Day of Defeat v1.0 Mod Fix

This is an unofficial fix that patches the Modification...

Day of Defeat v1.0 Mod Fix

This is an unofficial fix that patches the Modification version of Day of Defeat 1.0. It adds a few files and fixes that weren't included in the Half-Life mod version.

Day Of Defeat 1.0 came out and with it they unfortunately left out some files from the half-life mod edition. The fix installs all the files which were left out and also optionally patches a few known bugs clientside bugs in DoD 1.0.

Files included in this modification which were left out:












Client Side Problems Patched:

- Fixes the menu graphics, where previously it was showing the HL logo and not the proper DOD background.

- The option to remove the player icons which appear above heads - The ingame option is bugged.

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