The Grinch

The Mean One is now one bad motha in Quake III: Arena

  • Category First Person
  • Size 2.8 MB
  • Program by Mike and Bill Jukes

The Grinch

The Mean One is now one bad motha in Quake III: Arena.

Ahh the Grinch. A storybook character of legendary proportions here in the USA. If you are outside the country you might not enjoy his charm just yet. Given the live action movie recently released might help with that fact though. In any case, I'm a happy camper with this model.

The mesh works hard to emulate the original character from the cartoon. And it pulls it off pretty well. They had to translate a fairly difficult creature from 2d into 3d. If you're familiar with the story, you know that the designs of the character were a bit exaggerated at times. The pear shaped villain really doesn't get much better than this in 3d form though. Well... there's some crunching at the joints unfortunately. But the important bit, the recognition factor, is real high. he does look like the character.

The animations are Steed-style©. They pulled them off the standard model bip files that where released. They do get the job done though as we've seen in the past.

Skins were farmed out to an another artist who also had a difficult jon of bringing the cartoon Grinch into real shading and texturing. A toon shaded version of the model would be interesting, but baring that this one is done well. The saturation is nice and high on the skin, but the contrast is as well. Some places like on his legs are just too dark and shaded. But a minor point at nest. The twinkling shader on the fur bits of his coat are a nice extra touch.

I give this one a good endorsement for the Q3 fans out there. This one works well and is a pleasure to see in game.

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