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Hong Kong Mahjong 800X600

This is a game published directly from Nine Dragons...

Publisher: Nine Dragons Software 

South Park FreeCell Game 1.2

Play FreeCell with the wacky gang from South Park...

Publisher: Marc Aarts 

3D Pitch (aka Setback) Deluxe

Play Pitch with dozens of colorful computer opponents or...

Publisher: Freeverse Software 

Extreme Slots (32-bit)

Extreme Slots is a collection of three slot machine games...

Publisher: Ultisoft 

Judge Dredd Pinball

A great pinball game with fantastic graphics and sound...

Publisher: Rebellion 

Vegas Games 2000

This great game features new high resolution graphics,...

Publisher: 3DO 

Lotto Pro 2003

Analyzes the previous drawings and picks the best lottery...


Dynamic Gin v1.26

This computerized version of the classic card game gin...


Thieves and Kings v1.3b

This collection of three solitaire games is a variation of...


Double-Deck Pinochle v3.6

This is a computer adaptation of the classic card game,...