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DJ Hero - Kid Cudi and Black Eye Peas

Publisher: Activision 

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - +1 Cheat Trainer

Here's an executable trainer with one cheat for Guitar Hero...

Publisher: Various 

DDR Songs


DJ Hero 2 'Electro Hits Mix Pack DLC' Trailer

Trailer for the latest DJ Hero 2 DLC 'Electro Hits Mix...

Publisher: FreeStyleGames 

Audition - Audition Trainer Game Client

A game to train you to play audition well...


DJ Hero 2 'Tiesto Mix Pack Presented by Coca-Cola Free DLC' Trailer

A look at the free DJ Hero 2 DLC pack, sponsored by Coca...

Publisher: FreeStyleGames 

Stepmania - Mungyodance 3 Stepfile

This is a stepfile containing all of the files from the DDR...

Publisher: Renard 

StepMania Client Demo

Main program of StepMania from Kemuvi...


5 street v0.7 to v0.9 Patch

This is the latest patch for the MMO dance game 5 Street...

Publisher: Snail Games 

FFR Beta v1 Demo

Flash Flash Revolution beta version one...

Publisher: SYN LIGHT