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Hardwood Solitaire II: The Enchanted Decks v1.7

Offers lush TrueColor graphics and deals out of six...

Publisher: Silver Creek Entertainment 


An advanced, feature-rich 3D Freecell game with beautiful...


Flower Bed v4.21

This is a great solitaire game for Windows...

Publisher: Undis Software Inc. 

SolSuite 2004

SolSuite 2004 is a high-quality collection of 404 different...


A Farewell to Kings 2.0.1

A Farewell to Kings is like no other solitaire you've ever...

Publisher: Rob Steward 

All Cards v1.0

Play this single player solitaire like game...

Publisher: Serge Sushko 

Solitaire Studio

Create the most complete wonderful Solitaires collection -...

Publisher: Abscom 

My Solitaire

World's 20 Most Played Solitaire Card Games Collection...

Publisher: Zonora Technologies 


Solitaires is a huge and addictive collection of 335...

Publisher: Tepui Products 

Ultimate Solitaire Collection

This game collection contains nine one-deck solitaire games...

Publisher: Ultisoft