz)

* Add flak 18 fr and pg code (kev4000)

* Add bofors EU (kev4000)

* Correct swapped front/side armours on PZIVF1 and PZIVF2 (ctz)

* Fix civtruck and civcoupe's invulnerability to explosives (ctz)



* Fall of Tobruk localization (lobo)

* Fall of Tobruk localization p.2 (lobo)

* German Tobruk discription by HsLan-Bulwey (toddel)

* Tobruk english localization (lobo)

* New menu videos (ctz)



* Extend mortar whizz sound distance (ctz)

* Add Geballte Ladung Grenade (kev4000)



* Tobruk final lightmaps, small vehicle adjustments, blocking up of wallhacks and new overgrowth

atlas (ctz)



* Geballte Ladung Grenade for spawnable AT class (kev4000)

Changes from Version 1.2.240 to Version 1.2.386




* Optional immersive mode (ctz)



* Sdkfz251_d_wreck (toddel)

* Add woodenfence/WoodenFence_250_high_3m, +des (toddel)

* Add Bangalore ready for Export (toddel)

* Add Bangalore_crate_cls (toddel)

* Add Bangalore_crate (toddel)

* Add Street_guardrail_france family (toddel)

* Fix Tobruk undercover entrances step (toddel)

* Military_barbwire now harm soldiers on contact (toddel)

* Fh_na_villa1_des colisionmesh improvments (toddel)

* Fh_na_villa1.collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* Add Bunkerdoor (toddel)

* Alam_halfa ammocrate exploit fix (toddel)

* Added goodwood staircase (knoffhoff)

* Change in skirts of euro trenches (lobo)

* Add Concrete_Drainagepipe (toddel)

* Add concrete_feeder (toddel)

* Add eu_m1_t (lobo)

* Add corrugated_metal_plate (toddel)

* Eu_m1_cross (lobo)

* More euro trenches (lobo)

* Add canel_stream_control and mill_stream_control (smig)

* Add canel_stream_control_wide (smig)

* More euro trenches (lobo)

* Add France_carpets (toddel)

Damage System


* Tweaked tank armour damage system (ctz)



* Fix bad kit limiting kills on connect/reconnect (ctz)

* Remove use of timeInObjectWithPassengers until it works (ctz)



* Simplified german armour collisions (ctz)

* Further simplify PZ4 collisions (ctz)

* Improvements to M4A1 collisions (ctz)

* Remove hole in sdkfz251/1 flap collisions (ctz)

* Accurate masses for all vehicles (ctz)

* Standardise all vehicle HPs (ctz)



* Do not ignore menu settings for AI. (ctz)



* Add GeballteLadung_grenade (toddel)

* Uploaded panzerfaust 30m maxfile (knoffhoff)

* Update springfield sniper (kev4000)

* Add AN_M8_SmokeGrenade (toddel)



* Language and performance fix on Alam Halfa (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.2.096 to Version 1.2.240




* Add remaining awards images by FatJoe (ctz)

* Marking enemies now restricted to binoculars use rather than squadleaders (ctz)



* Fix little col2 bug on fieldTent (toddel)

* Player can not stick in village_fauntain any longer (toddel)

* Add townhouse_029_des by Malsa (toddel)

* Add village_house_005_cls (toddel)

* Tobruk_church Spiralstairs and Towerstairs works now fine. (toddel)

* Flak88_ammobasket col with stairmaterial (toddel)

* FHammmocrate player col readded with stairmaterial (toddel)

* Stack_of_logs (toddel)

* Reduce lod distances squaretable_blue (toddel)

* Tobruk_moquette samplesize reduced and lod faster now (toddel)

* Add stonewall_thick_rounded (toddel)

* Add stonewall_thick_90deg (toddel)

* Add Iron_balustrade and iron_balustrade_5m (toddel)

* Added a lower versions of all farmwalls, added some more desroyed versions and did lods for all.


* Add fh_stove (toddel)

* Add Static Opel_Blitz_fr Family (toddel)

* Add damaging ramp to military_barbwire_3mw (ctz)



* Engineer Silver now depends on global repairs (ctz)



* Fix impenetrable canvas on m3 stuart (ctz)

* Flak38.collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* Flakvierling38.collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* Lefh18.collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* Pak35.collisionmesh improved (toddel)

* Pak40_.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Pak40_static.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Pak38_static.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Pak38.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Pak35_static.collisionmesh improvements (toddel)

* Bofors40mm.collisionmesh improvments (toddel)

* M10 tank destroyer (kev4000)

* Fix spitfire camera (ctz)

* OpelBlitz_fr Textures , maxfiles (toddel)

* Fix PaK40 versions (ctz)



* New system for resupply of deployable kits (ctz)

* Deployment marker physics model now a 1.2m cube rather than point (ctz)

* Improve vickers303 seat animation and ik (ctz)

* Slightly oversize bipod wreck col0 to ease repair (ctz)

* Add PIAT Textures and Model. (toddel)

* Add StG44_ZF (kev4000)

* Add G43_ZF (kev4000)

* Fix various weapons hit indicators (ctz)

* Fix beretta hit indicators (ctz)

* Fix lewis bipod repairability (ctz)

* Adjust ranges of 25pdr, 105mm, and mortar HE damage (ctz)

* Slightly increase k98 grenade damage (not radius) (ctz)

* Fix sGWR34 player invulnerability (ctz)

* Slightly reduce movement effect on deviation for SMGs (ctz)

* Fix MG15_bipod repairability (ctz)



* Fix gazala bugs, add lafette/vickers to sidimuftah and 150th (fenring)

* Gazala replace stationary mortars with mortar kits , save one atlas lightmap, various static bug

fixes. (fenring)

* Redesign of plane reloads + some deployable kits: Alamein, Tobruk, Mersa Matruh (lobo)

* Less Tunis lightmaps (lobo)



* Add SMG + explosives pickup kit (ctz)

* Use aussie hat for more than just NCO (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.034 to Version 1.2.096




* Breda reload sound (bratwurst)

* New deployment system (ctz)

* Slightly reduce rifle deviation when in ironsights (ctz)

* Deployable mortars (ctz)



* Fixing missing roofcols (toddel)

* Improved col2 on FH_NA_houses 9-12 (toddel)

* Remove col2 from mortarjunk1 (toddel)

* Removed col2 on 25pdr_shellbox_cls, 25pdr_shellbox_open (toddel)

* Imrpove col2 on FH_NA_house5_dest, fh_na_house6_cls and FH_NA_house7_cls (toddel)

* Turn off teamFromClosestCP on player ammo boxes (ctz)

* Improve col2 on tobruk_transmissionstation (toddel)

* Tobruk_wrecked_walls col2 improvments (toddel)

* Larger, more obvious player ammo boxes (ctz)

* Sidi_Barracks col2 improvement (toddel)

* Sidi_Blockhouse col2 improvements (toddel)

* MiliBed3 col2 improvement (toddel)

* 6pdr col2 improvements (toddel)

* ST_flaktrench3 col improvments (toddel)

* St_flaktrench2 col improvments (toddel)

* St_flaktrench1 col improvments (toddel)

* Paktrench col improvments (toddel)



* Rendering optimisations to Operation Hyacinth and Crete (ctz)

* Major gazala changes (fenring)



* Ambient sounds (bratwurst)



* Adjust plane gun camera FOV (ctz)

* Revert PZ4 engine test change (ctz)

* Make planes throttle up 40% quicker and throttle down 33% quicker (ctz)

* Trucks and APCs slowly give infantry passengers ammo (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.2.006 to Version 1.2.034




* G43 sound (bratwurst)



* Fix jump stamina on italian soldiers (ctz)

* Slightly reduce jump impact on stamina (ctz)



* Pitchfork (toddel)

* Fix player collisions on military_barbwire_3mw (ctz)

* Add townhouse_028_des by malsa (toddel)

* Adjust civtruck lod distance (toddel)

* Add Tobruk_Block (toddel)

* Fix tobruk_building2_cls stair bug (toddel)

* Delete floating stone on fh_na_house10_dest_nobottom (toddel)

* Crete_monastary_walls lod distance reduced (toddel)

* Add crete_monastary_walls tobruk versions (toddel)

* Add Towndoor_1 and Towndoor_2 (toddel)

* Adjust NA colortextures to fit in Tobrukstyle (toddel)

* Fix lightmap error on new crete_archs (toddel)

* Add window_closed_shutter_01 (toddel)

* Add WoodenFence_250_high_1m (toddel)



* Optimise chevy30cwt texture usage (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.939 to Version 1.2.006




* Reduce ammo of satchel to 2 and remove silly sparks (ctz)

* Fix No4 scope to have accurate No32 scope (ctz)

* Breda30 reload baf tweak (killi)

* Finish normals on beretta 38 (ctz)

* Add Erdziellafette (toddel)

* Export MG34-Lafette (ctz)

* Deployable BredaM37 tripod (ctz)

* MG34-Lafette deployable (ctz)



* Add Crete_Arch_thick (toddel)

* Add Crete_arch_2x (toddel)

* Add stairs2x4m_straight (toddel)

* Add Window_Green_tobruk (toddel)

* Add Window_Green_halfclosed_tobruk (toddel)

* Add stairs_straight_2x1_25 (toddel)

* Add Tobruk_2_storey_cls (toddel)

* Sidi_undcover2 planar surface use better terrain textures (toddel)

* Add BarbedFence_single_stick (toddel)

* Add room_lamp_01 (toddel)

* Add room_lamp_03 (toddel)

* Add room_lamp_02 (toddel)

* Add Factory_001_cls (toddel)

* Add Strawstack_static (toddel)



* Add (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.1.919 to Version 1.1.939




* Add an option to linkCPs to have mixed source CPs result in a neutral target CP (ctz)



* Mortar_fire_1p sounds (bratwurst)



* Added some wreckage for destroyed radar (knoffhoff)

* Add Signal_Tower (toddel)

* Add drystonewall_straigh_10m_low for Tobruk to avoid big parts in the ground (toddel)

* Shorten Drystonewallset lod settings (toddel)

* Add stairs_straigt_4x4m for tobruk (toddel)

* NA_arch_4x for Tobruk aviable (toddel)

* Na_arch and na_arch2 lod earlier now (toddel)

* Add stairs_straight_1x1m for Tobruk (toddel)

* Beachramps (toddel)

Changes from Version 1.1.804 to Version 1.1.919




* Add eu_wtrench1 (lobo)

* Added static CivCoupe_wreck (toddel)

* Some eu trenches (lobo)

* Two trenches (lobo)

* Add a stretcher (toddel)

* Add WürzburgRiese (toddel)

* Add eu_m1_long, brown cow (lobo)

* Add invStairs_3x for smoother player colision (toddel)

* Eu_m1_zlong and updated eu_m1_long (lobo)

* Slightly adjusted toddels ditch to my needs and added another curved piece (knoffhoff)

* Eu trenches (lobo)

* Added radarcontrol building (knoffhoff)

* Add Radar_wuerzburgriese_des (toddel)

* Add freya_radar_des (toddel)

* Add PDH_Concrete_stairs (toddel)

* Add bunkerpart_6 (toddel)

* Add Bunkerpart_5 (toddel)

* Add ironstove (toddel)

* Added more destructed freya radar (knoffhoff)



* Revert to previous artillery maths (ctz)

* Turn off spammy debug for artillery spots, replace with reuse of "revive" score event (ctz)

* Disable kit limiting on AI games (ctz)



* Fix Pak40 variant skins regression (ctz)

* Adjust sahariana mass (ctz)

* Flak 88 col2 improvement (toddel)

* Solothurn s18 on sahariana now semi automatic, 60RPM fire-rate (ctz)

* Disable uav_pred entirely (ctz)



* Fix black minimap (ctz)



* Breda 1p deploy baf (killi)

* Breda30 going-to-prone 1p baf (killi)

* Breda 30 1p reload WIP for timing (killi)

* M1 Carbine sounds (bratwurst)

* STG44 export by Kev4000 (fenring)

* Fix errant local voices from players in vehicles (ctz)

* Fix LMG accuracy (ctz)

* Overhaul DICE M2HB (ctz)

* Tiger cannon for testing purposes and some tiny corrections (bratwurst)

* M91c 1p Bayo deploy tweak (killi)

* M91 1p Bayo deploy tweak (killi)



* Small tweaks: Bardia and Mareth (lobo)



* Deaden ragdoll physics to give a more 'sack of spuds' effect (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.766 to Version 1.1.804




* Make minimap grid overlay better labeled (ctz)



* Fix 3p bayonet deploy sounds (ctz)

* Added Panzerschreck/Bazooka sound + Bazooka reload sound (bratwurst)

* Some various liftings/earcandy + added springfield bolt, winchester cock sound (bratwurst)

* Changed path of Breda 1p anims to own folder (killi)

* Some Breda30 1p anims. (killi)

* Some more Breda30 1p bafs (killi)

* New BAR sound (bratwurst)



* Various sahariana improvements (ctz)

* Attempt number 2 to prevent flying pak40 (ctz)

* Added tank reload sound to valentine II (bratwurst)

* New-old Tiger sound (bratwurst)



* Add dimer lights (smig)



* Gazla, undergrowth performance tweak, 1 more pz3 for ger, possible problem with roads fixed,

lightmaps cleaned. (fenring)

* Tunis changes (lobo)

* Mareth Line changes (lobo)

* Cleanising: Supercharge and Matruh (lobo)

Changes from Version 1.1.723 to Version 1.1.766




* Fix empty spot on the end of squadmember hud (ctz)

* Make SL spotting work again (ctz)



* Fix giarabub_tower3 lodding (ctz)

* Fix lod distances of brit_dsrt_tent, brit_dsrt_tent_Med, giarabub_mosqueyard and st_trench1


* Add Z-buffer workaround for Tubrukroadsigns (toddel)

* Metalbucket (toddel)

* Add wood_bridge_small (toddel)

* Prevent all projectiles from hitting the poles holding up cammo nets (ctz)



* Kit limiting of NCO kit now works over reconnections (ctz)



* Italians at Hyacinth (lobo)

* Changes to sfakia and crete undergrowth (ctz)



* Fix lack of destruction effects for many vehicles when destroyed by large calibre weapons (ctz)

* Fix canvas material on semovente l40 (ctz)

* Erase ignore for sahariana (lobo)

* Fix sahariana shinyness and un-armed version (ctz)

* Improve DaimlerMk1 engine strength and sound (ctz)

* Twiddle pak40 inertiamods (ctz)



* Swap sounds for losing and enemy gaining flags (ctz)

* Fix australian 'unit spotted' sound (ctz)



* Breda30 only fireable when prone as per mg34 (ctz)



* Slightly expand alpha for feathers portion of italian hats texture (ctz)



* Restore controls.con from backup if it becomes zero sized or goes missing (ctz)

* FH2.exe now compatible with vista UAC (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.657 to Version 1.1.723




* Bazooka 1p run and sprint bafs (killi)

* Bazooka 1p bafs including reload WIP (killi)

* Updated Bazooka 1p reload baf. Slightly longer. (killi)

* Add deviation meter to weapons without crosshairs (ctz)

* Enable hit indicators on static MGs (ctz)

* HUD icon from deployable vickers303 (ctz)



* Stairs6m col2 improvement (toddel)

* Add villagehouse 13 (toddel)

* Add village_house_014_des (toddel)

* Add village_house_015 (toddel)



* Fix italian kit icons (ctz)

* Add SMLE reduced ammo version (ctz)

* Adjust italian rifles ammo (ctz)



* Fixes to spotting system: duplicate messages, distance regression (ctz)

* Fix misspellings of Carcano (ctz)



* Civilian coupés (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.610 to Version 1.1.657




* Vastly adjust communications hud (ctz)



* Fix damage from oversize barbedwire player collisions (ctz)

* New brickwall pillars (smig)

* Freya_Radar (toddel)



* Add correct smoke dispenser to tiger (ctz)

* Toughen up tiger front (ctz)



* BAR 1918A2 coded (ctz)

* Final Breda30 export (ctz)

* Mod43 grenade arming baf. Someone pls let me know if this is not correct. (killi)

* M1 carbine and M1A1 carbine coded (ctz)

* Correct damage of 75mmL24 HEAT projectile (ctz)



* Disable country-specific injury sounds (ctz)



* United states flags (ctz)



* Adjust thompson muzzle fx to show compensator action (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.487 to Version 1.1.610




* Australian with slouch hats (ctz)

* Italian kits exported (ctz)

* Country-specific death and injury sounds (ctz)

* Final IA kits with LODs and dropkits (jodonnell)



* Enable Col2 for 2pdr Boxes! to fix Alamhalfa Ammobox Glitch (toddel)

* Belgian_Gate_sandversion (toddel)

* Barrage blimps (ctz)

* Small tobruk to be placed on ground (smig)

* Add water tank (smig)

* Add a Dunghill (toddel)

* Add a Dungbox (toddel)

* Add ruin_01 (toddel)

* Added Fire_trench (lobo)

* Add conference_table (toddel)

* Mareth Line changes (lobo)

* Add z_trench (lobo)

* Texture fix & psd (lobo)

* Add Francewatertower (toddel)

* Add village_house_012_open (toddel)



* Added green appletree. (remdul)



* Sdkfz251_d (toddel)

* Add stuka_zu_fuss textures and Model (toddel)

* French storch exported (ctz)

* Piper J-2 cub (US version) (ctz)

* Updated Vehicles to add Breda 37 and mesh tweaks. (gunnie)



* Remove another non-aussie voice from the aussie set (ctz)

* Fix some missing aussie localisations (ctz)

* Cow pat (ctz)

* Add short delay to auto grenade voice (legwork by bratwurst) (ctz)

* Fix sound for 'auto' spot (ctz)

* Double undergrowth density with no performance cost (by remdul) (ctz)

* Some corrections of weapon designations, (knoffhoff)



* New beretta 34 and 38 sounds (ctz)

* Some textures (lobo)

* Uploaded psd and max file of uk_entrenchment_tool (knoffhoff)

* Fix smoothing groups on no4scope (ctz)

* Fix p38 sights (ctz)



* Small giarabub and Tunis tweaks (lobo)

* Alamein cleanising, pak40 sandgelb for mareth (lobo)

* Added ctz's video performance improvement permanently to the map, reduced number of different

spawnable objects from 37 - 28 (knoffhoff)

* Aussies at Tobruk, bardia and giarabub (lobo)

* Tunis changes (lobo)



* Toolbox Update 1.1.501, new buddy and favourite server system + minor bugfixes (purity)

Changes from Version 1.1.438 to Version 1.1.487




* Add US menu icons (lobo)



* Watermills update - lower water level + option to put it full in water (smig)

* Textures for smig (lobo)

* Tobruk Barracks Fix Bug that allows Vehicle to drive inside. Overall Colision Optimizations


* Crete Statics Colision Improvements (toddel)

* Tobrukhouse_I Col2 Improvements. Thx Lord Helmchen for the Report (toddel)

* Add altar (smig)

* Col2 improvements (toddel)

* Add lcvp__staticversion (toddel)

* Add LandingCraftAssault_static (toddel)

* Add max files for my models (hope they are the final ones hah) (bizness)



* Adjust repair and ammo giving points (ctz)

* Attempt to track spotters for artillery and award assist points (ctz)

* Initial version of FH2 decorations (ctz)



* Add (toddel)



* Some corrections and improvements for german localization made by Bulwey (knoffhoff)

* Add sky for operation luttich (fenring)

* Preliminary operation luttich localization (english only, needs translations) (fenring)



* Make the tommy gun eject the correct round type (ctz)

* Stabalise deployable vickers 303 (ctz)

* British grappling hook (ctz)

* Improve usability of K98 scope (ctz)

* Remove view spring in zoomed mode (ctz)

* Detatch extra bolt part on No1SMLE (ctz)

* Enlarge foresight on No1SMLE (ctz)



* Some gazala tweaks, flak88, 6pounder and carro back tot 27 veichle types, grant balancing


* Tobruk balance fixes, Tunis tweaks (lobo)



* Gramophone - adding edith piaf music (smig)



* Fix dropkits (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.350 to Version 1.1.438




* Fix pickup kit bugs (missing index 3 items) (ctz)

* Pilot kit mesh (ctz)

* British commando kit gets the stick tommy gun (ctz)

* Fix medic kit hats etc (ctz)



* Fix artillery request button (ctz)

* Tie spotting submenu to binocs (ctz)



* Eu_church1 update (smig)

* Fix giarabub_mosqueyard collisionmeshes players will not stick on stairs anymore. (toddel)

* LOT OF Soldier colision improvements (toddel)

* DAKcrates without Country specific Symbols (toddel)

* Remove col2 on player_ammoboxes (toddel)

* Matruh Buildings Player Colision Improvements (toddel)

* Tobruk Garage and Tobrukhouse 2 player colision improvement (toddel)

* Invisible stair for mappers (lobo)

* Fix Static ju 52 wheels cols and open the Back (toddel)

* FH_NA_house1_dest minimize the risk to get stuck on the beams. player now are able to climb the

1st floor (toddel)

* Guardhouse windows now use Glass. (toddel)

* Water mills player colission update (smig)

* More player colissions update (smig)

* Hiding objects mappers don't need (bundled objects) (smig)

* Add FlakFortification (toddel)

* Fix cows scale (lobo)

* Fix Hurricane_MkII wreck Col (toddel)

* Fix Opel Blitz DAK Wreck Col2 (toddel)

* Fix Bug which allows player to look through the Sandbags (toddel)

* NA_House Series col2 improvements (toddel)

* Add free french flag (lobo)

* Add Ironrung ladder (toddel)

* Add Concretewall_Thick_10m,Concretewall_Thick_20m,Concretewall_Thick_5m,Concretewall_Thick_5m_fa

lling (toddel)

* Increase bedford_wreck Lod distance (toddel)

* FH Ladders now use common texture (toddel)

* Eu_church1 done :) (smig)

Damage System


* Tough light vehicles and emplaced guns vs grenades (ctz)



* Fix stereo sound on tiger (ctz)

* Improve tiger engine sound, and toughen it up a bit (ctz)

* Fix crete ctd (ctz)

* Hanomag flaps start open (ctz)

* Correct tiger loadout (ctz)



* Italian victory song (ctz)

* Remove radio sounds from voice commands (ctz)

* Remove messages from local voice commands (ctz)

* Remove some british voices from the Aussie set (ctz)



* Toughen emplaced weapons vs all explosives (ctz)

* Fix broken duck cameras on mg15, mg34 and breda m37 (ctz)

* Fix bayonet deployment sound bug (ctz)

* Increase deviation when firing handheld MG34 while standing (ctz)

* Hit indicator for mounted MG34 (used on zwillingssockel 36) (ctz)

* Improved breda m37 sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* Improved breda m30, carcano m91, carcano carbine m91/38 and winchester sounds by bratwurst (ctz)



* Save 48MB of VRAM on Alam Halfa (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.1.318 to Version 1.1.350




* M91carcano load and reload bafs. WIPs. (killi)

* Adjust deployable vickers deploy position (ctz)

* Add slow ammo capability to deployable vickers (ctz)

* Fix M3 grant gun (ctz)



* Manually clean spawners created by deployable weapons at round start/end (ctz)



* Add broken wall segments (smig)

* Various player colisoin fixes and lod improvements (toddel)

* 2pdr boxes now uses correct materials (toddel)



* Updated german localization with new weapons (knoffhoff)

Changes from Version 1.0.823 to Version 1.1.318




* No1 smle grenade launcher (ctz)

* IT and AU menu icons (lobo)

* More menu stuff (lobo)

* Fixed icons format (lobo)



* Add village_house_006 (toddel)

* Fix marketstand supersize. (toddel)

* Add Belgian_Gate (toddel)

* Add Wine Textures (toddel)

* Add 2 Bottles (toddel)

* Add Barcounter (toddel)

* Add Transmissionstation_france (toddel)

* Cable_damaged_FH (toddel)

* Add pictureframe dirt to dirttexture (toddel)

* Added villagehouse007 (toddel)

* Beanpoles (toddel)

* Updated Giarabub localization and added italian flag (lobo)

* Delete ignore for Giarabub statics (lobo)

* Added Petrolpump (toddel)

* Add Crate_Supersize (toddel)

* Broken Bunkerparts (toddel)

* Added waterbasin (knoffhoff)

* Add Panther_A_late_wreck (toddel)

* Add Panther_A_early_wreck (toddel)

* Add Panther_G_wreck (toddel)

* Cammonets col3 fixes (lobo)

* Add Cromwell_wreck (toddel)

* Added aussie flag (lobo)

* Added as et of farmwalls (knoffhoff)

* Copplestonebridge_big_broken (toddel)

* Gravestone lightmap samples (toddel)

* Update - eu_church1_windows fixed (smig)

* Update - fountains and waterbasin moved into fountains folder (smig)

* Update - water mill moved to mills folder (smig)

* Add - waterbasin water effect (smig)

* Factory001 (toddel)

* Update - fixed texture path (smig)

* Add eu_watermill2 (smig)

* Update - name change for watermill stones (smig)

* Add wood wheelbarrow (smig)

* Add FH_2WheelsCart1 (smig)

* Move visible part of static_mines_long down (visible on mareth in AT ditch) (ctz)

* Congratulation - it's a boy, it's a girl (smig)

* Quack, quack (smig)

* Update - destroyable ducks (smig)

* Some statics fixes (lobo)

* Barn_03_cls (toddel)

* Add barn_02_cls (toddel)

* Added Window Planks (lobo)

* More carts :D (smig)

* Gravestone4 fix..... (toddel)

* Lebisey townsign (toddel)

* Trimmed_Timber (toddel)

* Campfire (toddel)

* Fix cow colls (lobo)

* Add - fh_eu_bunker1 (smig)

* Add Barcounter2 (toddel)

* A Floorlamp (toddel)

* Add a Sofa (toddel)

* Improve fh_cablepole_1arm cols (toddel)

* Add cablepole without a arm (toddel)

* Waco wreck (lobo)

* France_Propaganda signs (toddel)

* France Roadsigns (toddel)

* Stonewall_Thick_5m for Testing. (toddel)

* Added france_windmill (toddel)

* Add France Stonewall_Thick (toddel)

* Add wooden stairs (lobo)

* A Set of France_stairs_1m (toddel)

* Fixed stairs (lobo)

* France_gardenfence (toddel)

* France_gardenfence variations (toddel)

* Fix camels in pain (ctz)

* Add Gramophone (smig)

* Add church bells (smig)

* Add Open_garage (toddel)

* Mortain City sign (toddel)

Damage System


* New tank penetration, non-penetration and grenade explosion sounds by bratwurst (ctz)



* Attempt at fixing the coop flag capping bug. Could somebody test a coop game? (bizness)

* Fix a bug in conquest gamemode causing flags to fail to switch when reaching the top of the pole


* Increase frequency of awarding teamwork points (repair, heal, ammo) (ctz)



* Add Lettuce (toddel)

* Added hedgerows (remdul)

* Add appletree (toddel)

* Added various Bushes (toddel)

* Added new ferns (greener than the BF2 vanilla ones, fewer polies, smaller texture) (remdul)



* Western front universal carrier exported (ctz)

* Cromwell Track Textures (toddel)

* Add Cromwell Tank and Textures (toddel)

* Cromwell exported (ctz)

* Normal/Specular for Cromwelltracks (toddel)

* Stug Tracks on Europe Set.Diffuse/Normal/Specular done. (toddel)

* Add! (toddel)

* M8 Greyhound by Agus (toddel)

* Ai updates to vehicles...still testing (bizness)

* Added Sd.Kfz 234/2 (toddel)

* Add SdKfz251/10 (ctz)

* 25Pdr MK IV (toddel)

* Fix left/right limits on static anti-tank guns (ctz)

* Fix categorisation of ju52 passengers (ctz)

* Vehicle sound improvements by bratwurst (ctz)

* 25pdr MkIV exported (ctz)

* Add Tiger trackstextures (toddel)

* Fix crusader mk3 shiny wheels (ctz)

* Tiger DAK Textures (toddel)

* THE TIGER :P (toddel)

* Add normals for all unfinished africa tracks (ctz)

* Export DAK Tiger (ctz)

* Correct round naming for the default round for 50mm KwK L/42 and L60 guns (ctz)

* Adjust main camera of some AT guns upwards to give better visibility (ctz)

* Save 6.7MB of VRAM on maps with both PZIV4-F1 and PZIV4-F2 (ctz)



* Giarabub localization (lobo)

* Added Tunis map, by Otolikos, and localization (lobo)

* Updated german localization with giarabub and tunis mapdescriptions. Fixed several other

spelling errors. (knoffhoff)

* Sky hedgerow and goodwood (knoffhoff)

* Added new commands to german localization (knoffhoff)

* Silence satellite_target sound (ctz)



* Ai updates to weapons...still testing (bizness)

* No1 mk3 smle initial export (ctz)

* No4 reload 1p anim bolt fix (killi)

* No1 mkiii smle finished (ctz)

* No1 mk3 bayonet done (ctz)

* No1 bayo deploy alteration (killi)

* M43 grenade exported (ctz)

* Make lewis_bipod destroyable (ctz)

* Add Carcano modello 1891 (ctz)

* Some bazooka 1p bafs. Need to sort out a final carrying and zoom position. (killi)

* Add carcano carbine m91/38 (ctz)

* Bazooka stand and zoom 1p bafs for testing. (killi)

* Add winchester 12 (lobo)

* Sound improvements by bratwurst (ctz)

* Modello 39 combat knife by seth_soldier (ctz)

* Add Fucile Modello 1891 (bayonet version) by seth_soldier (ctz)

* Add Fucile Modello 91/38 (bayonet version) by seth_soldier (ctz)

* Stop smoke rounds from ricocheting (ctz)

* Exported mod35 oto grenade by knoffhoff (ctz)

* Correct mg34 drum capacity (was 75 rounds, should be 50) (ctz)

* Mg34_bipod now has the correct bipod, and is destroyable (ctz)

* Fix mg15_air exterior sound distance (ctz)

* Mg15_bipod now destroyable (ctz)

* Breda m37 emplaced HMG (ctz)

* Add "peer over" cameras to static MGs (ctz)



* Mareth Line balance fixes (lobo)

* Aberdeen balance fixes (lobo)

* Italians at Bardia (lobo)

* Aussies in Bardia, Giarabub and Tobruk (lobo)

* Mersa Matruh, no more tanks exploits (lobo)

* Bardia, El Alamein, Giarabub, Mareth Line, Mersa Matruh, Aberdeen, Hyacinth, Sidi Rezegh,

Tobruk, Supercharge, Tunis: New voices (lobo)

* Sfakia voices (mrcheese)

* Gazala: ammokits, new voices, reduce vehicle types, new 32p, minor changes (fenring)

* Added SMLE at Bardia, Giarabub, Mersa Matruh, Tobruk, Sidi rezegh, Aberdeen, Hyacinth (lobo)

* Fix alamein overgrowth (lobo)

* Gazala further tweaks to objectspawners, overgrowth, undergrowth, staticload, shadowmap,

lightmaps (fenring)

* Final tweaks to crete, Giarabub and Bardia armies (lobo)

* Add No.1 to Sfakia (mrcheese)

* Tiger at Mareth, Lord have mercy + vehicles clean and balance changes (lobo)



* Update - fixed water texture path (smig)

* Tone down complexity of many effects (ctz)



* Set cpu affinity on bf2.exe (ctz)

* Fix silent failing of fh2.exe (ctz)

* Reverse sense of cpu affinity switch (now +singleCore) (ctz)

* Correct crash reporter having fixed window size (ctz)



* Correct italian flag (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.796 to Version 1.0.823




* Push: make arrows to unrecappable flags (ctz)



* Small fixes for Mersa Matruh (lobo)

* Added even more mines to alam, if it now does not work we either talk about different things or

there is no way to fix it (knoffhoff)



* Added Jaima (toddel)

* Add two woodefence_250cm versions (toddel)

* Add townhouse027 (toddel)

* Added lods and final cols to knohhhoffs cagny_trainstation (toddel)

* Add Village/village_house_005 (toddel)

* Add lods and cols to knoffhoffs village_house_004 (toddel)

* Added copplestonebridge_big lightmap samples (toddel)

* Added small_table_white (toddel)

* Added small_table_brown (toddel)

* Added Small_Rack (toddel)

* Added Davenport (toddel)

* Added chair1_white (toddel)

* Added chair1_brown (toddel)

* Added cover for village_house_011 (knoffhoff)

* Chair fabric texture (toddel)

* Add melfa sign (lobo)

* Small hyacinth 32 fix (lobo)



* Fix carro m13/40 fire rates and delaytouse (ctz)

* Fix inconsistent reload times / delays on pak38 and sdkfz222 (ctz)



* Fix object 3d minimap distances (regression) (ctz)


= FH2.01 RC2 =


Changes from Version 1.0.762 to Version 1.0.796




* Turn off enemy nametags again (ctz)



* Add a new cablepole for houses (bizness)

* Removed invisible door on crete house3 (toddel)

* Improved player colisions Giarabub_mosqueyard (toddel)

* Fix lod distances on piano static (ctz)

* Finished Giarabub Mosque, needs export (lobo)

* Graziani's fence (lobo)

* Final Export of the Giarabub_mosque (toddel)

Damage System


* Fix HE shells damage vs spaced/sandbag armour (ctz)



* Scoring system updated for new vehicles (ctz)



* Extend parachute lod distance (ctz)

* Adjust ju52 passengers pose, and reenable vehicle hud (ctz)

* Reduce tractor torque (ctz)



* Fix typos and log file position for patcher (ctz)

* Support for new vehicles in infantry-only mode (ctz)



* Extend lod distance for mareth line trees (ctz)



* Fix AT gun shell ejections (ctz)



* Fix a harmless warning if you cleared shader cache and run fh2 without ever having run bf2 (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.745 to Version 1.0.762




* Add selection icon for ammo resupply kit (ctz)



* Fix alamein roads and more giarabub statics (lobo)

* Giarabub statics (lobo)



* Sfakia changes: added bikes to 64 and 16 player versions, made all ladders vertical, moved

sniper rifle pickup kits so their orientation fits better. (mrcheese)

* Fix unlocked Panzer IIF on Alam Halfa (ctz)



* Fix parachute texture paths (ctz)

* Correct pzivd armour values (ctz)

* Make parachutist pose a bit more natural (ctz)



* Remove dof effect from binoculars (broke spotting) (ctz)



* New ammo resupply kit kitmeshes (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.704 to Version 1.0.745




* Giarabub walls (lobo)

* More Giarabub statics (lobo)

* Giarabub_mosqueyard (toddel)



* Improve tractor torque (ctz)

* Extend ju52 lod distances (ctz)

* Attempt to fix crashing tractor (ctz)

* Fix civtruck exits (ctz)

* Neverdrawas1p for tractor and ju52 passengers (ctz)

* Toughen up the ju52 (ctz)

* Strengthen valentine ii on the turret top/deck (ctz)

* Fix ju52 lods for those with crap PCs (ctz)

* Various parachute-related improvements (ctz)



* Static mesh shader: do dirt after crack, not before (ctz)

* Updates to the Dutch localisation (lightning)



* Replace DICE-sourced mp40 reload sound with new one by bratwurst (ctz)

* Redo reloadammokit grip (ctz)



* Uploaded Yet Another Final version for Crete_1941 (fhbeta_darkpepe)



* Make e_hgr_wpGrenade perform a bit better (ctz)

* Improve e_vexp_AirGeneric_2nd (ctz)



* Fix an erroneous warning by fh2.exe (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.579 to Version 1.0.704




* Fix bir_hacheim lightmapsamples (toddel)

* Giarabub statics (lobo)

* Update sidi_hq_section1 col2 (smig)

* Reexported the Panzerfaust boxes to get rid of some lightmap errors. Also added a bundle

earlier. (knoffhoff)

* More giarabub statics (lobo)

* Cows (lobo)



* Make players die in <3 second parachute drops (ctz)



* Make the panicum_turgidum lod a little later now. (toddel)



* Tinkly bell for rideable_bicycle (ctz)

* Improve landing gear controls (ctz)

* Fix bicycle causing damage/force when exploding (ctz)

* Fix material of dorchester driver flaps (ctz)

* Adjust position of deacon gun camera and speed up gun rotation (ctz)

* Fix networking for carro armato m13/40 and semovente l40 (ctz)

* Turn off weapons for ju52 passengers (ctz)

* Ju52 lods, 1p and various model fixes (ctz)

* Fix ju52 propellers (3 vs 2 blades) (ctz)

* Fix too-low exits on bedfordoyd ammo version and civtruck (ctz)

* Fix italian tanks fire sounds (ctz)

* Decrease camera fov inside plane cockpits(so you see less cockpit and more outside) (ctz)



* Fix seams in dice (fenring)

* Bulwey made corrections on german localization and added description of crete (knoffhoff)

* Trying new bell sound file format.For Pepe (gunnie)

* Test files for Pepe (gunnie)



* Vastly reduce mg34 and bren zoomed recoil (ctz)

* Remove delaytouse from parachutes (ctz)

* Slow supply_crate repair speed (ctz)

* Add ammo-reloading kit by camelnele with modelling by toddel (ctz)

* Tried to somewhat improve no69 skin (knoffhoff)

* Remove player collisions from lewis (ctz)

* Lewis lod distances (ctz)

* Fix bren (armament) reload sound (ctz)

* Re-extend suppression distance (ctz)



* Alam Halfa fixes (knoffhoff)

* Mareth fixes (lobo)

* Some Alam Halfa changes (knoffhoff)

* Gazala final changes (fenring)

* Final Version Of Crete_1941 (fhbeta_darkpepe)



* Bring back e_sAmb_wreckfire (ctz)

* Fix e_samb_oiltower_fire (was detected as a mine) (ctz)

* Tweaked sound file for Pepe to fix sound (gunnie)

* Test files for Pepe (gunnie)



* Fix some erroneous triggers of the crash reporter (ctz)

* Add protection against spontaneous reboot/bsod ruining game installs to fh2.exe (ctz)

* Fix fh2.exe (broken since 6th march!) (ctz)

* Fh2.exe: warn if critical files fail to be moved (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.575 to Version 1.0.579




* Fix stuka texture paths (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.503 to Version 1.0.575




* Fix bir_hacheim_1 collisionmesh players should now not go thru the roof anymore. (toddel)

* Add market_stand by Bratwurst. Good Work Thx for your help. (toddel)

* Fix hole in col2 so player doesn't fall through. (bizness)

* Added fh_militarymast for crete map (toddel)

* Fix parachute onto nissenhut glitch (ctz)

Damage System


* Overhaul of tank hit and richchet effects (ctz)



* Increase HALO time from 2/4 to 3/6 seconds (ctz)



* Updated tractor mesh, left to do - lods and finalize wreck model. (gunnie)

* Created Lods, updated Max Scene, Tweaked tractor and added fender rider to tractor. (gunnie)

* Fix stuka camera switch (ctz)

* Revert panzer 3 handling change (ctz)

* Export stuka with floor window (ctz)

* Different pz3 handling improvements (ctz)

* Further improvements to static defense repair times (ctz)

* Improve parachute physics and remove weapon usage from paratroopers (ctz)

* Make matilda ii deck armour slightly thicker (ctz)

* Make civtruck chase cam less floppy, and make the truck steer slower (ctz)



* Mareth finished and localization (lobo)

* Mareth localization (lobo)

* Crete localization (lobo)



* Fix some extra prone animations (ctz)

* Fix silly beretta38 rambo roll animation (ctz)

* Fix slightly floating 2pdr wreck (ctz)

* Further adjustments to handheld AT weaponry (ctz)

* Weaken artillery HE vs armour (ctz)

* Show number of magazines left in tank coaxial/hull MGs (ctz)



* Uploaded new Crete_1941 Version (fhbeta_darkpepe)

* Uploaded new Crete_1941 Version (2), (fhbeta_darkpepe)



* Improvements to distance sounds (ctz)

* Make medium-damaged aircraft belch black smoke (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.475 to Version 1.0.503




* Ignore any infantry tks from ju52 (ctz)

* Inflict damage for HALO use of parachutes (ctz)



* Reduce all sound distances (ctz)



* Make CivTruck rear gate work again (ctz)

* Make ju52 passengers exit outside (ctz)

* Fixed collision mesh materials, to prevent damage to bike while riding. Added kick-stand.

Roughed up potential wreck model idea. (gunnie)

* Reduce all engine sound distances (ctz)

* Add Stuka bottom Window and fix model error on front Nose. Need Reexport! (toddel)

* Adjust some wreck HPs to lengthen repair time (ctz)



* Reduce "satellite_target" sound volume (ctz)



* Improve e_muzz_handgun (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.451 to Version 1.0.475




* Fix handheld explosives strength (ctz)

* Fix geballteladung delaytouse (ctz)

* Overhaul gun recoils (ctz)

Damage System


* Set ship_deck material to have no damage vs soldiers (ctz)



* Fix marethCommandBunker textures and wall gap (bizness)

* Fix lod's for low graphics settings (bizness)



* Slightly weaken matilda and valentine rear/deck armours (ctz)

* Some ju52 collisions and exit fixes (ctz)

* Fixed sound issue with carro and semovente. Changed line of code to 3d sound and sound file

from a 1p sound.wav file to the proper 3p.wav file. (gunnie)

* Added new tweak, mesh,etc. for rideable bicycle. Added in "Red Tractor", created 3p Tractor

Driver animations, tweak and code. Tractor has been tested in editor. Still needs in game

functional test as does new tweaks to bicycle. (gunnie)

* Fixed animation name from tractor_driver_die.baf to proper animation name tractor_die.baf


* Correct pzivd_na name (ctz)

* Improvements to wip new tank handling for panzer 3's (ctz)

* Improve parachute physics (ctz)

Changes from Version 1.0.394 to Version 1.0.451




* Soldier collision exclusion on 2pdr-related small statics (ctz)

* Soldier collision exclusion on static_mines_long (ctz)

* Fix shiny trench skirts on mareth (ctz)

* Fix bridge_via_balbia player collision (ctz)

* Sidi barracks col3 (lobo)

Damage System


* Overhaul bomb damage vs armour (ctz)

* Slightly decreased small arms damage against aircraft (ctz)



* Added Aussie version of Carro M13-40. Tank is complete and ready for testing. (gunnie)

* Correct m3-grant's 75mm gun projectile (was l40, should be l31) (ctz)

* Kettendrad updated with added "stabs" to counter tip over. Texture fixed on wreck model.

Steering adjusted some more. (gunnie)

* Fix shiny ju52 static wreck (ctz)



* Translated gazala and mareth mapdescription (knoffhoff)



* Fix boys zoomed fire/shift sound sync (ctz)

* Increase k98-scope accuracy (ctz)

* Vary fov effect strength with weapon type (ctz)

* Fix fov shader on jumping (ctz)

* Rework scoped rifles (ctz)



* M13/40 Bardia and Tobruk (lobo)

* Gazala gameplay and graphics fixes (fenring)



* Fix crash reporter for localised windows versions (ctz)


= FH2.01 RC1 =


Changes from Version 1.0.046 to Version 1.0.394




* Drystonewalls col improvement!!!!!! (toddel)

* More col improvments (toddel)

* Fix tobrukhouse3 death pyramid poking through roof (ctz)

* Fix weird lightmaps on lod1 of crete_arch (ctz)

* Making the sfakia Covertexture tile better (toddel)

* Add barn_02 (malsa)

* Fix sidi hq hole in soldier collision allowing wallhack (ctz)

* Double Texture resolution on my mareth Houses. need lightmap testing/relighting. (toddel)

* Fort capuzzo specific statics (toddel)

* Added temp trench texture (lobo)

* Added tobruk pit model (lobo)

* A rabbithutch made by bratwurst. thx for the Help to make our mod a step more nicer.:)


* Add trench texture for battleaxe (fenring)

* Hayrack by Bratwurst (toddel)

* Fix cull radius on DICE crates (ctz)

Damage System


* Increased small arms damage against aircraft (ctz)

* Increase damage of large shells (>=20mm) against aircraft (ctz)



* Fix suspected end of round client CTD (ctz)

* Randomise default heading for artillery with no spots in the range 160..200 degrees (ctz)



* Fix black borders on panicum texture (jodonnell)



* Fixed m3 stuart side armour value (was incorrect and thus indestructible) (ctz)

* Increase marder_iii speed (ctz)

* Add hurricane MkIID "tin opener" (ctz)

* Disable squadleader spawnpoints in heavy vehicles (ctz)

* Added and Textures (toddel)

* Added Backlight to Kettenkrad (toddel)

* Fix movement of stuka's canopy in multiplayer (ctz)

* Correct fiat l6/40 gun ammo size and firerate (ctz)

* Correct repair times for flak18, flak18-ns and bofors40mm (ctz)

* Enable mouse-wheel for selecting ammo types (ctz)



* Tone down tinnitus effect longevity (ctz)

* Remove hardcoding of arrow keys for land control map (ctz)

* Reduce max distance of eax air absorption effect (ctz)

* Adjust non-eax air absorption too (ctz)

* Added localization and some files for Gazala map (needs english grammar check and translate

other languages) (lobo)

* Gazala localization v.2 (lobo)

* Added Gazala (lobo)

* New Sidi Rezegh 16 players (lobo)

* Fake Depth of field shader (jodonnell)

* Added Mareth Line (lobo)

* Updated mareth localization (lobo)

* Updated Dutch localisation (lightning)

* Changed 'Anticarro' to 'Controcarro' (lightning)

* Gazala sky (lobo)

* Gazala sky, resaved as dxt1 (lobo)

* New cloudy sky (mrcheese)

* Add sky for battleaxe (fenring)

* Fix colour wash-out of buttons in front-end menu (ctz)



* Half suppression radius (ctz)

* Fix self-suppression (ctz)

* Suspected server crash culprits fixed (ctz)

* Lots of 3p sound adjustments (ctz)

* Correct luger reload time (ctz)

* Beretta38 magsize from 32 to 30 (lightning)

* Increase damage for plane MGs (ctz)

* Turn off reloadWithoutPlayer for AT-rifles and LMGs (ctz)



* Remove flak38s from sidi rezegh (ctz)

* Fix sidi rezegh sdkfz222 locking (ctz)

* Fix sidi rezegh roads overdraw (ctz)

* Fix possible alam halfa 64 server crash (ctz)

* Hyacinth: ABC, tickets change, vehicles change, minimap (lobo)

* Sfakia changes: regenerated crete_arch lightmaps, made 64p Monastary cap zone smaller, couple of

minor visual tweaks. (mrcheese)

* Tobruk changes (lobo)

* Some bardia tweaks (lobo)



* IA texture improvements (jodonnell)

* Italian heavy soldier with Sahariana jacket (jodonnell)



* Post release fixes and additions (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 1.0.100 (purity)

* FH2 Installer Tools -> 1.0.41 (purity)

* Split fh2 and vanilla controlmaps (ctz)

* Add code to fh2.exe to detect and offer to report crashes (ctz)


= Release Candidate 2 =


Changes from Version 1.0.017 to Version 1.0.046




* LinkCPs: invert ownership before testing for never_owned_by (ctz)



* Fix Hurricane Mk II bomber CTD (jodonnell)

* Fixed funny roller wheels on M4A1 (jodonnell)

* Correct pak35 round icon and sound (ctz)

* Fix PzIIIJeDAK ai ctd (ctz)



* Swedish localisation updated from Zrix (ctz)

* German translation updated (toddel)

* More localization changes (toddel)

* Update Dutch localization (toddel)



* Fix p08 (index 3) version use: fixes tanker kit icon on alam halfa (ctz)

* Fix AT rifle HE effect damage against tanks (ctz)



* Fix alam halfa 32 & 64 couple of unlocked panzers (ctz)

* Decreased Bardia view and fog distance (lobo)



* Dak soldiers texture tweaks by mcgibs (ctz)

* Italian mipmaps (ctz)



* Added minimaps for all maps to be released, thanks to Zrix (purity)

* New FH2 logo for the Delete Cache tool (purity)

* Minor release candidate cleanup (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 1.0.026 (purity)


= Release Candidate 1 =


Changes from Version 0.9.889 to Version 1.0.017




* Updated Italian kits with localization (jodonnell)

* Fix keffiya weighting (ctz)



* Hide ammo bar on HUD when using bayonets (jodonnell)



* Sfakia specific skirtcover texture (toddel)

* Fix mc202_static col3 (ctz)



* LinkCPs: add optional "never_owned_by" parameter to help fix alam halfa 16 (ctz)

* Mine flag tk reduction distance now 10m (ctz)



* Fix storch wheels on downward view (ctz)

* Fiddle with recon camera FOV (ctz)

* Turn off extra pipercub/gb camera modes (ctz)

* Slightly adjust planes speeds (ctz)

* Pak38_static wreck collisions fixed, was causing ai crash (ctz)

* Ai updates (bizness)

* Bofors lods (ctz)

* Fix stuka landing gear player collision (ctz)



* Added beretta 34 and 38 plus sidi 16 outposts to localization (knoffhoff)

* Updated logo film from killi (ctz)

* Enable ingame help (ctz)

* Converted sidi 16 to sidi 32 (knoffhoff)

* Added my own name to bots (J. Almquist) (killi)



* Adjust k98 rear sight for accuracy (ctz)

* Boys prone zoom glitch fix (ctz)

* Fix no4 and k98 grenade 3p grips (ctz)

* Extend sgwr34 elevation to reduce smallest range (ctz)

* Adjust position of brenmk1 muzzlefx (ctz)

* Adjust muzzle position on mg34bipod (ctz)

* Remove tracers from mg34bipod, brenmk1 (ctz)

* K98 & no4: turn on busyUntilButtonRelease (ctz)



* Improve leaf lighting on sidi rezegh (ctz)

* Sidi rezegh: fix pipes and floating barbedwire (ctz)

* Sidi rezegh 16 becomes 32 version, new 16 version (ctz)

* Add Bizness' updated SP to Sfakia (mrcheese)



* Fix DAK soldier speculars (ctz)

* Tommy Light texture tweaks (rad)

* New and improved DAK light (jodonnell)



* Some minor bug and timeout fixes (purity)

* Added czech language support by tubar (purity)

* Added danish language support by bbob (purity)

* Added Link to our Folding@Home page (purity)

* Localisation support for the remaining strings added (purity)

* First bunch of Teamspeak functions added (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 0.9.956 (purity)

* Hopefully fixed that random freeze bug ... needs testing (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 0.9.978 (purity)

* Minor language updates (purity)

* Added hungarian language support by miki and 25.'HUNYADI' Norbi (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 0.9.982 (purity)

* Some minor fixes and language updates (purity)

* Doubleclick on a server in the server tab starts FH2 and joins the selected server (purity)

* Added context menu to GS Favourites tab (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 1.0.5 :-o (purity)

Changes from Version 0.9.839 to Version 0.9.889




* New old music (ctz)



* Bunker door dark (lobo)

* Fix FH_DsrtBrit_Tent_Lrg colision player cannot glitch beetween wood and cloth anymore (toddel)

* Fix damage on supercharge destroyable wall (ctz)

Damage System


* Double damage of HE vs trucks (ctz)



* Fix possible EOR crash (ctz)



* Revert bofors elevation restriction (ctz)

* Fix hyacinth objectives response to explosives (ctz)

* Flakvierling wreck texture (jodonnell)

* Ingame help for tanks, planes, mines, at rifles, at guns, artillery, lmgs (ctz)



* Included new suggestions to german localization (knoffhoff)

* Reliability fixes to patcher (ctz)

* Some more updates on localization (knoffhoff)

* Update German localizations with new Tooltips messages. (toddel)

* Add killi's fh2 intro (ctz)

* Some more updates on localization (knoffhoff)



* Fix mg34_bipod reload sound (ctz)

* Fix beretta34 animations (ctz)

* Mine fire sound (ctz)

* Correct kershaw no2 binocs selection icon (ctz)

* Turn off player collisions on lewis_bipod (ctz)



* Add beretta38 and beretta34 to sidi rezegh and limit AT kits (ctz)

* Alam Halfa Update (knoffhoff)



* Added temporary DAK kit items to Italian for use on Op Crusader (jodonnell)



* Fix sidi_rezegh ctd (ctz)

* Increase bleed-out speed (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.789 to Version 0.9.839




* Fixed language on weapon selection icons (knoffhoff)

* British mine flag (ctz)



* Trench box collisions optimization (lobo)

* Double cull distance on drystonewalls (ctz)



* Revert to previous elevation adjustments, then adjust by -0.25 degrees elevation (ctz)

* Fix, again (ctz)



* Fix alam halfa combat areas (ctz)

* Supercharge Gold rush changed (lobo)

* Supercharge 16 tickets (lobo)

* Tobruk 32 tickets (lobo)

* Mersa Matruh SP 16, 32 and 64 (lobo)



* Move cockpit cameras slightly upwards (ctz)

* Increase velocity of turret-mounted smoke mortars (ctz)

* Final adjustments to static defence wreck HPs (ctz)

* Crusader Mk 1 (Late) Hull MG sight + LODs (jodonnell)

* M3 Stuart bow MG gunsight (jodonnell)



* Text for german limited at class fixed (knoffhoff)

* Added some more things to german localization to get rid of some idiotic BF2 phrases (knoffhoff)

* Supercharge gold rush localization (lobo)

* Shortened artillery ready text in german localization, for better fit in comrose (knoffhoff)

* Near-death effect expanded in size (jodonnell)

* Make artillery_spot message radioed, not shouted (ctz)



* Improve the effect of artillery HE rounds on light armour (ctz)

* Decrease mortar round HE penetration (100kg -> 1kg) (ctz)

* Revert to previous mg34 sounds (ctz)

* Mg34 bipod open/close sounds (ctz)

* Mg34 bipod reload sound (ctz)



* Split off mine detector, smine to be country-specific (ctz)



* Slightly recolour DAK arms, and improve specular (ctz)



* New fh2 program icon (ctz)

* Make fh2.exe more robust (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.675 to Version 0.9.789




* Import fatjoe's changes to AT/scout kit icons (ctz)

* Added large "Kit Unavailable" message to the center of the screen (jodonnell)

* Make german flag consistent throughout (ctz)



* Fix Liberty static (lobo)

* Added more mareth roadsigns (lobo)

* Add Toujane minaret (bizness)

* Add mareth command bunker (bizness)

* Small crates Player colision turned on again (toddel)

* British Jerrycan Lods now correct (toddel)

* Renamed mareth signs (lobo)

* Delete old mareth signs (lobo)



* Fix (ctz)

* only NCOs of a fireteam with other members can select an NCO kit (ctz)

* Turn off weighting of ticket loss speed (ctz)

* Passengers are ignored when counting how many people are inside a CP radius (import of the bf2

1.4 change) (ctz)

* Pilots are ignored when counting how many people are inside a CP radius (ctz)

* Arbitrarily adjust lefh18 and 25pdr desired elevation down 3 degrees (ctz)



* FlakVierling LODs, enabled inactive LODs on FlaK38, DingoNA, Panicum (jodonnell)

* Adjust dorchester and uni carrier speeds/accelerations (ctz)

* Remove fiat L6/40 gun overheat, increase firerate from "completely hopeless" to "hopeless" (ctz)

* Marmon Herrington Mk 3 gunsight now set to right-click (from 'x') (jodonnell)

* Added FlaK Vierling 38 wreck model (jodonnell)

* Added PIFlareFire and PIAltFire both as options to switch cameras for vehicles with no secondary

fire (jodonnell)

* Fixed Dingo LODs, wheels will no longer clip into the mesh on LOD 2-3 (jodonnell)

* AECDorchester Fix Blackpatches on lod (toddel)

* Gunsight for M4A1 Hull MG (jodonnell)

* Fix stuka sound cones (ctz)

* Turn down stuka dive brake amount (ctz)

* Jabo hurricane gets 2*50KG (=~250lb) bombs rather than 2*250kg (=~1T) (ctz)

* Correct pak35 round (was 50mm, now 37mm) (ctz)

* Correct lefh18 round (was 25pdr round, now 105mm) (ctz)

* Correct 25pdr penetration (ctz)

* Correct pz3j late projectiles (50mmL42 vs 50mmL60) (ctz)

* Willys SAS Final (rad)

* Added gunsight to Crusader MkI (early) hull MG (jodonnell)

* Add 50kg, 250kg, 500kg bomb icons (ctz)

* Fix undesirable usage of explosives on hyacinth objectives (ctz)



* Very pistol localisation (ctz)

* Aberdeen localization (lobo)

* Bardia localization (needs german translation) (lobo)

* German localization for Bardia updated. (knoffhoff)

* Mod description (ctz)

* Fix english localisation re jets (ctz)

* Fix german localisation re jets :) (knoffhoff)



* No3 Very bundlemesh with parts (killi)

* Various No3 Very 1p anims (killi)

* Improve handheld flare effect (ctz)

* Stoptype fixed for bf109, stuka, spitfire, mg34 * 7, handheld mg34, mg15 * 2, breda 38 (ctz)

* Disable knife idle animation where knife passes thru finger (ctz)

* Make 2pdr repair time slightly shorter (ctz)

* Add mine detector and wrench to night sapper class (ctz)

* Revert to previous mortar ammo system (ctz)

* Fix zwillingssockel36 left/right ammo by making them infinite and overheating (ctz)

* Bratwurst's handweapon sound updates (ctz)



* Alam Halfa 32 player vesion: (knoffhoff)

* Alam Halfa 64 player vesion: (knoffhoff)

* Sidi Rezegh: improve performance (ctz)

* Sidi Rezegh: fix floating mosque and bushes inside (ctz)

* Sidi Rezegh: fix fake ground with a hole at the end near mosque (ctz)

* Sidi Rezegh: fix shelves poking through tent (ctz)

* Sidi Rezegh: relight HQ (ctz)



* Adjust and optimise white phosphorus grenade effect (ctz)

* Revert to previous stuka sound, with newer system (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.574 to Version 0.9.675




* At rifle hit indicator (ctz)

* Improve push minimap markers (ctz)

* Add push support for unrecappable CPs (ctz)

* Fix wrapped kit names in spawn menu (ctz)



* Fix sidi hq stair material in tower (ctz)

* Fix sidi hq lod distances (ctz)

* Fix opel_blitz_static_open player collisionmesh (toddel)

* NA_Ghorfa buildings 1 and 2. Still needs lod texture work. (bizness)

* Fix fh_na_villa1 open edge inside (toddel)

* Fix fh_na_villa1 Door colisions (toddel)

* Flak bunker fixed (lobo)

Damage System


* Remove decals from shooting tank guns at plants (ctz)

* Correct damage from fh2 explosives materials to bf2 destroyable objects (ctz)



* Aifixups plugin to make things a bit better for bots (ctz)

* Support for "light combat mode" (ctz)

* DestroyObjective: support mixed templates for one objective (ctz)

* Make unrecappable CPs recappable from grey (ctz)



* Turn off useselectionicons for crusader mk1 late/early, m3 stuart (ctz)

* Tank hit indicators (ctz)

* HQ radios for Hyacinth (lobo)

* Fix lefh18 wreck collisions (ctz)

* Attempt to fix artillery dials moving about on network multiplayer (ctz)

* Increase contrast on artillery dials (ctz)

* Correct base material of radios (ctz)

* Bedford truck 1p (ctz)

* Fix m3 stuart turret mounted gun sounds (ctz)

* FlaK Vierling 1p (jodonnell)

* FlaK Vierling 1P ZF3 optics (jodonnell)



* Fixed hyacinth and objective descriptions in german localization (knoffhoff)

* Fixed staticmesh shader so it should mip less aggressively (like bundlemeshes) (jodonnell)

* Staticmeshes now use same quality of texture filtering as bundlemeshes (jodonnell)

* Hyacinth 32 localization (english and german) (lobo)

* No77 localisation (ctz)

* El alamain localization update (knoffhoff)



* Fix 2pdr wreck collisions, add lods (ctz)

* Spotlight (toddel)

* Remove britsatchel c4 icon (ctz)

* Further tweaking to handheld at weapons (ctz)

* Vehicle and weapon ai updates (bizness)

* Adjust mortar shell damage and effect (ctz)

* Fh1942-style mortar ammo count/reloading (ctz)

* Add no3 mk1 very pistol by mcgibs (ctz)



* Siege of Tobruk, AT-rifle limited (lobo)

* Alamein, AT-rifle limited (lobo)

* Fixed Hyacinth 32 bleed, AT limits, willy locked (lobo)



* Add a script runnable from a map's tmp.con to reduce grenade ammos (ctz)



* Fix specular on gj soldier hands (ctz)



* Some minor bugfixes (purity)

* Reworked Ping-Code (purity)

* Reworked finish translation by caeno (purity)

* Reworked dutch translation by Großadmiral Donuts (purity)

* Added function to remove servers from your favourites in the GS Browser tab (purity)

* Added function to automatically adjust the latency compensation while connecting using the

server response time (purity)

* Added function to redownload toolbox updates if an error during download gets detected (purity)

* Added italian language support by sap1 (purity)

* Added norwegian language support by whataburger (purity)

* Added french language support by lo2k (purity)

* Added spanish language support by Lobo and DarkPepe (purity)

* Added support for more than 8 languages (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 0.9.634 (purity)



* Spotlight exported + coded (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.441 to Version 0.9.574




* Hud elements to cycle through artillery targets (ctz)

* Add "request forward observer" button to artillery comrose (ctz)

* Bring all round selection icons up to the new style (ctz)



* Sidi Rezegh HQ models (lobo)

* Added bunker door (lobo)

* Disable soldier collisions for various small statics to ease "tripping" (ctz)

* Some soldiers colisions optimizations one small statics (toddel)

* Add fh1942 camels (ctz)

* Added Hyacinth localization and aeroporto sign (lobo)

Damage System


* Make trucks weaker against HE rounds (ctz)

* Make trucks stronger against hand grenades (ctz)



* Fix if something declared as a tank is missing (ctz)

* Alter version numbering scheme (ctz)

* Fix server performance degradation issue (ctz)



* Turn on turret position indicator for marmon herrington and sdkfz222 (ctz)

* Final FlaK Vierling 38 3p textures, model fixes (jodonnell)

* Improve universal carrier handling yet more (ctz)

* Reduce ability of dingo and willys to do donuts (ctz)

* Fix tank cupola animations (ctz)

* Add voice message to firing of artillery spots from spotter plane passenger position (ctz)

* Increase wreck HP of all static defenses (ctz)

* Invert artillery dial colours to make them usable in darkness (ctz)

* Make bf109 canopy quicker to open (ctz)

* Add oldradioallied, same as oldradioaxis but plays looped version of lili marlene (ctz)

* Add two extra positions to the chevy (ctz)

* Make willys jeep more hardy (ctz)



* Some Sidi HQ col work (lobo)

* Add door opening sound (ctz)

* Added Bizness' SP for Sfakia (mrcheese)

* Fix germans talking about jets (ctz)

* Remove text messages from grunt comrose usage (ctz)

* Arty commands translated (knoffhoff)

* Hyacinth localization translated (knoffhoff)



* Revert to previous mp40 sound (ctz)

* Fix 3inchmortar wreck collisions (ctz)

* Tweaked boyes Rifle sound (citizensoldier)

* New luger reload and fire sounds from bratwurst (ctz)

* Add baffle behind artillery dials to fix alpha ordering issue (ctz)

* Improve artillery and mortar projectile sounds (ctz)

* Add bomb whistle (ctz)

* Correct tracer colour of british 0.303 round (ctz)

* Make vickers k use vickers sound (ctz)

* Correct size of shell which drops from webley chambers (ctz)

* Tart up tommygun (ctz)

* Go back to having 2 s-mines (ctz)



* Add sidi muftah to build for testing (ctz)

* Add interactive doors to the sidi rezegh underground bunker (ctz)



* Improve small arms shells texture (ctz)

* Correct coding for no77 smoke grenade (ctz)

* Add commander asset: mortar with illumination flares (ctz)



* Fixed some minor bugs (purity)

* Fixed column alignment in server browser (purity)

* Fixed sorting in server browser (purity)

* Splitted number of players and player maximum in server browser (purity)

* Fixed scoreboard bug when rechecking servers (purity)

* Some new icons for server browser, thanks to FatJoe (purity)

* Hidden poe support for testing purposes (purity)

* Auto-refresh server browser on startup (purity)

* Reworked refresh button functions (purity)

* Fixed double click crash in empty server browser (purity)

* Finally supports more than a specific number of servers in server browser (purity)

* Adapted FH2 revision numbering system (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 0.9.498 (purity)

* Reworked gameserver buddies tab (purity)

* Reworked gameserver favourites tab (purity)

* Mark favourite servers in server browser (star) (purity)

* New context menu entry "add to favourites" in server browser (purity)

* Caches minimaps, server and community logo to save bandwidth and server load (purity)

* Toolbox update -> 0.9.549 (purity)

Changes from Version 0.9.359 to Version 0.9.441




* Added street lamps (lobo)



* Update with newer weapons/kits/vehicles (ctz)



* Erase thumbs.db (lobo)



* Various kubelwagon fixes: make it drive straighter, add col0-2 to windshield, add col2 to

wheels, make wheel hubs have metal material (ctz)

* Smakin da big ass supafly dat been buzzin ma face all day (rad)

* Clipping MrT Gonads and pasting them on Bionic Woman (rad)

* Pimpin' da green ho, YO (rad)

* Fix floating wotsit under kubeldak (ctz)

* Add destroyable old radio (ctz)

* Hurricane mkii 1p stick (ctz)

* Spitfire lods (ctz)

* Spitfire 1p stick, rudder pedals, throttle (ctz)

* Make 1p steering wheels react to road (ctz)

* Make steering movement smoother (ctz)

* Trim reversing speed of tanks (ctz)

* Make universal carrier faster (second try, without making it handle like jelly this time) (ctz)

* Make pak38 fire 50mm round, was firing 6pdr round (ctz)

* Sdkfz251/1 1p (ctz)

* Fix animations of sdkfz251/1 rear gunner (ctz)

* Marmon herrington mk3a sights (ctz)

* Reduce number of m4a1 smoke rounds (ctz)

* Make markvi light tank 50cal gun ammo non-infinite (ctz)

* Increase accuracy of some british armament machineguns (ctz)

* Make no4 (reduced ammo version) fire british and not japanese round (ctz)

* Make deacon 6pdr fire correct round (ctz)

* Make 2pdr ammo non-infinite (ctz)

* Decrease number of apcr rounds on pzivf2 (ctz)

* Decrease number of heat rounds on pzivf1 (ctz)

* Increase number of ap rounds on pak35, pak38, 6pdr (ctz)

* Reduce number of smoke rounds on lefh18 and 25pdr (ctz)

* Make universal carrier passengers sit lower, and adjust position of bren gunner (ctz)



* Disable "medic" shouting on death (ctz)

* Alam Halfa localization (lobo)



* Adjust damage of all AT handweapons (ctz)

* Increase mortar round damage (ctz)

* Improve vickers303 animations (ctz)



* German grenadier pickup kit had no4 grenade launcher in it (ctz)



* Add lightsource to light terrain from streetlights/lamps etc... (bizness)



* Adjust explosion sound distances (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.278 to Version 0.9.359




* Fix alpha on busy spinner (ctz)

* Fix squad leader -> commander request menu (ctz)



* Requested updated models (bizness)

* 2 col3 fixes (bizness)

* Barce roadsigns (lobo)

* Added matt.b temp. textures (dukeofholland)



* Goldrush: increase tickets by 1 at death, not spawn (ctz)

* Goldrush: try to fix round end when no all players dead on one side (ctz)

* Goldrush: team text message at capture (ctz)

* Make python plugin system work at round restarts (ctz)

* Attempt to fix ktd and top 3 used kit/vehicle in EOR screen (ctz)

* Remove ingame debug from (ctz)

* Fix spawntime recalculation after selecting an unavailable kit (ctz)

* Correctly enforce NCO kits over round restarts (ctz)



* Updated hanomag textures by K96 (lobo)

* Fix pziiijedak 1p flying black things (ctz)

* Correct movement of beaufightermark1 stick (ctz)

* Fix beaufightermark1 camera switch key (ctz)

* AI vehicle updates (bizness)

* Make minimum bofors depression +2deg (ctz)

* Fix willysmb codriver position (ctz)

* Add Storch 1p model and Textures (toddel)

* More Storch Textures (toddel)

* Storch 1p initial export (ctz)

* Storch 1p export completed, and pilot birds-eye camera added (ctz)

* Fix various wreck lifetimes (ctz)

* Reduce fighter rudder strength (ctz)

* Increase fighter maximum descent speed (ctz)

* Reduce fighter speeds by ~15% (ctz)



* Improved minimap overlay to be less intrusive (ctz)

* Test different AIbehaviours (bizness)

* Alam Halfa bat (lobo)



* Semi-auto mode for mg34 (ctz)

* Show some contents of kits on spawn screen (ctz)

* Increase thermos damage (ctz)

* Revert grenade ammo change (ctz)

* Fix britsatchel damage (ctz)

* Adjust boys rifle fire rate downward slightly (ctz)

* Bots now use rifle nades 2 (bizness)

* Improved markvi 50cal sound (ctz)

* Improved mg34 sounds using bratwurst's and citizen soldiers' sounds as a base (ctz)

* Webley reload sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* K98 and no4 grenade launcher sounds by bratwurst (ctz)

* K98 bayonet deploy sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* Boys reload sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* 30cal sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* Vickers 303 sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* Lewis sound by bratwurst (ctz)

* Adjust geballteladung, thermos and stickybomb explosion power/radius (ctz)

* No69, no73, no77 sounds (ctz)

* Tellermine35 deploy sound (ctz)

* Fixed clipping in Boys 3p prone reload (killi)

* Dingo Bren can now fire while not aimed (but don't count on aiming well) (jodonnell)



* Fixes to some kits icons (ctz)

* Revert smine in scout kit change (ctz)

* Put no69 grenades in commando kit (ctz)



* Add sound to e_exp_medium (ctz)



* Fix wacky ragdoll launches (ctz)

* Increase ragdoll mass and gravity (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.207 to Version 0.9.278




* Fixed alpha controller for bottom left bar in vehicle HUD (jodonnell)

* Added heat indicator to player HUD - fades in as heat increases (jodonnell)

* Make minimap overlay more transparent (ctz)

* Added Compass texture to hud. Now correct west/east (toddel)

* Smaller soldier minimap arrow icon (ctz)

* Custom busy cursor (ctz)



* Reworked a col3 crete (dukeofholland)

* Fix the hated harbourhouse and transmissionstation col3's (bizness)

* Sidi HQ fixes (lobo)

* Fixed comm tent col2 (lobo)

* Col3 fixes tested and are now OK (bizness)



* Give one extra point for assists when attacker and assister are in the same squad (ctz)

* Half TK point penalty from AT and AP mine TKs if there is a mine flag in a 5 meter radius (ctz)

* Fix tankDisable reenabling for tanks (ctz)

* Fix endofround stats claiming everyone was using naval support (ctz)



* Fix civtruck pivot (ctz)

* Improve camera/dials position on 25pdr, lefh18 (ctz)

* Opel Blitz 1st Person model and Textures (toddel)

* Updated Flakvierling38 with base, magazines (jodonnell)

* Make bots use coax mg's on tanks. Also add ai templates to vehicles and weapons missing them.

A few tweaks here and there to others. (bizness)

* Add Fiatl6_40 engine sounds. Tweak tank engine sounds so they don't sound right next to you

when they are behind a mountain or far away. A few AI tweaks also... (bizness)

* Export opel blitz 1p, and improve wheel normals and specular (ctz)

* Fix beaufightermk1 rear observer camera rotation (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz222 AP magazine size (ctz)

* Improve storch player collisions (ctz)

* Add Sdkfz222 engine sounds. Tweak opel sounds and kubel also try to smooth out gears.




* Silence "marksman" pedantry (ctz)



* Decrease mills bomb throwing range, increase damage range (ctz)

* Make mg34 overheat on full auto (ctz)

* Reduce grenade ammo (ctz)

* Stickybomb_projectile now the other way up (should appear to stick to sticky bit) (ctz)

* Stickybomb lods and 3p (ctz)

* Fix pzb39 round reload time (ctz)

* Replaced some 3p k98 bayo anims with No4 bayo anims (killi)

* Webley 3p (ctz)

* Increase dressing HP replenishment because critical damage is at 25HP now (ctz)

* Tellermine35 3p (ctz)

* Mineflag has a better grip in 3p view (ctz)

* Increase thermos explosion radius (ctz)

* Make brenmk1 overheat a little (ctz)

* More natural goldingot 3p grip (ctz)

* Some gold ingot 1p bafs (killi)

* Remaining Gold ingot 1p anims (killi)

* Add mg34 mounted version, with no buttstock (ctz)

* Tart up zwillingssockel 36 a bit (ctz)

* Fix zwillingssockel 36 controls (ctz)

* Fix no4scope reloading the scope in 3p (ctz)



* Make no69 grenade explode on contact (ctz)

* Add S-mine to sniper pickup kits (ctz)

* Remove S-mine from scout kits, replace with no69 and mod24 grenades (ctz)

* Add no73 "thermos" to pickup antitank kit (ctz)

* New kit icons by fatjoe (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.9.049 to Version 0.9.207




* Hurricane head-up sight graphics+code (ctz)

* Removed coloured block background from weapon selection, and slide in from right (ctz)

* Cleaner, leaner player HUD to try out (jodonnell)

* Bf1942-style soldier minimap icon (ctz)

* Replace bf2 jet and tank spotted icons (ctz)

* Remove UAV and spotted entries in commander menu (ctz)



* Added Mareth statics (lobo)

* TobrukHQ update - not final yet !!! (smig)

* Update - dock bollards !add - dock bollards single !add - industry_1 texture (smig)

* Added Piano static (malsa)

* Fix drystonewall_90_falling_right.con low settings (toddel)

* Delete wrong texture (lobo)

* Tobruk_officer_building (toddel)

* Update to the correct texture (smig)

* Tobruk_monument (toddel)

* Fix uvw problem on harbour_pier (toddel)

* A couple static texture and lod fixes + dummy bunkers with no skirt for generating terrain

lightmaps (bizness)

* Add water pipes and parts (smig)

* Sorry - wrong files (smig)

* Add another mareth house (bizness)

* Increase cull distances on power cables (ctz)

* Fixed col3 (dukeofholland)

* Try to fix bug 532 Street guardrail disappear to early. (toddel)

* Add Liberty static (lobo)

Damage System


* Make static mines deal 10 times the damage (ctz)

* Fix 20mm shells having metal impact sounds (ctz)

* New "mine deployed into soil" sounds (ctz)

* New AP shell non-penetration sounds (ctz)



* Fix goldrush: add a ticket when a player spawns, to counteract the built-in ticket loss for each

spawn (ctz)

* Generate md5s for maps (ctz)

* Make tankDisable look for repaired vehicles, and reenable things which were disabled (ctz)



* Made panicum bushes look better and cost less (jodonnell)

* Updated Panicum bushes, LOD should work better now (no more Panicum boxium) (jodonnell)



* Add Hurricanemk2_1p_ textures (toddel)

* Hurricane sight (lobo)

* Alternate marder_iii ammotypes (ctz)

* Make universal carrier faster (ctz)

* Fix m3stuarthoneywreck_turret player collision (ctz)

* Increase stuka top speed (ctz)

* Turn useplayericon off everywhere (ctz)

* Fix inconsistent minimap icon on m3 grant (ctz)

* 6pdr delaytouse (ctz)

* Fix m3 stuart wheels (ctz)

* Slightly lighten all wrecks (ctz)

* Fix pz3 j late 1P black wheels (ctz)

* Pz3 j early black 1P wheels, and lods (ctz)

* Liberty files (lobo)

* Adjust drivable pak38 physics collisions (ctz)

* Adjust pivots on all static defenses to fix unenterable bug (ctz)

* Add British ReflexSight (toddel)

* Spitfire cockpit Textures (toddel)

* Spitfire Exportfile (toddel)

* Daimlermk1 gun delaytouse (ctz)

* Bf109, hurricane and spitfire handling tweaks from morphi (ctz)

* Give civilian truck operable rear bed door (ctz)

* Fix usechildhud on opel blitz passenger, m4a1 hull gunner, dingo, deacon, unicarrier and chevy


* Make marmon herrington fire standard 20mm HE round, not HE-AA (ctz)

* Beaufighter 1st Person Textures (toddel)

* Beaufighter 1p, wreck & lods (ctz)



* Minimap grid overlay (ctz)

* Fixed near-death shader to work correctly when player "Lighting" settings are Low (jodonnell)

* Once again some improvements (knoffhoff)



* Turn off critical damage on british emplaced defenses (ctz)

* Bren armament lods (ctz)

* Fix all armaments floating on wrecks (ctz)

* P08 zoom animations (killi)

* P08 1p Idle animations (killi)

* Fixed P08 1p INC to play both idles (killi)

* P08 1p fire revamp (killi)

* Random bayonet stab TEST (killi)

* 1p no4 bay random fire TEST (killi)

* No4 bayo random fire2 redo (killi)

* Attempt to fix Boys AT 3p crawl (killi)

* Boys 3p crawl fixed as far as I can tell... (killi)

* Make the commander supply crate work on vehicles (ctz)

* K98 bayonet 3p deploy baf (copy of No4 baf) (killi)

* Increase damage on all HE-AA explosions (ctz)

* Fix lefh18 and 25pdr HE round (ctz)

* Slightly increase scope zoom (ctz)

* Fix damage on geballte ladung, no73 and sticky bomb (ctz)

* Bren 3p stand reload wip anim (killi)

* Bren 3p standing reload anim (killi)

* Bren 3p prone reload WIP (killi)

* Bren 3p proneReload anim (killi)

* Reduce number of anti-vehicle mines to 3 (ctz)

* Increase 3-inch mortar reload time by 1 second (ctz)

* Add German sGWR 34 Mortar Textures and exportfile (toddel)

* SGWR34 exported, lods, cols, wreck done (ctz)

* Decrease german armament reload time (ctz)



* Fixed inverted normals on Gebirgsjaeger kit (jodonnell)

* Add limited AT kits (ctz)

* Fix all kit's vehicleicons. (ctz)

* Boys gun 3p (ctz)

* Pickup boys kit (ctz)

* Pzb39 3p and kitmesh (ctz)



* Fixed near-death shader so it can be healed properly; set damage threshold to 15% (down from

25%) (jodonnell)

* Reset near-death effect damage threshold to 25% (jodonnell)



* FH2 installer command line tool to delete graphic cache folders (version 0.1.16) (purity)

* Added swedish translation created by 'fenring' (version 0.37.16) (purity)

Changes from Version 0.9.018 to Version 0.9.049




* Add Bicycle (toddel)

* Hangar collision (lobo)



* Morphi's beaufightermk1 flight physics changes (ctz)

* Marder iii exported (ctz)

* Fix crusader mk1 exits (ctz)

* Fix exits for tank riders, chevy, willys, fiatl6/40 (ctz)

* Improve dingo handling (ctz)

* Dorchester and dingo exit positions (ctz)

* Fix bedfordoyd exits (ctz)

* Fix bofors exit (ctz)

* Fix kubeldak exit points (ctz)

* Morphi's hurricane and spitfire physics changes (ctz)



* Added Alam Halfa 16 player cp's to localization (knoffhoff)

* New tinnitus/suppression shader to test (jodonnell)



* New P08 mesh with more 1p parts (killi)

* Some P08 1p animations (killi)

* 1p P08 reload anim (killi)



* Fix medic hats (ctz)



* Implemented near-death shader effect at 25% HP (jodonnell)

Changes from Version 0.9.017 to Version 0.9.018




* Fix e_no4scope_shift ctd (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.8.424 to Version 0.9.017




* Added bunker lamps (lobo)

* 2nd version of a single door (toddel)

* Added 2 differnt chimneys (toddel)

* Added Bees Nest (lobo)

* Bir_Hacheim_1 static for fenrings map (toddel)

* Added Tobruk_Shipslide (toddel)

* Tobruk_WallPicture (toddel)

* Added Ops Room sign + more statics stuff (lobo)

* Add Tobruk Roadsigns (toddel)

* Portal_Crane (toddel)

* Added alam camo texture (knoffhoff)

* Add - dock bollards (smig)

* No lightmaps for dummy statics (lobo)

* Add 6pdr_Rubberwheel (toddel)

* Add some more harbour_pier pieces (toddel)

* Low-settings fixes to dakcrates (ctz)



* New-style artillery gun-laying system, also supporting parabolic trajectory guns (eg mortars) as

well as direct fire. generally fixes pixel aiming problems (ctz)

* 3-inch mortar reexport -- wreck, lods, col fixes (ctz)

* Use tank disabling system to disable plane engines (ctz)



* Fix all static defenses vs HE (ctz)

* Add Marder_III textures and Mesh ready for Export (toddel)

* Add marder 3 tracks Texture (toddel)

* Fix 6pdr fire direction (ctz)

* Make commander radios faster to repair (ctz)

* Fix panzer 3 j late rear rider (ctz)

* Morphi's stuka and bf109 handling tweaks (ctz)

* Add lefh18 (ctz)

* Marder3 texture improvements (toddel)

* Make woodplank_de more tileable (toddel)

* Make movable AT guns unrepairable (ctz)

* Fix flak18 (shieldless version) wreck lods/cols (ctz)

* Fix high HP on marmon herrington and sdkfz222 (ctz)

* Ammo trucks (ctz)



* Disable commander artillery messages (ctz)

* Some more updates on localization (knoffhoff)

* Tobruk Localizations (lobo)

* Added HUD_LEVELNAME_Alam_Halfa (knoffhoff)



* Mcgibs' unwrap+skin for bren-aa (ctz)

* Fix k98 and no4 grenade launchers in online play (ctz)

* Added 1p_c4_fire_throw baf for dressing fire. Someone needs to alter tweak so it isn't thrown.


* Removed new dressing naim (killi)

* Alter stuka bombs damage (ctz)

* Alter all tracers for visibility (ctz)

* K98 and no4 scope sounds by bratwurst (ctz)



* Medic pick-up kits (ctz)



* "!camera" command -- spawns a filmcamera in your vicinity (ctz)



* Added minimap preview to the server browser toolbox based on the map size (version 0.37.13)


* Added fullscreen mode to the main application (version 0.37.14) (purity)

* Added finish translation created by 'caeno' (version 0.37.15) (purity)



* Alternate-method stuka dive siren (ctz)

* Flak18 ammo types (ctz)

* Adjustments to airburst effects (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.8.332 to Version 0.8.424




* Make besa coax mg have correct tracer colour (ctz)

* "gold rush" gamemode (ctz)



* Added British Version of the Oildrum (toddel)

* Added British version of the jerrycans (toddel)

* Added wood_plank_8m_nocol2 (toddel)

* Added wood_plank_4m_nocol2 (toddel)

* Added wood_plank_2m_nocol2 (toddel)

* Added wood_plank_2m_des_nocol2 (toddel)

* Added wood_log_2-5m_nocol2 (toddel)

* Added street_guard_rail_log_nocol2 (toddel)

* Added Fatjoe´s Fountain (toddel)

* Added Fatjoes village_fauntain (toddel)

* Added Flak88_Shell_empty (toddel)

* 6pdr and chevy static wrecks (ctz)

* Added more cables (lobo)

* Added Wood_log_5m (toddel)

* Added Colored Windows (toddel)



* Make team damage only apply against non-wrecked objects (ctz)

* Half importance modifier in scoring system (ctz)

* Give 2 points for repair, and decrease repair HP interval (ctz)

* Give 3 points for donation of bandages (ctz)

* Make artillery overhead camera align with the required heading (ctz)

* Fix changing teams when you had a limited kit selected (ctz)



* Added a leafless version mangrove_med1_fin (toddel)



* Fix matildaii round type icon (ctz)

* Make push markers indestructable to HE (ctz)

* Fix bf109 wheels poking through 1p wings, and misc other bits (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz222 cage 1p, and immobilise it. (ctz)

* Add HE to sdkfz222 (ctz)

* Fix firing direction for pak35, pak38 (ctz)

* Stop repairable things exploding when you repair them (ctz)

* Fix commander radio exit positions (ctz)

* Fix civtruck on low settings (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz222 damage vs grenades (ctz)

* Adjust camera on chevy's lewis (ctz)

* Chevy lods and various fixes (ctz)

* Flak18 88mm delaytouse and correct round (was panzergranate!) (ctz)

* Fix 25pdr overhead cam renderer ordering (ctz)

* Remove bf2-style damage alarms (ctz)

* Improve bofors40mm player collisions, and other tweaks (ctz)

* Correct all HE and AP damages vs planes. HE does much more damage, AP does 1/3 of previous


* Make hurricane mkii more hardy (ctz)



* Make mg34 round have correct tracer colour (ctz)

* Fix m3 stuart turret machine gun (ctz)

* New boys and pzb39 bolt-working sounds by bratwurst (ctz)

* Vickers k gas 3p model by rad (ctz)

* Make large-calibre commander artillery more spread out, slower, slightly shorter (ctz)

* Fix k98 and no4 scope accuracies (ctz)

* Add Vickers303_tripod textures (toddel)

* Make commander artillery firing 3 times louder (ctz)

* Add vickers303 tripod by rad and toddel (ctz)



* Fix german pilot kit geom indices (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.8.124 to Version 0.8.332




* Fix various hud artifacts and blurryness (ctz)

* Revi12d sight (ctz)



* Tweaked several col3 (toddel)

* Static mines col3 (lobo)

* Suntent col3 fix (toddel)

* Temp Stuka 1p textures and mesh (toddel)

* And more col3 fixes (lobo)

* Col3's (lobo)

* Tobruk_barracks.col3 fix (toddel)

* Tobruk building closed (lobo)

* Fix fhbunker4 and fhbunker10 for low settings (ctz)

* Added Tobruk_wrecked_walls/Tobruk_Cornerwreck (toddel)

* Added Tobruk_wall_wrecked1 (toddel)

* Added Tobruk_wall_wrecked2 (toddel)

* Slow down airfield supply/repair (ctz)

* Added some Wrecked Roofparts (toddel)

* Pz4-f1 and pz4-f2 static wrecks (ctz)

* Resize sidi2_1_uncover to fit in Tobruk map (toddel)

* Added 2 different variations of the crete_monastery_wall3mtr (toddel)

* Added Street-Light (toddel)

* Added Street-light_lamp child (toddel)

Damage System


* Make sprint/walk sounds quieter (back to same as bf2) (ctz)

* Attempt to fix tank sliding (ctz)

* Give all 20mm rounds (AP and otherwise) more dust from ground strikes (ctz)

* Give 20mm HE round bigger explosion and dust (ctz)

* Fix damage of tank shells vs rubber (caused lots of problems with indestructible light vehicles)


* Reduce small arms damage vs planes (ctz)



* New scoring system (ctz)

* Custom end of round stats implemented (ctz)

* Adjusted scoring for conquest (ctz)

* Fix commander chair code to handle exits from non-root PCOs correctly (ctz)

* Fixes to artillery system (ctz)



* Improved panicum texture (replaced with DXT5) (jodonnell)



* Fix daimlermk1 firing with freecam (ctz)

* Fix controlmap of universal carrier (ctz)

* Fix valentineii round selection (ctz)

* Fix m3 stuart aa gun rotation (ctz)

* Fix bofors aa ammo (ctz)

* Increase HP of all static emplacements (ctz)

* Fix daimlermk1 player collisions (ctz)

* Make movable pak38 and 6pdr take damage from water (ctz)

* Fix aec dorchester passenger using childhud (ctz)

* Fix piper cub exits (ctz)

* Dingo LODs + texture optimization (jodonnell)

* Fix smoke mortar sound on cruiseriv (ctz)

* Add smoke mortars to matildaii (ctz)

* Fix tank smoke turret hud (ctz)

* Ju 87 b2 Textures (toddel)

* Tone down bf109 jet sound (ctz)

* Adjust aircraft sounds to make them faster-sounding (ctz)

* Make parachute fall slower, give a tiny bit more control (ctz)

* Add a rider to fiat l6/40 for comedy purposes (ctz)

* Fix usechildhud missing on panzer cupola positions (ctz)

* Fix position ordering on tanks with hull mgs (ctz)

* Add delaytouse on 25pdr guns (ctz)

* Turn off ducking on PCOs where infantry weapons are used (ctz)

* Unlock universal carrier (ctz)

* Add riders to panzer ii c and f (ctz)

* Add panzer 3J late (ctz)

* Add delaytouse & turn off reloadwithoutplayer on panzer ii c and f (ctz)

* Increase ammo on matilda, mark vi light tank and cruiser iv smoke mortars (ctz)

* Added LeFH18_specularmap (toddel)

* Fix opel blitz entry points (added one at the back) and exit points (you exit from the doors or

back depending on position) (ctz)

* Fix universal carrier entry/exit (ctz)

* Attempt to fix multifiring bug (ctz)

* Supercharge 32 localization and common 1p textures (lobo)

* Add smoke mortars to daimlermk1 (ctz)

* Another tweak (bizness)

* Added tank sounds/tweaks (bizness)

* Double all cull radiuses (ctz)

* Added more vehicle sounds and fix AEC ai crash (bizness)

* Added ai to universal/bren carriers (bizness)

* Added ai stuff to vehicles and weapons (bizness)

* Make uni carrier roll and pitch less (ctz)

* Make sdkfz251/1 steer better (ctz)

* Updated mg15 skin (ctz)

* Stuka 1p exported + coded (ctz)

* Add collisions to willys windshield (ctz)

* Correct sdkfz251/1 damage effect positions (ctz)

* Correct chevy 30cwt explosion sensitivity material (ctz)

* Fix 25pdr dummy meshes appearing (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz251/1 front wheel and mg shield player collisions (ctz)

* Sdkfz222: add mirror to skin, use 1bit alpha to fix ordering problems, remove turret from front

of sight (ctz)

* Add crates to top of german dorchester (ctz)

* Added ReviC12D highpoly version for nosecam view (toddel)

* Add flak 18 without shield (ctz)

* Added Bf109 1st person textures and mesh (toddel)

* Make m3 grant slower and slightly weaker for turret/mantlet armour (ctz)

* Fix marmon herrington armour thickness (ctz)

* Bf109 particle wreck (ctz)

* Bf109e7_trop 1p and lods (ctz)

* Add smoke to more wheeled vehicles (ctz)



* New lowontickets.wav (ctz)

* Adjust at rifle damage against planes (ctz)

* Some col3 fixes (lobo)

* Mersa Matruh 32 players localization (lobo)

* Make minedetector buzz over mines (ctz)

* Fix missing hud_levelname's for supercharge and sidi rezegh (ctz)



* Reduce bofors splash radius (ctz)

* Increase deviation and decrease zoom of pzb39 and boys (ctz)

* Alter boys and pzb39 unzoomed recoil (ctz)

* Reduce dressing throw velocity (ctz)

* Fix no4scope reload (ctz)

* Fix floating shell in k98 (ctz)

* Remove tracers from boys and pzb39 rounds (ctz)

* Reduce shiftdelay on boys (ctz)

* Remove damage on german smoke projectile (ctz)

* Make smoke dispensers work online (ctz)

* Some no4 bayo 3p anim re-poses (killi)

* Increase bullet drop (ctz)

* Add willys-mb SAS version (ctz)

* Correct s-mine explosion material (ctz)

* Added movement sounds to No4/K98 reload. (bizness)

* Fix flickering circle on k98 ironsight (ctz)

* Adjust accuracy and re-align sights on thompson (drum and stick) and mp40 (ctz)

* Reduce wrench speed (ctz)



* Fix k98scope reload and scope texture (ctz)

* British pilot hat (ctz)



* Adjust e_exp_aa_huge (ctz)

* Disable tank barrel smoke in 1p (ctz)

* Make "tank shell penetration" effect more pronounced (ctz)



* Largely reduce random force applied to ragdolls (ctz)

* Turn off nosecam on soldiers (lol!) (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.6.469 to Version 0.8.124




* New tank and plane minimap icons (ctz)

* Add artillery, gun, jeep and truck minimap icons (ctz)

* Added generic temp plane gun sight (ctz)



* Fixed naming problem and added house12_dest (dukeofholland)

* Changed Bulletproff glass on crete_taverna to penetrable glass (toddel)

* Added 2 and 3 soldiers to cap signal (lobo)

* Fixed Ju52 inside Glitch (toddel)

* Added Death materials to Toddel statics (toddel)

* Make Toddelstatics cloth and carpet penetrable (toddel)

* Added Smaller version of Housecablepole (toddel)

* Statics collisions (lobo)

* Added Static Fueltruck (toddel)

* Added CommTent (lobo)

* Bunker 10 Ramped Doorway Soldier collision (rad)

* Fixed scale commTent (lobo)

* Added Player_Ammobox (toddel)

* Added Tobruk Church (malsa)

* Added 25 Pdr Ammobox variants (toddel)

* Add 25 Pdr Ammobox textures (toddel)

* Add more 25pdr Ammoboxes (toddel)

* Fixed barbedfence2 vehicle destruction (ctz)

* Flak18 textures + statics (lobo)

* Flakbunker cammo net and other stuff (lobo)

* Ammo Crates dispense ammo now (rad)

* Fixed Sidi HQ (lobo)

* Add mareth_House3 (toddel)

* Add mareth_House2 (toddel)

* Add mareth_House1 (toddel)

* Static Texture fixes (rad)

* Mud texture fixes (rad)

* Add Mareth_House4 (toddel)

* Added town_wall_gateway (mrcheese)

* Added (toddel)

* Fixed and enhanced normals in common dir (rad)

* Destroyable Fuel Wagon (rad)

* Single_blue Door (toddel)

* TobrukBalcony (toddel)

* Delete balcony (lobo)

* Tobruk balcony (lobo)

* Added Tobruk_2_Storey (toddel)

* Added a canvas_chair (toddel)

* Added a Pillar_concrete_single (toddel)

* Another Tobruk static (toddel)

* Drystonewall_straight_250cm (toddel)

* Added military_Barbwire_3m (toddel)

* Remove vehicle collisions from barbedwires (ctz)

Damage System


* Make headshots lethal (ctz)

* Slightly reduce Boys rifle round penetration (ctz)

* Revised tank armour system (ctz)

* Increase chances of ricochet of small arms fire vs metal and rock (ctz)

* Adjust ground materials frictions and resistances to reduce vehicle skating (ctz)



* Optimise tank disabling script to hopefully fix server lag (ctz)

* Implement ObjectTemplate.minNrToTakeControl (ctz)

* Fix bug where commanders in a seat at the end of a round would continue to be spammed with rank

events even over map change (ctz)

* Implement linkCPs for multiple source CPs (ctz)

* Kit limit hacking countermeasures (ctz)

* Fix team switching with kit limits (ctz)

* Added chooseNSpawns plugin, for randomised spawning of static defense vehicles (ctz)



* Added Palm_ruin and Palm ruin2 (toddel)

* Fixed col and loddistance on panicum_turgidum bush (toddel)

* Panicum should no longer be bulletproof (I hope?) (jodonnell)

* Added mangrove_big_noleafs (toddel)



* Add universal carrier (APC version) (ctz)

* Add universalcarrier with bren gun (ctz)

* Add Panzer 2F (ctz)

* Add Opel Blitz Fueltruck textures (toddel)

* Added Marmon_Herrington_mk3a textures (toddel)

* Add L6/40 textures (toddel)

* Add push mode (ctz)

* MarmonHerringtonMK3a exported (ctz)

* Increase AP damage against trucks (ctz)

* Improve tanks floatiness in water (ctz)

* Improve all tanks heaviness and handling (ctz)

* Add camera shake to flak38 firing (ctz)

* Extend soldier cull distances (ctz)

* Fix tank HE shells damage (ctz)

* Adjust tank turret rotation speed and slop (ctz)

* Cease using the helicopter control map for tanks (ctz)

* Fix spitfire handling (ctz)

* Bofors 40mm wip (rad)

* Add stuka engine sounds (ctz)

* Animate 6pdr breech (ctz)

* Implement tank smoke dispensers and launchers (ctz)

* Fix dingo sliding (ctz)

* Added 25-Pdr Textures (toddel)

* Add 25pdr (cols, lods, wreck done) (ctz)

* Kuble texture fixes (rad)

* Willys MB operating top model (rad)

* Willys texture update (rad)

* Add AEC Dorchester British Textures (toddel)

* Add AEC "Dorchester" armoured command vehicle (ctz)

* Split off camera switching on flak18, flak38, 25pdr, 6pdr, bofors and 2pdr to make it more

responsive (ctz)

* Revert kubelwagon engine to previous sounds (ctz)

* Add AEC Dorchester "Moritz" version textures (toddel)

* Sdkfz222 sights, cols, wreck & lods (ctz)

* Pak35 finished: cols fixed, lods, wreck and sights (ctz)

* Flak18 lods, wreck and cols (ctz)

* Improve m4a1/m3 grant engine sounds (ctz)

* Fix explosion effects on planes (ctz)

* Flak18 fix (lobo)

* Add bratwurst's flak18 reload sounds (ctz)

* Fixed Spit pilot door (rad)

* US Dauntless SBD Torch version (rad)

* Piper Cub Arty Spotter GB Version (rad)

* FordGPA Wip (rad)

* Fiat L6_40 tracks (rad)

* Tracks texture addition (rad)

* Piper cub netinfo crash fix (rad)

* Add fiat l6/40 (ctz)

* Updated Piper Textures (rad)

* Piper Cub Normal Map (rad)

* Piper Cub Lods and 1P (rad)

* Piper Spotting code wip (rad)

* Fix occupation names list position (ctz)

* Put vehicle name in the hud (ctz)

* Added Storch Textures and Model (toddel)

* Add collisions to the sdkfz251/1 driver flaps (ctz)

* Add sdkfz251/1 wreck and lods (ctz)

* Remove sdkfz251/1 mg34 drooping (ctz)

* Storch exported (ctz)

* Increase m4a1 top armour (ctz)

* Fix repairablity of various things (ctz)

* Flakvierling 38 exported/Heiarchy/cols & wip skin (rad)

* Flakvierling 38 initial code (ctz)

* Flakvierling 38 re-exported (rad)

* Added LeFH18 skins (lobo)

* Spit wreck in progress (rad)

* Fix 37mm m3 grant gun sound (ctz)

* Improve hurricane sound (ctz)

* Add door and hatch entry/exit sounds (ctz)

* Adjust all exit points (ctz)

* Flak18 fix (rad)

* Correct flak18 scale (ctz)

* Flak 18 tweaks (rad)

* Chevy30cwt camera fix (rad)

* Movable PaK38 finished (wreck, lods, sights, 6pdr driving system) (ctz)

* Static Pak38 finished (wreck, LODs, sights) (ctz)

* Matildaii finished (model update, wreck, cols, sights) (ctz)

* Adjust ammo and firerates on all 20mm aircraft guns (ctz)

* Reduce all air units HP (ctz)

* Finished ju87b2 (lods, cols, wreck). no 1p. (ctz)

* Fix flak18 sp crash (bizness)

* Fix 6pdr_static wreck pivot (ctz)



* Alamein localization (lobo)

* Alamein pack bat (lobo)

* Updated hud fonts to support german, polish, french, italian, spanish, swedish and dutch. also

now uses gunplay for headings. (ctz)

* Edit tinnitus shaders to give everything a red hue (ctz)

* Supercharge text length localization (lobo)

* Add win/lose music sourced by zero (ctz)

* Implement a warning video for people launching with bf2.exe (ctz)

* Implement canister shot for stuart and grant 37mm guns (ctz)

* German localization (lobo)

* Turn on minimap rotation globally (ctz)

* And now turn off minimap rotation globally, after some discussion (ctz)

* Fix horizon clamping in dice texture skycloudy01 (ctz)

* Extend the base static and PCO cull distance (ctz)

* Fix EAX bug (ctz)

* Death rattle, and new death/damage sounds (ctz)



* Make webley fire correct round at correct velocity (ctz)

* Fix mortar kill message (ctz)

* Fix 2pdr soldier position (ctz)

* Fix k98 smoothing groups, make metal shinier (ctz)

* Smoothing groups for k98 bayonet and scope (ctz)

* Fix mod24 grenade killmessage (ctz)

* Adjust reload speeds to match animations on k98, no4, mp40, pzb39 (ctz)

* Slightly adjust k98 ironsight (ctz)

* Add k98 grenade (ctz)

* Increase FOVs on handweapon ironsights/zooms (ctz)

* Geballte ladung textures (lobo)

* Add beretta modello 1934 (ctz)

* Add beretta modello 1938 (ctz)

* Reduce suppression radius (ctz)

* Fix loops in mp40 and thompson sounds to have correct firerate (ctz)

* Adjust webleymk6 reload times to match animation (ctz)

* USA/UK 500lb Dumb Bomb (rad)

* Nose Down German dumb bomb physics (rad)

* Artillery system for 25pdr (ctz)

* Improve all SMG's accuracy on the move (ctz)

* Make no4 grenade launcher fire the right thing: has 40mm armour penetration with light HE (ctz)

* Fix 20mm gun sound loops (ctz)

* Fix binoculars for widescreen players (ctz)

* New mg34 (armament and handheld bipod versions) (ctz)

* Added No69Grenade, lods, cols done (fhbeta_vic)

* Fix no4 grenade and no4 smoothing groups (ctz)

* Fix 3p k98 bayonet position (ctz)

* Added No73ATGrenade and No77Smoke, lods, cols done (fhbeta_vic)

* Fixed textures in british grenades (format, normal maps) (lobo)

* Added Vickers K textures (jodonnell)

* Updated Vickers K model / tweak (sort of broken, mysteriously does not fire) (jodonnell)

* Added Vickers K Single version (jodonnell)

* Vickers K Textures (rad)

* No4 optimization - 3P now 1115/492/154 (jodonnell)

* No4 new 3P textures (jodonnell)

* Fixed No4 3P texture (jodonnell)

* Fixed floating No 4 (jodonnell)

* No4 Grenade launcher optimized - 1362/632/188 (jodonnell)

* No4 Grenade LOD data added (jodonnell)

* No4 Bayonet optimization (jodonnell)

* K98 LODs optimized (jodonnell)

* K98 grenade optimizations (jodonnell)

* Increase range of various handweapon projectiles (ctz)

* Reduce SMG zoomed devation by one third (ctz)

* No77smoke idle2 stutter fix (added frames to 65) (killi)

* No69 nade idle2 stuttttter fix (killi)

* No4 Scope optimization, activated LODs on various weapon tweaks (jodonnell)

* GeballteLadung sprint cam (killi)

* Mark6 mine sprint cam (killi)

* Mg34 sprint cam (killi)

* Millsbomb sprint cam (killi)

* Waltherp38 sprint cam (killi)

* Add knife sprint for new camera movement (killi)

* Smine sprint cam (killi)

* Mineflag sprint cam (killi)

* Mine detector sprint cam (killi)

* Nebel smoke sprint cam (killi)

* Restored 3P bolt functionality to K98 (jodonnell)

* Webley sprint pose changed and bouncy cam added (killi)

* Mp40 sprint cam (killi)

* No4 sprint cam (killi)

* No4 bayo sprint cam (killi)

* No4grenade sprint cam (killi)

* K98 sprint bounce (killi)

* K98 bayo sprint bounce (killi)

* K98 grenade sprint bounce (killi)

* Stickybomb_sprint bounce (killi)

* Pzb39 sprint bounce (killi)

* Tellermine35 sprint bounce (killi)

* Beretta38 sprint bounce (killi)

* K98 Bayonet optimization (jodonnell)

* C4_explosives sprint bounce (killi)

* Wrench sprint bounce (killi)

* Thompson optimizations (Drum + Stick version) (jodonnell)

* MP40 optimizations (jodonnell)

* Reduce side-to-side movement of SMGs under firing (ctz)

* K98 Scope optimizations (jodonnell)

* No4 scoped sprint bounce (killi)

* Get rid of preposterous rambo rolling (ctz)

* Fix whacked out bolt on K98 scoped reload (killi)

* Add bratwurst's AT gun reload sounds (ctz)



* Dressings added to all kits (index 8) (ctz)



* Willys Wreck particle explosion (rad)

* Frag grenade fx (ctz)

* Spitfire exploding wreck (ctz)



* Statics and roads (lobo)



* Enabled IA LODs in tweak (jodonnell)

* Fix gj body specular (ctz)

* Fixed Italian texture paths (jodonnell)



* Disable external cams on ladders for reasons of consistency (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.6.432 to Version 0.6.469




* Naval flag again (lobo)

* Added flak cammonet with longer logs (lobo)

* Some textures (lobo)

* Added FH_NA_houses 9 to 11 (dukeofholland)

Damage System


* Revert to previous small arms damages, except for extremities (ctz)



* Fix pausing every 4 seconds (ctz)



* Fix sdkfz222 materials and add a crap wreck to prevent ctd (ctz)

* Willy size 94% & wreck col fix (rad)

* Matildaii wreck collision to prevent ctds (ctz)

* Universalcarrier textures (toddel)



* Reduce supply drop height and lifetime (ctz)



* Fixed pzb39 skin (lobo)

* Realign no4grenade firing with animation (ctz)



* Fixed "Delete Graphic Cache" and "Delete Logo Cache" functions (version 0.37.9) (purity)

* The "Server Browser" got screwed up again. Sorry not my fault ;-) (version 0.37.10) (purity)

* Added Portuguese BR language, translated by Nom4d3 (version 0.37.11) (purity)

Changes from Version 0.6.373 to Version 0.6.432




* Fix flying vehicles when hitting barbedfence (ctz)

* Improved naval flag (lobo)

Damage System


* Adjust down small arms damage vs soldiers (ctz)



* Correctly reset spawntimes when mandown (ctz)

* Restrict NCO kits to fireteam leaders and commanders using the kit limiting system, not the hud


* Improve artillery reload time extension system: artillery reload time is extended on an

artillery kill (ctz)

* Make betaTest mapswitching work (ctz)



* 6pdr_static lods (ctz)

* 6pdr lods and new improved driving system (ctz)

* Add new spitfire sounds (ctz)

* Sdkfz 222 skins (lobo)

* Update beaufighter: updated skin, add escape hatch, revert to correct mgs (ctz)

* Make stuka drop 4 50kg bombs in one action (ctz)

* Willys passengers (tincan stylee) (ctz)

* Finished deacon: lods, wreck, cols and code (ctz)

* Made sdkfz222 basket work (sync'd with gun elevation) (ctz)



* Make grunts stop using the radio (ctz)

* Implement shouting for grunts, radio spotting reserved for NCOs and vehicles (ctz)



* Fix k98 3p sounds (ctz)

* Make 2pdr use the 2pdr sound instead of 40mm tank sound (ctz)

* Slightly reduce deviation added when firing SMGs (ctz)

* Slightly adjust base deviation for rifles (ctz)

* Adjust zoommodifiers on sways to reduce ironsight misalignments (ctz)

* Give infantry parachutes ammo of 1 parachute, not infinite. (ctz)



* Add gebirgsjäger soldier for crete and italy (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.6.318 to Version 0.6.373




* Adjust 20mm aircraft cannon damage (ctz)

* Fix smine being deployed on vehicles and statics (ctz)



* Italian rig complete! (jodonnell)



* Added static Flak18_shell (toddel)

* Fixed more statics for low graphics settings (ctz)



* Fixed hurricane markings (lobo)

* Adjust bren and mg34 deviation and recoils (ctz)

* Fix over-large decals on terrain (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.6.257 to Version 0.6.318




* Added El Daba sign (lobo)

* Fix more statics for low geometry settings people (ctz)

Damage System


* Make static_mines damage every vehicle (ctz)

* Decreased tanks sliding (lightning)



* Changed reload time on tank guns (decreased mostly) (lightning)

* Added rad's willysmb (wip skin and code) (ctz)

* Willys MB Model & Code Tweaks (rad)

* Added riders for all medium and higher tanks (ctz)

* Made matilda and valentine harder vs bombs (ctz)

* Fix markvi light tank wheels (ctz)



* Fixed Matruh Localization (lobo)



* Alter smine collision to have it half buried, and reduce number in kit (ctz)

* Try to fix black splotch under wreck fires (ctz)

* Tone down german bombs (ctz)

* Adjust rifles and lmgs for accuracy (ctz)

* Realign no4 clip dropping with reload animation (ctz)



* Adjust damage radius for satchel, geballeladung, sticky bomb and all grenades (ctz)

* Fix german sniper pickup (ctz)



* Implemented AP shell ricochet (ctz)

* Reworked barbedwires using d_fast's method (ctz)

* Adjust 2-pounder damage (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.6.121 to Version 0.6.257




* Fix fh_na_villa1 lods for low settings (ctz)

* Add S-Mine to scout classes (ctz)

* Fix barbedwires (ctz)

* Various statics cull and low settings lods fixed (ctz)

Damage System


* Add small he effect to at rifles (ctz)

* Adjust at rifle damages (particularly cal55 at round) against most things (ctz)

* Fix knife -> vehicle effects (ctz)

* Reduce ground -> vehicle damage (ctz)

* Make decals more numerous (ctz)



* Added betaTest python script (ctz)



* Fixed Dingo passenger seat to reduce clipping (jodonnell)

* Added FlaK38 wreck smoke (jodonnell)

* Fix overly thick cruiseriv lower hull armour (ctz)

* Updated Dingo passenger IK, camera, and seat position and added Killi's new seat anim baf


* Reduce panzer 4 top/rear armours (ctz)

* Removed FlaK38 3p views (jodonnell)

* Removed Dingo 3p views (jodonnell)

* Fixed FlaK38 projectile start position so it no longer fires 2m past the muzzle (jodonnell)

* Added m3grant collisions and wreck (ctz)

* Panzer 4 f2 wreck (ctz)

* Fix panzer 4 f1 wreck (ctz)

* Fix 88 sight clipping and deviation (ctz)

* Make the beaufighter fly a bit better and implement nosecam and front chase cameras (ctz)

* Plane cameras for hurricanemkii (ctz)

* Plane cameras for stuka, bf109, hurricane and swordfish (ctz)

* 6 pounder AT gun sights and tweaks (ctz)

* Adjust materials on all static defenses (ctz)

* Stop sdkfz222 and kubelwagon rolling (ctz)

* Updated markvi tank system and specular map (ctz)

* Decrease tank accelerations (ctz)

* Increase tank gun accuracy (ctz)

* Reduce mg15 rotation speed on stuka (ctz)

* Fix crusader mk1 late using crusader mk1 early wreck skin (ctz)

* Fixed Crusader MkI Early armour values (lightning)

* Fixed Crusader MkI Late armour values (lightning)



* Give feedback other than large spawn time when kit is not available (ctz)



* Improve playing of bolt working animation on bolt-action rifles (ctz)

* Updated Bren armament texture to infantry Bren's (jodonnell)

* Improve k98 and no4 bob (ctz)

* Realign k98 sight (ctz)

* New no4 sound (ctz)

* New mp40 sound (ctz)

* Adjusted k98 and no4 accuracy (ctz)

* New brenmk1 sound (ctz)

* Turn off 3d map icon on mines (ctz)

* Adjust mg15 ik (ctz)

* Add separate stickybomb_projectile, because bf2 is monsterously broken (ctz)

* Add bolt working effect to k98 (ctz)

* Implement adjustable artillery reload times though a selection of grevious hacks (ctz)

* Adjust SMG recoils to make them a bit more useless without ironsights (ctz)

* Set abruptPlayback on bolt working animations (ctz)

* Add ejecting clip effect (with sound courtesy of fatjoe) (ctz)

* 2 pounder sight and lods (ctz)

* Make no4 AT grenade work better against tanks (ctz)

* Implemented damage ranges for tank rounds (ctz)

* Add fire delay to match killi's animations and new sound to no4 rifle grenade (ctz)



* Added knoffhoff's nebel eihandgranate (ctz)

* Added mcgibs' k98 bayonet (both used as bayonet and as knife) (ctz)

* Added mcgibs' k98 scope (ctz)

* Added knoffhoff's geballteladung (ctz)



* Give 2 smoke grenades instead of 1 (ctz)

* Adjust HE anti tank infantry weapons (ctz)

* Added custom atrifle hit fx (ctz)



* Adjust soldier sprint, speed and bleed level (ctz)

* Improved tarmac walking sounds (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.6.100 to Version 0.6.121




* Test removal of crosshairs (ctz)



* Fix cruiseriv engine networkable (ctz)

* Stop hurricanemkii from flying nose-down (ctz)



* New kit limiting system (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.5.433 to Version 0.6.100




* Slash 3dmap cull distances (ctz)

* New crosshairs for pistols (ctz)

* New crosshairs for rifles (ctz)

* New crosshairs for smgs (ctz)



* Updated sdkfz222 skin (lobo)

* Added two trenches (lobo)

* Add black mask inside hillside_windmill (ctz)

* Added a Guardhouse for Sidi (toddel)

* Sidi_Mosque Lods and Col3 (rad)

* Fix Crete hillside lod2+3 issues (toddel)

* Added some matruh houses (lobo)

* A Cooking pot ;) (toddel)

* Added 2 different Tobruk_Barracks variations (toddel)

* Added some matruh buildings (lobo)

* Added A paper_table Static (toddel)

* Added a Typewriter (toddel)

* Added the Fieldkitchen (toddel)

* Added another Tobruk barracks (toddel)

* Added Opel Blitz static family (toddel)

* Added Bedford Truck Static version + different various Parts (toddel)

* Added a Static Kübelwagen (toddel)

* Added pottery furnitures (toddel)

* A ampore static (toddel)

* Added Dossplace (toddel)

* Added oildrumstand (toddel)

* Added a Static wood barrel (toddel)

* Added Farmers_Barbwire (toddel)

* Added more Matruh statics (lobo)

* Added Tobruk_Moquette static (toddel)

* Added Tobruk_Hotel static (toddel)

Damage System


* Adjust fall damage some more (ctz)

* Reduce small arms fire vs planes (ctz)

* Reduce tank->ground damage (ctz)



* Stop python plugins crashing on level change (ctz)



* New and improved FlaK38 right-click reticle (jodonnell)

* New sound for sdkfz251/1 (ctz)

* New sound for matildaii (ctz)

* New sound for crusaders (ctz)

* New sound for kubelwagon (ctz)

* Fix civtruck awooga horn (ctz)

* Pump cull distance for all PCOs (ctz)

* Added montoya's cruiseriv (ctz)

* Update localisation for artillery and cruiser (ctz)

* Crank sdkfz/222 torque (ctz)

* Fix invisible bedford driver (ctz)

* Reverted editor trashing of the m3grant camera switch (ctz)

* Make parachutes use tangent normals (ctz)

* Reskinned supply_crate (ctz)

* Added custom supply_parachute (ctz)

* Turn off vehicle repair for supply drop (ctz)

* Adjust supply drop physics to increase randomness (ctz)

* Fix texturing on m4a1 gunholder (ctz)

* Fix pziic 1p alpha (ctz)

* Fix pzivf2 1p alpha (ctz)

* Fix pziic fire sound (ctz)

* Fix flak38 soundbug by turning off autoreload (ctz)

* Added new sherman sound (ctz)

* Fix movable pak38's HE ammo (fired 6 pounder AP rounds) (ctz)

* Fix static german gun's delaytouse (ctz)

* Crank wreck smoke (ctz)

* Add wreck smoke for static defenses (ctz)

* Fixed totally bananas 88 deviation (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz251/1 engine torque and balance (ctz)

* Add downforce effects to all propellors (ctz)

* Fix pziiijedak hull mg clipping (ctz)



* Crank supply drop height (ctz)

* Fix crusader, m4a1 (and others) ammoswitch CTD (ctz)

* Mersa Matruh localization (lobo)

* Tobruk 16 players localization (lobo)



* Fix no4 sound distances, plus adjust all handweapons sound distances (ctz)

* Add new shell whizzing sound (ctz)

* Tone down cal45 damage (ctz)

* Realign k98 ironsight and fix standing zoom animation (ctz)

* Fix k98 alpha plane wrapping (ctz)

* New tommygun sound (ctz)

* Add boys AT rifle (ctz)

* New thompsonm1928 ironsights (ctz)

* Fix bren armament sound (ctz)

* Fix .30cal projectile (ctz)

* Added Fists for some bare-knuckled brawling (ctz)

* Add besa mg fire sound (ctz)

* Fix no4 bayonet and grenade launcher 3p models (ctz)



* Remove all ammo abilities (ctz)



* Made tank WEB smoke more dense and now blown by wind (ctz)

* Add experimental tank tracks effect (ctz)

* Increase mortar sound distance (ctz)

* Crank windaffectors, and align (ctz)

* Customise airdrafts (ctz)

* Make e_hgr_smokegrenade longer lasting (ctz)

* Crank aircraft cannon trail (ctz)

* Crank bomb damage (ctz)



* Add new breath sound (ctz)

* Add new dirt, sand and tarmac sounds (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.5.384 to Version 0.5.433




* Some col3 fixes (lobo)

* Added a Roadblock static (toddel)

* Added Guard Tower SP collision and Lods (rad)

* Added the other sidi underground col3's (lobo)

* Stucco_Stairs01 added col3 and 3 lods (rad)

* Fix fh_na_villa1_des.col 3 (toddel)

* Fixed harbourwall singleplayer colisions (toddel)



* Fix rear flag capping on tobruk (ctz)



* Fix truck engines (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz222 engine and soundbug (ctz)

* Improve matildaii cols (ctz)

* Add hplostwhilecriticaldamage to all planes (ctz)

* Improve stuka handling (ctz)

* Slow all turret speeds (ctz)



* Supercharge localization (lobo)

* Sidi2 col3 (lobo)



* Fix hispano projectile (ctz)

* Fix binocular firing glitch (ctz)

* Add shell ejection to webley (ctz)



* Add aircraft cannon trail (ctz)

* Make plane damage smoke fatter (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.5.192 to Version 0.5.384




* Fix commander right click menu (ctz)

* Strip down class selection screen to start adding class limits (ctz)

* Hud editing to fit larger vehicle Icons (rad)

* Add fade-to-black death effect (ctz)



* Added Ju52wreck static (toddel)

* Fixed Hangar col2 (lobo)

* Added static ju52 (ctz)

* Added detail to lod3 (multiple) (dukeofholland)

* Add bedford static wreck (ctz)

* Fixed na_tower lod1 (lobo)

* Flag Art (rad)

* Added closed quonset, wood trench, etc (lobo)

* Fixed scale, quonset closed (lobo)

* Fixed multiple col3's (dukeofholland)

* Add Normal map to Ju 52 wreck static (toddel)

* Added road signs & barbwire col3's (lobo)

Damage System


* Lots of damage system fixes (ctz)

* Add decals for small arms vs vehicles (ctz)

* Fix grenade damage against tanks, for real this time (ctz)

* Increase soldier fall damage, plus add a bone crunching sound and dust for the impact (ctz)



* Fixed commander seat bugs when people die inside (ctz)

* Correct changelog line endings (ctz)

* Add destroyable objective code (ctz)

* Add linked CPs and prerequsite CPs python plugins (ctz)



* Fix various flak38 gun alignment and specular (ctz)

* Changed FlaK38 wreck model - barrel is less warped and now blown-up somewhat (jodonnell)

* Unscrew pak38 and 6pdr engines (sorry) (ctz)

* Fix flak38 sounds (ctz)

* Fix pzivf2 ammo types (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz251/1 materials (ctz)

* Changed Opel Blitz co-driver camera position to more closely match driver's camera head position

on Y and Z (jodonnell)

* Made Opel Blitz cameras snappier (150 speed/5000 acceleration) (jodonnell)

* Changed Commander Radio seat exits to -2 on Z (jodonnell)

* Implement improved canopy system on hurricanemkii. you must use 'X' to open canopy, then exit

using 'E' as normal. (ctz)

* Add pziiijedak cupola hatches (ctz)

* Add bedfordoyd lods (ctz)

* Add flak18 sight (ctz)

* Correct sdkfz251_1 track speed (ctz)

* Correct valentineii armourids (ctz)

* Fix pak38_static and pak35_static networkables (ctz)

* Add zero's new turret sounds (ctz)

* Fix bedfordoyd canvas material (ctz)

* Improve bf109 nimbleness (ctz)

* Add canopy system to bf109 (ctz)

* Added hud components to KubleDAK (rad)

* Various other fixes and additions. (bizness)

* Add filmcamera (ctz)



* Fixed naming of no4grenade, was no4 bayonet. (ctz)

* Add objective minimap icon (ctz)

* Siege of Tobruk localization (lobo)



* Added smine (ctz)

* Add new webley sounds (ctz)

* Add infantry brenmk1 (ctz)

* Limit handweapon projectile damages at distance (ctz)

* Remove crosshairs from mg34 bipod and no4scope (ctz)

* Replace no4 sound (ctz)

* Added no2 mk2 binoculars (ctz)

* Half deviation of all static MGs (ctz)

* Add mcgib's sticky bomb (ctz)

* Add rz20 and x9 parachutes (ctz)

* Add real lewis_bipod (ctz)

* Added commander mine layer, artillery, mortar and smoke (ctz)



* Implement kit limiting (ctz)



* Double cull radius on flags (ctz)

* Add folded flags (ctz)

* Add hanging flags (ctz)

* Applied Alternate German flag art (rad)



* Improve soldier handling (ctz)

* Add critical damage to soldiers (ctz)



* Fix sparks damage effect (ctz)

* Improve bolt ejection effects (ctz)

* Custom realistic muzzle fx (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.4.493 to Version 0.5.192




* Optimise away bf2 menu atlases (ctz)

* Added infantry mg34 with temporary model and animations (ctz)

* Add rad's HUD workover (ctz)



* Pak38wreck version (zapf)

* Added a sideboard (toddel)

* Wallhigh01 destroyable version (ctz)

* Changing lightmaps size in small props (lobo)

* Other lightmap size change (lobo)

* Added 2 new chairs (toddel)

* Added CommRadio textures (lobo)

* Added wreck texture to pak38 (zapf)

* Added German Oil Drum (rad)

* Added marethBunker5 and other bunker fixes. (bizness)

* Added Airfield_HandPump (toddel)

* Added dummies to render commander radios lightmaps (lobo)

* Added BF109_E7Trop_wreck and Texture/ (toddel)

Damage System


* Optimised and reduced vehicle/ground collisions (ctz)

* Increase damage to planes by flak38 (ctz)



* Complete revision of AT-guns (zapf)

* Fix flak38 and pziic soundbugs (ctz)

* Fix tank and small arms damage against light transport vehicles (ctz)

* Fix opelblitz physics collision (ctz)

* Correct damage against static emplacements (ctz)

* Fix crusader mk3 driver camera (ctz)

* Fix crusader mk3 textures (use colormapgloss) (ctz)

* Add WIP tank sights surround (ctz)

* Fix bedfordoyd glass material and wreck fire (ctz)

* Textures for Panzer Tank Sight (rad)

* Added pak38 wreck texture (lobo)

* Corrected position of Dingo Bren gun and Bren camera (jodonnell)

* Increased spring strength on Dingo rear wheels by 200%, front wheels by 33% (jodonnell)

* Removed crosshairs on Bren (armament) (jodonnell)

* Add commander radios (ctz)

* Add commander radio minimap icon (ctz)

* Updated placement lod 1,2,3 (zapf)

* Added pziii j early dak (ctz)

* PZIIIJ Early Texture work (rad)

* PZIIc Texture fixes (rad)

* Make hurricane engines louder (ctz)

* Add bf109e7_trop (ctz)

* Fix sdkfz251/1 engine torque (ctz)

* Added tank sight surrounds to pziic, plus tweaked sounds (ctz)

* Add tank sight surround to valentineii (ctz)

* BF109 skins (lobo)

* Added tank surround to m3grant (ctz)

* Fix m3stuarthoney inner wheel animated uvws, add tank surrounds, various other adjustments (ctz)

* Add tank surrounds and freelook to crusadermk1 early and late, plus tweaks (ctz)

* Alter markvi engine sound (ctz)

* Add correct alternative rounds to all vehicles and static weapons, plus fix various weapon sound

problems (ctz)

* Slow bf109 slightly (ctz)

* Add 20mm panzergranate 40, 20mm antiaircraft and 37mm APC rounds (ctz)

* Turn off autouseability everywhere (ctz)

* Fix pzivf1 track clipping, hull mg clipping and add sight surrounds (ctz)

* Pzivf2 tank surrounds (ctz)



* (significantly?) improve performance by atlasing particles (ctz)

* Added adhan (lobo)



* Fix sounds on duplicated pistols (ctz)

* Fix webleymk6 projectile and muzzle velocity (ctz)



* Add orange and pink tracers (ctz)

Changes from Version 0.4.345 to Version 0.4.493




* Make hud cp names black (ctz)



* Added more NA houses (lobo)

* Added Tobruk_Cornerhouse_cls (toddel)

* Added NA_Stoneshed (toddel)

* Tobrukhouse2 size rescaled (toddel)

* Sidi undergrounds fixed (lobo)

* Added the (toddel)

* Added a Crete Shopsign1 (toddel)

* Added some Crete Icons (toddel)

* Added Crete signs (toddel)

* Fix texturing issues on hillside_windmill (ctz)

* Added Tobruk_House_I (toddel)

* Some static fixes (lobo)

* Added closet and barricade (lobo)

* Added NA_tunnel, Sidi2_undCover and another tank barrier (lobo)

* Some static fixes (lobo)

* Added 3mtr ladder (dukeofholland)

* Fixed colls in Sidi undergrounds (lobo)

* Updated the Crete signs texture to improve the alpha channel (mrcheese)

* Added nafrica_hangar (lobo)

* Added col3 in sidi undergrounds (lobo)

* Added col3 for Sidi_HQ (dukeofholland)

* Fixed radio lod's (lobo)

* Added airfield supplyobjects (ctz)

* Added monastery walls (dukeofholland)

* Added extra monasterywalls (dukeofholland)

* Tweaked cols in sandladders (lobo)



* Tank disabling made 1 million times more efficient (ctz)



* Fixed Panicum pivots so they don't float (jodonnell)



* Give valentine II correct armour values (ctz)

* Fix pziic guns (ctz)

* Fix smoke mortar projectile on markvi (ctz)

* Various tweaks (zapf)

* Various tweaks (zapf)

* Various tweaks (zapf)

* Added 50mm shell ejection efx to FlaK18 (jodonnell)

* Added basic Sahariana (jodonnell)

* Added con/tweak for new, unarmed/armored variant (jodonnell)

* Removed redundant wreck texture (jodonnell)

* Updated Sahariana with attachments (jodonnell)

* Tweak entry and exit on pak38_static (zapf)

* 20mm on Sahariana functional (jodonnell)

* Sahariana should behave now, unarmed version still broke (jodonnell)

* Corrected pzivf1 and pzivf2 sights (ctz)

* Corrected pziic sights (ctz)

* Revised 6pdr (zapf)

* Add ground fx bundles to tanks etc which lacked it (ctz)

* 6pdr wreck wheel texture (zapf)

* 6pdr_static (zapf)

* Updated Sahariana with accuracy fixes and new jerrycan method. Still needs updated LoDs and

wreck added, minor chassis texture fixes (jodonnell)

* Fix armour ids on m4a1 (ctz)

* Make planes fly more like bricks and less like feathers (ctz)

* Improved hurricanemkii physics (ctz)



* Add fixed me_miniplant01.obj for sfakia undergrowth (ctz)

* Added desert bush (lobo)

* Supercharge localization (lobo)

* Added ww2 trash and clothes (lobo)



* Made the no4 fire the correct round, was firing a japanese 7.7mm round (ctz)

* Increased bayonetting distance by 20% (ctz)

* Added 2 pounder (ctz)

* Updated Armament Bren to new version (jodonnell)

* Fix exit locations on mg15 and mg34 static bipods (ctz)

* Reduce millsbomb speed (ctz)

* Fix hispano tracers (ctz)

* Added ammokit and medikit (ctz)



* Merge in Vic_Colfari's kits (ctz)



* New tank explosion fx (ctz)

* New grenade explosion effect (ctz)

* Add bolt work shell ejection fx (ctz)

* New tank muzzle fx and groundfx (ctz)



* Added Forgotten Hope Toolbox version 0.36.21 (purity)

* Added Forgotten Hope Modding Toolbox version 0.20.11 (purity)



Forgotten Hope 2 was made with the hard work of:

* Aaron Ash

* AceS

* Agus

* Arisaka

* Augustus

* benseras

* Beregil

* Bizness

* Bob Sacamano

* BUG$

* Citizen Soldier

* ctz

* Darren01

* Digital_Assassin

* Dime a Dozen

* Duke of Holland

* Fatjoe

* Fenring

* Fuchswiesel

* german~Bratwurst

* Guderian

* Gunnie

* Herc

* jimbob

* jodonnell

* K96

* Kev4000

* Killi Vanilli

* knoffhoff

* Lightning

* Lili Marlene

* Lobo

* Lude

* Malsa

* Mange

* matt.b

* McGibs

* Messiha

* Montoya

* Mr. Cheese

* Natty Wallo


* Otolikos

* PointBlank86

* Purity

* Rad

* Remdul

* SenorDingDong

* Seth Soldier

* Smig

* Sorken

* Spaetzle

* StrangerthanFiction

* Taranov

* The Hail of Nails

* The Jackalx2k

* Toddel

* Turbo_Tiger

* Winterhilf

* Zapfcreations

* Zero

Thanks to


* Flüstertüte for the servers and supporting

* All our betatesters

All content is (C)2006 the Forgotten Hope mod and may not

be reused or redistributed without prior permission.

Enjoy the mod!

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