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Civilization III - Conquest: Rise and Rule mod v. 1.02

Rise and Rule is a modification for Civilization III:

Publisher: Kal-el and the DYP Team 

Heroes of Might & Magic V Demo

After four successful episodes, the standard in turn-based

Publisher: Ubisoft 

Civilization 5 - A Civ of Ice and Fire Mod

King Baratheon is dead and war is upon Westeros

Publisher: Martin Mittner 

Civilization III Editor

This is the editor for your Civilization III title that was

Publisher: Firaxis Games 

Worms 3D Demo

The classic Worms game has transitioned into 3D

Publisher: Team 17 

Age of Wonders II: The Wizards Throne Demo

"Age of Wonders II," the sequel to the award winning "Age of

Publisher: Triumph Studios Team and Gathering of Developers 

Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord

Combat Mission is a 1-2 player, turn-based,

Publisher: Battlefront 

Heroes of Might and Magic III v1.0-1.4

Heroes of Might and Magic III v1.0 to v1.4 Upgrades Heroes

Publisher: 3DO 

Sid Meier's Civilization V Demo

Download this demo for a taste of the '4X' turn-based

Publisher: Firaxis 

HOMM 4 Script/Map Editor

This file allows you to copy part of maps, make a dump file,

Publisher: Slava Salnikov