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Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds Trial

Magic: The Gathering - Battlegrounds brings the Magic world...

Publisher: Atari 

Mille Bornes v1.0

Compete in a road race againt your Windows machine in this...


$1M Dollar Slots 2.0

#1M Dollar Slots has all the thrills of progressive slot...

Publisher: Ultisoft 

Cops & Robbers

Cops & Robbers Slots is a very realistic-looking slot...


Asshole Card Game

Asshole, also known as President, Janitor, and probably many...

Publisher: Jamie Munro 

BVS Solitaire Collection

A collection of 320 multi-featured, very different solitaire...

Publisher: BVS Development 

Real Video Poker 5.0

Awsome card designs and game sounds...

Publisher: Ultisoft 

South Park FreeCell Game 1.2

Play FreeCell with the wacky gang from South Park...

Publisher: Marc Aarts 

Championship Spades v6.38

Score top honors with our #1 seller! Discover the most...

Publisher: DreamQuest Software 

3D Pitch (aka Setback) Deluxe

Play Pitch with dozens of colorful computer opponents or...

Publisher: Freeverse Software