BF1942 - Who Dares Wins Mod v0.23 Client full install

Who Dares Wins is a special operations total conversion of...

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BF1942 - Who Dares Wins Mod v0.23 Client full install

Who Dares Wins is a special operations total conversion of Battlefield 1942. This mod focuses on post-Vietnam (post-1975) special operations warfare. Who Dares Wins features 90 different hand weapons and 16 maps (11 with singleplayer support) spanning 30 years of warfare on 3 continents. Go into battle as a member of one of 10 different special operations forces, including the British SAS, American Green Berets and Delta Force, Australian SASR and Israeli Sayeret Golani Brigade. Or fight them as a member of the Iraqi Army, Panamanian Defense Force, the Taliban or PLO.


Requires: Bf1942 version 1.6

Developed by: Who Dares Wins devs.



Self-installing .exe file. Just download and click the file.


So much stuff has been changed that I gave up keeping a changelog about 2 weeks into making the mod. Besides, 25-page

changelogs are a good insomnia cure. So instead of putting you to sleep, I made this feature list/gameplay tip sheet so

you can read about the really important changes that need explaining.

Who Dares Wins 0.2 is almost a completely new mod. Almost EVERYTHING has been changed from the 0.1 release. Maps have been

redone, shadows and lightmaps have been added, stuff has been remodelled and almost EVERYTHING has been reskinned. Don't

judge this mod by previous releases!

This is a BIG and very varied mod. So if you don't like one map, try a few more before giving up on the mod.

At WDW we base all our maps off of real-life events. So all of the battles in WDW really happened. Sometimes, as was

the case with Iranian Embassy Siege, we painstakingly reconstructed the area of the operation based on a bunch of

photographs of actual sites. Other times we approximated or simply reproduced the terrain of the area.

WDW is varied. We have 16 maps spanning 25 years of conflicts (anything post-vietnam is fair game). We have American,

British, Russian, German, French, Iraqi and Argentinian SF units, as well as Iraqi, Taliban and Somali OPFOR troops as

well as various terrorist organizations and even some private mercenaries. Some of our maps have a lot of vehicles, many

have none at all.

WDW aims to be as historically accurate as possible (with some rare exceptions for the fun/coolness factor like the

Ka-50 on Ulus-Kert). So on our maps, the weapons, vehicles, uniforms etc. were probably used in the real-life battle the

map is based on.

Ammoboxes are specific to each team, and they look like a wooden box labeled 'Ammunition' with some guns and grenades

lying on top of it. If you can't get ammo out of an ammobox, chances are it's not for your team. You get ammoboxes in

control points that you control at the start of the game. If you capture an enemy CP, new ammo doesn't appear. You have

to get it from support vehicles like the humvee, technical or the blackhawk or scavenge the enemy dead. Welcome to combat

supply and logistics 101.

Medical supplies aren't laying out in the field in every building like vanilla BF. They are for the most part only found

in bases. If you get wounded away from a base, find a medic or a support vehicle. Or keep fighting, who dares wins, right?


Stun grenades can be used to momentarity distract the enemy, especially at close quarters indoors.

Smoke grenades can be used to mask movement, or as a distraction or for concealment.

Frag grenades and rifle grenades don't hurt tanks or other armored vehicles, so don't even try!

Parachutes have been removed from all soldiers except paratroopers and spawnable pilot kits.

Some SF units have night vision goggles on night maps.

Some teams have random skins. So no you aren't going crazy when you see your team wearing 3 different types of camo;)

But only 1 side on maps with random skins has a random skin, so telling the sides apart is not a problem.

All assault rifles and machine guns have tracers. Guns firing Eastern Bloc ammo (like the AK-47 and PKM) fire green

tracers, while guns firing NATO ammunition (like the M4 and M249) fire red. This can be used to tell friendly forces

from foes, especially at night. On other maps both sides have eastern or western weapons or a mixture of both so it

becomes confusing. Welcome to the fog of war ;)

Handheld machine guns can overheat. Machine guns without quick-change barrels like the RPK and Al-Quds take longer to

cool down.The M4 with 100-rd C-mag overheats as well.

The weapons are balanced but not even. OPFOR weapons tend to be 7.62mm, so they do more damage but are less accurate at

range. Allied/Coalition/Whatever weapons tend to be 5.56mm, so they do less damage but are more accurate at range.

Headshots are 1-shot kills no matter the weapon.

Check what's in all your weapons positions! You might find something cool or maybe even useful!

SA-7 missiles are good for bringing down aircraft, but you only get one shot. They don't hurt infantry much.

RPGs are good for bringing down low, slow flying Blackhawks. They can also be used to take out groups of

infantry that are standing close together.

The Remington 870 MCS (the stubby shotgun) and the Saiga 12k fire rifled slugs. These slugs can be used to break down

doors or disable vehicles and are 1-shot kill vs infantry. The slugs are low-velocity though, so a substantial lead is


WDW aims to be realistic with weapons. So if a gun seems nerfed or overpowered to you, it probably has weak hitting power

or blows everything away in real life. With that said, we welcome your input about the mod. We aren't perfect. Some

mistakes were probably made.

Some kits on some maps have smatchet knives or machetes. These do more damage than regular knives. A single chest stab is

a kill.


Heavy sniper rifles (.50 cal cannons like the Barrett M82, KSVK etc) are placed in spawnable kits. Look around the main

base for them, and pick them up using the G key.

Snipers on some maps have ghillie suits, use this to your advantage.

.50cal sniper rifles are VERY inaccurate and are completely useless while standing. They are also bulky and obstructive

to carry around. But when you go prone they are deadly accurate. Did I mention that 1 chest shot is a kill and 10 shots

kills a light vehicle?

The Dragunov and Tabuk rifles are not as accurate as some other rifles in the game. They also have a 4x scope instead of

10x. But they have a higher ROF so try double-tapping instead of headshots.

Ground Vehicles:

Light vehicles like the Land Rover, LRPV and Humvee carry ammo for soldiers only. No resupplying vehicles or healing

ability. They make it easy to get places fast with some medium firepower. They also have horns, just for fun.

Trucks like the Ural, M939 and Unimog can heal and resupply ammo for soldiers and vehicles, as well as carry a lot of

troops. However they are unarmed.

The M113 APC can be disabled by throwing grenades down its hatches. This won't destroy the vehicle but will kill anyone


Some vehicles can't be driven. They are static objects.


All helicopter spawns have a spawnable helicopter pilot kit laying next to them. Pick it up with the G key. You might want

to use it, it may come in useful. It has stuff like a flaregun, a wrench for repairs and a medpack if you get shot down.

No parachute though. Main armament is a small SMG such as the MP-5K. The Ka-50 Hokum pilot kit has a parachute since that

chopper has an ejection seat.

The AH-6 Littlebird and MH-60K are equipped with a FLIR pod. Press F9 to look through the FLIR viewer. Servers must have

nosecams enabled for this feature to work.

The AH-6 Littlebird has night vision for the pilot on night maps.

All aircraft have realistic weapons loadouts. You have to go back to base to get more ammo.

Airplanes and helicopters are team-locked for realism. Somali militiamen couldn't fly a blackhawk if they tried.


All aiplanes have a spawnable pilot kit laying next to them. Pick it up with the G key. It has some supplies such as a

flaregun if you get shot down, as well as a parachute.

Bombers and strike fighters such as the B-52 Stratofortress and the F/A-18 can get directions for airstrikes on the

minimap from sniper and recon classes spotting targets with their binoculars.

To use the Predator drone, go up to the control van and press E to enter. The control van looks like a van with camo nets

and sattelite dishes. Once in the van, press the primary fire key for airplanes to launch the drone. When flying the drone,

press primary fire to scout for artillery/airstrikes and press secondary fire to fire Hellfire missiles.

Airplanes and helicopters are team-locked for realism. Your average SASR trooper couldn't fly a MiG-25 if he tried.


There are several gameplay modes that need some explaining. Read the start message to figure out which one your map is!


Most of you are probably familiar with this one. The objective is for one side to destroy an object the other side has to

defend. This object could be mobile or it could be stationary, but it's usually obvious what the object is. For example,

in Raid on Victor 2 the object is a big building with lots of sattelite dishes and things.


In this gameplay mode, the objective is for the evading team to GET AWAY from the bad guys! The game ends when a member of

the evading team reaches a point on the far end of a map. The pursuing team usually has some heavy weapons so for the

evaders staying and fighting is not a good option.


In this mode, the objective for the assaulting team is to reach a hostage being held by the defending team. When they

reach the hostage the defending team's tickets bleed down to zero and the attacking team wins.


This is basically the same as conquest-hostage. The main difference is in the plot, where the defending team is trying to

protect the guy from capture rather than hold him hostage.


This is TDM in conquest mode. Kill em' all, that's all you need to know.

Some of our maps have animals in them. Some animals like the vipers and cobras cause damage and death when touched.

Others such as the vultures are harmless.

On our maps, the fastest way to get to the battle is not always the best, and the long roundabout ways are not always the

safest. Who dares wins.

Some maps have destroyable doors, use antitank weapons, c4 or a slug-firing shotgun to break them down.

If some of the urban maps like Battle of Mogadishu and Operation Acid Gambit lag, try turning lightmaps. The Mogadishu

map has something like 500 buildings so I think that will help;)

And last of all there are some easter eggs in our maps. If we told you where they were we would have to kill you. So it's

up to you to find them.


This is a list of all weapons, vehicles etc in WDW 0.2:

Assault rifles/carbines [Name (caliber, country of origin)

AK-47 (7.62mm, Russia)

AK-74M (5.45mm, Russia)

AK-74M w. GP-30 40mm grenade launcher

AKMS (7.62mm, Russia)

AKS-74U (5.45mm, Russia)

AKS-74U w. supressor and BS-1 30mm grenade launcher

AS Val (9mm, Russia)

CAR-15 (5.56mm, USA)

CAR-15 w. M203 40mm grenade launcher

FN FAL (7.62mm, Belgium)

Galil AR (5.56mm, Israel)

Gold plated AK (7.62mm, Iraq)

M4 SOPMOD (5.56mm, USA)

M4 w. M203 40mm grenade launcher

M4 w. 12-gauge Masterkey shotgun

M4 w. 100-rd C-mag

M16A2 (5.56mm, USA)

M16A2 w. M203 40mm grenade launcher

MPi-KM (7.62mm, East Germany)

OC-14 Groza-1 (7.62mm, Russia)

Steyr AUG (5.56mm, Austria)

Type 65 (5.56mm, Taiwan)

Submachine guns:

Bizon PP-19 (9mm, Russia)

MP-5SD (9mm, Germany)

MP-5A2 (9mm, Germany)

MP-5K (9mm, Germany)

MP-5N (9mm, Germany)

Vz.61 Skorpion (7.62mm, Czech Republic)

SR-3 Vikhr (9mm, Russia)

Uzi (9mm, Israel)

Uzi w. bayonet

Squad-level machine guns:

Al Quds (7.62mm, Iraq)

FN Minimi (5.56mm, Belgium)

M240 (7.62mm, Belgium)

M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (5.56mm, Belgium)

Mk46 mod 0 (5.56mm, Belgium/USA)

PKM (7.62mm, Russia)

RPK (7.62mm, Russia)

Standard caliber sniper rifles:

Dragunov SVD (7.62mm, Russia)

Enfield L42A1 (7.62mm, Britain)

L96 (7.62mm, Britain)

Springfield M21 (7.62mm, USA)

SR-25 (7.62mm, USA)

SVD-S (7.62mm, Russia)

Tabuk (7.62mm, Iraq)

VSS Vintorez (9mm, Russia)

Heavy caliber sniper rifles:

Al Battar 2 (14.5mm, Chechnya)

AW-50 (.50cal, Britain)

Barret M82 (.50cal, USA)

Barret M82 with PVS-4 Starlight NV scope

KSVK (.50cal, Russia)

PGM Hecate II (.50cal, France)


Beretta M9 (9mm, Italy)

Browning High Power (9mm, Belgium)

Colt M1911 (.45cal, USA)

Glock 17 (9mm, Austria)

Makarov PM (9mm, Russia)

Mk23 SOCOM (.45cal, Germany)

MR-73 revolver (.357 magnum, France)

NRS-2 shooting knife (7.62mm, Russia)

Stechkin APS (9mm, Russia)


Remington 870, long version (12-gauge buckshot, USA)

Remington 870, short version (12-gauge slug, USA)

Saiga 12k (12-gauge slug, Russia)

Heavy man-portable weapons:

AT4 Carl Gustav (84mm AT rocket, Sweden)

M72 LAW (66mm AT rocket, USA)

RG-6 revolving grenade launcher (40mm, Russia)

RPG-7 (AT rocket, Russia)

RPO-A Schmel (93mm thermobaric rocket, Russia)

SA-7 Grail (surface to air missile, Russia)

Hand Grenades:

AN-M8 HC white smoke grenade (USA)

M67 frag grenade (USA)

RGD-6 frag grenade (Russia)

XM-84 Flashbang (stun grenade, USA)

Melee Weapons:

AK-47 knife bayonet (Russia)

Buckmaster knife (USA)


MP-5A2 stock (used as a club)

NRS-2 knife (stabbing mode)

Smatchet knife

Other weapons/gear:

C4 plastic explosives

P2A1 flare gun (Germany)

Suicide bomb vest

TM46 antitank mine (Russia)

Sustained-fire machine guns, standard caliber:

M240 (7.62mm, Belgium)

PKM (7.62mm, Russia)

Sustained-fire machine guns, heavy caliber:

Browning M2HB (.50cal, USA)

KPV (14.5mm, Russia)


B-52H Stratofortress (heavy bomber, USA)

F/A-18A Hornet (fighter, USA)

MiG-25 Foxbat (interceptor, Russia)

MQ-1B Predator (armed recon drone, USA)


AH-6 Littlebird w. Hellfire missiles/rockets (light attack, USA)

AH-6 Littlebird w. M129 40mm grenade launcher/rockets (light attack, USA)

AH-6 Littlebird w. 7.62mm miniguns/rockets (light attack, USA)

Ka-50 Hokum (gunship, Russia)

MH-6 Littlebird (light transport, USA)

MH-60K Pavehawk (transport, USA)

UH-60 Blackhawk (transport, USA)

UH-60 Blackhawk w. 7.62mm miniguns

Light vehicles:

Humvee, armored (USA)

Humvee, unarmored (USA)

Humvee, PSYOPS (USA)

KLR-2550 motorcycle

Land Rover "pink panther" (Britain)

Land Rover with MILAN AT missile (Britain)

Long Range Patrol Vehicle (Australia)

Toyota pickup truck, 7.62mm PKM

Toyota pickup, 14.5mm KPV

Toyota pickup, AT-4 Spigot AT missile

Toyota pickup, ZPU-2 AA gun (twin 14.5mm KPV)


M939 5-ton (USA)

Mercedes-Benz Unimog (Germany)

Ural (Russia)

Armored vehicles:

M113 (APC, USA)

T-55 (main battle tank, Russia)

AA guns:

Hispano Suiza 30mm (Spain)

ZU-23 23mm (Russia)

Other vehicles:




SF units:

Special Air Service, 22 Regiment (SAS, Britain)

Special Air Service Regiment (SASR, Australia)

Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (Delta Force, USA)

US Army Special Forces (Green Berets, USA)

CIA Special Activities Division (CIA SAD, USA)

GIGN (France)

Executive Outcomes (private mercenary company formerly based in South Africa)

Sayeret Golani Brigade (Israel)

Spetsgruppa Vympel (Russia)

Alfa (Russia)

Ancient Order of Frothblowers (cover name for group of mercenaries in the Seychelles led by Irishman Mike Hoare)

Opfor units:

Iraqi Army (Iraq)

Taliban/Al-Qaida (Afghanistan)

Somali milita (under Mohommed Farrah Aideed)

Iraqi insurgents (Iraq)

Democratic Revolutionary Movement for the Liberation of Arabistan (DRMLA, Iran)

Revolutionary United Front (Sierra Leone)

Panamanian Defense Forces (PDF, Panama)

Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)

Chechen rebel groups

Seychelles Army (Seychelles)

Armed Islamic Group (GIA, Algeria)


WDW Iranian Embassy Siege (SAS vs. DRMLA, conquest-assault)

WDW Seychelles Coup (Ancient Order of Frothblowers vs. Seychelles Army, conquest-assault, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Beaufort Castle (Sayeret Golani vs. PLO, conquest-assault, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Operation Acid Gambit (Delta Force vs. PDF, conquest-hostage)

WDW Raid on Victor 2 (SAS vs. Iraqi Army, conquest-objective, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Bravo Two Zero (SAS vs. Iraqi Army, conquest-evasion, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Battle of Mogadishu (Delta Force vs. Somalis, conquest-head on, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Marseilles Hijacking (GIGN vs. GIA, conquest-assault)

WDW Koindu Diamond Mines (Executive Outcomes vs. RUF, conquest-head on, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Battle of Ulus Kert (Spetsgruppa Vympel/VDV Spetsnaz vs. Chechens, conquest-head on, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Qala I Jangi Prison (Green Berets vs. Taliban, conquest-assault, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Tora Bora (Green Berets vs. Taliban, conquest-assault, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Khost Ambush (CIA Special Activities Division vs. Taliban, conquest-deathmatch, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Moscow Theater Siege (Alfa vs. Chechens, conquest-assault)

WDW Western Desert (SASR vs. Iraqi Army, conquest-head on, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

WDW Operation Red Dawn (Delta Force vs. Iraqi insurgents, conquest-manhunt, TDM, singleplayer, coop)

Other Notes:

The tripod for tripod-mounted MGs is NOT stolen from Forgotten Hope. The model was in the vanilla Bf1942 standardmesh

archive but wasn't used in the original game. Just thought i'd clear that up real quick. Most statics and the technical

trucks are from the Swift Mod and the Baghdad Dawn map by LANCLAN. Used with permission. Some statics by Smig and provided

for free download at Nighttime water texture from Wake Evenings map by Moonquake. The dirtbike was

downloaded off a free model site, I forget which one :(.


Main Menu: The Ballad of the Green Berets by Barry Sadler and Robin Moore

Loading: The Rock by Hans Zimmer (excerpted)

Defeat: Blood by Soujiro

Victory: The Hey Song by Gary Glitter (also excerpted)

PSYOPS Humvee #1: Ride of the Valkyries by Richard Wagner (excerpted)

PSYOPS Humvee #2: God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood (excerpted)














Punk Rawker


And special thanks to the Bohica clan for hosting our mod for transfer to file hosting sites.

Please visit


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