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SolSuite 2003 v14.1

SolSuite 2003 is a collection of 360 solitaire card games...


Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers Slots is a very realistic-looking slot...


South Park FreeCell Game 1.2

Play FreeCell with the wacky gang from South Park...

Publisher: Marc Aarts 

Championship Spades v6.38

Score top honors with our #1 seller! Discover the most...

Publisher: DreamQuest Software 

Lotto Logic 2000 Professional v5.0.8

This is a number picking analyzer that handles more than...

Publisher: Lotto Logic 

Extreme Slots (32-bit)

Extreme Slots is a collection of three slot machine games...

Publisher: Ultisoft 

LottoWhiz 2000 Pro 2.52

LottoWhiz 2000 PRO offers plenty of number-crunching power...


Thieves and Kings v1.3b

This collection of three solitaire games is a variation of...


Talking South Park Hearts Game 1.2

Play heart with the characters from the South Park sitcom...

Publisher: Marc Aarts 

Speedy Solitaire Demo

Start your card playing engines! Based on the classic card...

Publisher: SS Team