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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 'Controller' Trailer

A look at the new KISS-inspired guitar controller which will...

Publisher: Neversoft 

DJ Hero - Common

Common's "Universal Mind Control" remix with Masta Ace...

Publisher: Activision 

DJ Hero - Pro Skills Music

The demonstration of Pro skills Music...


Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 'Case Transformation' Trailer

Casey is looking a tad hairy in this new trailer...

Publisher: Neversoft 

Child of Eden 'Debut E3 2010' Trailer

The newest game from Tetsuya Mizuguchi, creator of Rez and...

Publisher: Ubisoft 

DJ Hero 2 'E3 Reveal' Trailer

The announcement trailer for FreeStyleGames' mixing rhythm...

Publisher: FreeStyleGames 

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock 'Wii & DS Connectivity' Trailer

Learn how the Wii & DS cross-platform connectivity has been...

Publisher: Neversoft 

Rock Band 3 'E3 2010 Debut' Trailer

Harmonix keeps on a'rocking with the third edition of Rock...

Publisher: Harmonix 

DJ Hero 2 'Indie Hip Hop Mix DLC' Trailer


Publisher: Activision