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Minecraft - MCEdit Tool (64-Bit)

MCEdit is a versatile map editor, designed for moving blocks

Publisher: codewarrior 

MineCraft - JohnSmith's Texture Pack v8.4

JohnSmith's Texture Pack changes the textures of MineCraft,

Publisher: JohnSmith 

MineCraft - Audio Mod

AudioMod is an upgrade of sorts, and a modder's utility

Publisher: Risugami 

Minecraft - Airport World

If you ever wanted to go to the airport and not have to deal

Publisher: mextremel 

MineCraft - StarCraft Texture Pack

This texture pack will edit your MineCraft to look like

Publisher: LordTrilobyte 

Minecraft - Pokecraft Texture Mod

Turn your wonderful world of Minecraft into the beautiful

Publisher: RileyVace 

Minecraft - Portal Texture Mod

Texture pack that allows you to sandbox with portals

Publisher: carlotta4th 

Minecraft - World War 2 Guns Mod

If planes and vehicles was not enough for your Minecraft

Publisher: jamioflan 

MineCraft Client

The game is a lot like a sandbox, but also has enemies and

Publisher: Majengo Applications 

Minecraft - More Tree's Mod

More Trees mod plants a whole new range of trees, from small

Publisher: Nandonalt